Checking the lineup of the caiman. Features, reviews

Review and technical characteristics of the engine block Kaiman

If you look at the Kaiman review of any model, you will see that this is reliable and quality assembled equipment from a European manufacturer. In order to choose the right option for your site, you need to understand the product line, to understand what is better and what are the pros and cons of one solution or another.

Features of Kaiman engine blocks

Overview and technical characteristics of the Caiman walking tractor

The small caiman technique is produced by the French concern Pubert, which has been producing a variety of equipment for the agricultural industry for a century and a half. The main part of the production is in France, but some of the motoblock models are collected in Italy and China.

For the main characteristics of this manufacturer of motoblocks, most experts identify the following points:

  1. Only Japanese power units are used by Subaru and Honda, which are considered to be among the best in the small farm machinery sector. Engines work on gasoline and have a significant resource, which is many times more than Chinese replicas.
  2. The design is thought through to the smallest detail that offers a smooth pull and a very smooth gear shift. In terms of ease of management, caiman are superior to the vast majority of analogues. All models are tested and verified under real conditions to identify and eliminate problems at the initial stage.
  3. The appearance of the technique is attractive, it stands out from the general lineup and is easily recognizable due to the green color of the companies and a special configuration of protective covers and fairings.
  4. Some patented solutions are used in production, which cannot be found among other manufacturers of motoblocks.
  5. The products are divided into classes, which simplifies the choice and allows us to consider only the solutions that are suitable for a specific site.

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On some modern models put an electric motor. They are rare so far, but every year the proportion will increase.

The preparation

Overview and technical characteristics of the Caiman walking tractor

In total, more than three dozen modifications are currently being produced. To find out which option to choose, you should examine the main types and the characteristics of each of them:

  1. Quatro Max. Refers to the mid-range and is designed to process sections up to 0.5 hectares. Standard solutions with good execution of good quality, unpretentious operation and able to perform most agricultural work.
  2. Vario. The class was invoked thanks to the patented automatic transmission that offers unmatched smoothness and foundation smoothness. This includes both lightweight motblocks and mid-range engineering capable of performing complex work under heavy loads.
  3. Professional. A heavy series that uses engines with a power of up to 14 liters. With. The technique is designed for active use and processing of significant areas. With its help, you can even plow the target. Often such models are used to transport goods.

There are also lightweight cultivators for small areas and a limited range of work. They are suitable for loosening the soil in spring. In general, it is not difficult to understand the characteristics of each line, the manufacturer’s catalogs are very detailed, there is complete information about each model.

advantages and disadvantages

The technology refers to the premium segment and therefore has many more advantages than disadvantages. The main advantages are as follows:

  1. Low fuel consumption and soft work of Japanese power units.
  2. One refueling is enough for 3 hours of continuous work and more.
  3. The handle can be adjusted in two planes, it is folded for transport and storage.
  4. The presence of a full line of fastening devices for carrying out agricultural work. The main thing is to choose the right model of the tractor of Walk behavior.
  5. Good build quality, accuracy of matching parts. Metal elements are protected from corrosion, the plastic is crushed, it is easy to clean from dirt.
  6. Simplicity of Service. With primary care – timely replacement of oil and filters – the engines will work for a long time. The main thing is to first find out what kind of oil to fill and by what interval to update it.
  7. Detailed instructions. It has everything – from preparing for work to preserving the winter. You can easily find out how to start a tractor for a walk behavior, what to check and how to configure the devices for yourself.
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It is worth disassembling the shortcomings, there are few of them, but still they are:

  1. A rather high price compared to analogues with comparable characteristics.
  2. The small weight of most models. If the soil is dense, you should immediately acquire additional weighting means.

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Due to the pneumatic concept, the load on the drive is reduced at the beginning of the movement, and the innovative gearbox allows you to accurately configure the speed of movement, regardless of the work being performed.

