Checking the Motor Block MTZ-09N. Device, properties, operation, reviews

Checking the Motor Block MTZ-09N. Device, properties, operation, reviews

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This model from Belarus was developed in 1992 to replace the MTZ-05 with the production of MTZ-05, and is in the greatest demand in the entire family of the SMORGON plant. They help in almost all agricultural work, transport, remove garbage and snow.

Motoblock MTZ-09n

The Belarusians are not only known in the CIS countries, but also in the Baltic States. On the Internet there are video reviews on the use of the MTZ-09N motororn notification from the USA.

The peculiarity of the MTZ-09N engine block
  • It has a reliable and durable housing made of high alloy steel.
  • The weight of the structure is 179 kg.
  • You can change the number of revolutions of the Belarusian engine depending on the fastening equipment and the required speed.
  • The track width is regulated from 45 to 70 cm.
  • It works very quietly and smoothly.
  • All Belarusian control levers are well thought out and are so that you can easily carry out a tractor for walks.
  • The MTZ-09N road release is 29.5 cm, it is a standard height for SMORGON walking tracts.
  • The maximum weight of the hinge devices for Belarus-09n is 650 kg.


In 1992 standard factory engines OD-15 or UD-25 were installed on the MTZ-09N. The second was a more powerful of two lifting engine. Today, however, they can no longer compete with modern models. And there are many videos – reviews regarding the need to replace the engine and how it is better to carry it out.

The most popular Belarusian motor 09N engine is Honda GX270. This engine model is designed for lon g-term and continuous operation. It works on high octane fuel (92 or 95). The performance of the Honda GX270 is 9 HP and the maximum speed of the crankshaft is 3600 revolutions per minute.

You can also find modifications with Chinese engines KiPor KG280 and Lifan LF177. You have similar declared properties. At the same time, ratings about the work of Belarus with such engines are worse and they fail more often.

In addition, engines for MTZ-09N are supplied from the Czech Republic. And there is a modification with the Motor Jikov GH1509 engine.

Video check of the work of the MTZ-09N engine block with the Honda GX270 engine

If your priority is electricity, the modification of the MTZ-09N engine block 02 for 13 hp is designed. This is the greatest capacity not only from the entire series of SMORGON plant systems, but also under all motels.

Engine block MTZ-09n 02

The Weimar engine is installed on such Belarusians. Motoblock MTZ-09N 02 with 13 HP developed to work with the heaviest virgin floors that have not yet been processed.

Video rating of the Motoboblok MTZ-09N 02


When choosing an analogue from MTZ-09N, it is necessary to assume the costs and properties.

The nearest option is the Chinese grass. It is cheaper, but reviews of owners are worse than about Belarus.

Motoblok Grasshopper Motoblock ZUBYR Motoblok Centaur Motobok Neva

You can choose a little weaker for 8 hp motoblock:

Since their properties are lower, their costs are also a little lower. However, checks on their operational properties are better.


The brand of the engine Honda GX270, KiPor KG280 and Lifan LF177
The mass of the tractor of the walk is in a state of shipment from the factory (seasoned with oil, with the main working equipment without spare parts), kg 176
Call Traction Efforts, KN ​​(KGF) 1.0 (100)
Number of transmissions, front/reverse 4/2
Speeds, km/h, front/reverse 2.6-11.4/3.0-5.35
Road Freedom, MM 295±5
Motobobok Track, MM 450±30, 600±30,700±30
Overall dimensions, MM 1780x846x1070
The maximum mass of the towing trailer, kg 650
Radius of rotation at a range of 450 mm, m, no more 1
The maximum vertical load acting on the coupling device of the walk behavior tract from the mass of the loaded trailer kg 50
Nominal Power, KW (L.S.) 6.6(9) -For 09n
The speed of the crankshaft q/min 3600
Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh 319
Tank tank, L: oil crank tank tank oil bad gear 1.1 6 3.5
fuel A-92TU 38.001.165
The limits of temperatures at which a tractor can be operated by Walk behavior, °C. fro m-20 to +30
Rooting stumps and roots - a way to remove the remains of felled trees

User Guide

Motoblock MTZ-09N is unpretentious in circulation. In order to extend its lifespan, its condition must be properly monitored.

