Checking the Hoper MT 120E motor blocks. Description, properties

Checking the Hoper MT 120E motor blocks. Description, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Working in the garden and in the garden always requires a certain physical force.

To facilitate the work of gardeners, small motif for small size of.

You will be harvested, harvest and even harvested.

The company started producing motor blocks and other agricultural devices in the 2000s.

From this point on, the Hoper’s engine blocks appeared on the market, and as early as 2010 they became one of the more popular among consumers.

Manufacturer and features

“Hooper” is a manufacturer of garden equipment. The story began in 1991, the company began to buy agricultural products and then sell them in a network of small stands.

Today the equipment is sold not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries.

In a short time of existence, motoblocks that were produced under this brand are very popular and recognizable. They collect equipment in Russian industries in Voronezh, Perm and other cities.

Both foreign and domestic details are used in production. Petrol and diesel engines are used in motoblocks.

The latter are only equipped with a system of air and water cooling and petrol.

The main features of the Hoper technology can be attributed:

  • Small size;
  • Functionality;
  • Equipment with grinding and plow (some models);
  • Fedal equipment (some modifications);
  • Continuous work for 4-6 hours;
  • Original, recognizable design;
  • Comfortable location of all key elements;
  • Large resource engines.

These motoblocks can be used for:

  • Soil dissolving;
  • Graben fruits;
  • Grass and shrubs;
  • Hilling;
  • Transport small goods;
  • Lead the territory.

Motoblock Hooper 1000U 5D

Motoblock Hoper 1000U 5D is a professional device with a 5-liter diesel engine. This model distinguishes it positively from its colleagues in the list of the use of diesel fuel, which significantly reduces the costs associated with working at the location and the lifespan of the unit is expanded.

Simple control and excellent maneuverability simplify the processing of a personal trade. The presence of 3 speeds, including the rear

The price of these models begins with 40,000 rubles. Large freedom and a quick return to the missing area.

The supply scale contains a number of grinds and instructions for use.


The MQ171D with four Stroke diesel engines is started manually. A rather spacious fuel tank contains 3.5 liters.


Motor type: Fou r-stroke, petrol
Perfomance: 5 PS
Star t-up system: Manual
Processing depth: 15-30 cm
Processing width: 70-90 cm

Series of Motoblocks

So far, the manufacturer has offered several episodes of soil processing:

  1. KHOPER 900 – A series of engine blocks with petrol engines. The maximum speed of such machines is 8 km/h, the processing depth is 15 to 30 cm and the width is up to 120 cm. The models of this series are quite compact and weigh relatively slightly (75-90 kg).
  2. Hooper 1000 – This series is advanced and new versions of the 900 series models. Such units can work in areas up to 70 acres. Lifan petrol engines installed in almost all modifications.
  3. KHOPER 1050 – These motlocks are even better than the previous ones and enable them to work up to 90 acres in areas. However, their costs from the models of the 1000 series differ practically.
  4. KHOPER 1100 – Motobobes in this series are one of the most powerful. You can see both diesel and gasoline options. The life engines installed in the units are an excellent perseverance and a large high resource.
  5. Hooper MT – This series is diesel engine blocks. They relate to the type of professionals, differ in high performance and rather impressive dimensions.
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Reviews of the owners


“I have a gasoline model from the thousandth series. According to the experience of use, I will say that it does not differ much from the 900 models. I have already been brought into the dimensions and the weight. Unusual at first, but there is a motif and heavier. The main thing is not to put pressure on the handles and not push forward, he goes, only you have to set the direction.

Advantages: mighty, fairly fast, comfortable handles, mediu m-sized noise, I will not say, calm, but you won’t stand next to it.

Disadvantages: poor, in my opinion the quality of the rubber on wheels! I plan to get others further. “

Top-3 best models rating

location Surname Price
Top-3 best models from Motor Blocks Hooper
1 KHOPER 1050 S 26,000 ₽
2 Hooper 1000U 7b 23,000 ₽
3 Khoper 900 Pro 25,000 ₽


Many owners of these motlocks notice the calm operation of the engine and the convenience of control, but complain of lo w-rubber rubber, which is quickly deleted with intensive use and which provokes the floor collection.


“The most pleasant impressions of the purchase of HOPERA are 1000U 5D. First I had to adapt to the management, but after half an hour there was no trace of inconvenience. It is perfect with light earth, but with a dense country, the disappointment when plowing ran hard. To achieve the necessary depth, you have to work a place several times. After 2 years of troubl e-free use, the Jamming button flew and the engine started to work much louder. “If you have any questions about the operation of the models presented or want to share your impressions of the purchased engine block, you can leave your comments on our website.

