Check the KiPor engine blocks. List, properties, video work and reviews

Motoblocks KiPor: Characteristic, Minogue series and instructions for use

So far, motoblocks have been an essential component in working on country and summer houses, as they make the lives of many farmers very simplify. Motoblocks are popular agricultural machines that work on various fuels and do a great job with a variety of tasks. They simplify plowing soil, plants and plants in them.

In this article, we will learn more detailed with the KiPor Motoblocks who have achieved great popularity in our country, about their model range, plus and minus and some other important moments.

About the brand

The technology produced by China’s is becoming increasingly popular on the domestic market, but this does not mean that it is something worse than the same European. Kipor Chinese engine blocks are carried out taking into account all international quality standards. The manufacturer gives you good guarantee times.

The Kipor brand has been working for about 10 years. During this time, she has developed generators and drivers in many industries and not only for agriculture.

The brand offers its customers many options.

  • Almost all products are delivered to the regions of our country without any problems, each of which has a KiPo r-technical product service.
  • The branded experts help to install and assemble devices without any problems, which is an undisguised advantage for beginners.
  • We can certainly say that the brand engine blocks are reliable, practical and economical because it has already been tested after the time.
  • Every year, the company places new technologies into the production of its products. New, improved Motboblocks are also published that meet the latest requirements for processing even heavy soils.

Like its other products, motoblocks receive many positive reviews not only from simple customers, but also from experts.


KiPor motor blocks are considered very ergonomic, they meet all technical security requirements:

  • All components are produced qualitatively with cast and stamp parts.
  • All weld seams become conscience;
  • Motobobes painting is only carried out on hig h-quality devices with no n-toxic materials.
  • Fit and assembly of all parts are carried out by real experts in their field. Each level is checked by specialists.
  • In the brand’s section you will find a large selection of fastening devices for a variety of motoblock models.

With proper maintenance and regular care, the brand takes a long time without a reference to a collapse.

Actual models

In the selection of the brand you will find petrol and diesel engine blocks. Next we look at the most relevant models that are suitable for different types of floors and agricultural work.


A motor block works on a diesel engine with a fairly large filter because the air is cleaned many times better. It is brought onto the market manually with a mechanical starter. The noise level is noticeable because the silencer is increased in this model. The control handle is very convenient and can be easily set for the most convenient work.

As for the technical features, the following points should be observed:

  • The force is 5.5 liters. p. There are 3 programs (2 forwards and 1 before 1);
  • The tank contains 3.5 liters of fuel;
  • Width loosens a little more than 100 cm and the depth of the trench up to 50 cm;
  • Weight is approx. 120 kg.

For the sel f-supply of a specific model, it is very important to use the use of the instructions for use that are included in the device.

It is very important to clarify which attachments are suitable for a specific model because it can vary.


This model has a very powerful engine and an electric starter that simplifies the start of the device considerably. The gear is eight. The angle of rotation of the steering wheel can be easily adjusted and adjusted yourself.

Miniator Kentavr T 15. review, characteristics, manual

This tractor for walk injuries is ideal for daily loads. And when buying attachments, you can make your life considerably simplified and expand the skills of this model.

Characteristics :

  • The force is 8.5 liters. p. There is a large selection of speeds – 6 and 2;
  • There is air cooling, the weight is almost 150 kg.


We also recommend that this petrol engine block be observed. It is best suited for medium agricultural sections with an area of ​​no more than one hectare. When using additional assembly devices, it is possible to significantly expand the skills of this Walk behavior after the process of cultivating, hilling and sowing of plants has been simplified.

His data:

  • If you weigh a Libr a-Fehd tractor no more than 80 kg, has 8 gears (6 in front and 2);
  • The processing depth is only 15 cm and the width 75-77 cm;
  • The engine is a cylinder, the liability is belt.


For a variety of climatic conditions, it is best to use this tractor for walk behavior. It starts very easily, oversized, is also suitable for working in greenhouses.

Its technical properties:

  • The force is 5, 5 liters. With.;
  • Only 8 programs, like other models from the brand (6 and 2 before 2);
  • The maximum acceleration is 10 km/h.

It is quite difficult to find from the brand in other companies and at a similar price analogue of motoblocks. However, if you prefer this special Walk behavio r-tractor, it is unlikely that you will regret it.

Where can you buy spare parts?