  • Visually check for malfunctions before each exit. It is recommended to check the reliability of all bolted connections.
  • Often there are reviews about the rapid appearance of rust. After each work, the remaining soil or snow should be removed to prevent corrosion in Belarus.
  • The design of the MTZ-09N gas tank provides fuel fuel at a height of 2 cm. This decision by the engineers was made to prevent mud and dust from entering the fuel system from the bottom of the gas tank. Many owners of MTZ-09N do not know this and write reviews about the misunderstanding why there is fuel, but the motorcycle block does not start.
  • Based on the reviews, people often do not pay attention to the oil level. With insufficient lubrication of the elements of walking tractor, there will be a sharp noise and rapid wear of parts. This must not be allowed.
  • It is recommended to pour 10W-30 oil into the engine crank. This is a universal thoug h-seasonal lubricant that can ensure the reliable work of Belarus at any time of the year. The volume of the MTZ-09N engine block is 0.6 dm 3. To change the oil in the crankcase, you should completely drain it there, rinse it and let it work at idle. This is done so that the remnants of development are removed from the engine. And then a new pure oil is poured.
  • In the hot periods of the year it is recommended to fill the M-10v2 or M-10G2 in the gearbox. If there is M-6Z/10V, it can be used as an alternative.
  • In winter, it is recommended to water less viscous M-8g2. Alternatively you can use M-4Z/10V.
  • To replace the oil, the gearbox must be heated, then replace the basin and drain the oil completely. After you pour a new one and drive it off the system at idle.
  • Despite the season, it is necessary to pour 3.6 liters of oil.

Download the factory instructions for the operation of the MTZ-09N walk scam at this link instructions for the operation of the engine block belarus MTZ-09N



If you became the new owner of Belarus-09n should be expired before its first use. Many are confused with this procedure. Why is such a powerful tractor to run? However, based on reviews and instructions for use, this should be done.

Break-in is the key to long-term operation of the MTZ-09N engine note. At this time, all the details will be in place, lubricated and grind to each other.

  1. With this work you can fully utilize the singl e-axle tractor, but should have it worked without attachments.
  2. After that, it is necessary to use attachments, but not to work with it, but simply increase the weight of the singl e-axle tractor.
  3. Then you can start working in the field. But the work has to be done to the fullest. For example, the maximum plow can be immersed by 20 cm, and during the entrance it should be immersed by half – 10 cm.
A look back at the insertion of the hand-led tractor MTZ-09N

Important! It is necessary to understand the principle of entering and moving the tap wave and deal with it while entering. Since the speed of most attachments depends on the number of transfers transferred.


The forums have a large number of ratings from the owners of the hand-led tractor MTZ-09n to engine old style, it has a UD-15 or UD-25 engine. Now they are no longer relevant and can be replaced. Most of the time, Lifan or Honda are installed in their place.

Belarus-09n is now being produced with a Honda GX270 engine.

Based on the feedback and the practice of owners, they are considered a yardstick for garden equipment motors. It is recommended to install it to replace the old.

  • Its performance is 9 hp.
  • The volume of this model is 270 cm 3.
  • The corrugated speed when working with a Honda engine is 3600 rpm.
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The Lifan LF177 engine is considered a cheaper alternative to the Honda GX270. They are identical according to the declared properties, but it is made in China, and that speaks for itself. Although there are many positive reviews about his work.


It is not enough to only install a good engine, you have to monitor your condition and regularly adjust the valves. Because the gap can change in them.

In order to avoid costly motor repairs, the valves must be set regularly.

With its large gap, the required amount of petrol does not get into the engine and it begins to make certain noises.

Check and adjust the correct distance in case of doubt. You can use a razor blade for this. Its width should be 0.1 to 0.15 mm. This is the game that should be available in the normal state of the valves.

Every owner of an MTZ singl e-axle tractor should know how to set the distance correctly. You will find a variety of videos for this procedure.

