Checking the engine blocks MKM-3 LANDER. reviews

Checking the MKM-3 Lander (Mobile K, Plowman). Features, reviews

The manufacturer of Motorblöcken Pakhar Mkm-3 Lander is the Russian company Mobile K LLC. The company was founded in 1993 and was active in the future with the development of the production and emergence of its own work in the city of Gararin of the Smolensk region with the production of appendices for agricultural technology. , Motorcycles as well as a tool for the garden and other products in the agricultural sector.

Motoblock MKM-3 Lander (Plougher)

Now not only motoblocks from the conveyor of cell phones go, but also snowball players who have been created especially for use in combination with MKM-3. You can familiarize yourself with these devices in detail in the article.

In addition, the mobile manufacturer transfers from its own channel on YouTube, at the same place the owner of the Walk Control Tractor can familiarize himself with the video and inform about various models of motoblocks and other devices. Link to the video – in the corresponding section of this article.


Motoboblocks Pakhar Mkm-3 belong to the class of light motlocke for summer houses, greenhouses, small gardens. This device refers to the technology of the household class, assembly and use are carried out in accordance with the attached user instructions.

Modifications of the Pochhar MKM-3-Landermodell:
  • MKM-3-C6 (Robin-Subaru EX17D Premium engine, 6 HP electricity, engine volume 169 cm3, gas tank capacity 3.6 l);
  • MKM-3-C7 (Robin-Subaru EX21D Premium engine, performance 7 hp, engine volume 198 cm3, tanning capacity 3.6 l);
  • MKM-3-GX-200 (Honda GX-200 engine, power 6.5 hp, engine volume 168 cm3, gas tank capacity 3 l);
  • MKM-3-B6 (Briggs & Stratton M106200 engine, power 6 hp, engine volume 186 cm3, gas tank capacity 3.8 l);
  • MKM-3-B 6.5 (Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, performance 6.5 hp, engine volume 205 cm3, benzent tank volume 3.8 l);
  • MKM-3-DK 6.5 (Dinking DK168F-1 engine, power supply 6.5 hp, engine volume 198 cm3, gas tank 3 l).

MKM-3-S6 LANDER MKM-3-S7 LANDER MKM-3-GX-200 Lander MKM-3-B6 Lander MKM-3-B6.5 Lander MKM-3-DK 6.5 LANDER

Features of the Motoblok Mkm-3 Landers:
  • Each model is equipped with a fou r-stitch engine, cooling is airy.
  • Cup mechanics, wedg e-shaped gear. The gearbox, the volume of the oil tank in all modifications, is 1 liter.
  • The lubrication of the gear is carried out by spraying oil.
  • The type of belt for all models is A1040.
  • The total dimensions of all modifications of MKM-3 countries are united and are 155 x 73 x 130 cm.
  • The mass of the devices is 67 kg.
  • The width of the cultivation when using these motlock models when installing two additional tailors is 103 cm, the standar d-73 cm. The processing depth 30 cm.
  • All motoblocks in this model line are equipped with 2.00-8 bikes (if desired, you can install tires with sizes of 4.00-10).
  • The speed mode of the operation of all modifications is the same and 2/1 (2 front, 1 rear gear). The work speed in first gear: 3.5 km/h, in the second – 7.8 km/h, on the back – 2.5 km/h.

Unmounted equipment

Spots assembled equipment for Motoblocks Poda Mkm-3 Lander is presented in a variety of both the manufacturer’s website and in domestic online shops. Next we will look at the types of hinge devices for MKM-3 in more detail.


The walk behind tractor comes with 4 disassembled blades. The assembly is carried out with the fastening elements included in the kit. Cultivator knives are also available (separately). Milling cutters / knives are made of hardened steel, the thickness of the metal is increased.

Engine block cutter Lander

adapters, trailers

All types of towed gear for Plowman MKM-3 landers can be purchased separately.

Adapter for Lander MKM3 two-wheel tractor

Such devices are attached with the help of appropriate couplings, which are also presented in the area of ​​attachments. Adapter dimensions: 1720 x 650 x 1050 mm, 1760 x 670 x 1150 mm.

Hedge trimmers - which should you choose?

Trailer for Lander MKM-3 Motoblock

Overall dimensions of carts and trailers: 2505 x 1290 x 1156 mm, 2865 x 1490 x 980 mm, 2680 x 1290 x 980 mm, 2760 x 1490 x 980 mm, 2680 x 1360 x 1080 mm, 1785 x 1290 x 710 mm. Load capacity: from 350 to 500 kg.