Rating of the best Caiman engine blocks

Before deciding on a specific solution, examine the information on the most popular models to understand what their advantages and disadvantages are. All the options listed here deserve attention and have proven their effectiveness:

Cayman VARIO 70С TWK+

  1. Caiman Vario 70C TWK+. Lightweight wanderluster equipped with a 7 liter engine. With. has 2 gamies forward and 1 back. A chain transmission and the clutch is implemented due to the belt transmission. It should be noted that the convenience of control, high-quality protective wings on the wheels, easy adjustment of the coupon’s position and light weight, which makes it easy to transport. At the same time there are disadvantages to install an additional problems. Due to the light weight (74 kg), you need to buy an adapter. Heavy work requires weighting agents. The lack of low transmission can also be called a disadvantage.
  2. Caiman Vario 60h. A compact, lightweight model with a Honda engine that’s easy to steer due to excellent weightlifting and a low center of gravity. The choice of power supply to the problem is carried out by a belt drive. Positive moments are high maneuverability and very good brakes, a simple and unpretentious engine with a capacity of 55 liters. With. weighing 57 kg. Of the shortcomings, the need to acquire weighting funds is distinguished in order to increase the efficiency of work and oil butter of the engine over time, although this does not affect the resource.
  3. Caiman Neo 60H C3 is a new generation model with a number of improvements and a convenient support wheel for ease of transport. With a power of 5.9 liters. With. And the weight of 55 kg, the technique is able to perform almost any task in personal action. It is also worth noting the affordable cost. Of the advantages, the maneuverability of the model, easy gas consumption and the ability to install the tow hitch both in front and behind are distinguished. As for the only 2 speeds forward and 1 back, and for a small weight, which is why weighting is needed.
  4. The Kaiman Vario 60s engine block with the Subaru engine always takes the highest positions in the ratings. All this thanks to the excellent automatic transmission vario and the presence of differential unlocking. With a power of an engine of 6 liters. With. And the weight of 57 kg technology is maneuverability, it is very comfortable to control. The advantages can be called versatility (almost any attachments are suitable for the model), low fuel consumption and affordable cost. The disadvantages are characteristic of this line – lack of strength and mass in heavy work and only 2 speed speeds.
  5. Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ is considered to be one of the best models that combine simplicity and functionality. Subaru engine for 7 liters. With. Produces good working properties with equipment weighing 70 kg. All the knots are strong, the quality of the belts is excellent. Of the advantages, the convenience of transportation can be distinguished due to the folding structure, maneuverability and soft speed switching, if desired, the model can be equipped with a starter. There are no particular disadvantages, except that the need to acquire weighting resources when working on strong ground.
  6. Caiman Vario 70C belongs to the middle class. With an engine power of 7 liters. With. And the weight of 74 kg is able to do all the work until the virgin soil is plowed (however, in this case it is desirable to put in the weight means). The main advantages can be called reliable chain transmission, which does not require you to change the lubricant for the entire period of operation, excellent working indicators, good protection from dust and dirt, as well as ease of maintenance and repair. The model has no particular disadvantages, it is possible to highlight not very large weight.
  7. Caiman Quatro Max 60s are equipped with a subar engine and are used for complex work in medium sections. With a power of 6 liters. With. and weight 76 kg, good working indicators are provided. The model has many advantages: a double chain is much stronger than a standar d-reinforced gear, one of the lowest noise levels, convenient control and a highly effective cooling system that prevents overheating even at high loads. Of the minuses, we can note the increased cost, but given the quality of the unit, this is quite justified.
  8. Caiman 330. A heavy model that handles a section of several hectares and is often used on small farms. With a power of 9 liters. With. And the mass of 125 kg of the motorcycle block Copes with each work, the presence of a reduced gear allows optimal speed. If desired, you can extend the steering wheel in the opposite direction. The pluses can be called excellent maneuverability, since the simplicity of installing fastening equipment is unlocked. Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the bulky unit, but this matters only with frequent transportation.
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Overview and technical characteristics of the Caiman walking tractor

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It is best to buy devices from an official representative or order them through the company’s website with home delivery.

Reviews of the owners

Semyon, 41 years old, suburbs

For a long time I decided on a walk tractor when I stopped in the Caiman Vario 70s. I have been using it for a few years and have never regretted it. Yes, I paid more than for the Chinese, but you don’t have to browse around in the engine, and with regard to the power supply, the equipment is not inferior to the cheap analogue that supposedly have 12 liters. With. And the look is more pleasant – everything is neat and beautiful. Basically, Pasha’s garden translated in the trailer in spring and translating goods – I didn’t notice any defects during work.