Setting the valves:
  1. Screw the mother and put a thin blade under the valve.
  2. Then turn the flywheel a few times, the leaf should not hinder its movement, but there should be no gap.


If the engine fails during the company and does not bring the required power, the carburetor should be set.

In order not to have to make repairs during agricultural work, it is advisable to set the carburetor after the winter break.

Since the mz-09n single-axle tractor was out of operation, the screw connections were able to dissolve.

K-45 carburetor circuit for MTZ engine

Caser setting:
  • If you pull the carburetor screws that regulate the maximum and minimal gas, then you will be screwed out by half a revolution;
  • Then switch on the minimum speed with the control lever. The operation of the engine of the engine block MTZ-09N shouldn’t stop!
  • With the screw, which is responsible for the position of the throttle valve, the idle speed is set. The engine must run silently.
  • Configure the fuel supply of the carburetor with fuel screws. When it is twisted, the fuel supply decreases when they land and increases.
Is the carburetor right?

The easiest way is to ensure that your Belarus works correctly. Check the condition of the candles. They are the engine’s lacmus paper. If you are clean, everything is fine in the device, if not, then there are some malfunctions in the MTZ-09N Motor note, and it is necessary to carry out repairs.


The clutch is responsible for the transfer of the switching from the control lever to the control point. Therefore, the work capacity of the tractor of the walk behavior depends on his state. It is necessary to understand how the clutch can be set correctly so that it works properly.

Clutch errors can be determined immediately:
  • If it leads and tries with a completely pressed lever that Belarus comes out of the spot, the adjustment screw is weakened and should be twisted.
  • If the clutch is released and the tractor for a walk does not publish the required number of revolutions or not at all on the spot, the screw must be relaxed.

Many owners of Belandsen believe that it is difficult to set the clutch itself. In the video, however, the review shows that it is quite simple.

Video check of the clutch adjustment on the MTZ Motor note

MTZ-09N is equipped with a 6-speed control point:

  • 4 programs to drive forward;
  • 2 for driving.

The speed of movement can be 2.6 km/h in first gear and up to 11.4 km/h in 4 gear. This means that you can select the optimal speed for a certain type of work.

The riding is also regulated. Belarus-09n can return at a speed of up to 5.35 km/h.

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Video check of the device of the gearbox MTZ

However, as in any other device, the checkpoint tends to be canceled.

CPP repair:
  • If you have heard a noise in the gear during operation, you must first check the amount of oil in Belarus. If it is not enough, you should add.

It is necessary to check the oil level before each output. When operating without this, you can cause serious damage to the control point. The choice of the oil should be carried out according to the operating instructions.

  • If everything is fine with the lubricant components, but the noise has not disappeared, the equipment of the control point is most likely. They have to be replaced immediately. It must not work with faulty gears because they can crumble and the entire gearbox will suffer.
  • It often happens that a program is not switched on, and this is 4. The reason for this is banal. It is rarely switched on and only with the most difficult works. Therefore, there can be a lack of lubrication in the lever. To eliminate this problem, smear with oil at night. There are no seals and the oil should go there freely and grease. If the problem remains, you must completely disassemble and treat all sections of the Checkpoint oil.


In the standard configuration, Belarus is equipped with an ordinary starter. This is not entirely comfortable because it turns out with difficulties in the winter season. And if we take our cold winter into account, this becomes a completely overwhelming task.

Therefore a more common electrical starter. On request, the MTZ-09N walk-behavior tractor can be converted into it.

Re equalization to an electric steamer:
  • This requires a generator. It provides an electric stream for an electric starter. An autogenerator is well suited for these purposes.
  • Then the old starter is removed and the electrical system is installed in its place and connected to the generator.
Video check the installation of the generator on the MTZ Motoblock

Many owners are interested in the light of light. There are no headlights in the standard configuration. And you can only use them if you install the generator. The voltage of the generator is sufficient for both the starter and the light.

Video check the installation of headlights and their connection to the generator

Video reviews

A review of snow cleaning with Belarus-09n

Overview of the work of the MTZ Motor note with a grinding

Checking the Hilling by the MTZ Motoblock, which was converted into a mini actractor

Overview of the work of the KM-1 potato cutter on the MTZ-09N walk-behavior

Reviews of the owners

Here is what the owners of the MTZ-09N motor in the forums write about his device and the nuances of the work.


