Check the trailers for the NEVA engine blocks. DIY video, drawings, drawings

Checking the trailers to Neva

On the official website of the manufacturer of the NEVA Motobobes (Krasny Oktyabr plant), several followers of supporters are presented, which are recommended for use together with their walks.

Types and types of excluded devices for NEVA

The car is a single trailer of the APM adapter

This is a simple car with an axis and a body from above. It is simply in her design, but at the same time there is nothing superfluous in it. It is strong, reliable and practical.

The car is a single trailer of the APM adapter

The car is designed so that it is used together with the Neva adapter.

The car is used to transport a load with a weight of up to 250 kg. This trailer is also equipped with pneumatic tires. They reduce vibrations and shake considerably when they move bumps and bumps.

  • The road release of the single axis trailer is 180 mm and the route is 870 mm.
  • The total dimensions of this model of the cart: the length is 150 cm, the width 72 cm, the height 96 cm.
  • The weight of this model is 56 kg.

This car is delivered in a disassembled state with detailed instructions for assembly and further operation.

The assembly is simple and intuitive. It usually takes about 10 minutes.

If necessary, the car can be broken down for transport and folded compactly.

Tw o-achs trailer cars to the APM adapter

The design of this car is a frame and two attached axles.

Tw o-achs trailer cars to the APM adapter

The difference to the previous model is that it is not intended for the transport of Bulk freight.

There is no floor in it, but this can be corrected with a sheet of metal or plywood of the corresponding size. In this case, the length of the leaf can be changed if necessary.

However, the maximum carrying capacity is twice as strong as with the same armpit option and 500 kg.

  • The road release of the biaxial trolley is 18 cm and the route is 99 cm.
  • The double axis car is characterized by great maneuverability and the presence of pneumatic tires.
  • The maximum movement speed is 12 km/h.
  • Dimension dimensions: The length is adjustable from 190 cm to 250 cm, the width 41.5 cm and the height is 110 cm
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Trolley with European towels with Europeans and pages

APM adapter

APM models only work with additional devices after an adapter.

APM adapter

This is an axis on which a seat and a rear accessory are installed for further installation of the trailer. This equipment is not only used with the trailer, but also with many other attachments.


This car is an advanced model of the same option. It can be used without an adapter because a seat is installed at the front.


Its size during the aggregation fell perfectly with the NEVA walk behavio r-tractor.

The trailer trolley is intended for the building, the rural or in the summer house where there is a need to transport any kind.

  • The maximum load capacity of TPM is 150 kg. And the weight of the design itself is 100 kg.
  • The recommended speed of movement is 10 km/h.
  • The total dimensions are 270 cm long, 125 cm wide and 120 cm high.
  • The road release is 30 cm and the route is 1 m.

On the back of the car, a folding page offers the shop and unloading.

Togo trailer TPM-M

The letter M in the name suggests that this is a trailer TPM M that is only modernized.

The engineers reduced the size of the car, but at the same time the operating properties remained the same.

The dimensions of this model are 222 cm long, 112.5 cm wide and 120 cm height. The weight of the advanced model is also less. Now it’s 85 kg.

Shredwed Trolley (VRMZ)

This is the only model produces Red October. Based on the name, it is clear that it is produced in the Wolga plant “VRMZ”.

In its design, this is an improved TPM model.

Shredwed Trolley (VRMZ)

The main feature of the car should be the loa d-bearing capacity. In this case it is 400 kg! And that’s almost three times more than TPM. Therefore, it is very popular with construction companies or owners of large barns and warehouses, where it is necessary to transport large goods and travel twice unprofitable.

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An adapter does not have to purchase the manufacturer of the production of VRMZ. It is directly connected to the gear shaft. And it is checked by sitting on board the car.

The distance from the street to the bottom of the trailer is 30 cm.

The size of the route is 117 cm. Despite the increased carrying capacity of their weight, only 95 kg.

A handbrake is installed on the frame for comfortable and safe operation, thanks to which you can stop the movement quickly.

Like all other trailers, this model is broken down with the instructions for assembly and operation.

Larbered models

These options are most common among the owners because they have the simplicity of production and costs. After reading the forum materials on the subject, you will find a large number of different options for assembly.

Here is one of them:

It is necessary to find a trace of such a trailer on the Internet). Then calculate the amount of the required metal rolls and corners. At this point, only carefully analyze the drawing and take it carefully.

You can use metal or boards of a suitable size as the floor of the future body. And on their edges to establish corners that will be the basis of the entire body.

In the next step, the pages are installed in the design. At this stage you can think about the folding pages to make it easier to charge and unload the freight.

Most of the time an axis is installed. It should go clearly in the middle. And the body itself is lifted slightly. As a result, the load cannot slip the trailer during transport.

You can use a steel rod to attach the wheels. It should be strong to withstand heavy loads and carry out a little beyond the edges of the car.

A chair is installed on the front for the comfort of the driver. Here you can take the old or make a new one for which there is enough imagination. A short distance is installed at a short distance, on which the legs are placed.

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It is also necessary to think about the future adhesion of the tractor of the walk behavior. The forums have a large number of special drawings that show the plans and sizes of this coupling.

