Checking the Motor note Salute 100 L-6.5. Description, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock “Salyut-100”: Reviews of the owners

The motorcycle block “Salyut-100” is a model in which the manufacturers used the entire experience of cosing models. Thanks to this, the machine received excellent technical features, good performance and easy operation. In addition, an updated motoblock received a modern design that is not unimportant for buyers.

All of these factors enable the “greeting” to occupy a place among managers, manufacturers of motorized mini agosics. And that is not surprising, since the motoblocks of this brand have been successful in small summer huts from Gärtner-Gardeners and on personal farms in which the processed areas are normally from 20 acres or more for more than a decade.

History of the creation of the Motor note Salyut-100

Motoblocks “Salute-100” are the idea of ​​the “Scientific production center for gas turning”. The Salut NPCG began its activities in 1912 with the assembly of the star-shaped semi-silver, 80-person, who was the path of the Gnome from French components.

In the future, the work will specialize in the production of aviation engines of its own development. The results are impressive. Already in the 1930s, 110 record flights in aircraft were carried out with the NPCG “Salyut”, including the famous flight from Chkalov and Moscow to America via the North Pole.

In the future, the engine of this company became famous in the famous flight tanks, attack Il-2 attack. Later there were no less famous MIG-15, MIG-25, the entire “KB Sukhoi” line from SU-17 on SU-34 and many other budget aircraft.

The production of consumer goods began in parallel in the 1980s. Among them are low boat engines and shocking economic, motorized mini devices in the person of the Salut engine blocks.

After the motorized car from Salyut-100 engine had passed to this day, five different engines of the engines became five times. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the production and assembly, which corresponds to the company in the aviation industry.

Motoblok Saljut-100-2

Now the assembly of motor blocks China has been postponed. This had no influence on the quality of the products because specialists from the NPSG “Salyut” appreciate the company’s reputation and fully control the production process.

Technical features of the Salut-100 motor block

Motoblock “Salute” – has a classic design in the form of a meal cultivator with mill mills instead of bikes. In this case, a few pneumatism wheels are attached.

The motorcycle block also has a pulley. With the belt disk you can stop additional community and agricultural devices that significantly expand the work area.

With your own weight of 72 kg, traction with additional loads on wheels 35 kg and a front trailer coupling of 15 kg is 70 kgf. The corresponding processing area is between 12 and 50 acres.

Consider the characteristics of the tractor of the Walk behavior in more detail.

  • The width of the processing is between 350 and 800 mm.
  • Processing depth – from 100 to 250 mm.
  • The speed of movement is 1.3 to 12 km/h.

The engine of the Motorblock Salut-100

Motoblok Salyt-100 Dvigatel

Engines of various manufacturers and capacities are installed on Salyut-100. The power is small, ranging from 6 to 7 hp. But the list of suppliers is more extensive.

The most widespread walk-behind tractors with the Chinese Lifan 168F-2B engine with a power of 6.5 hp. The motors of other well-known global brands are also used:

  • American Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 6.5 Series PRO – 6.5 HP.
  • Japanese HONDA GC 190 – 6 hp
  • Japanese Robin Subaru EX – 6 hp
  • Chinese Hwasdan H170F – 7 hp
Snowman - which one to choose?

All engines have small differences in power and performance. But the design as a whole has a lot in common:

  • Cast iron sleeve, significantly increases service life.
  • forced cooling.
  • Low oil start protection.
  • Minimum noise level and economy.

Motoblock reducer Salyut-100

The transmission of the Salyut 100 engine blocks is mechanical, fully geared, oil-filled and has a cast aluminum body. Gear transmission is characterized by high reliability and increased resources from 3000 hours. Such a transmission can withstand increased loads, which distinguishes it from chain analogues.

Motoblok Saljut-100 Reductor

This is a gearbox with three gears, 2 of which are designed for forward and one for reverse. On early models of the walk-behind tractor, the shift lever was located on the transmission. In modern modifications, for convenience, the gear shift lever was transferred to the steering wheel.

Motoblock transmission

Transmissiya Salyut-100

The torque from the engine to the gearbox is transmitted via a V-belt transmission. The clutch mechanism includes: two V-belts, a return spring, an idler pulley with a lever, a linkage with a control lever.

By pressing the control lever on the steering wheel, we act through the thrust on the pulley, creating tension on the belts that transmit rotation from the engine’s drive pulley to the driven gearbox.

The motor pulley has four streams, two pairs of different diameters. There are three streams on the transmission pulley, two of which, the 1st and 3rd stream, are designed for drive belts, and the middle stream is for connecting active attachments.

