Checking the carving engine blocks. Characteristics, operating features, video, reviews of the owner

Checking the carving engine blocks. Characteristics, operating features, video, reviews of the owner

The carnival of the carver belongs to the Perm Company Uraloptinstrument and became known in 2009 when it started a number of garden equipment on the market.

Products have proven to be on the market for agricultural machines.

The Perm module of these units is characterized by good quality, sufficient price, simplicity of the design and interchangeability of most nodes.

A light assembly scheme with motor blocks includes the troubl e-free service in the service, the simple repair and debugging without using a professional tool and using specialized workshops.

Motors installed on motoblocks are analogues of the Honda engines of the GX series, so that they are well paired with a control point.

The installation of the walks

The Carver T-400 motor cultivator-a light small unit with a weight of 29 kg is equipped with a four-stroke engine of 4 hp.

There is no gear, the torque is transferred to the worm transmission by the belt.

The clutch is caught by setting the voltage degree of the belt.

The crankshaft is vertical, which simplifies the design of the tractor of the walk behavior and reduces its production. Ideal for cultivation, plowing and other work in small areas in the area.

The motor cultivator is designed in such a way that it processes the surface layer of the floor (floor) on a small country with mill mills. Not to be used with the cart

Technical characteristics
Engine model 168FB-2 (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 196
Maximum performance, L.S., (KW)/U/min 4.0 (3.0)/3600
The width of recording 380 mm`
The depth of soil processing 220 mm
speed 1 forward, neutral
coupling Belt
The weight 28 kg


The Carver MT-650 Motblock has compact dimensions and a simple design. It is equipped with a 4-stoke engine with a work capacity of 6.5 hp. And a volume of 196 cm using gasoline as a fuel.

It can be used to mow herbs, as a snowball player and to process the floor of different densities.

It has 2 front gears and vice versa, which increases its maneuverability.

Air oil filter can be perfectly coordinated with dusty air.

The model is equipped with wheels in size 4.00-8 that offer improved cross-country skills. A gear reducer transmits the moment slightly from the engine to the wheels.

The device weighs 105 kg, can process a series with a width of 80 to 120 cm and also deepen into the floor to 35 cm.

The walk-in tractor is designed for soil processing, the mowing of grass, snow cleaning (using an additional prefix S-Mitterer) in small and medium-sized areas as well as for the performance of the transport function.

Technical characteristics
Engine model Zongshen XP140A (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 196
Electricity at 3600 rpm 4.8 kW / 6.5 hp
The volume of the fuel tank, L 4,8
The width of recording 800-1200 mm`
The depth of soil processing 100-350 mm
speed 2 forward, neutral, before 1
coupling Belt
The weight 97 kg


The Carver MTL-650 Motoblock weighs 91 kg so you can use it to cultivate the floor without weighting.

Equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine with 6.5 hp and a work volume of 196 cm3.

Thanks to the existing hobbing, the device can plow the floor up to a depth of 20 cm, use as snow blower or transport goods with a trailer.

The device has 2 forward and reverse gear, which significantly increases maneuverability.

Wheels on tubeless tires with a dimension of 4.00-8 do not get stuck on the wet surface, and a spacious 4.8-liter guest tank enables about 5 hours without refueling.

Checking the MTZ-82 tractor. Design, runnin g-in, company, video

The processing range of the series can vary from 50 to 100 cm. The device is equipped with an air oil filter that increases the lifespan of the engine, and also has a transport bike for simple movement.

Technical characteristics
Engine model 168FB-2 (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 196
Maximum performance, L.S., (KW)/U/min 4.8 kW / 6.5 hp
The volume of the fuel tank, L 4,8
The width of recording 500-1000 mm
The depth of soil processing 150-250mm
speed 2 forward, neutral, before 1
coupling Belt
The weight 83 kg


The Carver MT-900 Motoblock is a professional model because it is equipped with a 9 hp engine.

