Checking the han d-led tractor CAIMAN Quatro Max 70s Plough2 TWK+. Specifications, reviews

Checking the han d-led tractor CAIMAN Quatro Max 70s Plough2 TWK+. Specifications, reviews

Motoblock Quatro Max 70s PLOW2 TWK + French manufacturer Caiman, is a representative of reliable agricultural technology that was developed for the cultivation of all soil types, including virgin floors.

Motoblock Quatro Max 70s Plug2 TWK+


The hand-led Tractor Quatro Max 70s PLOW2 TWK+ is equipped with a reliable four-stroke subaru engine, manufactured in Japan. Forced air cooling of the engine, which prevents the engine from overheating during operation.

Subaru EP21 OHC engine

The engine output is 7 hp, which enables hardened knives with a piece weight of 130 kg to easily cut into the floor and chop it into small particles. The engine is started by a hand starter. The device also starts easily with minus degrees.

Advantages of the Motoblock model Quatro Max 70s PLOW2 TWK+:
  • Thanks to the innovation The Right Balance, the singl e-axis stractor is perfectly balanced, vibrations are minimized, the stability is high. The goal of reducing the load on the owner’s load and back was achieved.
  • Razor Blade Cutter are made of hig h-quality hardened steel and have a special sharpening that makes it easy to cultivate virgin land.
  • The reinforced two-row Fast Gear III transmission enables you to store the power of the unit almost without loss.
  • The steel frame is reinforced as far as possible, which means that the han d-led tractor can be aggregated with supe r-heavy attachments.
  • Movable elliptical handles enable you to control the han d-led tractor for an operator of each body size. In addition, the horizontal rotation of the machine enables to work along the fences, and the operator does not have to enter a fresh arable land.
  • The torque to the gear is transferred via reliable chain gears. The han d-led tractor has six speeds, two of which are backwards and four forward. The efficiency is 90 %.
  • Drum brakes ensure the necessary braking force.
  • Agricultural bikes with a strong profile ensure the necessary grip and increase the terrain of the singl e-axle tractor.


Dry weight 130 kg
Wheels Pneumatic
Engine model Subaru EP21ohc
Engine power 7 PS
Fuel tank volume 3.6 l
Processing area 3000 m²
lever Adjustable
coupling mechanically
Type of the engine petrol
Grubber type For virgin countries
fuel Petrol AI92
Number of speeds 4 before / 2 back
Plow width 900mm
Motoblocks Champion: type review, characteristics, reviews of owners about engines


Several attachments, which are available with both unit and separately, significantly increase the skills of the Caiman axractor. Now it is possible to carry out the following agricultural work:

  • Egge the earth;
  • Cut furrows for planting crops;
  • Plant potatoes;
  • Spit;
  • Weeds from weeds;
  • Harvest;
  • Transport goods;
  • Mow hay;
  • To free backyards from the snow.

We offer an incomplete list of attachments that facilitate all agricultural work on your site.

Shovel tipping trailer Grubber cutting unit brush pair mower Grouser’s snow blower potato excavator plow Hiller tw o-row lawnmowers adapter

Cycling weights, crop protection discs and a attachment device are not unnecessary.

User Guide

Overall, in the tractor of walk behavior, there is always an operator’s manual that must be carefully studied before the first start of the agricultural machine. The instructions include the following information:

  • Safety requirements for starting and working with a tractor for walks.
  • The device of the walk behavior tractor in pictures and diagrams.
  • Technical characteristics of the Quatro Max 70S PLOW2 TWK+MODELL.
  • maintenance of the device.
  • List of aggregated devices.
  • Description of possible breakdowns and ways to eliminate them.

To ensure a long lasting Quatro Max 70s Plow2 TWK+Motblock you must provide proper and timely maintenance.

Oil belly and maximum level

Motobobe maintenance is:

  • Timely change the oil in the crankcase (after 20 hours of work).
  • If necessary, follow the desired level of oil and fuel.
  • So that the device does not break down – tighten the fasteners before each work.
  • At the end of the field work, carry out high cleaning of all surfaces of the Walk behavior tractor from pollution from the subsequent lubrication of rotating parts, etc.

Video review

Checking the work of the Caiman Quatro Max 70S Plow2 TWK+

Reviews of the owners

On the Internet you can familiarize yourself with reviews of this model. The Quatro MAX 70S PLOW2 TWK+ Motboblocks are high quality, powerful and functional units with low fuel consumption and vibration. On the pages of our site, everyone can leave their comment about this walk behavior tractor.

Motoblock Zubr PS-Q70. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Alexander, 36 years:

“I have a small farm, I am engaged in growing potatoes for sale. I’m processing a chart of 40 stocks, you can’t do without a tractor for walks. At one point I stopped at the Quatro Max 70S PLOW2 TWK+ model and the high reliability of the unit and performance was key. The French created an excellent car, the Japanese motor – all for us, farmers. For 6 years there have been no problems with starting, the car is very manoeuvrable, it is perfectly obeyed by the management. Of course, all devices are available. “

Vlad, 31 years old:

“I have this motoblock for the second year, works like a clock, I lose the side on the slope. All this time there were no glitches, I canned it for the winter, after the winter I started without problems. A very economical engine, at a gas station I completely process the site. “

Vitaly, 26 years old:

“I bought a walk this year, in principle, the car is powerful, heavy, it goes smoothly, without vibration and jerks. The engine is excellent, starts from the first jolt. The handles are comfortable, you can adjust it as you like, but the handles themselves are weak, one already has (twisted with island), the second still holds. This does not affect functionality, so no complaints! Happy with the car. “

The features and advantages of the Kaiman Motoboblock – lay on the shelves

Caiman is a French brand that recently entered the Russian agricultural equipment market (assembly production in Russia began in 2011). It is noteworthy that the motor breeders of this company are mainly installed by Japanese motors.

