Checking the motoblock for MTZ Motoblock. Description, types, purpose

Moto-blocks for MTZ. Principle of work and installation in a power tiller

In order to secure the territory or grass treasure, a haymaker is required for the walking tractor. It can be of different types and require certain features of the power tiller. Before you make a haymower with your own hands for a walking tractor, it is necessary to decide on the choice and create a preliminary sketch in the form of a drawing, which contains all the main parameters of the future mechanism. The mower is created in a step-by-step version.


The persistent manufacture of a power tiller will help you to remove weeds on the site


Mowers for the MTZ motoblock are universal devices that increase the functionality of the unit. Designed to facilitate the collection and harvesting of hay, which are used as attachments. All devices are used for harvesting hay below:

  • Braids;
  • Trimmer;
  • Rake;
  • Speaker;
  • Teterev.

Segmen t-This walk-behind mower on the agricultural market is offered by farmers as a rotary mower and a frontal mower. The latter are divided into segment mowers and chain mowers. Before you buy a mower, determine for what purposes you need it. Based on the requirements, choose a mower by the method of laying:

  • Rollers. With such a device, you can save on the purchase of a rake, as the fastening equipment itself forms a stack.
  • For mowing. With this method of mowing, it takes extra time and effort to pick up the grass clippings.
  • Mulching. The equipment can perform a mulching function so that fertilizer can be produced for shrubs and trees.

When choosing a net, you should also pay attention to the height of mowing, which varies from 5 to 20 cm.

An important nuance is the method of attachment of the Hooch to the MTZ motoblock:

  • The most common type of bracket – at the front.
  • At the back – used for mowing grass on lawns.
  • On the side as a half-truck – spoiler – the use of such models is found most often in mini-excavators, when the main weight is on the support wheel.
  • The power of the walking tractor plays an important role, as it determines the speed of movement and efficiency.
  • The speed of rotation must be high, otherwise the grass will be trampled and not mowed.

Rotor Krm-2 – rotor rotor

Rotor Mower Krm-1

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers have a simple design that facilitates maintenance and repair. The working bodies are discs on which the blades are mounted. They are attached to the windows with movable hinges. There can be from one to several discs. The more working blades, the wider the area of the processed surface.

The price for spare parts and accessories is low. Spare parts for our rotary mower models can be purchased from any specialized company. Imported models are not older than 10 years. Imported mowers older than 10 years may not have spare parts, because some models are no longer in production.

mower blade

The owner of a rotary mower can easily use it to finish the front lawn and store grass for livestock for the winter. A small model is handy for use with a tractor when cleaning up around fruit trees and garden beds.

Rotary mowers are produced both at home and abroad. Among the largest and most popular models are mowers for walking tractors “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. The models differ in the number of working elements and adjustment of the height of the mowed grass. For harvesting grass for animal feed, models with a mowing height of up to 20 cm can be used. Mowers with a cutting height of 5 cm are well-proven for household plots.

Peony in a summer garden

The rotary mower is combined with power tillers “Favorit”, “Mole”, “Neva” in several ways:

  1. Front – mounted;
  2. Rear – trailed.

According to the way of grass mowing, rotary mowers are divided into types:

  1. For mowing grass and laying it in a straight row. Suitable for mowing grass for hay.
  2. For mulching grass. The shredded grass quickly decomposes, suitable for lawn treatment.

When choosing a model for your walking tractor Neva, Salyut, Zarya, Favorit, Mole, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  1. features of the landscape.
  2. The purpose of purchase (for mowing grass for hay for livestock or for leveling the lawn in front of the house).
  3. Weight of the mower (important for transportation, as a large model is difficult to transport).
  4. Productivity (for a small lawn, the smallest low-powered mower will do).
  5. Type of mowed grass (models that mulch grass are not suitable for making hay to feed livestock).

Segment mower for MTZ

One type of front mowers are segmental devices, which perfectly cope with the mowing of any grass on various surfaces. Such a mower can be used for mowing vegetation even on hilly terrain, as the design allows you to freely bypass all obstacles. Grass is cut at the root, so it can also be used to remove weeds.

Depending on the type of attachment, a distinction is made:

  • Front, when a three-arm pulley is involved;
  • Rear, when a PTO and an adapter are used.

Mowers are characterized by a simple design and low maintenance requirements. The base is a rigid frame to which the bars with knives, working on the principle of shears, are attached. One row is stationary, while the other rotates to cut the blades of grass.