KiPor should only be bought in special shops and sales points for spare parts for technical products. All information about licensed suppliers in the regions can be found on the official website of the brand. Despite the fact that the equipment of the brand is of high quality and may fail over time, it often has to change spare parts, which has to be replaced over time.

In order to have an idea of ​​prices, we will look at some of the spare parts that fail most frequently. Bergmann silencer costs in the region of 3,000 rubles, but a turning lever is no more than 500 rubles, while the air filter can only cost 150-200 rubles. However, it should be noted here that it can be avoided with proper care of the air filter of its frequent replacement.

The prices for motors are different, depending on the model, you can vary between 12 and 22 thousand rubles. The right piston and unusual filling containers are a little more difficult to find, but you won’t go beyond the budget.


Most users notice the positive aspects of the han d-led tractors of the brand and say that they can work smoothly after entering. Many are satisfied with the work of the devices over a period of more than 5 years.

Among the defects, the farmers notice a too loud engine that is very annoying in everyday use. And some also express their outrage that, when it is time to change the milling cutters, you should only buy brands, and they are expensive, but everyone else simply does not fit too many KiPor models.

In general, we can say that there are both the brand lovers and those who shy away from it. With proper care and operation, however, it is unlikely that the device will fail.

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In the next video you will find an overview of the han d-led tractor KiPor KDT 910L with deep plow milling.

Motoblocks KiPor. Overview of the range, properties, attachments, application and operation

Units manufactured in China are designed for the management of agricultural areas, the work in public supply companies and private households, the transport of goods and the harvest. The manufacturer Kipor offers a large selection of this equipment, which is characterized by excellent performance and security.

Motoblocks Cype (KiPor)

The KiPor company offers handleed tractors in two different modifications.

Diesel engine block. This technology is economical, very productive and compact. Can be used on large and small areas.

Singl e-axle tractors with a petrol engine. The device is characterized by versatility and the ability to do very difficult tasks.

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Only hig h-quality devices are produced under the KiPor brand, as you can see on the singl e-axle tractors presented.

All of them received the following properties:

  • High performance, performance;
  • Efficiency of every work;
  • Reliability;
  • wel l-designed design thanks to which you can carry out repairs with your own hands;
  • Affordability;
  • The possibility of using attachments.

You can watch a video about the functioning of the handleed KiPor tractors.


Today the hand-led KiPor tractors are much less known than other developments sold on the domestic market. This development has successfully established itself and opens up many new possibilities. On the part of the company, the production of generators, engines of the Kama brand and special engine pumps started.

All devices meet all requirements and conditions of the ISO 9001 standard. The hand-led KiPor diesel tractor has different capacities (within 3.8 to 9 hp), which helps consumers to make their own choice, based on the needs of their back yard, farm . It is necessary to take into account the size of the property and the special features of the cultural country.


KiPor motor blocks are considered very ergonomic, they meet all technical security requirements:

  • All components are produced qualitatively with cast and stamp parts.
  • All weld seams become conscience;
  • Motobobes painting is only carried out on hig h-quality devices with no n-toxic materials.
  • Fit and assembly of all parts are carried out by real experts in their field. Each level is checked by specialists.
  • In the brand’s section you will find a large selection of fastening devices for a variety of motoblock models.

With proper maintenance and regular care, the brand takes a long time without a reference to a collapse.

Description of the KiPor series

The devices are represented by models based on diesel and petrol engines. This is displayed by your labeling KGT (gasoline models), KDT (diesel models). Remarkably, han d-led tractors are equipped with sets of intelligent switc h-off systems regardless of the model.

In this video you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this hand-led tractor:

This avoids the occurrence of failures in the event of a strong drop in the oil level and control over fuel consumption. You can display changes of equipment separately:

  • C – devices are equipped with gears, including 3 front, 1 behind;
  • E – 6 forward gears, of which 2 reverse gears;
  • L – 6 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, there is also a set of electrical starter and headlights.

What is under the hood?

If you look under the housing of the KDT-610L, you can see the advantages of the drive. The Chinese installed thre e-stranded belt slices and equipped the han d-led tractor with three straps, in contrast to kinematic han d-led tractors. This guarantees the longevity of the entire construction to the user.

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The hand-led KiPor tractor has another difference: it is equipped with a ceiling wave and not like other devices with a pulley. All controls are concentrated directly on your fingertips, including gear shift, gas, clutch.