Dmitry, 34 years old, Saratov

He took the 330th Kaiman a few years ago. My property is large, the country is sound so that the equipment is required more powerfully. The model is excellent – it looks presentable, but most importantly – it does every work: I have almost the entire hitch, I Pasha and Kosh and I plant potatoes. There were no problems, I change the oil on time, I only use high quality. I keep in a warm garage, so the metal doesn’t even rust.

Oleg, 29 years old, Kursk

I have a Kaiman Vario 60s – I bought it because I impressed the softness of the equipment and the smoothness of the move – I tried the motif for other companies, they were not nearby. Very maneuverable devices, it is convenient to work for it. You can get used to it quickly, even if you are using them for the first time. Yes, weight aids will not hurt, the weight is often not enough to hang the ground well, but this is the only significant disadvantage that I can call.

The Kaiman engine blocks are tested after the time that was designed by the best European specialists, and reliability therefore exceeds Chinese and many domestic colleagues. The main thing is to select the model for your work specifications and to determine in advance what type of binding equipment is required.

Review of the setting of the Caiman. Operating characteristics. Description and reviews

Caiman Motoblocks are produced in France in factories from the largest company Pubert, a wel l-known, highly professional production of cultivating, lawnmowers, scacifikers, Schreders and other agricultural machines and devices.

Puberts family business history has almost 180 years. The production capacities are located in Chantonn and Lon-Le-tuneon. Certain types of motoblocks are produced in Italy. A certain period (2008-2013) of the products was produced in the PRC factories. In addition to the Kaiman agricultural brand and its own, Pubert produces equipment and other brands – Husgvarna, Solo, Staub, Honda.

The Caiman fire technology appeared in the CIS countries in 2003 and quickly became popular due to high quality, reliability and durability. The Caiman brand belongs to the Italian concern BCS S.P.A. Ferrari.

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Setting up engine blocks of Kaiman

Motobloki caiman

The line of the Caiman Motor Blocks 30 different agricultural models is currently presented and can meet the most demanding requirements of the users. Motor breeders were created for simple agricultural work, multifunctional motor blocks were developed for more complex tasks that are in technical data and practical functions of these mini actractors.

The Kaiman engine blocks are shown by several families: Pro, Vario, Quatro Max, light models. Units are equipped with four Japanese Subaru engines. There are several Vario models with Honda engine, modification with Briggs & Stratton engines.

Kaima n-zi n-Motoblocks are in great demand, although, for example, powerful diesel versions of Caiman 340 PowerSafe are manufactured with the Yanmar engine (Japan). All machines are adapted in the configuration with different hinges for a year.

A group of engine blocks with heavy classes with a power selection shaft. The most powerful is the Kaiman Vario Pro 340 Motorized Car with a capacity of 14 hp, with two power shafts, a differential, a mechanical gearbox, is aggregated with additional devices. A special design of the independent VOM does not require the use of belt transmission, which eliminates slippage when working with tracked tools.

Model Caiman 340 Pro Model Caiman 330 Pro Model Caiman Pro 320

In the ranking of various brands, this caiman walk is considered the recognized leader. Pro 320 and 330 models also have excellent characteristics that are widely used in agricultural and private farms.


A feature of the Caiman Wal k-In this subgroup is the installation of a unique Varioautomat gearbox, which resembles a design. Therefore, the operator has the ability to easily control an engine block. It is convenient to switch speeds. The presence of two filters in the machines of this series – spongy and oil, allows you to effectively operate the equipment in various dusty conditions.

A durable collapsible Rapid Gear III with step s-joints has a minimum wall thickness. Dense moisture-proof filters reliably close the internal parts from environmental pollution, the efficiency of the chain drive reaches 99%. The Kaiman engine blocks that come with pneumatic wheels have a TWK+ (two wheel kit) mark.

The most powerful machines are the Kaiman Vario 70S TWK+, Vario 70S Plow TWK+, which perform complex farm work at a high level, processing areas of more than 40 hectares, rationally controlled with cargo transport. In these modifications there are special weights on wheels, rationally surrounding the weight of walkin g-behaviou r-tractor to plow on the virgin lands.

Quatro Max

The subset of these power blocks of the Cayman is characterized by the latest premium engines installed on cars. A feature is a chain drive that ensures complete combustion of fuel, which gives high engine power and environmental friendliness of the walk.