The best models of motor blocks hooper

We offer to take into account the manufacturer Hope’s most popular Motoblock model.

Motoblocks professional. Overview of the model range, characteristics, reviews


This motoblock will be an excellent assistant for those who have to process small areas of up to 1 ha. With a comfortable handle you can easily control the machine without much effort.

The cultivation depth is 15 to 30 cm and the width of the series can be regulated. With a 1050 ° C you can process both narrow and fairly wide beds.

The model is also equipped with a mechanical gear with three speeds – two forwards and one back. This increases the maneuverability of the technology and enables you to quickly return to the missing area.

The Chinese Lifan 168MT engine is quite powerful and equipped with air cooling.

Characteristics :

  1. Motor volume – 196 cubic meters. cm.
  2. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  3. The engine power is 6.50 liters. With.
  4. Cup – belt.


  • Multifunctionality;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Large pneumatic bikes;
  • Comfortable steering wheel;
  • Maneuverability.

Defects :

  • Drive belts wear out quickly.

Hooper 1000U 7b

This model is powered by a 7 hp 4-stroke petrol engine. With . This version is perfect for working areas up to one hectare.

The manual transmission is equipped with four gears – three forward and one reverse, which allows tilling the soil even in the most inaccessible places.

Comfortable steering wheel and swivel mechanism allow the operator to maneuver effortlessly. With the relief protection, you can also move the walk-behind tractor over rough terrain and off-road.

In addition, this model differs in that you can adjust the depth of tillage, which increases its functionality.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 7 liters. With.
  3. Cup – belt.
  4. Weight – 78 kg.


  • economical fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable pneumatic wheels;
  • convenient management;
  • User friendliness.


  • low maximum weight of transported goods.

Khoper 900 Pro

This model is equipped with a powerful Chinese Lifan 168F-2 engine with a capacity of 196 cc. cm. They are excellent for cultivating any type of soil, including virgin soil.

In addition, the walk-behind tractor is equipped with a metal bracket that makes it easier to transport equipment. The protective cover protects the operator from dirt and stones flying out from under the wheels.

This model has excellent functionality due to the ability to install various attachments.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 6.5 liters. With.
  3. Cup – belt.
  4. Weight – 85 kg.
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  • relatively light weight;
  • quiet work;
  • long continuous work;
  • large motor resource;
  • many types of attachments.

Defects :

  • too bulky shield.

engine, its characteristics

The Khoper 1100 Motoblock series is available with 2 types of power plants.

The Khoper 1100 9B model is equipped with a 4-stroke Lifan 177F petrol engine. The device is used in construction and garden equipment with low power. The Lifan 177F model is a full analogue of the Japanese Honda GX270 engine. The main differences of the device include low fuel consumption and noise. The engine has a fuel cock that shuts off the fuel supply. This allows it to be transported safely. Again, the Lifan 177F model has a cast-iron cylinder liner that increases durability. The simplicity of the design, small size and affordable cost have made this engine very popular in a variety of industries. Lifan 177F is perfectly adapted to Russian conditions.

Engine characteristics:

  • working volume – 270 cm³;
  • Rated power – 9 hp;
  • number of cylinders – 1;
  • maximum torque – 11 Nm;
  • Compression ratio – 8.

The Khoper 9 DS model is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke Lifan 178F diesel engine.

Engine Specifications:

  • working volume – 296 cm³;
  • Rated power – 6 hp;
  • number of cylinders – 1;
  • maximum torque – 13.6 Nm


Attachments allow you to greatly expand the functionality of the Khoper walk behind tractor. The most important devices of this type include:

  1. Mower. Motoblocks manufactured by Khoper can be used with mowers from brands such as Belarus, Yarilo, MT3, Volodar, etc. Both rotary and segmental mowers can be used.
  2. Adapter. With this device you can turn a walk tractor into a vehicle. In addition, the function of the adapter can perform a trailer with a seat, both ready and homemade.
  3. Mass rooms. With these devices you can loosen the floor. You can purchase them both separately and with other attachments.
  4. The plow is another frequent appendix. With motor hopeful blocks you can use the devices of every manufacturer.
  5. Snowman. For these motoblocks, snow officers of the size 1-1.5 meters are suitable for both metal and rubber lining at the bottom.
  6. Potato crap and potatoes. Without these devices, potatoes plant potatoes and then collect the harvest quite tedious. The same equipment can save time and effort.