“My personal opinion about the spee d-the speed for the walk tractor is not enough, there is enough traction of walking behavior tractor at low speed s-I do not want to overload it by adding gas. I solved the problem by by I installed the wheels 16 inches of 16 inches of agricultural orpers (seeders), a “Christmas tree” Hindeland. The transport speed has also increased. The only negative when it works in the first course with a mower is slowly in the second – too quickly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Incidentally, 12-inch wheels are needed here. Incidentally, the bikes from Niva-Taiga A/M are suitable. Only you have to cut the entire excess inside and shake the transition plate. ”

Motoblock MTZ-09N: Technical properties

Motoblock MTZ-09N: technical characteristics

MTZ Belarus 09n is a roll wal k-Barlock that is ideal for working with different complexity in a summer house or personal property. It is equipped with a differential lock and an inner competitive. The multifunctionality of the tractor of the Walk behavior takes place by a large selection of attachments. Aid devices are available from the manufacturer’s work so that you can precisely arrange a working bike.

MTZ-09N with additional devices can be carried out:

  • Shake down soil;
  • Plow;
  • Earth cultivation and cultivation;
  • Mowing the grass.
Motoblocks Parma. Description of models, maintenance, video work, reviews

The balance of the mass of the tractor of walking enables him to move well through the floor. The ergonomics of the device enables the employee to use the minimum amount of energy for soil processing of high quality. In contrast to the first model, MTZ-05, Belarus 09n is perfectly balanced and can perform every task to cultivate land with minimal labor costs.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions (mm) 1780x846x1070
Weight (KG) 176
Clearance (mm) 295
Rotary radius (m) 1

District features of the device

The products of the Belarusian MTZ are characterized by their high indicators with regard to the quality of the assembly and the materials used.

Motoblocks are also produced in the SMORGON aggregate plant that is located in the Belarus region. The first model was called MTZ-05 and went to production in 1992. Motoblock MTZ-09N is a modernized version of its predecessor.

This type of technology has established itself in many countries, so he was very much in demand. In 2009 the plant made 15,000 copies of this model. Belarus Exports MTZ-09H to Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Venezuela, USA. The 09n model is currently being published.

Unmounted equipment

The following devices can work together with MTZ-09N:

  • universal plow;
  • Liner cutter;
  • Cultivation body;
  • Motblock trailer;
  • Rotation mower;
  • Sit adaptive;
  • Weighting;
  • Hinge tip;
  • Sno w-covered;
  • Community brushes;
  • Potat o-capt.;
  • Mass rooms.

It is worth noting that when developing the MTZ-09N engine note, the specifics of Russia, as well as the type of soil, were taken into account. In this regard, the car received a gearbox designed specifically for heavy soil types. High reliability is also ensured due to a high multi-table differential with a high bar. To increase patency and improve controllability, a modern steering column and wide wheels are installed on the Walk behavior tractor.

The advantages of a motorog from Belarus

Motoblock 09n has many advantages over its analogues:

  • The case is made of cast iron;
  • pneumatic fire;
  • Beztosa drives;
  • engine speed regulation;
  • cast iron gears;
  • little noise;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • the ability to withdraw its own movements;
  • Big weight.

Also, the undeniable advantages of MTZ-09N include high reliability in terms of work and reliability. Use in work can significantly reduce the cost of processing farmland, as well as mechanization of the service site.

Current unit and its properties

Two different power units are installed on the Belarusa 09N motorization block, which can work on AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline. Both versions are designed to work at high loads for a long time. That is why the cylinder sleeve is made of cast iron. The model with the Honda GX270 engine becomes widespread. This is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a volume of 0.27 liters and a capacity of 9 hp. The maximum rotation frequency is 3600 rpm.

Also, Chinese power units can be installed on the tractor of the Walk behavior. They have similar operational characteristics, but their price is lower. There are two more engines: UD-15 and 25. The latter are highly economical, but at the same time they have become more complicated.