A considerable weight of 141 kg allows you to use it without weights, and large air bodies easily overcome the terrain.

The device is equipped with a backward and two forwards, which means that improved maneuverability is achieved.

Although it is worth mentioning that it is difficult with such large dimensions as the MT-900 to achieve effective maneuvers.

The plow width varies depending on the use of the redotiller. The start takes place in manual mode, but additional efforts on the part of the operator are not required.

Equipped with a tap wave, you can connect additional devices.

Technical characteristics
Engine model 177f (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 270
Electricity at 3600 rpm 6.5 kW / 9.0 hp
The volume of the fuel tank, L 6.0
The width of recording 800-1200 mm`
The depth of soil processing Up to 350 mm
speed 2 forward, neutral, before 1
coupling transmission
The weight 83 kg


The fact that the Carver models are equipped with a tap wave is possible to use various attachments, which not only expand the possible uses of the single-axle tractor, but also simplify many agricultural work.

Below you will find a list of additional equipment used with Carver-reachstractors:

  • The roundabout mower is intended for mowing grass or trimming the lawn. As a result of the work, the entire grass is folded in rows, which makes it easier to rake.
  • Grousers are used for complex work such as plowing, hills or eggs. The procedure of the singl e-axle tractor on loose ground is very simplified.
  • A plow with a clutch can not only dig the floor, but also pull even furrows that can later be used for planting.

Usage characteristics

An important factor for extending the service life of the cultivators TM “Carver” is timely maintenance.

The instructions for use contains a table according to which maintenance work is carried out, including oil change, air filter change, spark plug change, setting the distances between the valve and stark, tension of the straps, etc.

When using the handled tractor under dusty conditions, it is recommended to carry out more frequent maintenance and inspections.

The engine oil change is carried out when the engine is still warm, otherwise the entire lubricant does not escape. A container is placed under the indulgence socks, the plug is turned out and the oil is drained by gravity.

Fill new lubricant only after the manufacturer’s recommendation: SAE 80W-90, SAE 85W-90 or equivalent.

It is advisable to dispose of old oil professionally, namely to hand over to a disposal service.

Preparation for lon g-term storage

If you do not want to use the singl e-axle tractor for a long time, stick to the following positioning rules:

  1. Fuel must be drained off.
  2. Clean the machine of dirt and adhering grass.
  3. Remove the spark plug and add 15 ml of motor oil, then install the spark plug again.
  4. Pull the starter until resistance is noticeable. Keep on until the marking on the starter strap is matched with the hole in the housing.
  5. Wipe off all unpainted surfaces with a easily moistened cloth. This prevents corrosion.
  6. Protect the han d-led tractor from dust.
  7. Store in a dry and ventilated place.


Engine is not running Ignition not included; There is no fuel or oil, they can be outdated; No spark; Air filter dirty;
Motor goes out Air flap or fuel tap closed; The filter is blocked; Spark plug defect.
Noise from the gearbox Warehouse wear that should be better replaced by a new one; Deformation of the chain wheel teeth; Lack of lubrication or poor quality
V-belt hatch Oil on straps or belt disk; Weak belt tension; The belt is worn or deformed.

Детальней ознакомиться с инструкцией, где описано подробное руководство по эксплуатации мотоблока МТ-650, можно по ссылке—>

Run in

The cycle of procedures required for the successful operation of the handled tractor is called driving. It is usually carried out after purchase when the singl e-axle tractor is new or after the device is stored for a long time.

The manufacturer urgently recommends that you drive in according to all the rules without neglecting it, as the engine parts and large components of the unit are stored at this point.

  • Start the engine at idle, let it run for 20 minutes.
  • After a while, carry out Progasovka, which is carried out by pressing the top speed. The fence should not take longer than 20 seconds.
  • Work for 4 hours in this mode and alternately change the idle and gas flow.
  • You can use the han d-led tractor for the next 4 hours, but without attachment devices. The manufacturer offers to attach wheels and drive a han d-led tractor.
  • Leave the entire oil after 8 hours of entry and replace it with new things.