If you rotate the drive pulley 180 degrees and rearrange the belts in streams of a different diameter, we get a reduced range of speeds. The lower row allows us to perform a wider range of agricultural work.

Attachments for the Salyut-100 walk-behind tractor

For motoblocks “Salyut-100” the entire list of attachments and trailers is made at the domestic enterprise. However, due to its versatility, the device can also use devices from other manufacturers.

For convenience, we divide the devices into groups depending on the method of attachment:

Mounted on the gear axle:

  • Milling cutter – used for tillage.
  • Studded metal wheels – used when working with a plow. For piling, wheels of three diameters are made, which allows you to work in different periods of the growing season.
  • Weighting devices – serve to increase the mass of the walk-behind tractor when operating conditions require it.
  • Pneumatic wheels – can be used with almost all devices.

Mounted on a bracket or hitch:

  • Harrow, plow – used for loosening and plowing the soil.
  • Hiller’s disc and oar – for hillering arable crops.
  • Fan potato harvester
  • Single-row folding potato planter – designed to mechanize the process of planting potatoes.
  • Adapter and transport car – transport of goods up to 350 kg. Adapter are used in connection with plow, hiller, rakes.


On the gear axis and the clutch holder.

Assembled on a bracket or trailer coupling with a tap wave:

  • Mower – roundabout to the hay and smow chops for mowing the lawn.
  • The brush is joint.
  • Snow mill.
  • Vibration potato rotor – extracted chopping fruits and sieves the floor through a vibrant grille.
  • Pump to pump water.
  • Feed mill for minced fruits.
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Operation and ratings of the owner of the hand-led tractor Salyut-100

Adapter Dlya Motoblokov Salyut

Adapter for engine blocks Saljut-100.

“Salyut-100” belongs to the middle class, a kind of MTZ-82 in the world of hand-led tractors. It can effectively perform the tasks of lighter brothers, and if it is strained, it replaces heavy device.

In small summer houses, his skills will be enough with a large scope. But under the conditions of personal side farming, Salyut will be able to fully develop his potential. Here even 20-30 hectares can be processed and hay for two or three cows, small loads up to 350 kg can be transported. In a small agricultural company there is also a use: it is convenient to use it in greenhouses, move food or to remove manure in farm buildings.

If it is traditional to highlight the advantages and disadvantages, it will look like this:

  • Compactness and maneuverability.
  • Discussion gear.
  • Reliable engines with high processing quality from wel l-known manufacturers. Large selection of models to choose from.
  • Sufficient performance and weight for its class.
  • Large selection of attachments.
  • Acceptable price.

Find mistakes. Let’s stay as objectively as possible. The design is easy to embarrass, and as you say, everything is ingenious. Let’s take everything in turn:

  • In principle, there can be no complaints on the engine. The selection is large, and if there are doubts about the quality of the Chinese, there is no doubt about the quality of Briggs & Stratton or Subaru.
  • The gear comes next. Fully equipped, the declared resource is 3000 m/hour. This is more than the resource of the motors installed on it, i.e. most likely more than one engine will work on this gear.
  • Belt drive from the engine to the transmission. The design is quite reliable and is used for most handmade tractors at home and abroad. Everything depends on the quality of the belts.
  • At the base of all of the above, there is a solid frame made of punched squares.

Does the Salyut-100 turn out to be a complete, balanced representative of the mid-range motorcycles without any significant weaknesses? To check this or to prove the opposite, we contact the happy owners of these miracle units to get feedback:

