Checking the model range of the technical industry of garden technology: description, characteristics and usage rules

Motoblock Pogar MZR-820. Review, characteristics, reviews

Before using engine blocks, the technical industry of IPR must be examined by user management. You can familiarize yourself with the design of the device, its properties, the characteristics of the application and elimination of the main disorders.

In this video rating, the MZR 820 motor block is presented:


So that the engine block serves the MZ R-technical industry as long as possible without any information, it is necessary to monitor it properly.

The most frequently performed work is ÖlerStar.

Gear oil tad 17

  • The engine oil must be changed after 25 motorized hours. It is recommended to use half-synthetic models 10W-40 or 10W-40.
  • The exchange of transmission oil must be carried out every 100 hours of the MZR technical level. The most suitable options are TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • Waterproof lubrication levers should be treated at regular intervals. This happens so that they do not rust and make the change easier.
  • You cannot use with high quality or dirty petrol. It is necessary to use pure AI 92 fuel.

The first starting instructions

The correct operation of the company is the key to the extension of the technological industry of the MZR. The proper assembly and start of a tractor for walks are described in the operating instructions.

Before the start of use, the engine oil and gasoline should be watered without failure.

After the term occurs. This procedure includes the use of MZR block blocks in half of the maximum performance.

During the run, the parts are lubricated, grated together and clearly into their grooves.

If this procedure is not carried out, the engine can fail immediately.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

Every owner of the Motoblocks of Technical Industry MZR needs to know how the main notes can be repaired.

If the engine block doesn’t start:

  • Check the presence of oil and gasoline in the corresponding compartments (add it if necessary).
  • Check the presence of sparks from the spark plugs (install the corresponding gap in absence, check the tank mounting or replace the candles).
  • Then clean the fuel system regardless of whether the fuel reaches the carburetor (if the fuel system is blocked, then clean).
  • Set the fuel mixture in the carburetor (tuning is made by setting the voltage of the corresponding screws);

If a large vibration comes from the MZR technical industry during operation:

  • The main reason for this collapse is the twisting of bolt connections.
  • The second nuance can be the unreliability of attachment attachments.
Brait BR-68 Motoblock. Review, technical characteristics, reviews of the owners

Overview of motor blocks Plowman

The design of the device includes a modern steering wheel, which can be set in two directions, stylish motor attractions for control equipment, a powerful petrol engine, a system of air cooling, pneumatic fires, assembly devices and a repair tool.

Motoblock reacts immediately to the slightest rotation of the handle. This enables the driver to easily manage the tool and increase labor productivity. A simple design with a steamed steering wheel fits freely in a car with a small trunk, and low weight makes it possible to fully develop in one place without any additional maneuvers. The developers of the motor blocks of the plugman tried to use short-lived plastic and low-quality details as possible.

In this video you will learn how the motoblock works:

User Guide

The tractor for walking behavior has a high noise level – 92 dB. When operating, it is therefore recommended to use special headphones or Berushi. Despite the presence of linings on the steering wheel Ant i-Vibration, the operator should wear feders in his hand. The lon g-term operation of such an agricultural device without devices is not recommended.

The manufacturer recommends using AI-92 petrol to refuel. Use for the Motor SAE30 / SaE5W-30 oil. Use a gear oil 80W-90 spark plug F7RTC for the gearbox.

Follow the following operating rules when working with the tractor with the walk behavior:
  • Use the assembly with the instructions.
  • Follow the first start with a complete fuel tank, an oil tank and a gear.
  • Let the walk-in walking work work for some time (10-15 minutes) so that the engine heats up and then work with the floor.
  • Do not load the device for all power supply during the time of the run – 8 hours after the first recording – the load should be 2/3 of the maximum.
  • Leave the oil out of containers after running and pour fresh oil before the new start.
  • Planned every 50 motorized hours, then inspect the body and cut your clothes on damage, clean the fuel and oil filter, check the gap between the spark plug and clean it from the carbon.
  • Use the unit diagonal on inclined floors (inclination of more than 15 degrees).
  • The device should be started on a flat surface.
  • Avoid getting into stones or large branches, you can damage knives.
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The advantages and disadvantages of the diesel walk behavior gardenscout

Manufacturers of the Garden Scout brand produce motorized tractors and motifs. Incidentally, the latter appeared not too long ago on the Ukrainian market – since 2017. The installation of the engine blocks on heavy devices is currently limited, components with a diesel engine with a capacity of 8 to 15 hp.