For the Motoblock Plowman MKM-3 you can use different types of mowers, including mulching mowers and even semi-professional ones. For heavier walk-behind tractors, the Ghepard G85 107 cm professional mower is recommended.

Mulching mower Ghepard G85 mower

wheels, rails

Available sizes of pneumatic wheels for a walk-behind tractor of this model can be different, the most popular are 4.00 x 8 and 4.00 x 10.

Wheels 4.00×10

Owners often install larger diameter wheels on heavy-duty walk-behind tractors to increase the speed of movement of equipment around job sites and the pulling power required to work with a wagon or trailer.


They are sold both individually (different diameters: from 350mm to 650mm) and in accessory kits.

Grousers 390mm walk behind tractor lander

These kits usually include hillers, a plough, eyes and sometimes hitches for a cart or other type of towed implement. For basic earthworks, a set of attachments is usually purchased: plowing, hilling the land.

One of the most popular types of attachments. For the convenience of the operator, modern models of plows have a detachable blade. This makes it easier to replace the part or clean it from the floor. You can understand how to plow with a plow by watching the video presented in this article.

Plow on a Lander walk behind tractor

snow plows

Shovels presented in the range of accessories have the following dimensions: 1460x1000x800 mm, 1000x520x400 mm. The mass of the products is from 18 to 35 kg.


In addition to standard snow blowers, Mobil K also produces a self-propelled snow blower – model C65, B6.5. This is a completely independent type of equipment designed for snow removal.

Video review of the Mobile K C65K7 self-propelled snow blower

potato digger

A versatile piece without which harvesting would be a chore. Excavators for the Plowman MKM-3 Lander are a classic version of the product: with a blade reach of 410 mm and a weight of 5.2 kg.

The potato harvester for motor cultivators is lighter in weight and working width: only 30.5 cm, weight 3.3 kg.


Due to the low weight of the Plowman MKM-3 walk behind tractors, many farmers use special weighting devices.


The weight of the weight can be different: from 18 kg or more. Weighting devices are attached to the axles of the wheels and increase the stability of the two-wheel tractor during operation, deep tillage of the soil.


The hitches presented on the manufacturer’s website differ in the way of adjusting the angle of attack, the method of attachment, they are sliding and conventional, designed for use with different models of walk-behind tractors or motor cultivators.

trailer hitch

Plowman MKM-3 couplings are also suitable for engine blocks such as Salyut, MTZ, Agros, Favorit and others.

operational information

An important document for the hand-led Plowman tractor is the operating instructions. Study it carefully, do not violate the recommendations for the petrol and oil types for gearbox and engine, otherwise the engine can turn out quickly and clog fuel and oil filters.


Manufacturer recommendation: gear oil TAD-1711 according to GOST 23652-79. Can be replaced by SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 in accordance with API GL-4, GL-5. The singl e-axle tractor is delivered with an already filled gear. After entering the oil, the oil must be drained and the container is filled with fresh oil.

Oil SAE 30

Oil for fou r-stroke engines, ai r-cooled – SAE30 / SaE5 W-30. Fuel: petrol AI-92, AI-95 or AI-93 is allowed.

Main disorders and opportunities for their elimination

The following table, which is an excerpt from the operating instructions, shows possible malfunctions of the handleed tractors Plowman MKM-3 Lander. Use these guidelines for troubleshooting. If the problem continues, contact the service center near you.

Motoblocks Virgin Lands: Video Review of Models and Appendices, Owner Reviews

Tab. Main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

First start

Running the MKM-3 Motoblock Plowman should take 20 hours. Let the device run for 10 minutes at zero motor load (2500 rpm), at 30% load – another 10 minutes and the next 10 minutes with 60% of the maximum performance.

Important! Cultivate the soil in a work step without sinking to a depth of more than 12 cm.

After driving in, the singl e-axle tractor is considered ready for operation. The engine and gearboxes enter during the entrance time, the singl e-axle tractor is preparing for future loads. Compliance with the entry rules and compliance with the maintenance dates enable you to use the devices for years.