Petrol-single tractors KiPor: properties and characteristics

Petrol and axle tractor Kipor KGT510C

It is one of the mid-range models that are relevant for working in relatively small areas. The engine power is 5.5 hp, the device does an excellent work when cultivating, plowing the field and other work. The start takes place in manual mode.

This model is a mi d-range

Motor block Kipor KGT510L

Equipped with a powerful engine with a manual start. The gearbox has 8 gears (6 forward and 2 behind). The weight of the device is 82 kilograms, the control is on the handles.

Motoblock KiPor 610c

The diesel unit works almost silently, and the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere is reduced as much as possible. The device consumes fuel very economically because about 1 liter of active operation “runs out”. The presence of 8 speeds – 6 forwards and 2 backward gears – which contribute to better maneuverability and greater comfort during operation is also gratifying.

  • Motor – single cylinder, 4-stroke;
  • The position of the valves – above;
  • Tank content – 3.5 l;
  • Capacity of the oil pan – 1.1 l;
  • Weight – 110 kg.

The KiPor singl e-axle tractor can be used together with various attachments that make the device a “al l-rounder”. Experts recommend using SAE 10W30 oil.

For a more detailed and more productive acquaintance with the functions of the model, you should familiarize yourself with informative videos presented by real users.

KiPor diesel unachstractors: properties and properties

Motor block KiPor KDT 410C

It belongs to the category of small han d-led tractors placed in a diesel series, its performance is within 3.8 hp. The han d-led tractor KiPor 410 is equipped with a gearbox with three forwards and a reverse gear and accelerates to 9.6 kilometers per hour.

Motor block KiPor KDT 410L

It differs in improved properties, is one of the mi d-range units. It has a weight of 91 kilograms, has six front speeds, a motor with a capacity of 3.8 hp.

Motoblock KiPor KDT 610C

It is one of the sem i-professional models, the power is installed at 5.5 hp. The weight is 100 kilograms, buys density and average ground density with the processing.

Motoblock model KPIP KDT 610S

It is an improved version of the 610C model. It differs in a large number of speeds (two rear speeds are also added), which are equipped with an additional electrical starter and enables the operator to start the device from half a turn. The engine block KiPor 610 is marked by low noise.

Motoblock Kipor KGT 610L

The device is differentiated by a manual start type and, regardless of the complexity, offers full work based on a hectare. You can set such indicators as the width of plowing. It is provided for the installation of an auxiliary set of appendices. Users notice a low noise level, reliability and durability of the structure and low fuel consumption.

Motoblock KiPor KDT 910C

It belongs to the number of models of a professional line, the purpose of which is reduced to the maintenance of large rooms and complex soil. The engine power is 8.5 hp, the equipment is equipped with a fuel consumption control system. For this reason, consumption is low, but an increased weight of 121 kilograms is observed.

This model is above the middle class

Motoblock model KIPOR KDT 910S

It is one of the most powerful and large machines in this professional class. The weight is about 140 kilograms, for this reason no additional weight average has to buy. The performance of the KiPor KDT 910S device is 8.5 hp, a plot of land with an area of ​​up to 1 hectare.

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Motoblock KiPor KDT 910L

The device is the smallest unit under the professional walks. The weight is within 118 kilograms, while the power of the device is highlighted within 8.5 hp. Its high suitability is known for various farmers for working in parks, Garden. It is determined by the simplicity and reliability of the manual control card, which has 4 front and 2 rear speeds.

Motoblock KiPor KDT 610C

Motoblock KiPor KDT 610C

The diesel engine of this type has the following functions:

  • The presence of an air filter and an oil bath that enables it to successfully carry out work under dusty operating conditions.
  • Electronic ignition type to work faster start.
  • The presence of an increased silencer that reduces the noise level.
  • The oil-huard system is used, which prevents the engine waste from lubrication without sufficient oil level.
  • The distance between the wheels can be set.
  • Installation of a safe grinding system
  • The ability to adapt the grip during the work of the tractor of the walk behavior.

The most important technical features of the KDT 610 CD:

  • 4-stroke diesel engine km178fs with a nominal output of 6 hp.
  • The processing width varies between 206 and 640 mm
  • The presence of several gears: 3 forward at a speed of 1.68/4.83/10.73 km/hour and 1 before at a speed of 2.04 km/hours
  • The starting shaft rotates at a speed of 700 rpm.
  • The device has dimensions 1770*645*1040 mm and a weight of 110 kg.