If we look at the technical properties of this type of unit in more detail, we can come to the conclusion that they are very hardy and are equipped with a water cooling system, which means that overheating does not threaten the engine, even if they work in intensive mode. A large number of gears (6 – forward and 2 – back) enables the operator to choose the most suitable speed limit. It also enables maneuverability to improve despite weight (approx. 300 kg).

The garde n-scou t-block block is convenient to work on the medium and heavy soil structure, since the soil has a good grip due to its weight. In general, farmers leave positive reviews about the previously selected garden scout models. Incidentally, it is advisable to make a choice based on certain conditions for the production of agricultural plants and the size of the country.

For example, if a farmer owns a plot of up to 1 hectare, then a Garden Scout GS81D or Garden Scout GS81DE walk-behind tractor, which differ in the presence of a manual (in the first case) and electric starter (in the second case), is more suitable. The engine power of such models is 8 hp. If you need to plow, cultivate or do other work on a plot of land up to 1.5 and even up to 3 hectares, then a 15-horsepower diesel Garden Scout GS15DE will come to the rescue in this case.

Spare parts for walk behind tractors are inexpensive and always available from suppliers. The main thing is to choose a reliable partner who will guarantee the high quality of the goods. When inspecting and repairing walk behind tractors, the cost is much less than full size equipment.

Trimmers and lawn mowers brand Techprom. Overview of the range

The company “TEKHPROM” is a Russian manufacturer of construction machinery. In addition to construction machinery, Tehprom produces spare parts for tractors, autotractors, road construction machinery and gardening equipment. The garden equipment segment is relatively small, the model range of such equipment is very modest, but despite this, Tekhprom lawn mowers and trimmers are very popular not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries, Ukraine and Belarus.

Checking the han d-led tractor CAIMAN Quatro Max 70s Plough2 TWK+. Specifications, reviews

Trimmer Technoprom

Tekhprom LLC acts as a trading partner of the Uraltyazhmash company, which produces industrial equipment for construction, asphalt paving, road and building repairs. In the city of Chelyabinsk there are large production plants, for example, bulldozers, tractors, asphalt rollers, pipe layers, as well as spare parts for these machines are manufactured there.

Techprom is also an official dealer of the Italian company TCM-Srl.

This company produces truck cranes with a lifting capacity of 200 tons. It is noteworthy that Techprom also produces small electric and gasoline devices such as chain saws, electric saws, lawn mowers, trimmers and lawn mowers.

Tekhprom products are sold not only in Russia, but also abroad, for example, in China, the CIS countries, Cuba, Mexico and other countries. The manufacturer sells its products both wholesale and retail through a network of retail stores, regional representatives, as well as online stores.

Model range of garden tools

The Techprom range of garden tools includes the following products:

  • chainsaws;
  • Lawn mowers (trimmers) petrol;
  • lawn mowers (petrol);
  • welding inverter.

The price category of these goods is medium. tehprom products are available for every farmer or gardener. Each position of the lineup receives positive feedback without exception, because it has the following properties:

  • Reliability;
  • easy construction;
  • high quality of all fasteners;
  • constant release of new models (old models are discontinued, and the consumer can buy new items immediately after the release through a plant in Russia);
  • official manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 6-12 months, depending on the trimmer or lawnmower model;
  • a large number of spare parts for equipment;
  • interchangeability of spare parts;
  • high labor force;
  • sharp blades for cutting grass.

Trimmers and lawn mowers tehprom

The range of lawn mowers (trimmers) Tekhprom is represented by petrol models. The company does not manufacture cordless or electric lawn mowers.

Techprom gasoline trimmers are represented by the following models of devices:

  1. BT 520 (power 2300 W, 3 hp, 2T engine);
  2. BT 430m (Power 1800W, 2.3HP, Motor 2T);
  3. BT 560m (power 2700W, two-stroke, 3.7 hp);
  4. BT 56 (Power 4000 W, Tw o-Strok e-Motor);
  5. BT 52 (Power 3000 W, Tw o-Strok e-Motor);
  6. TBT 5950 (performance 5950 W, 5 hp, engine volume 58 cubic meters, tw o-stroke engine);
  7. TBT 6200 (Power 6200 W, 8.4 hp, engine volume 62 cubic meters, two lifting engine);
  8. TBT 6300 (Power 6300 W, are produced for 1 t 5 Babin on 1 or 5 discs).
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Bt petrol trimmer BT 52 BT 56 petrol trimmer bt 430 m petrol trimmer bt 520 BT BT 560 m petrol trimmer tbt 5950 tbt 6300 petrol trimmer tbt 6200

Top models of the technical industry The motorcycle fire fire

The most popular and popular are the such motto models:

  • Benzinglecht BT 430 m;
  • B T-Zenzin trimmer 560 m;
  • Trimmer BT 520;
  • Models BT 56 and BT 52 (similar to functionality, have an output of 4000 W or 3000 W).