Video overview of cutting grass with a segment mower

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Mower “Zarya-1

Special model of Kaluga machine-building plant “Kadvi” is designed for NMB-1 “Ugra”, “Krot” and similar walking tractors with the same socket. The model has two working bodies with hardened steel blades. Convenient adjustment allows you to mow fields with any landscape.

Rotary mower “Zarya-1”

Technical characteristics of the model are presented in the table:

The best rotary mowers for tractors going to the back

It differs from “Zarya” by aggregation with a walking tractor and high power. The design is heavier, therefore, the grass is cut more evenly. Suitable for small farms. It is aggregated with the mini-tractors MTZ-80. Easily copes with dry bushes, sunflowers and corn.

The advantages are:

  • low price;
  • reliability and durability;
  • simplicity in service;
  • Mobility due to its low weight.

From the disadvantages – insufficient number of service centers in the regions.

Accessories for installation on MTZ

There are special kits on sale, with the help of which the rotary mower was installed on the tractor for walking. The complete set of such a set contains:

  • The frame of the lifting mechanism;
  • Roller for intermediate tensioning;
  • Mower lifting linkage;
  • The frame shaft of the lifting mechanism.

With the components that come in the kit, you have to assemble them into a knot and attach them to the front of the lifting mechanism. In this way, the grasses can be run on a walking tractor.

Popular models of rotary haler production

Among the various models of haymakers for the walking tractor Zarya in various configurations and modifications and terminators km-0,5 for Caiman Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior, MB-2 and MB-23 NEVA, MB-1 OKA , are more popular, in demand. “Mole”, “Beam”, “Favorit”.

Hitachi petrol trimmers. Hitachi power and gasoline mower reviews, owner reviews

Km-0,5 terminator

Small mower km 0,5 have Vario and Caiman-Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior), MB-2, MB-2 NEVA, MB-1, Favorit, Luch. “Aggregate. The rotor is closed on all sides with a protective shroud of non-removable metal. The grass after hardening is shredded and therefore is suitable for lawn cultivation.

Rotary mower KM-0,5 Terminator

Rotary mower km-0,5 terminator

Technical features of the km – 0,5:

The best rotary mowers for tractors going to the back

  • Availability of spare parts;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 3 years;
  • Service centers are located in all major cities.
  • Mulches the grass, so it is not suitable for havo;
  • Does not work well on uneven terrain with slopes over 20 degrees.

Owner reviews

Numerous reviews of owners confirm that the use of lawn mowers not only reduces the time for mowing, but also saves a lot of effort.


I use a homemade Rotary mower with two plowshares. I decided to build it by the drawings I found on forums. I’m satisfied with it, since I made it for myself. It works fast and mows well. The only disadvantage is that the cutting height is not adjustable and the cuttings are scattered everywhere. But these are the disadvantages, which are smoothed by the mower working due to the efficiency of the Motor Thorn MTZ.

Mower Zarya for NEVA MB-2, MB-1, MKM-3 LANDER, MOLE, Favorit

The hinged model of a small rotary mower has two workers with knives on hinges. It is produced in Kaluga on “Kadvi” machine. Mows the grass and folds it in one direction. Suitable for farmers who keep cattle. The model is lightweight and has small dimensions. Easy to store and transport.

Zarya “Dawn”.

We will consider the technical properties of the “Dawn” in the table:

The best rotary mowers for tractors going to the back

It is suitable not only for the beloved power tillers NEVA and Mole, but also for small tractors MTZ with a horsepower of 10-12. The complete set of all manufacturers includes interchangeable knives, which ensure the uninterrupted work of the devices during the season.

The advantages of “Zarya” include:

  1. Compactness;
  2. High productivity;
  3. Low weight;
  4. Width of recording;
  5. Simplicity of design;
  6. Manufacturer’s warranty 3 years;
  7. Replacement knife included.
  1. The working elements are not completely covered by the protective cover;
  2. Not all power tillers are suitable;
  3. The knife often needs to be resharpened.

Classification of mowers

There are several basic types of mowers, which differ in their functionality and properties. The main differences are manifested in the nature of the mowing elements. To assemble the devices yourself, it is necessary to determine the type of equipment required.


Rotary options are considered the simplest and most common. The main parts are:

  • Catchers;
  • Wheels attached to the frame (2-3 pieces);
  • Side guides for adjusting cone action and movement.

Important: Each rotary device does not require much knowledge in operation. In addition, such equipment provides minimal requirements for a tractor with manual control on its properties and performance.

“Zarya” is one of the common options. There are also many special and universal models on the market. The easiest way to create a sickle mower.