For those who want to see in the video how the NEVA trailer becomes, you can watch a detailed video instruction:

Reviews of the owners

Many different topics are discussed in the forums that are dedicated to Neva Motoblocks. Including there are enough discussions about trailers. Here are some reviews for you.

Igor writes:

“The trailer is the main attachment I use during harvest. I am engaged in growing potatoes in large areas. For me, the main factor is since the potatoes are very heavy. And I don’t want the floor to burst anywhere in my path. That’s why I bought a Bruz trailer. For the third year I used it with no problems. “

Ivan writes:

“I made a trailer myself because I see no reason to overpay for designs provided. My metal was more than enough in the garage. After a few weeks of work, the model was ready. As a result, it turned out to be such a miracle. “

Self-available shipment for the Neva Walk behavior tractor with your own hands: how to make drawings and dimensions, photo

From the beginning of spring to late autumn, life in personal and summer cottages was in full swing. Constantly you have to bring something, transport, takes and the like. Recently, most summer residents have used motoblocks, motor-cultivators and other devices for household needs. They are compact, easy to manage, multifunctional and do not take up much space. Most often, the products of the domestic company Neva are used. The trailer for the Neva Motoblock will be a good help in your farm. In this article we will all talk about this equipment.

Homemade trailer

Characterization of multifunctionality

Why do you need this device? Due to its multifunctionality, the NEVA trailer can be used for a large number of different works:

  • movement of cargo;
  • depiction of household waste;
  • transport of agricultural products and inventory;
  • army work.
Scandinavian garden

At the same time, it should be noted that it is not recommended to travel on a walk on a busy tract. This is due to the fact that the Neva motblock with the trailer has limited speed and maneuverability.

Among the fairly impressive model ranges of trailers, the most popular are units with a lifting capacity from two hundred and fifty kilograms to halftones. Their subsequent devices are made of a special metal, which is characterized by increased strength.

A motorized block on the body axis has a braking system for better controllability.

Gardeners are in great demand for the NEVA MB-2 Motor Block. Its feature is the presence of folding pages. This makes it possible to transport both small and bulky goods, as well as impressive objects in size.

Self-sewing trailer for the Neva Motoblock: photo, drawings

If you have everything you need, you can assemble a trailer for a motor note with your own hands. He will meet all your requirements.


First, you need the following tools:

  • channel number five;
  • Electrician;
  • Welding machine (for convenience, it is better to use a semi-automatic device).
  • Screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian.

After creating the necessary tools, you need to determine the size of the trailer. The parameters of parts and gaps depend on them. For work, you can use the drawings of the simplest models of the unit, which can be found on the Internet at each step. Check out the best options, but you can do without them:

Drawing of the trailer 1Drawing of the trailer 2Drawing of the trailer 3Drawing of the trailer 4Drawing of the trailer 5Drawing of the trailer 6Drawing of the trailer 7Drawing of the trailer 8Drawing of the trailer 9

Our homemade trailer consists of the following details: frame, body, wheels and a coupling device.

  • Iron pipes of different sizes (preferably 60×30 millimeters and 25×25, respectively);
  • Feathers;
  • small wheels (usually from old household cars);
  • Sheet iron (up to 1 millimeter thick, otherwise the pendant will be too heavy);
  • duralumin sheet.

production sequence

First you have to collect the frame. Pipe of smaller sizes (based on the design described by US 25×25 millimeters are used as anterior and rear cross bars, and two larger pipes are saved. All structural elements are attached with welding seams. As a result, they receive a kind of grille.

Review of hinge devices for engine blocks Agro

Then you can continue to produce the body. The frame is reinforced by attaching twenty millimeter pipes vertically on the network. Then longitudinal pipes are attached to them using a welding machine and four frames are attached to them. A climbing is welded at the tips of the frames.

The hook trailer for the walk tractor must have folding pages, preferably not only from behind, but also on the sides. In order to achieve this goal with a welding machine, three rectangular structures must be combined separately from the body in narrow pipes.

For the lining of the frame – the production of the soil – we use Duralumin and for the sides – iron leaves. It is advisable to use screws as assembly elements. To attach the sides to the frames and a buckle, you have to remember welding again.

Then you can mount the beam. To do this, add two channels into each other. Rad axes are attached to the rear end of the resulting structure. Then the beam is welded with a SPR on the trailer frame.

Now you have to equip a tipper with one breath. The algorithm of the actions is very simple. Two pipes with a size of sixty times thirty millimeters are taken. Their front parts are combined and welded at the base of the clutch device. The rear parts of these pipes are attached to the rooms of an overwhelming two millimeters.

The trailer is actually ready. You can start painting. This is not necessary, but desirable, since the color and the lacquer layer protect the metal from rust and corrosion longer.

If there are wishes and skills, the trailer can also be equipped with overall viewers, turn signals and stop signals. In this case, your product will almost not be distinguished from the factory alogy. Here is an example of how you can put together a simple trailer for a walk with your own hands. It is made qualitative and economical. In this case, no drawings are required.

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