Conditions for the scheduled maintenance of the Motoblock landing device Plowman MKM-3:
  • every 50 operating hours (scheduled inspection, oil, fuel metabolism, filter cleaning);
  • 100, 200 or more hours – similar measures, including cleaning or replacing the spark plugs, straps, filters, if necessary – cutting devices.

Video review

Overview of the device Motoblock MKM-3 Lander Plowman

Owner reviews

In the forums you can read reviews on this model. Owners notice its high functionality, performance and simple operation.

Alexander, Rostow:

“I have been using this han d-led tractor for 5 years, I have no symptoms. Only for small areas, this machine is not suitable for difficult work, don’t even try to plow such a virgin floor. But as a cultivator, helper when plowing, this model is just right. If you need a heavy han d-led tractor, you can take the NEWA or something similar with a weight of 100 or more. Such a han d-led tractor like the MKM3 can also be operated by a woman. There is also protection against the floor – if you mill, do not fly any flours because. Have protective wings.

Ilja, Omsk:

“I liked this han d-led tractor mainly because of its originality. All parts are reliable, there are nowhere cheap plastic, good fastenings and weld seams. It is small in weight, but it fits perfectly when it comes to functionality! If you have a small garden or a house, I recommend the Plowman Mkm with a Honda engine. And although there are only 6.5 horses, this power is enough for medium sections. I am happy about the large selection of accessories, the cell phone has a good range, plus a lot of information about maintenance. ”

Victor, Moscow region:

“My han d-guided tractor is already 6 years old. During this time I studied it up and down, not only worked in my garden, but also helped my neighbor during the season. A lot of information has accumulated. I will talk about the advantages and some of the disadvantages.

Advantages: The weighting is good when driving, the severity is directly over the wheels, there is no role in how other light motloces. Very compact – I translate into the trunk if necessary.

Disadvantages: Drive bel t-the quality is not very, already during the running plus plus, but I admit the possibility of marriage. And I had to spend the voltage roll again. “

Motoblock Pergar Mkm-3: Reviews

“Pagger” (“Lander”) MKM-3 is one of the compact professional motor blocks of a light type. It is produced by Mobile K in the city of Gagarin of the Smolensk region. This model is equipped with long motoblocks and, as a reliable petrol engines “Honda” and “Subaru” chinese, is made, but equipped by Japanese origin as reliable petrol engines “Honda” and “Subaru”. And also – engines from brands “Briggs/Stratton” and “Dinking”. The reviews of real owners of motor blocks “Packer Mkm-3”, which have been collected here, will help to reliably assess their main advantages and disadvantages.

Motobobloks “Pagar Mkm-3” were specially developed for the entire spectrum of agricultural and supply companies. They differ separated by a verified design, a decent assembly as well as every knot and parts. The main qualities of the model are small weight and compact dimensions, excellent maneuverability and high performance. The entire equipment of the company “Mobile K” is mandatory control and receives a special serial number with which you can track the entire life cycle of the product. The name of the collector responsible for quality is glued to every product unit.

Overview of the Caiman Vario 60H TWK+ single axle abstraction machine. Specifications, reviews

Design characteristics

The vast majority of the owners notice such a positive feature of this model, from the equalization. The focus is exactly in the middle (engine above the gear). This makes it very convenient to work with milling cutters (the walk tractor does not come forward or back); When working with an active trailer coupling (a walk behavio r-tractor is easy to go to a desired direction). Such a balanced structure enables the load on the hands of the minimum.

The Motobll Pachar Mkm-3 has three speeds, two of which are forward and the back. A characteristic detail is the presence of a very reliable and durable gear reducer. This mechanical gear, a collapsible gear with excellent traction effort. It is made in an aerospace. There is a high level of reliability and maintainability for technology. Other domestic motoblocks are the same. In particular, the brands “Agat” and “Greetings”. A stee l-made pulley is used in the drive. You can get a stable high coefficient with the belt.

Motoblocks “Pagar” are equipped with shooters with a modern design with adjustments in 2 aircraft. An individual selection of adjustments is available horizontally and vertically, depending on the physical data of a person. Professional car vehicles with initial Italian origin were used as government agencies. The efforts to handle the pressed handle are very low, which contributes to reducing the fatigue of the operator during a variety of work.

When removing the steering wheel, the wal k-fehd tractor receives very compact dimensions and can easily be transported from place to place, even the smallest car. A small mass enables you to simply use a motor block by 360 degrees without having to have a function to disturb the wheels. When designing this tractor for walk injuries, there are no plastic parts and other unreliable, short or inferior elements. Protection is also made of steel. In the standard configuration of the Pogar-MKM-3 engine blocks, two axis extension cables for a possible expansion of the route are equipped.