Functions of the application

  • Suitable for plowing virgins;
  • Lon g-lasting engine, high motorcycl e-lining tour;
  • the presence of a voucher;
  • Cylinder cygunity leftist;
  • a relatively small consumption of petrol/diesel;
  • There is a fuel valve – to block the fuel supply;
  • Moderate noise during work.
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The device is similar to other motor blocks of the hopper. Protective wings that cover the entire wheel at the top open the layout of the main performance nodes without a protective cover. There is a owner for transport, a voucher, a footboard for the better stability of walking the behavior.

Hooper 1000 can work with additional adhesive equipment: plow, cigns, brown, potato cap, pitchfork, mower, rings, climber, etc.

The running heavy motifblock takes place in three phases: first work on the idle (5 minutes in each course), then a gradual performance of up to 1/3 (within 8 hours) and finally 2/3 of the maximum work during the maximum still 12 hours.

The right runaway lasts 20 hours, but the farmers often complete it earlier because they use a tractor for a walk on the website immediately after purchase. With the ru n-the oil can be distributed evenly, and the operator has to get used to working with the device.

Motoblocks hope MT-1220e. Technical characteristics. Functions of the application. Reviews of the owners

Motoblock Hope MT-1220E is another model with a powerful diesel engine that is popular with Russian and Ukrainian farmers. The productivity and performance of the device enables to use on a variety of floors: from virgin countries to soft soils on which the plants are grown annually. Great weight and dimensions of the machine make a walk tractor an excellent assistant in any kind of farm work.

Motoblock Hope MT-120E

The appointment of a motor block Hopper MT-1220E:
  • All types of work on country diagrams (work with hinge devices – hilling, plowing, cultivation);
  • Community purposes – can be used in small farms to use the heal, to squeeze the feed, the transport of goods and raw materials, etc.
  • With a shovel and the brush the function of a cleaner of the territory;
  • Watercolor function;
  • Fertilizer dispatcher, mulchist;
  • Due to the weight, it is well coordinated with the tasks of the tractor;
  • Working with a mow, a moor, a rake.

The Motor block Hopper MT-1220E is equipped with a diesel engine, the engine brand is R190. The power of the device is 12 hp. With regard to the performance, the 120 model exceeds the 100th and 80s by an order of magnitude. If desired, such a walking tractor can be converted into a min i-actractor. Use it as a traction instead of a car and as a carrier in short distances (if you connect an adapter with a driver’s seat).

The price of an MT-1220E engine block is an average of 83,000 rubles.

Other engine parameters: volume 573 cm 3, fuel consumption within 2 liters. fuel per hour. The start of the engine is electric or manual. Type of cooling: liquid, forced. Even in hot weather, Motoblock can operate without fear for 4-5 hours without turning off. The noise level released by the engine is physiological and does not exceed the indicators safe for hearing.

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Technical characteristics

The working capacity of the engine from 9 kW, the depth of plowing and cultivation – from 18 to 30 cm. Adjustable width of works is from 80 cm to 135 cm. Affiliation, eight speed gears (2 rear gears). A moderate noise level allows the use of a motorcycle block even in densely populated areas.

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The wide wheels allow the motor unit not to slide on wet ground after the rain, keeping the unit in close contact with the ground and due to its weight (255 kg) the Kalise perfectly with the elaboration of the solid ground without weight and primrose.

operation and maintenance

Basic configuration of Khoper MT-120E:

  • set of mills;
  • fasteners;
  • assembly tool;
  • Instruction;
  • packing list;
  • two wheels.

A heavy class technique usually takes place at the stage of staying with the seller. Specify if your model is required with a purchase. Key nodes are collected according to the classic scheme: the engine, transmission, fuel tank are not closed with a protective cover. Access to them is open. The duration of the race on average is 20 hours.

Features of the MT-120E Walk-In Tractor Hoper:
  • Farah in stock;
  • Protection against tipping due to the center of gravity shifting compared to the central axis;
  • wide big wheels;
  • Handle;
  • the presence of protective wings over the tires;
  • Comfortable adjustable control handle;
  • “All switches on one handle” option – it is convenient to control the tractor of walking, hands do not get tired.
  • Economical and rational fuel consumption (maximum 2 liters per hour).
Rules of operation and maintenance of Hoper MT-120E are simple:
  • The walk behavior tractor must work at the time of work, seasoned with fuel and oil.
  • In the hot season, mineral oil should be used in winter synthetics (for diesel 4-stroke engines).
  • Once a year prevention of checkpoints engine is performed.
  • In winter, the tractor of the walk must be stored in a utility room or garage, which will prevent the radiator from freezing.

Video assessment of work

Reviews of the owners


“I have been running the 120s for 1.5 years.

Pros: powerful, simple in maintenance, ready with any work, I work with such a sound – grinders, plows, cummen, adapters. I am planning to buy a shovel.

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