Motoblocks Kaiman – additional class technique

Caiman Motoblocks are produced in France in factories of the largest company Pubert, a well-known, highly professional production of cultivators, lawnmowers, Scacifikers, SchREDERS and other agricultural machinery and equipment.

The family business Pubert looks back on almost 180 years of history. The production facilities are located in Chantonnet and Lons-Le Saunier, some types of handled tractors are produced in Italy. For a certain period of time (2008-2013), some of the products were produced in factories in the VR China. In addition to agricultural machines from the Caiman brand and its own, Pubert produces devices from other brands – Husgvarna, Solo, Staub, Honda.

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Devices of the Caiman brand appeared in the GUS countries in 2003 and quickly gained popularity due to their high quality, reliability and durability. The Caiman brand belongs to the Italian group BCS S.P.A. Ferrari.

Block: 2/6 | Number of characters: 907 source:

Description of the Kaiman Grubber

If you pay attention to the basic properties of the Caiman engine grubber, most of them have an average weight class (just over 50 kg) and belong to semi-professional models. With their help, it is possible to cultivate the parcel both continuously and separately between the rows, and the special Grubber Caiman MB33S is designed for use in greenhouses.

In the product description, it is important to highlight a few other main features:

  • Each Caiman Grubber has been constructed in such a way that it is easy to transport.
  • All devices are compact in size.
  • You can remove or add parts of the milling machine to adapt the width of the arable land.
  • Almost all models use a fou r-stroke engine (usually a Sabaru).
  • The functionality of the devices can be increased or reduced by additional attachments.
  • In some models, a reverse stroke was added, which significantly increases the maneuverability of motor growlers.

Note! Despite many advantages, Caima n-Grubber also have a minus – due to their relatively low weight, they are unable to transport heavy loads on a trailer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Caiman single-axractors

Under the Caiman brand, high-quality hand-led tractors with Japanese Subaru engines and attachments are produced. The range of the LEADERSTROY instrument Store includes models with a petrol engine.


The main advantage of the hand-led Caiman tractors is premium engines of the Japanese brand Subaru. A feature of your construction is the presence of special running sockets made of hig h-strength material in the cylinder block. For this reason, the engines have a longer lifespan compared to American and Chinese engines that are used in handmade tractors from other brands.

Motoblock Salute Honda GX-200. Review, characteristics, reviews

In addition, the engine runs stable, without jerking, has a low noise level and economical fuel consumption. A tank of 3.5–4.5 liters is enough for ful l-fledged work with load for 3 hours.

The han d-led tractor can be adapted to your body size, adapt the grip comfort and control. The elliptical handle was used for the first time on the hand-led Caiman tractors, which can be folded together for easy storage or easy transport and is adjustable in height and horizontally. Thanks to these properties, you can approach the fences or move from the singl e-axle tractor away through untouched land so as not to crush the plowed country.

A number of other construction features that make up the advantages of the Caiman brand can be determined. For example, high insulation of the static parts and the variator with special seals to protect against dirt and moisture; Ligh t-handness when switching etc.


  1. The filter oil can get into the carburetor with a large slope.
  2. The lightest models in the line of the Caiman engine blocks are unstable and “jump” in uneven areas.
  3. High price compared to Chinese and Russian walks.
  4. In general, the CAIMAN Motor note from the operator needs considerable physical strength, so that they are probably not suitable for women.

Block: 2/4 | Summer figures: 1950 Source:

Kaimans of the three hundred series

The next device we recommend is the Caiman 320 Wal k-Breiten tractor. The costs in different shops vary, but almost everywhere it costs about 130,000 rubles. This is a high price for motoblocks, but this car costs every rubles. The operating volume 170 is on board the Subaru-Robin EP17 engine. The engine power is standard for the country engine unit and corresponds to 6 HP. Here is the upper engine and the bar valve drive has a simple design, which is why it is reliably and loved by the users. The transmission of the tractor of the walk behavior is five dizziness associated with the engine by dry coupling.

Overview of the petro l-motoblock Patriot Ural. Technical features, owner reviews, video

It is not without reason that the Kaiman 320 motor block is considered one of the best: it has handles with which you can make a curve and five speeds 180 degrees. None of them is the rear or front foreground, since the “mutually efficient” motblock enables them to use one of them at their own discretion. It is strange that an inverter is available on the tractor of the walk behavior, which enables it to automatically change the direction of movement when the steering wheel rotates in the other direction.

Block: 3/6 | Summer figures: 1123 Source:

Caiman Vario 60s engine

The mass of 57 kg determines this version of the motif for small devices, but inherent technical parameters offer the opportunity to compete safely with other brands. Among them:

  • Japanese petrol engine (Subaru EP17) with a cylinder of 169 cubic meters;
  • Combined chain type Fast Gear II;
  • Key pneumatic capacity pneumotec (Vario 60s);
  • Available equipment (mower, snowman, brush, sabe r-defined mills, etc.);
  • Transport of the wheel of a folding type to make the movement easier.

Advantages of Vario 60s TWK:

  • A sel f-less lowering does not need traditional care. Moistur e-proof, considerable leveling losses;
  • Slowing gear shift, without idiots and shock loads on the drive;
  • With quick cutouts without time you can change the width of the plow.
  • An elliptical handle with all control systems is very ergonomic and convenient.

Caiman Vario 60s engine

Reliable protection with special housings of all device components and their manufacture of materials that are resistant to atmospheric phenomena enables to work with it regardless of the season. The series also published a 6 0-hou r-TWK modification with the Honda GX160 and almost similar properties.

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