Reviews of the owners

Our website team conducted a small audit of the market. As a result, we managed to identify the general sentiment of people who own these motoblocks and share their work impressions.

For easier perception of information, we split the data into the pros and cons of the model.


  • Business;
  • sufficient strength;
  • light in maintenance force units with high durability and trouble-free work;
  • lack of slippers due to the competent distribution of weight and engine power (we are talking about Honda GX270);
  • good clutch with any type of soil;
  • Due to the function of locking the steering wheel, the motorcycle block can pass the furrow without operator involvement.

Defects :

  • high price;
  • unsightly appearance;
  • high cost of additional equipment;
  • Difficulty shifting gears and out of the differential.

Price and analogues

As already mentioned, the price of the new MTZ-09N “Bites”. Dealers ask for about 80,000 rubles for the basic configuration. At the same time, do not forget that in addition to the tractor of the walk, attachment of equipment is also required. You can find analogues on the market at prices ranging from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. These include “Bison”, “Neva”, “Centaur MB 2075d”, “Grasshopper”.

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Reviews of the owners of the Motor Block MTZ-09N

Eugene for MTZ-09N

I read the rave reviews and wonder here. Is it me with this motblock chtoli so unleashed? Once together, something needs to be constantly fixed, twisted, to change. During operation, it can simply come to a standstill. In short, I bought and suffered him for the third year. I do not recommend.

Alexander for MTZ-09n

Good day. I bought a Belarussian Motoblock with the Honda engine. Rather, he took an engine block and a trailer on credit. Motoblock Belarus with the Honda engine, the thing is excellent. It is poured with pure gasoline A 92. He runs 80 ohm petrol when the engine is hot. But you can’t start the next day. Until you dump all the gas and start normally. And after 80 wow it will take a long time. I continue to do it in winter and summer. In winter I drive the snow out of the yard. Even in thirty degrees frost he never turned me down. It starts in any weather. The neighbor bought with the engine from Mitsubishi. You can say the same. Both have no oil filter. All were surprised to look for him. When replacing oil, the oil filter does not have to buy this a big plus. The kit gives counterweights two pieces on one wheel. Tens of kilograms each. This is the second plus. In general, this tractor with the abandoned is cool. I have been working with him for three years, he has not failed me. You can attach the starter. But why. He can already hand a seven-year-old child and get a starter. mine begins. And so that the children themselves do not start there, there is a button. I didn’t show his son. I recommend. Completely.

Irina for MTZ-09n

Motblock that really plows

A very good engine block of Belarusian production. You will not find this tractor. The power of this walk behavior 9l. C, has a differential lock and VOM. The walking loss tractor is for a tiller of light soils, shake, cultivated, with soil and soil, international processing of root vegetables, grass weeds, as well as for cleaning roads from snow. It can be used in farms, in school and household diagrams, in gardens and gardens of individual and cinematic use, in utilities and greenhouses.

It has 4 gears forward and 2 back. The movement speed forward is from 2.6 to 11.4 km/h, back from 3.0 to 5.35 km/h. The maximum mass of the towed trailer is 650 kg, but in practice I can tell you more. From my practice I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with a motor grade. An indispensable assistant for every man.

Alexey for MTZ-09n

At one time (about 25 years ago) my father bought this unit (I was 12). Paverte how I killed him then! Wait, he would have ripped his hands off for that, but he’s still alive. True, then there was still an old UD-15 engine. Today there is Honda (only UD-15 supplolies of the soldiers). And the box wasn’t even repaired. I also changed the clutch (it was just new from the motorcycle *minsk *). By the way, it is to blame for bad reception. Wait, my son is already 5, I think the grandson will stay. So, if you plan to buy an MTZ for a long time.

Farmer for MTZ-09N

Serious technology with a serious price. Of the minuses I note that the first time it is not very clear that the equipment is shifting, which provides a lot of inconvenience and sometimes just angry! I put it on a neutral, drowned the engine, and when I started, the motorcycle block suddenly drove. Secondly, sometimes it is necessary to turn off the location of the differential, just huge efforts are made, and this operation must be carried out at every turn.

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