An additional rotary mower for a walk tractor creates a lawn or deprives excess herb coating.

Types of connected devices

All two-wheel tractors can be easily and efficiently aggregated with numerous attachment options, regardless of whether they are own brands or third-party manufacturers. In the future, devices with small power are designed for any type of agricultural work.

If we talk about the models of the 910 series, then with their help you can perfectly conduct business operations. For example, an active tiller can be installed that enables a working width of 90 centimeters. If a passive cutterbar is installed instead of wheels, the working width is set to 120 centimetres.

This distinguishes the product from other manufacturers. The following devices can be installed:

  1. Milling cutters, regardless of configuration.
  2. Sickle mowers and hillers, numerous plows.
  3. Potato harvesters deserve special attention.
  4. A special shovel blade as well as a set of eyelets, couplers and much more.
  5. An adapter as well as a motor pump, a mini cart and much more.

What are the characteristics of operation and maintenance

It features a relatively simple maintenance procedure. The devices are unpretentious during operation, if a breakdown occurs, a malfunction, it is easy to fix. With strict observance of the rules specified in the manual and compliance with the preventive maintenance schedule, it is possible to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of the entire walk-behind tractor for a sufficiently long period of time.

Please read the factory manual before operation. It contains detailed information on the operation of special equipment and a number of attachments. The instruction contains a separate block of information that establishes the correct methods of preserving equipment for the winter period. This consists of putting the compression lever in a specific position. In addition, the intake valve must be closed, which prevents the release of air currents.


For example, there is a mounted plow for this hand-guided tractor

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The device works with both diesel and petrol engines. To ensure this, AI-92 gasoline is used. It is recommended by the manufacturer to use SAE30 special engine oil in spring and summer, while SAE10W30 is recommended for use in winter and autumn. An oil change is carried out every 100 operating hours – this is a prerequisite.

TAP-15 and TAP-17 are used as gear oil. The exchange takes place after 50 hours, in the future the process takes place after 200 hours. It is recommended to clean the fuel tank after 50 hours and replace it after 1000 hours at the latest. All components for which the composition of universal waterproof lubricants is used must be lubricated periodically.

First run and run-in

As a procedure, breaking in a new walk-behind tractor begins with checking the condition of the oil level in the engine of the device, followed by filling the tank with fuel. In order to ensure gentle operation, it is necessary when starting up the machine to let the two-wheel tractor run at idle for at least ten minutes. At the end of this process, the operation of the entire set of components and assemblies is tested at reduced capacities.

This process begins with 1/3 of the performance and then gradually increases the speed. The accuracy of the production of units is great, the walk tractor is not necessary to carry out a lon g-term process. The procedure in the future can be considered completely completed if the engine has been operated for at least five hours.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

As practice shows, users have no complaints about the operation of devices. Production takes place from the side of the technology, which will inevitably lead to certain difficulties. The characteristic mistakes include:

  1. The lack of the reaction of the engine when switching on – there is an improper start, inadequate compression can occur. The problem can also be hidden in a burned backup, the fuel is not injected into the system.
  2. Inadequate engine power is a small amount of oil to clog the option into an air filter. Alternatively, there is a false voltage of belt selection, a small compression in the engine. After all, the high speed of the engine is noted.
  3. High vibration – you have to try to determine a source of the origin of the vibration. For example, a vibration can occur under control, which was the result of a incorrectly carried out installation of a hinge rate of weapons and individual devices.

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Reviews about the Walk behavio r-Tractor 610e

If you are interested in diesel engine blocks that are quite high today, you can see the model mentioned in the subtitle. You have to pay 95,600 rubles for it. It is professional class equipment intended for gardening. Consumers emphasize that the unit has an impressive weight, this shows the convenience of management.

The steering wheel can be rotated by 180 °. According to summer residents, the engine start is simplified thanks to the decompression valve. The engine has an air filter with an impressive air treatment area. The lifespan of the structure is extended due to the fact that the air filter is equipped with an oil bath so that you can work under dusty conditions.

The described diesel engine block, the above has been mentioned, has headlights and enables you to work at any time of the day. The device provides for a large selection of fastening devices that not only rises from behind, but also in front thanks to the functionality.

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