Motors and modifications of the “Pagar Mkm-3” engine block

Small agricultural machinery of this model is equipped with four inner engines with a cylinder petrol petrol fuel combustion engines with a capacity of 6 to 7 hp. You have an air cooling system and work on 92 and 95 petrol. Models of the engine blocks “Pagar” (“Lander” from MKM-3 “are also differentiated from motor models. Namely:

  • “MKM-3-C6” with the Robin-Subaru EX-17D engine equipped: performance of 6 HP, working volume-169 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-GX-200” is equipped with the Honda GX-200 engine: with a capacity of 6.5 hp, a work volume of 198 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-GP-200” with the electricity unit “Honda GP-200”: with a capacity of 6.5 hp, a work volume of 196 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-C7” is equipped with the Robin-Subaru EX-21D engine: Power 7 HP, work volume 198 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-B6”-with the Briggs Stratton M106200 engine: power of 6 hp, work volume 186 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-B6.5” is equipped with the Briggs stratton Wangard engine: performance of 6.5 hp, working volume 205 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-B6.5/2” with the electricity unit “Briggs-Stratton RS950”: Power 6.5 hp, working volume-in 196 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-DK7” with engine equipped “Dinking DK170F”:

Power of 7 hp, work volume – 212 cm3;

  • “MKM-3-DK6.5”-with the electricity unit “Dinking DK168F-1”:

Power of 6.5 hp, work volume – 198 cm3;

  • “Mkm-3-k6.5”-is equipped with the “Koller Current SH 265” engine: performance of 6.5 hp, working volume 208 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-K7” with the “Coller SN270” engine equipped: Power 7 HP, working volume-212 cm3;
  • “MKM-3-168FB”-with the mobile engine up to 168fB: power of 6.5 hp, working volume-in-196 cm3.
  • “MKM-3-LC6.5” -IS-IS equipped with the Lonkin G200FA engine: power 6.5 hp, work volume 196 cm3.
Review of the Bison chainsaw: description and technical characteristics

In addition to the price, these engines differ in their resource. But about 50 hours a year will be sufficient for the work volume, as experienced people say the cheapest of them.

Options for working with assembly devices

Motoblock “Pagar” (“Lander”) MKM-3 has an impressive multifunctionality, which is supported by the power wave that creates an impressive list of attachments. In addition to the options for recessed and stored units, with the exception of standard grinding-cultivating a plow, a cigarette piston, a root of root plants, a mowing, a shovel and a snowball player, a pump pump for pumping water, a user cleaner, a trailer , which is transported up to 350 kg of useful freight.

The hill for the walk-in tractor “Pagar Mkm-3”.

If necessary, this walk tractor can be started in winter, in the frosty season, for working in a couple with a Rotary Snowman, a curved brush or snow cushion. According to owners, the start in the cold is not a big problem.

With the exception of the haymaker (“Zarya”), attachments for the “Plowman MKM-3” are assembled at one plant. The PTO shaft from the two-wheel tractor to drive attachments is via the external current of the engine belt pulley.

First of all, this walk-behind tractor is equipped with a durable timing belt that transfers maximum efficiency from the engine to the transmission or attachments.

information in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length – 155 cm, width – 73 cm, height – 130 cm.
  • Ground clearance – 12 cm.
  • Working width with 4-row regular knives – 73 cm (the bar can be extended to 90 and 105 cm with an additional set of knives, sold separately).
  • The cutter diameter is 36 cm.
  • The processing depth with milling cutters is up to 30 cm.
  • The weight of the two-wheel tractor is 67 kg (dry weight).
  • The driving speed of the two-wheel tractor is 3.5 km/h in 1st gear and 7.8 km/h in 2nd gear; back – 2.5 km / h.
  • Tank capacity – 3.6 liters.
  • The size of the pneumatic tires is 4.00-8 or 4.00-10.
  • Track width – 38 cm.
  • Turning radius – 1.3 m.
  • Permissible roll angle – 15 degrees.
  • The tilt angle is 15 degrees.