The segmental design of grass mowing devices differs from the rotary version in some points. The main parts are:

  • frame;
  • wheel base;
  • Emergency mechanism in the form of side skids;
  • Cutting element in the form of knives.

The main advantage of this type of mowers is the productivity and uniformity of beveling. There is a protective cover, which is located directly above the working part.

Important! The segment type places high demands on the power of the machine. It is designed for dense grass and dense weeds.

Different types of tractors with manual drive have their own unique models of devices that have been specially designed. Versatile options are rarely available on the market.

Excavator Volvo EC290BLC - description and properties

Car mower.

A special piece of equipment is the auto mower, which is used for heavy hand-held tractors. It can be used for mowing grass as well as for placing ice and snow. The technique can be used at any time of the year. This type of equipment is used for large amounts of work.

Design and principle of operation of mowers

For processing thick or thick grass, a mower is used, which is contained in the attachment for hand-held tractors. The choice of lawn mower depends on the following factors:

  • The terrain, including its topography;
  • The type of grass;
  • financial capabilities;
  • Features of the hand tractor and its properties;
  • Technology.

Important: To work with a mower, you need a powerful hand tractor, which can act as an attachment. For most units on the market, mowers are sold by the manufacturer. On some power tillers, such as NEVA, you can install any type of mower, including homemade.

Lawn mowers are used for mowing grass and removing weeds. A typical device includes a mowing mechanism, which depends on the type of mower, possibly an adapter, mounting device and fasteners. Keep in mind that it is necessary to supply oil for twisting – fragments.

Checking the motoblock for MTZ Motoblock. Description, types, purpose

This is a device for attachment to minitractors and hand tractors, which got its name due to the cutting elements – they are represented in the form of large and sharp triangles. With this mower, you can mow hard and soft grass, as well as stubble. It mows both flat and difficult terrain. The cutting elements cut evenly through vegetation, even in heavily overgrown areas.

Mower parts

Segment mower on a drawing

Segment mowers for hand-held tractors have a relatively simple design. As a result, they are less likely to break down and do not require special knowledge from the operator. A segmental device consists of a frame and cutting elements that are attached between a rod pair. The knife, which makes a reciprocating motion from the drive, cuts the vegetation like a scissors. The cutterbar segment with cutting tines operates continuously (left and right), while the second one remains stationary.

Thanks to the streamlined design, the cut stalks are evenly distributed on both sides of the single-axle tractor. Segment construction on wheels. It is grown on the front of the MTZ minitractor or single-axle tractor. There are special skids on the edges, which allow you to set the height of mowing. Such a mower is not suitable for working on large areas, but it can be used to tidy up a suburban plot and make hay in a private yard.

Segment mower with manual tractor drive

The difference between the segment mower and the carousel mower lies in its working organ, i.e. the tines. Due to its design, such a device is suitable for working on areas with difficult terrain. The deflection of the knife part in relation to the manual tractor can be up to 20%. Such a mower can mow grass with a stem thickness up to 2-3 cm.

Chetra T-11 bulldozer - description and characteristics

Top recommendations for hand-held tractor mowers

The mower for the NEVA hand tractor is a serious agricultural tool. Its use imposes on agronomists and farmers excessive responsibility for safety – both for their own and for the safety of the environment. Therefore, every agronomist and gardener must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Covered clothing is appropriate for working on a hand tractor with a mower. Eyes must also be protected with safety glasses.
  2. The mower operator must strictly check the agricultural cutting tool for the strength of the fasteners, as well as check the tension of the belt.
  3. It is obligatory to inspect the mowed field to determine its condition.
  4. It is necessary to stop during work to check the position of the belt tension and the condition of the reinforcements.
  5. If knives or blades need to be replaced or repaired, then the agricultural device “Motobloc” should be switched without tension.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to pebbles, cans and other foreign bodies. You can damage the mower and damage the blades of the NEVA auxiliary tractor.

How to choose a segment mower for your hand-held tractor

An efficient mower on a hand tractor must be reliable, durable and well attached to the device. A belt transmission is used as the drive for such a device. In order not to make a wrong choice, take into account the following points:

  • Segment knives should be made of hardened steel, so that they do not blunt and effectively perform their work.
  • An important parameter is the width of the record. It depends on it, how quickly you can cope with the task at hand. On average, it is in the range of 1-1.8 m.
  • The average cutting height of the mower for the tractor with manual drive is 40-80 mm. Choose this value depending on the type of vegetation on the plot.
  • Although the segment mower is an attachment, it has such a parameter as working speed. It can be from 5 to 10 km/h.
  • Productivity of the attached equipment for a tractor with manual control does not exceed 1 ha/h. Often this parameter is 0.25-0.35 ha/h.
  • Find out which manually operated tractor is right for the segment mower you are interested in. Some models are designed for certain models of devices.
  • An important point is the availability of components. This allows you to quickly troubleshoot and replace them.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the device and its dimensions in the working and transport position. The latter is very important for transporting a segment mower from one place of use to another. Depending on the model, the design weighs from 20-35 to 100-115 kg. Heavy models are designed for minitractors.