BT 430 in use

On the reviews of this technology, mainly positive reviews. Owners observe such advantages of Tehprom petrol motorcycle.

  • High capacity compared to other Russian brands;
  • Montage statements – hig h-quality spare parts and assembly directly;
  • affordable price;
  • A simple way to control;
  • The presence of really sharp cutting parts (motorcycles work with slices and blade knives);
  • Large volume of fuel tank;
  • Accessibility of consumables (forests, oils, gear lubricants).

THPROM trimmers are the following properties: The following properties are included:

  • larger weight than trimmer of other brands;
  • Lack of battery and electrical models.

Operating instructions, maintenance of Tehprom trimmers

According to the operating instructions, the device must be compiled, for example, the trimmer of the BT 52 model according to the scheme specified in the document. Some shops implement trimmers in already assembled form that can work entirely.

When producing technology, motorcycles will not recharge with oil, since all fuel and lubricant and fuel, which the owner has to pour independently into the technical device.

What kind of oil and fuel for petrol cutter are to be chosen?

The manufacturer recommends using type 2T oil for all petrol engine (for two stroke engines with air cooling). Oil can be every manufacturer, both domestically and foreign. The universal gear lubrication is also used, for example, oleo, Sadko, Stihl and others.


AI-95 petrol, AI-92 with mandatory mixing with motor oil 2T is recommended as fuel. Such a mixture is only carried out for two stroke engines. The approximate oil ratio for gasoline is 1:50 or 1:40.

Possible mistakes from Tehprom trimmers and ways to eliminate them

Malfunctions because How to remove
1. Reduction of the power carriers Low fuel quality, small fuel level Use high quality gasoline that spice the device in good time
2. The engine is very hot Work too long without switching off Switch off the trimmer, wait for engine cooling
3. Trimmer stands, do not want to switch on Check the fuel content. You may need to smear the gearbox Sealed a trimmer, fat the gear with a universal lubricant
4. The inclusion of motorcycles is not the first time Maybe there is a soot on a candle or a candle must be replaced Clean the carbon candle. If necessary, replace the candle.
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Video check of the work of a technical trimmer industry

Overview of the work of petrol engines model BT 560 m

Compilation of a petrol trimmer TBT 5950

Reviews of the owners about the technical industry of motorcycles

Sergey, 34 years old, Obninsk:

“Hello everyone! I have been using the BT560m petrol trimmer for four years.

Pros: The machine is a beast, a super power, I don’t recall any such power in a household trimmer. Anyone who wants to squeeze out such power – either use a lawn mower or Techprom. Key nodes and units are designed by the manufacturer for durability. The montage, in my opinion, is so-so, I twisted and pulled a lot myself, but oh well. This trimmer won’t last long on bad oil and gas so folks don’t save your money and it will last for years, 10 or even longer. I have a plot of land near a private house, we do not overload the device, it works perfectly even years after purchase.

Cons: Gasoline burns at the speed of light at this power. I can’t find any other cons. I highly recommend!”

German, 65 years old, Zhytomyr region:

“I didn’t believe that powerful trimmers existed like a walk-behind tractor or a lawnmower, but Techprom debunked this myth in my head. As for the work of the trimmer, I can say the following: it works great, it mows grass of any height, burdock, I think, and I would cut small branches, but I already have a brush cutter for these purposes separately. If you use the machine according to the instructions, you will get an excellent assistant, help to give, garden.

The special advantages of the TBT 6300 petrol model include excellent disc sharpening, a large engine volume (58 cubic meters), as well as a fairly acceptable weight. The trimmer of this model weighs just over 7 kg, which generally babbles with a tank volume of 1.2 liters.

Good trimmer, I recommend it to everyone. By the way, more than 20 months have passed since the purchase, there were no breakdowns, no repairs.

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