  1. For two years I have been booting mercilessly for the hundredth of Saljut. The Briggs & Stratton engine, no complaints, starts with the cold without any problems. In summer, he successfully opened a parcel with milling mills that had not been plowed for 20 years, of course not without effort, but also without tension. With a han d-led tractor, I immediately took a car, a shield and a snow blower. The load he gave him was not low how much rubble he was wearing it could not be counted, but he always invited on the sides and even with a hill. During my work I changed straps three times, they often break, the oil is regularly according to instructions and the candles. I have to constantly adapt the tension of the straps, I don’t know for everyone or it’s my illness. But in general I am satisfied with the technology, it is a fairly reliable device.
  2. Before the acquisition of updated a hundred square meters, he had eleven years of experience in the company of Saljut-5. I would like to say that this is almost the same device. Not many milling cutters were completed, the gear knob was laid to the steering wheel (which I liked very well) and the clutch handle became plastic and more convenient. The engine also became a little more powerful, but not essential. The gearbox has remained the same and this is one of the reasons why I took Salyut again and no other brand. The new singl e-axle tractor has worked for me one season so far, everything grown is left of the predecessor, I do everything. Potatoes are completely below the singl e-axle tractor, I work with a mower and a rake on mowing, transportation work is still on it. So far no breakdowns, only local straps broke in the first week. I bought suitable ones in a tractor business, they have been working for almost a year, I think they will work at least as much.
  3. My hard worker has been with me for three years. The Lifan engine works well, Fabrik China has been with high quality for a long time, but the prejudice remains. Another question is that you can encounter a copy of the man. But at this point everyone has to follow themselves, even though the real Salyut is now assembling handmade tractors in China, they will not form a bullshit on their han d-led tractors. In this case, I can say that I have thrown my family belt away and have passed less than a month. I think before, bought the same, the same story again. The men went to tractor spare parts and picked up similar, the price is of course a size higher than with relatives, but they still work. My advice is to change your belt immediately. If this is not done, the native straps on the tensioning roller from the shoulder and then fly off, no matter how you pull it. The rest of the equipment is reliable. The gear is not killed. Somehow he developed a new section, wrapped reinforcement steel onto the tailors, he himself flew almost over the han d-led tractor, but at least something about the gear.
Novaliyki in winter - a mini garden on the windowsill


Motoblok Saljut-100-3

A great helper for the home garden or the summer house. Reliable and not bizarre. If you care, it will serve many years without burdening them with failures.

Based on the ratings of the owners of this device, only drive belts of poor quality can be called from the minus points. If you choose hig h-quality analogues, the han d-led tractor will inspire you with uninterrupted operation for many years.

Checking the Motor note Salute 100 L-6.5. Description, characteristics, reviews

The mass production of various modifications to motoblöcken on the 100 series began in 2012. Among the many options for the hand-led Tractor Salyut 100 L-6.5, he quickly gained popularity among the owners of motorcycles. Most reviews and surveys tirelessly confirm its relevance for our fields, gardens and orchards. It is capable of every agricultural and economic work.

Motoblock Salute 100 L 6.5


Salute 100 L-6.5 has long been used on areas of 10-50 hectares. A characteristic feature is the commercial multi-purpose engine Lifan 168f-2. The value of the tensile force of the equipment is 700 kg.

Reliable design, compact dimensions, simple operation, quite affordable are the characteristic features of this model.


Motor – Lifan 168 F-2, manufactured by a large private company Lifan Group Co Ltd (China), which has been known for hig h-quality products for a quarter of a century and whose consumer engines successfully use on various agricultural devices with low performance – scooters, pumps, ATVS, Motor breeders.

Lifan 168f-2 engine

The Salutes have 100 L-6.5 Horizontal carburetor-four-clock-in-cylinder engine (196 cubic cheer) air cooling. OHV valves placement (Overhead Valve) -upper. The 168f-2 modification is the most powerful in the group of similar design 8.8 kW (6.5 hp).

  • The possibility of a stable work of a motor block with inferior fuel is unhealthy (ethylated) petrol (an indicator of the octane number of more than 85), a gas tank – 3.6 liters.
  • The cylinder with cast cast casting, which increases the durability and the oil consumption decreases. All season ÖL10W30 is recommended in summer – Sae 30.
  • Economic fuel consumption – 1.4 l/h with maximum stress.
  • Thanks to the Tassurous TS1, the start of the ignition can be easily carried out. The presence of an electrical starter as an additional option is also underway.
  • Due to the automatic operation of protection against the start with a reduced height of the oil level, you can carry out shor t-term tendencies of the Walk behavior tractor without fear that the engine will come to a standstill.
  • Due to the presence of a fuel crane, it is possible to suspend gasoline.
  • Reduced noise during operation.
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Greetings are made of:

  • Coupling;
  • Gearbox (gear).

The clutch is carried out by tensioning the belt of the Cunelar transmission. The peculiarity of this modification is that the control lever is placed on the steering wheel.

Control lever on the Motor note Salute 100 L 6.5

Reducers in an aluminum housing, mechanical, gear type, with a gear connection, oil-filled, TM 5-18 oil (Tad17i).

The configuration contains a special examination of checking the amount of oil. In a similar “fifth” series of greeting, the amount of oil could only be recognized after the drain.

The gearbox is able to provide motor block 2 in front of the front and 1 rear gear. The switch is carried out with the handle on the gear. The driven pulley consists of three streams, two of which are extreme slices of the drive transmission. The leading pulley has four streams.