Segmented and sickle mower

The best models of segment mowers

Before you buy a particular mower, learn about the most popular and common options. Compare prices and basic features. Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages available. Only then make a specific choice. The cost ranges from 20-25,000 to 30-35,000 rubles and higher. The best manufacturers include:

  • Ghepard;
  • Eurosystems;
  • Virgin soil;
  • Mobil-K.


The Ghepard (MBK0012013) professional segment hand tractor mower has a working width of 92 cm, which is quite suitable for personal use in the countryside. The design uses a gear (included) with a long service life. The teeth are sturdy and made of high quality steel with a special coating. The model is suitable for both decorative mowing and haymaking. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 23390 rubles;
  • Properties: working width – 92 cm, the height of mowed grass – up to 100 cm, cutting height – from 25 mm, the working speed – 0,5-4 km/h, dimensions – 92x50x50 cm, weight – 32 kg, warranty – 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: efficient, high-quality cutting elements, long service life;
  • Disadvantages: Not optimal for large areas.
How to choose firewood?

Ghepard (MBK0012013) If you’re looking for a Ghepard hand tractor attachment for commercial use, consider a similar handle – MBK0012015. Its cutters are also made of specially coated steel – made in Germany. After felling, the device leaves a perfectly uniform cut. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 rubles;
  • Properties: working width – 107 cm, the height of mowed grass – up to 100 cm, cutting height – from 25 mm, the working speed – 0,5-4 km/h, dimensions – 107 x 50 x 50 cm, weight – 34 kg, the guarantee – 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: a wide cut, suitable for large areas, efficiency, durability;
  • Disadvantages: it costs a lot.


Eurosystems P 70 power tiller The Eurosystems P 70 power tiller attachment helps to mow vegetation and make hay. It has a wide pick-up with a high quality cutter bar which can cut through thick blades of grass. It is an ideal helper if you have a large plot of several thousand square meters. The manufacturer of this device is an Italian company. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 44250 rubles;
  • Properties: grip width – 102 cm, operating speed – 2-4 km / h, the overall dimensions – 102 x 50 x 50 cm, weight – 55 kg, 1 year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: working width, efficiency, efficiency in different areas;
  • Disadvantages: high cost, heavier counterparts.

Mowing with a Eurosystems P 55 SEMENT Eurosystems P 55 unit is cheaper than the previous model, but narrower. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 20860 rubles;
  • Properties: handle width – 87 cm, operating speed – 2-4 km / h, the total dimensions – 87 x 50 x 50 cm, weight – 35 kg, 1 year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: affordable price, mows dense vegetation well;
  • Disadvantages: Not the best choice for large areas.

virgin land

The Celina KS-850 segment mower is capable of mowing grass as close to the ground as possible. The unit’s segments pick up fallen grass while mowing. They are very resistant to branches, stones and other objects.

  • Price: 17390 rubles;
  • Features: reach – 85 cm, maximum cutting height – 20-40 mm, transmission type – belt drive, speed – up to 360 rpm, size – 135x66x91 cm, weight – 46 kg, suitable for tractors with a walking engine – Celina, Neva, Kaskad, Luch, Crosser C-RM8E, Crosser C-RM10, etc.;
  • Pros: affordable price, works on difficult plots, compatible with many tractors;
  • Disadvantages: the handle is narrower than its counterparts.

Lawn mower Celina KS-850

Mobil K

The segmented tine tool for the Mobil K G85 hand tractor is ideal for frequent use on large areas, including commercial areas. This is possible thanks to the reliable gearbox with oil bath and high quality cutting tools. The mower is made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 rubles;
  • Features: Reach – 107 cm, working speed – 0,5-4 km / h, dimensions – 1070x500x500 mm, weight – 34 kg, warranty – 2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: quality cutting tools, wide cutting, suitable for large-scale works;
  • Disadvantages: high cost.

Segmental finger equipment for the Mobil K G85 two-wheel tractor An alternative and cheaper option for the Mobil K G85 two-wheel tractor will be 92 cm wide equipment, this model is also made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

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