Checking the engine blocks Hoper MT 80E. Description, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Khoper MT-80E. Technical characteristics. Functions of the application. Reviews of the owners

Motoblock Khoper MT-80E is a model that takes a special place in the Hoper series. Refers to great technology. It is delivered entirely in a collected form and ready to work. The KHOPER MT-80E is designed in such a way that it works in standard summer houses as well as in garden plots and in the field of large land allocations with an area of ​​up to several hectares.

Externally, the motoblock in the design is similar to a mini contract promoter. Its functionality is also quite wide, which enables the farmer to use the machine with maximum benefit.

Motoblock diesel Hoper MT-80E

Motoblock Khoper MT-80E is equipped with a diesel four-stroke engine of the R180 brand. The engine power is 8 hp, the engine can be started in two ways: electrically and manually. Type of cooling: liquid, forced.

Due to the complete combustion of fuel in the motor chamber, the fuel consumption by the engine unit is moderate, the average consumption 1.6 to 1.8 liters of fuel.

The appointment of Hoper MT-80E:
  • Processing large floor surfaces;
  • Pioneering work;
  • Working with Chernozems;
  • Plants of garden plants, root plants;
  • Irrigation;
  • Sogefonal mowing;
  • Heublatt;
  • Cultivation;
  • Mulchen;
  • Harvest to the storage location, transport of the motor operator;
  • Tractor functions;
  • Clean the territory in every season.

The prices for this model begin of 64,000 rubles. Used Walk Control Tractor can be bought at a price of 55,000 rubles.

The characteristics of the walk-in engineer MT-80E are:
  • good stability;
  • hig h-quality assembly;
  • Oil petrol station;
  • Manövability even taking consideration of considerable weight;
  • good traction efforts;
  • the ability to work without switching off;
  • All control levers on a control handle;
  • A powerful diesel engine.

Technical features of the KHOPER MT-80E

GPP-HOPER MT-80E is six speeds with two rear gears. The motor operator can easily return to the processing of missing areas without drowning the engine, which increases productivity in agricultural work. For example: The engine unit of the MT-80E for an hour can be processed about 15 to 20 acres depending on the farmer’s task.

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This machine can also use on floors that have not been cultivated for more than two years for more than two years, on clay, swampy, sandy soils.

Motoblock diesel Hoper MT-80E

The voltage of the generator is 12 V, the performance 90W. Fuel tank – 9 liters. The capacity of the gear oil crankcase is 1.1 l, the motor crank is 2.5 liters. The drive of the belt, the back place, an active soil can be connected to the tractor of the walk behavior. The cultivation width is up to 80 cm. (Clean mass without folding devices).

operation and maintenance

The model of the walk-in tractor hopper MT-80E is equipped with the following elements:

  • Plow;
  • Active soil;
  • Documentation for engine and motoblock (instructions);
  • Guarantee card (warranty period of 12 months);
  • Set of fastening elements;
  • Wheels (2 units).

Characteristics of the use of Hoper MT-80E

  • Suitable for plowing virgins;
  • can work as an auxiliary device in sawmills, construction work, in the garden;
  • has a load capacity of up to 800 kg;
  • When the adapter is connected, the han d-led tractor turns into a mobile vehicle that can not only transport a passenger, but also goods (harvest, building materials, etc.).
  • Diesel fuel for KHOPER MT-80E must be of good quality before refueling the device, protect the fuel for 48 hours;
  • Due to the wide wheels, you can also operate the device on wet floors.

Run in

  • It is recommended to drive heavy singl e-axractors in several levels: 5 minutes in every gear in idle; then an hour in each course at 1/3 load and finally an hour at 2/3 power (in all gears), so that the entry can be completed in about 20 hours;
  • Use seasonal oils, do not save fuel and lubricants for a han d-led tractor.
  • Check the machine daily after completing the work.
  • Change the oil once a season, check the condition of the air and fuel filter;
  • set the gear every year;
  • Store the han d-led tractor in the house or under a tarpaulin to prevent moisture from penetrating the main components of the equipment.
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Owner reviews


“Hoper diesel is just a bomb! Yes, the car is not easy and to manage it, you need skill and skill. But with regard to the quality of plowing and other work with the soil, this is a clear leader.

Advantages: Sparingly in fuel consumption, does not require any symptoms due to its weight; Simply attach the adapter and drive off. Better than a tractor! (for two reasons, in the end it still costs less, and the functions of the sea can be used anywhere). I’ve had this bike for 4 years now. I recommend it to everyone!

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Working in the garden and in the garden always requires a certain physical strength.

In order to facilitate the work of the gardeners, small han d-led tractors from the KHOPER company were produced.

They help with plowing, harvesting grass and even harvesting.

The company started producing motor blocks and other agricultural machines in the 2000s.