An examination of the check of the amount of oil for the engine note Salute 100 L 6.5

Change the speed range can be carried out with SH:

  1. Remove the pulley.
  2. Turn it 180 °.
  3. Install on the wave.
  4. Fix the belts on another pair of stream with a suitable regulation.

The difference between the Motor note of the Salute 100 from the fifth model is a swinging curtain instead of a handle. A rational choice of operating mode is required for the reliable operation of the tractor for walk violations: heavy plowing – 2.8 km/h (1 gear), transport of goods – 7.8 km/h (4 gear).

The pulley of the power selection is laterally laterally under the cuneiform transmission. Active devices are included via the Shom.

Powe r-belt pane - Page under the cuneiform gearbox of the Motorn Pot Salute 100

When using as a drive as an drive of stationary units (feeders, machines for woodworking), there is a special pulley of 650403000 on the right on the gearbox.

The frame is standard of two steel squares. It has a engine, gearbox, steering wheel and protective wing.

Motoblock Salute 100 L 6.5

The bracket for installing the Hitch is located on the rear part of the tractor of the walk behavior. The reduced position of the focus gives the technology good stability.

Club bracket

The clutch is a connection for connection for the adhesion of disrupted units directly or with the help of a universal coupling. The front pen is missing. The front HUK is attached to the steering wheel at 180 °.

Autumn cuts or a few words about chainsaws

Club on an engine block greeting


Soshnik is an mandatory component of the configuration, which restricts the depth of plowing with greeting and the speed of movement of the tractor of the walk behavior during agricultural work.

Sushnik for a motor of Salute 100 l 6.5


Cultivation cutters (320 mm) with specially developed sickle knife of the main tool of the motor cultivator, differ in the right and left power, are attached according to the instructions in accordance with the description.

Freak of an engine block salute 100 l 6.5

The width of the processing depends on its number, it can be 300 mm, 600 mm, 980 mm 250 mm deep. The set of 6 separate sections of the milling systems, the shields are additional removable and special border panes for plant protection.

Pneumatism wheels

Pneumols (two wheels and extension cables in the kit) are required to transport a 100 L-6.5 greeting unit and cargo with carts. Driving parameter 360 mm and 650 mm. Large bikes are installed when the axis is extended.

Pneumatic bikes 650 mm for Mttlock Salute 100 L 6.5


Motoblock type: petrol
Motor mark: Lifan
Engine: Lifan 168f-2b
Rated capacity: 5.5 L.S.
Engine power: 6.5 L.S.
Engine volume: 196 cubic meters.
Motor type: 4 tact
The volume of the fuel tank: 3.6 L
The number of speeds forward: 4
Oil tank volume: 0.6 l
The number of speeds back: 2
Rnovation (vice versa): There is
Processing width: 36-80 cm.
Processing depth: 30 cm
Reducer: Gear chain type
Coupling: Belt
Dimensions (D/S/S/C): 1350x600x1100 mm
The dimensions of the packaging: 855x455x650 mm
The weight: 82 kg

Unmounted equipment

In addition to the direct operation through soil graders, a motorcycle boot of 100 L-6.5 in aggregation with various weakened tools has successfully coordinated with many useful work on the farm.

Shovel-dodger water pump (pump) snow seal, potato potato of the potato potato potato.

About fifty different names of subsequent weapons from various manufacturers, including foreigners and the CIS countries, are accessible to the hiking loss tractor. The installation is possible in the following way:

  • On the axis of the gear: different wheels, floor rooms, floor and floor, waterproof pollen, weighting.
  • On the excluded bracket of a motor block directly or with a universal problem: Cigns, various options for adapters, harme, plows, a single potato, a dump, vegetable swimmers, miniberies.
  • Use WHO: Food, Generator Prefix, NMC pump, Terminato r-Mowel, Dawnrotor, Snowman, Inpatient Woodworking Devices.

Video review

Checking the work of the Motor note Salute 100 L-6.5

Reviews of the owners

Petr Maslov, Cherkasy region

“I heard good reviews about the life reports and bought them. If the seals of the gear are leaking, it is easy to remove – you just have to constantly check and add the oil. What else is characteristic, a few grinding cutters are well taken on narrow corridors, for example I use three tailors on soft ground after mustard. Well, the price of 100 l-6.5 is quite normal. “

Sosnovsky Alexander, G. Fastov

“I bought a salute 100l-6.5, very pleased. Although heavier after my old mole, the difference to plowing is tangible. He installed an adapter with a chair, it became very practical to check the hiking loss tractor, the gear lever was carried directly at hand. The advantage of this greeting is particularly striking when you work with the trailer. “

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