The reinforced gearbox allows you to set the required mode of operation. The Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+ model has a powerful pneumatic wheel with turbulence and weight means, which allows you to effectively plow the most complex lands.

Light engine blocks Caiman

To carry out work in a small section of 4-5 hectares, the compact petrol engine of the Caiman MB 33RSupertiller with a capacity of 1.6 hp is quite suitable, its weight is only 12 kg.

Caiman MB 33R Super Tiller

The Caimanturbo1000 walk tractor can work from the battery for 1 hour. For plowing plots of 20 acres, a small Caiman Elite 60 D2 engine with a capacity of 6 hp is designed. With excellent processing parameters – 90 cm width, depth – 32 cm.

The line is also represented by the Justik models of Caiman Mario and Caiman, whose peculiarity is the transmission of torque through a wedge belt. Units can be equipped with pneumatic wheels, a bilateral coupon, the power of which is enough for summer cottages from 10 to 30 acres.

Block Caiman Quatro Junior V2 60S TWK+

Verification of attached devices

All motor blocks of the Kayma n-Vario are rationally combined with many additional devices for agricultural, utility and economic work.


Freza-dlya-motobloka caiman

Ground grinders (3 pairs) are the main equipment of the Caiman engine note, can be in the form of “goose legs” or ordinary workers – razor blade, sabe r-barred, equipped with 4 knives with a special sharpening angle.

The mills detase quickly, so you can quickly assemble your assembly and reassemble it on a walk.

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trolley, adapter

The cowman is rationally installed on the rear hitch engine blocks, which allows you to transport various loads. The adapter is a seat with a pair of wheels, which is extremely convenient when performing large volumes of work.

freight wagon


The Kaiman engine blocks are adapted to hang different models of mowers – rotary and frontal, which allow you to tidy up the lawn and prepare animal food.

Most often, the owners are interested in the powerful legislator with a detection width of 0.5 m, which without difficulty can download at least 50 cm high, leaving a neat 5 cm high and carpet.

Separate modifications of the Caiman engine blocks are equipped with plow or revolutionary plow. When, what and how is best to plow – cutter or plow? This task should be performed based on the characteristics of the soil, since the plow powerfully turns the layers from the depths, including virgin soil.

Set of maxi plows with a dome

Therefore, it is better to carry out deep plowing in the fall, so that in winter the roots of weeds will freeze, and the fertile layer of the soil will be restored faster before spring. Bodenofrozes are good for performing soft plowing before planting agricultural crops. For plowing it is possible to use a special set of maxi or sets with weighting means.

How comfortably you plow the Caiman Quatro Max 70S TWK+ Motor Block with a pflug2 revolutionary plough, shown in the video:

wheels, floor surfaces

In some models of Kaiman motor blocks, pneumatic fires are initially supplied. Aggressive profile allows you to successfully perform various jobs on earth and household. When cutting the grooves, working with a plow, tiller cutting, complete with potato and potato tape, instead of wheels, which have suspended floor spaces that contribute to the better movement of the Kaiman engine block.

Floor-carrying povertiller for 4.5 × 10 pneumatic pneumatic floor


Thanks to the front drive to the Cayman engine blocks, you can connect a variety of household attachments: a snowball player, a shovel with a capture width of 1 m, a community brush.

Snow shovel is motorize d-block

Skinovy ​​​​snow indications are especially popular, which allow not only to clear the area, but also to throw the snow several meters to the side.

Potato drummer and potatoes

Such an important job on the site as seeding and digging potatoes can be mechanized with a potato belt and a potato trailer, which significantly saves strength and time. The planting process is extremely simple: cutting the furrows and laying potatoes with subsequent hilling. It is performed no less simply – the problem loosens the soil and turns the tubers up.

Potato Resident KS-1 Potato Cap

clutches and weighting

Through various couplings, you can rationally group additional weapons on the Caiman walk tractor. With lightweight machines, you need cargo equipment to provide the processing depth you need.

Front hardness for Motblocks “Vario” hitch for installing nozzles

operational characteristics

Subaru engines are installed on Caiman walk-behind tractors that do not require the formation of a fuel-oil mixture, liquids should be poured into separate tanks. Only pure gasoline not lower than A-92 without impurities and additives is used as fuel.

The owner of the Caiman two-wheel tractor must carefully prepare the operation and carefully maintain the device. Irregular maintenance and small things like ordinary dirt, dust, moisture remaining on the machine can cause premature wear of parts.