From this time at KHOPER tractors appeared on the market and became one of the most popular among consumers in 2010.

Manufacturers and properties

Khoper is a manufacturer of garden equipment. Its history began in 1991, when the company started shopping agricultural products and then selling them in a network of small stands.

Today devices are sold not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries.

In the short time of its existence, han d-led tractors that are manufactured under this brand have become very popular and recognizable. They assemble equipment in Russian factories in Woronech, Perm and other cities.

Both foreign and domestic parts are used in production. Motoblocks use gasoline and diesel engines.

The latter are only equipped with an air-water cooling system and gasoline.

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The main characteristics of KHOPER technology include:

  • small size;
  • Functionality;
  • Complete set with milling and a plow (some models);
  • Headlight equipment (some modifications);
  • Continuous work for 4-6 hours;
  • original, recognizable design;
  • Comfortable location of all key elements;
  • Long resource engine.

These motoblocks can be used for:

  • soil solution;
  • digging fruit;
  • grass and shrubs;
  • hilling;
  • transportation of small goods;
  • Lead the territory.


series of motoblocks

To date, the manufacturer offers several episodes of floor processing:

  1. Khoper 900 – A range of engine blocks with petrol engines. The maximum speed of such machines is 8 km/h, the depth of processing is 15-30 cm, and the width is up to 120 cm. The models in this series are quite compact and weigh relatively little (75-90 kg).
  2. Hooper 1000 – This series is more advanced and new versions of the 900 series models. Such units can operate in areas up to 70 acres. In almost all modifications installed Lifan gasoline engines.
  3. Khoper 1050 – Even better than the previous ones, these motblocks allow you to work in areas up to 90 acres. However, their cost from the models of the 1000 series practically does not differ.
  4. Khoper 1100 – Motobobes of this series are one of the most powerful. You can see both diesel and petrol options. The life engines installed in the units are excellent stamina and a large high resource.
  5. Hooper MT – This series is diesel motoblocks. They relate to the type of professionals, differ in high performance and rather impressive dimensions.

Top 3 Best Models Rating

location Surname Price
Top 3 Best Models by Motor Blocks Hooper
1 Khoper 1050s 26 000₽
2 Hooper 1000U 7b 23 000₽
3 Khoper 900 Pro 25 000₽

The best models of engine blocks Hooper

We offer to consider the most popular motoblock model from the manufacturer Hope.

Khoper 1050s


This motoblock will be an excellent assistant for those who need to process small areas up to 1 ha. With a comfortable grip, you can easily control the machine without much effort.

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The depth of cultivation is from 15 to 30 cm, and the width of the row can be regulated. With a 1050 ° C you can process both narrow and fairly wide beds.

The model is also equipped with a three-speed mechanical transmission – two forward and one reverse. This increases the maneuverability of the technology and allows you to quickly return to the missing area.

The Chinese Lifan 168MT engine is quite powerful and equipped with air cooling.

Characteristics :

  1. Engine volume – 196 cubic meters. cm.
  2. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  3. The engine power is 6.50 liters. With.
  4. Clutch – belt.


  • multifunctionality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • large pneumatic wheels;
  • comfortable steering wheel;
  • Maneuverability.

Defects :

  • The drive belts are rubbed quickly.

Hooper 1000U 7b


This model works on a four-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 7 liters. With . This version is perfect for processing the territory up to one hectare.

The mechanical transmission is equipped with four speeds – three in the front and one in the rear, so that the floor can be treated even in the most inaccessible places.

A comfortable steering wheel and rotating mechanism allow the operator to maneuver easily. The embossed profile also allows you to maneuver the Walk behavior’s tractor through crossed terrain and off-road.

In addition, this model differs in that you adjust the depth of the floor processing, thereby increasing its functionality.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 7 liters. With.
  3. Clutch – belt.
  4. Weight – 78 kg.


  • economical fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable pneumatic wheels;
  • convenient management;
  • User friendliness.


  • Low maximum weight of the transported goods.

Khoper 900 Pro


This model is equipped with a powerful Chinese Lifan 168f-2 engine with a displacement of 196 ccm. cm. They are ideal for the cultivation of all kinds of soil, including virgin soil.

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In addition, the singl e-axis tractor is equipped with a metal holder that makes it easier to transport devices. The protective cover protects the operator from earth and stones that fly out under the wheels.

This model has excellent functionality because different attachments can be installed.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 6.5 liters. With.
  3. Clutch – belt.
  4. Weight – 85 kg.


  • relatively low weight;
  • calm work;
  • long uninterrupted work;
  • Large motor resource;
  • Many types of attachments.

Defects :

  • Too bulky protective shield.


With attachments, you can significantly expand the functionality of the han d-led tractor of Khoper. The most important devices of this kind are:

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