The two-wheel tractor must be run in before it can be fully used. I mean working on it for the first 10 hours without serious stress, at medium power. In general, the first 20 hours of operation of the Plowman MKM-3 two-wheel tractor is a period of running-in of engine and transmission parts, therefore overloading the MKM-3 during this period is not allowed. Cultivation of the soil during the break-in period must be carried out in one pass without additional sections to a depth of no more than 12 centimeters by cultivators.

Owner reviews

The first thing to note (which all owners of the Plowman engine block talk about) is that this model is designed “not over its teeth” to work on light garden soils, virgin soils and especially hard and dense soils. For heavy soils, a mid-range walk-behind tractor weighing more than a hundred kilograms is needed.

But it is very easy and simple to use – even any teenager can use it! According to the owners, 10-15 hectares of garden is the optimal area for this walk behind tractor to work without the slightest difficulty. There are truths and evidence of the work of “Plowman” on virgin soil. Only in this case wheel weights were installed on the walk-behind tractor and the track widened.

The material composing the walk behind tractor is definitely not flimsy, the frame is very strong. The quality of assembly and painting also inspires respect and trust. The anti-cutting design is commendable: the ground does not fly up, which is harmless to the face and eyes. Changing gears when working with a header or plow is convenient and easy. They shift pretty well. The clutch also works cleanly and smoothly, the Plowman MKM-3 single-axle tractor starts slowly and without jerking.

Planting and pruning of trees and shrubs

There is also a belt drive PTO suitable for a variety of cost effective attachments. The pen in front of the two-wheel tractor is also practical. Weights can be freely placed on it to move as part of a cart and for harrowing. Excellent balance and weight distribution: All weight falls on the wheels.

The manufacturers praise the transmission for good reason: it is really strong, has high torque and is of very good quality. This gearbox is the most reliable compared to chain or worm gears. Rubber depreciation grips are good in both quality and comfort. The same goes for the clutch handle. Convenient and convenient to adjust the steering wheel. The two-wheel tractor can be quickly and easily dismantled and placed in the transport and working position. The share of the walk-behind tractor is equipped with convenient wheels, on which you can move the walk-behind tractor while the cultivators stand on it, so as not to spoil the paths.

The following review from the owner of the Plowman MKM-3 can be called very noteworthy: “Last year I dug up a garden of 20 acres – I killed it for half an autumn. This year in break-in mode – 10 minutes of milling, 10 minutes of rest, the same area covered in just a few hours. And I can’t imagine what I haven’t bought before!”

Of the minuses of this model, the owners call tight gas; increased vibration in the mid-range of rotation of the crankshaft. The tension roller bearing is dry, after turning off the engine for another 30 seconds, it rotates with a whistle. Some owners note as a disadvantage – weak welds in the area where the steering wheel is attached to the frame. Throttle sticks intermittently.

It is also noted that for high-quality snow cleaning, the speed of the walk-behind tractor is too great. Even in first gear, so sometimes the snow blower chokes. The solution is to buy an additional supply roll for this walk behind tractor. Due to the smaller diameter of the pulley, the speed of the walk-behind tractor will be significantly lower and the speed of the snow blower auger will remain at the same level.

In general, we can say that the positive experience of owning motoblocks from the Gagarin company Mobil K is significantly more than negative. Motoblock “Plowman” (“Lander”) MKM-3 “not only looks worthy externally. It is also assembled with high quality, is quite maneuverable and has maximum versatility.

The cost of motoblocks “Plowman MKM-3” in 2018

As of 2018, the manufacturer “Mobile K” produces 9 modifications of the compact lightweight walk-behind tractors “Plowman MKM-3”. The manufacturer’s retail prices for them are as follows:

  • with the motor Mobil K 168FB – 36,690 rubles;
  • with the Dinking DK170 engine – 37,390 rubles;
  • with the engine “Loncin G200FA” – 38,590 rubles;
  • with a Briggs & Stratton RS950 engine – 42,850 rubles;
  • with the Subaru EX-17 engine – 47,990 rubles;
  • with the Kohler CH270 engine – 49,990 rubles;
  • with a Honda GP200 engine – 46,690 rubles;
  • with a Honda GX200 engine – 49,990 rubles;
  • with the Subaru EX-21 engine – 51,990 rubles.

In the secondary market of small agricultural machinery, the Plowman (Lander) MKM-3 model is poorly represented. However, judging by individual offers, a used walk-behind tractor in perfect working order can be bought in the range of 18-25 thousand rubles.

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