Video reviews

Information on the operation of the hand-led Tractor Carver T-400 can be found in the video evaluation presented

The following assessment comes from the owner of the han d-led tractor, in which he clearly shows how the processing is carried out on dense ground

The following video shows how to assemble a hand-led Carver MT-650M tractor

Owner reviews

Owners of hand-led Carver tractors notice the weak protection structure and the unfavorable position of the spark plugs. But in general we can find that there are more positive emotions than dissatisfaction during the operation.

Artem: “I like the hand-led tractor Carver MT-650 because it enables you to plow 50 times new territory quickly. However, protection against cladding is very weak and quickly cracked. Switching heavy switching, do not immediately grind. If you tend to the singl e-axle tractor, the oil flows into the cylinders, which threatens to start problems. I would like to attribute the motor to the advantages, which despite all the difficulties serves regularly.

We suggest that you leave a review if you are the owner of Carver. The information you have provided can help our readers choose a cultivation model.

Carver Motoblocks. Review of establishment, characteristics, appendices, use and operation

The history of the Russian company UraloptinStroy has only two decades. However, in this short time, a small company of several people has turned into a powerful company, which today produces dozens of types of products: heat and pumping equipment, engines and boat engines, lawn and snowmobile equipment, generators and compressor equipment, disc and chain saws, spare parts and consumables .

The companies own the famous brands of Parma, Carver, Rezer. Dealer relations are associated with large companies Intskol, Minsk-Moto and MogilevLiftmash. Carver Motor cultivators and motoblocks occupy a decent niche in the corporate segment.

Known since 2009, the Young Brand Carver is a garden technique of a wide range. The company has its own production systems. Engines are produced according to the EPA EU-II standard, are Honda GX analogues, the use of patented developments has reduced fuel consumption by 20% and significantly facilitated the introduction of engines.

Carver Motobobloks model.

The technique is represented by light and heavy models with electric, gasoline and diesel engines. Gardeners, amateur summer residents and professionals can easily choose the right option according to the needs of their own land trade, taking into account the quality of the soil, types of agricultural and farm work. The manufacturer recommends all modifications of motoblocks to the manufacturer at plus temperatures of up to +40 ° C.

Electric cultivator Carver T-300E

Electric Grubber Carver T-300E

A very light unit weighing 9.6 kg with a capacity of 0.8 kW offers light soil processing to a depth of 20 cm. With a border width of 28 cm, it is effective when working in greenhouses, greenhouses and limited space.

Carving Gasoline Breeders and Motblocks

The line of petrol models includes light T-300 cultivators with a capacity of 2 hp, T-350 3 hp, a 400 blunder with a 4 hp petrol engine. and more powerful machines with a capacity of 6.5 hp, approaching functionality approaching Motblock.

Cultivating Carver T-400

Grubber Carver T-400

Light model 29 kg with a capacity of 4 hp. performs surface cultivation, loosening the soil and weeding in small areas. The gearbox is missing, the clutch is carried out by tensioning the belt.

Technical characteristics
Engine model 168FB-2 (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 196
Maximum performance, L.S., (KW)/U/min 4.0 (3.0)/3600
The width of recording 380 mm`
The depth of soil processing 220 mm
speed 1 forward, neutral
coupling Belt
The weight 28 kg
Cultivating Carver MS-650

Grubber Carver MS-650

The machine is designed for soil processing in medium areas. This model has a gearbox, 2 speeds forward and 1 reverse, an air filter in an oil bath is installed. The processing width is adjusted to 80/120 cm, the plowing depth increased to 35 cm.

