Checking the hand-led gasoline tractor with electrical start Tselina MB-802. Functions, advantages, videos, reviews

Motoblocks Tselina – technical data, operating instructions

Motoblocks Tselina – technical data, operating instructions

The manufacturer of Tselina engine blocks is the company Instrument Academy, which has been manufacturers of landscape garden devices under the Tselina brand, Vympel construction and electrical appliances and the official distributor of Lifan products in Russia since 2006. Akademiya Instrumenta was founded more than 15 years ago and is one of the leading actors in wholesale with a wide range of tools of world brands. The company is located in Perm, Saranskaya Straße 5.

It all started with the assembly of light buries and grew to their own developments with the involvement of engineers. The buyers are offered a wide range of han d-led tractors with different capacities of 6 to 9 hp. Motoblocks of the MB series have wheels with a width of 180 mm, which makes the equipment more stable and agile during operation. A swiveling steering column, the possibility of electrostart, unlocking the wheels, a model with a diesel engine – all of these are han d-led Tselina tractors.

Production is organized in such a way that some of the parts of motor blocks and digging (gears, gears, wheels, etc.) are manufactured in China on special order from proven companies. The other part of the parts and the assembly are produced in Perm.

Almost all devices are equipped with Chinese Lifan engines that are practically not inferior to European and Japanese brands. The range of lifan engines is very wide and enables the production of hand-led tractors and encourage different capacities for different customer categories.

Fresh soil is a technology for private household parcels, there are no professional machines with high motorcycles for farmers and supply companies in the line. Perhaps such a technique will appear soon.

Motor blocks “Celina MB”

Celina MB-501, Celina MB-601, Celina MB-603, Celina MB-801, Celina MB-801F, Celina MB-901, Celina MB-901F

Motobogloks Ugra NMB-1N7. Review, characteristics, equipment
Motoblok diesel
Motor block “Celina NMB”

Celina NMB-601, Celina NMB-603, Celina NMB-901

  • Models marked with “F” are equipped with an electric starter, a headlight and a 12 V battery.
  • With the swiveling steering column you can set the steering wheel in both vertical and horizontal level.
  • Wide wheels with a diameter of 180 mm for motor blocks of the MB series.
  • The possibility to use attachments from other Russian han d-led tractors.
  • Model palette from 6 to 9 hp.
  • All hand-led tractors are filled with ravenol oil.
  • 2. and 3rd high-speed reinforced coast gear.
  • The motoblocks are equipped with a Lifan engine.
  • The average motorcycle tour of the engine is 3000 hours.
  • Additional protective sheets and fenders.

Technical properties of Motoblocks Tselina MB-501

Motoblock MB-501
Type of the engine Petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power (PS) / speed (rpm) 6.5/3600
Bore X Hub (mm) 68×54
The work volume of the cylinder (cm 3) 196
Maximum torque (n*m)/speed (r/min) 11.0/2500
Starting system Manual
Fuel consumption, (g/kw*h) 395
Reducer mechanical gearbox
Number of forward/backward passes 2/1
coupling By tensioning the V-belt drive
Length, (mm) 1510
Width (mm) 620
Height, (mm) 1335
Dry matter/no more (kg) 68

Technical characteristics of Motoblocks Virgin MB

* Models with an electric start, equipped with a 12V battery, head

Since 2013, all models of MB series engine blocks can be equipped with a gearbox with an unlocking output shaft

Technical characteristics of the diesel engine Virgin MB – 400D

The diesel engine of the virgin soil MB-400D is equipped with a diesel 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. The obvious advantage of this walking behavior tractor is a large engine resource, which has high torque at low speeds (these characteristics are not visible from the tables, this advantage is revealed precisely at low speeds) and increases efficiency, low fuel consumption, a low fuel consumption. Environmental friendliness.

Motoblock MB-400D
Type of the engine Diesel, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power (PS) / speed (rpm) 4.0/3600
Bore X Hub (mm) 708×55
The work volume of the cylinder (cm 3) 211
Maximum torque (n*m)/speed (r/min) 8.0/2900
Starting system Manual
Fuel consumption, (g/kw*h) 289
Reducer 2 high speed, mechanical, chain
Number of forward/backward passes 2/2
coupling By tensioning the V-belt drive
Length, (mm) 1600±50
Width (mm) 460±20
Width with additional wings (mm) 770±20
Height, (mm) 1100±50
Dry matter/no more (kg) 105
Rules for the propagation of grapes with cuttings

Technical characteristics of the virgin locks of the NMB-601, 603901

The NMB Virgin terrain is equipped with a 2-speed gearbox for the 2-speed gearbox. The rotary steering column allows the steering wheel to regulate both vertical and horizontal planes. Additional detachable protective wings are installed, the gear lever has been improved.

A mult i-disc clutch in an oil bath and an improved gearbox, usually installed on heavy machinery, shows that this model of modern and reliable performance, of course, provided the suppliers are qualitatively executed by suppliers.

Checking the hand-led gasoline tractor with electrical start Tselina MB-802. Functions, advantages, videos, reviews

The MB-802 motblock is a budget model adapted for dense soil and equipped with a motor with a capacity of 8 hp.

High efficiency is achieved through the use of attachments. At the same time, the depth of digestion reaches 30 cm, and the maximum width is approximately 113 cm. Motoblock MB 802 supports the use of the following additional mounting devices:

  • pitch
  • plow
  • snow dump
  • Car
  • Potat o-Cap
  • cultivator
  • mas s-spaces


  1. A reinforced gearbox and a powerful engine are a model suitable for use in the 1-2H ranges
  2. Electric start
  3. A halogen headlight was installed for working in the dark
  4. The gearbox has 2 speeds forward and 2 reverse, while the maximum speed is 9 km/h
  5. The strap-stick type is the easiest to maintain
  6. The pneumatic wheels are covered with liners and fenders that protect the operator from mud damage
  7. The model is quite heavy, the weight is 115 kg, so it does not require weighting when digging the ground
  8. The quiet operation of the engine and the convenience of managing the tractor for walk behavior seizures create a certain comfort for the operator during operation
  9. The function of unlocking the wheels allows you to maneuver when processing the soil


As at working with all motoblocks, this model should be executed before the first start. This procedure is necessary to ensure a long service life. It should be carried out after purchase and lon g-term downtime.

Review of NEVA MB-2 engine blocks. Reviews of the owners

Always check the oil and fuel level in the tanks before the start, as the lifespan of the engine work is significantly reduced from a lack of lubricant.


Type of the engine Petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine power/speed (Vol./Min) 8.0/3600
Motor operating volume (CM3) 242
Maximum torque, (nhm)/rotary speed, (Vol./Min.) 14.5/2500
Starting system Electric start
Fuel consumption (l/h) 374
Reducer 2 high speed, mechanical, chain
The number of front/backward programs 2/2
coupling By tensioning the V-belt drive
Type of bikes 19 × 7-8
gear Farah halogen, foldable grinding cutter made of alloy steel
Width (mm) 460±20
Width with additional wings (mm) 770±20
Height, (mm) 1100±50
Mass (KG) 110

Video review

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Reviews of the owners

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