The manufacturer guarantees uninterrupted reliable operation of the Caiman two-wheel tractor for 3 years. The consumer is obliged to strictly comply with the requirements of the instruction manual:

  • Strictly adhere to the maintenance frequency, do not extend the service intervals.
  • When choosing a brand of oil, consider the season of operation.
  • Do not use improper oils and lubricants.
  • The engine oil is changed every 50 hours.
  • Change the oil in the gearbox after 100 hours of operation.
  • With intensive work on heavy soils, the equipment has the opportunity to periodically “rest”, and maintenance is carried out ahead of schedule, since the oil in the engine quickly loses its properties due to operation at high speeds with a lower gear.
  • It is recommended to periodically test the functionality of the clutch release mechanism, the timely adjustment of which will significantly increase the life of the gearbox.
  • In order to avoid overloads and annoying breakdowns, when choosing attachments, they are guided by the list of tools recommended by the factory instructions according to the power of the two-wheel tractor.
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First launch

A break-in period is required to give the walk behind tractor a long productive life. As with any type of device, this procedure is carried out for better grinding of the units and mechanisms of the unit, which significantly affects its further service life. The break-in of Caiman walk-behind tractors begins at idle, gradually increasing the load.

Then they work at 2/3 of the power for some time, after which they reach the maximum load. They test the operation of all systems, check the functionality of the machine, gear shifting, the availability of attachments.

Major faults, repairs

Due to the perfect design, Caiman walking tractors are not characterized by serious system failures, typical malfunctions. Owners only need to master the practical skills of replacing consumables, some customization and tuning work.

On light duty walk-behind tractors, where power is sent from the engine to the transmission via a belt drive, a worn belt may need to be replaced. To replace, the side cover is removed, the clutch lever pushed out, and part of the weakened belt pulled out of the pulley. Then rotate the shaft and remove the unusable belt. Then they put on a new one and position it with similar movements.

When selecting the belt of the required size, it is important to remember that Caiman walk-behind tractors use belts with a profile similar to household group “A”. That means there is no need to overpay a large amount for an original spare part. It is not difficult to buy other spare parts.

Possible problems in the ignition and power supply system can be solved by following these recommendations:
  • Check the fuel tap screen for clogging.
  • If the gas valve is blocked with the carburetor, you should check the spark plug. If it is soaked, the air filter may be clogged or the carburetor may be defective.
  • Adjusting and cleaning the carburetor is also part of drying the candle.
  • Checking sparking on a distant candle – with heavy soot, the spark will be weak.
  • Check engine stop button operation.
  • Check the oil level in the engine and the functionality of the level sensor (if the two-wheel tractor is equipped with a sensor).

With normal operation of the spark plug, the carburetor should be removed and disassembled, and the fuel and air passages flushed.

So that the equipment does not create unnecessary problems for the owner, it is necessary to choose the Caiman walk-behind tractor in accordance with the upcoming loads, the type of attachments and the cost.

The price of Caiman engine blocks starts from 52,000 rubles. – Model Vario 60S without wheels and reaches 140 thousand rubles. for the multifunctional conversion of the Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+ with reversible plough. The cost of petrol walk-behind tractors of the PRO family ranges from 170 to 190 thousand rubles. Diesel Caiman 340 PowerSafe can be bought for 360 thousand rubles.

Video review of work

Changing the belt on the Caiman Vario 60S D2 two-wheel tractor:

Motoblock Caiman Vario 70S TWK+ in use:

Reviews of the owners


“After much deliberation, I decided on the Cayman Quatro Max 70S plow TWK+ with a simple plow. I think I can do without a reverse plow for the time being, then I’ll think of something. I’m in my second season and I have no complaints. Assembly, quality of the components and systems, functionality – everything is right. That kind of technology makes me happy.”

Leonid Petrovich:

“I have been working with the Cayman Vario 60S TWK + walking tractor for 6 years, I bought it when the first samples were produced. Amazing unit, obedient, usable. After the Chinese cultivator I suffered with for 12 years before, there is no comparison. Vario transmission, reliable Subaru engine, durable transmission. The car is easy to drive. The main thing is to fill up with good gasoline, do not overload with too heavy a hitch, take a break. Don’t ever let me down.”

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