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Technical characteristics
Engine model Zongshen XP140A (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 196
Electricity at 3600 rpm 4.8 kW / 6.5 hp
The volume of the fuel tank, L 4,8
The width of recording 800-1200 mm`
The depth of soil processing 100-350 mm
speed 2 forward, neutral, before 1
coupling Belt
The weight 97 kg
Cultivating Carver MCL-650

Grubber Carver MCL-650

The modification is easier compared to the MS-650 x 20 kg model, offers smaller floor processing parameters: recording width 50/100 cm, depth 25 cm. Other properties of the motor cultivator are identical.

Carver T-650R cultivator

Grubber Carver T-650R

The machine is differentiated by adjustable mills, which delivers a processing width of 30/55/85 cm. At a fixed depth of 33 cm, which significantly expands the possible uses.

Modifications to the MT-651R, 652R 653r, 653r, identical technical features have different parameters of soil processing.

Motoblock Carver MT-650

Motoblock Carver MT-650

Powerful petrol machine 6.5 hp. Developed in order to carry out different agricultural means of transport on large country diagrams up to 1 GA. The carving motor block processes the floor with a detection width of 80/120 cm to a depth of 35 cm.

Features of the model:
  • An ergonomic folding handle – the ability to configure under the operator’s growth develops easily if necessary.
  • The presence of an extended gear speed 2-forward/ 1-zada/ 1-stree enables you to easily maneuver.
  • The Weiman 168FB-2-Motor analogue of the Honda GX200 is characterized by high reliability, which is equipped with an automatic stop system with low motor oil, and the mechanical adjustment of the number of revolutions.
  • Wide protective wing reliably protect the operator from airstones, dirt and protect the engine from damage.
Technical characteristics
Engine type petrol
The width of processing 120 cm
The depth of processing 35 cm
Upper mill 8 PCs
draft Return handle setting at the side of the handle
Summary of the programs 2 forward / 1 before 1
Type of the ice 4-X Stact
Engine model Weima 168fb-2 OHV
Engine volume 196 cm3
Engine power 6.5 L.S.
Engine power 4780 watts
Type of start Manual
The volume of the fuel tank 4.8 l
Engine cooling Air
Wheel diameter 42 cm
Dimensions 150x80x80 cm
The weight 97 kg
Motoblock Carver MT-900

Motoblock carver MT-900-0

Heavy gasoline power carriers with a capacity of 9 hp. Equipped with a gear with 2 speeds forward and 1. He is able to perform agricultural work effectively. It is rationally aggregated with a variety of attachments that are installed on from, which transports goods up to 500 kg. Due to the large pneumatism wheels, the carving motor block has 5,00-12 excellent continuousness.

Technical characteristics
Engine model 177f (4-stroke gasoline), OHV
Work motor volume (see Cub.) 270
Electricity at 3600 rpm 6.5 kW / 9.0 hp
The volume of the fuel tank, L 6.0
The width of recording 800-1200 mm`
The depth of soil processing Up to 350 mm
speed 2 forward, neutral, before 1
coupling transmission
The weight 83 kg

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Carver MT-900DE diesel engine

Diesel and axle tractor Carver MT-900DE

A heavy unit with a capacity of 9 hp. Equipped with an electrical start, the most productive machine in the carver of motor blocks is. It is characterized by an impressive floor width of 80/135 cm to a depth of 35 cm, rational aggregation with a variety of attachment devices.

All control levers are carried under control, the gear gear is produced in a cast sleeve case. Large pneumatic fires offer high cros s-sectional ability.

Technical characteristics
class Average
Type of Motoblock
Support for hinge devices There is
Manufacturer and engine model Weimera 186 f
Engine type Diesel, fou r-stoke, cylinder: 1
electric starter There is
Engine volume 418 cubic meters. cm
Engine power 6.62 kW / 9 hp at 3600 rpm
number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
type of gearbox STREPER Automatic
type of gearbox rusted
Turning back There is

Verification of attached devices

Carver Motor Worfers are highly specialized devices. They process the soil with milling cutters, produce loosening, cultivation, weeding, plowing. Despite the sufficiently high power of some models of 6.5 hp. Cars are not intended for aggregation with carts. Schnitz engine blocks are characterized by increased functionality.

The Carver MT 650 Motoblock can work with a variety of additional equipment. The model is ideal for hinged devices made from motorized blocks from Cascade, Virgin Lands. The most universal is the Carver MT-900 motorcycle unit, which processes the soil with a border width of 80/120 cm to a depth of 35 cm, mows grass, pumps water, transports goods, cleans snow, helps plant plants and potatoes to dig.

Plow Cigarette Clon e-Harro w-Cutter

Additional equipment is successfully used with carver motblocks: plows, double-row curls, KR-800M rotary mowers, segmented mowers, prefixes-pumps, “goose legs”, seeders, metal primers, potato and potato drummers, snowman, snowman, snowman, sowing, Metal primer, potato and potato drummer, snowman, snowman, snowman, metal primer, potato and potato drummer, snowman Universal and special adhesions, carts and carts and carts, carts and carts and carts. miniopretes.

Potato resident KST-1T potato capator ZIRKA-61 vibrating potato box

Operating characteristics, maintenance

Schnitz engine blocks are characterized by a high-quality assembly, a reliable thought-out design. According to owners, motoblock engines are characterized by good traction, a high motorcycle resource, but they are demanding on fuel quality. Tires of their own production are installed on the Carver Motoblocks, the main nodes are made in the PRC and combine decent quality with an affordable price.

The manufacturer recommends using the SAE 10W-30 brand and the SAE 80W-90, SAE 85W-90 brand. The first replacement of engine oil is carried out when running in 5 hours, and then after 20 hours after 100 hours of operation. The oil in the gearbox is poured for the entire service life of the gearbox, it is not changed, but only controls the level.

Before starting operation, oil must also be poured into an oil bath of an air filter. Gasoline is used of high quality and not lower than the AI-92. It is necessary to control the fuel level. It should not cross the red snap line.

Keep the carving engine block in a dry place. Preservation of long-term storage provides certain works:

  • Complete the fuel
  • Clean the dirt unit, dust
  • Twist a candle, pour 15 ml of engine oil into the cylinder, return the candle to its place
  • Turn the engine 2-3 turns
  • Proces s-Silicone lubricant control lever, unpainted surfaces with universal waterproof lubricants.

You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the device, safety rules, a schedule of regulatory works in the Operation Manual for the operation of the Carver MTT-900: A safety plan for the operation of the Carver MTT-900.

Play, first launch of Carver Motor Blocks

The Carve r-Nachstractor should be properly retracted to better grinding the main components and mechanisms. The machines are sold in the engine and transmission without oil. Therefore, the unit is filled with fuel, gearbox and engine oil before driving in. Then start, let the engine warm for 10 minutes. Then the function of different corridors is tested, attachments in gentle mode, no more than 2/3 of the performance. After 10 hours, the enema is considered completed.

Larger disorders, repairs

Motoblocks Carver are characterized by a rationally well though t-out furnishings and reliability. Disorders that occur during operation are often due to the no n-observance of elementary operating rules. If the engine does not start, there may be no or bad gasoline in the tank, the fuel tap is closed or the ignition is not switched on.

A blocked air filter and a low oil level can lead to the engine going out after starting. Due to an incorrect installation, the knives can rotate when the clutch has moved out. Defects and disorders in operation can be avoided if the recommendations of the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. The correct maintenance of the hand-led Carver tractor is the key to its permanent operation.

Video evaluation of hand-guided carver tractors

Motoblock Carver MT 650m in operation

Overview of the Grubber Carver T-650R

Reviews of owners of Motoblocks Carver


“Motoblock Carver has opted for a heavy MT900 diesel for a large area. Great strength 9 horses. The controls are very ergonomic, little fuel is used up – up to 1 liter per hour. From the defects – it is difficult to maneuver, a little clumsy, but its mass is decent. And it works efficiently and productively. “

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