Check the diesel engine blocks NEVA MB-23: Modifications of SD23, SD27, SD27-RF. Reviews of the owners

Motoblock Neva M B-23 – Reviews

Review of Motoblock Newa MB-23

Since we were tired of plowing with their bare hands 30 acres, we thought about buying a walk and so that it was reliable and digging a virgin floor))), they were looking for a very long time. We have examined a number of options, different price categories, electricity, etc. In summary.

Workhide for different tasks.

On the farm I use the NEVA MB-23B-10 motor block with the American B&S Intek Engine (semi-professional). In contrast to MB-2 models, my device is harder, an improved gear and a new design of the steering frame (more likely), which is blocked and increased/lowered the left bike.

He is not worth it

Previously there was a Motobloc k-Ural with a Zidovsky engine. Its function fully fulfilled. But I wanted something better, more universal. I have considered many different options. I decided, so to speak, to support the domestic manufacturer. There are also many positive reviews, many hinge devices.

Powerful motoblock for summer households

In autumn 2018 I bought a walk tractor. At the moment this is the most powerful motoblock (12 l.) Neva. He took a mighty one because there was no experience and believed that the younger models in my country did not.

I like everything, Neva MB – 23, 10 PS.

I bought a cart in 2015 with a cart contained. The Chinese stood more than 10,000 and more powerful near the store, he wanted him, but the seller asked me if they were a cash or a loan. For the p.


I bought a NEVA MB-23 walk-behavior tractor with a zonheng engine 9 l/s. He only took it to plow the earth. He worked for her less than a month before the first breakdown. A gear has reduced when plowing the earth. I handed over the business for guarantee repairs (guarantee.

Fantastic apparatus, reliability goes out of the scale.

Everyone is a good time of the day, I would like to share the opinion of the NEVA motor note. I will tell you a small background about another walk tractor (this is important). We had a Motoblock Texas, we bought it again and brought it into the country. Worked.

Okay, but not very.

It seems to be started well, they only have to inflate fuel and work. At least at least.

I bought in March and hoped that I would work in the garden in April – I will process the country with milling cutters. Only now is it not possible to actually test. When he collected Mills, he first laughed at the smooth gravage (M10 DIN 127), but took it.

Run away from such a walk as before fire.

Neva MB-3. With the Subaru engine. I have to say immediately that the engine is 7 l. With. There is sufficient for a summer apartment. It works and starts 3 years without complaints. Everything else, and this is already a miracle of the Russian engineering … you cannot choose words. All.

Spring lawn care is all about fear.

I’m disappointed

I bought Neva MB 23 and chose for a long time. After the first use, the cultivation of my website, I can share the quality of this unit. He chose the fact that he was difficult. There are no questions about the engine for the engine. But here in quality.

Bought a motoblock from them

They wanted to buy a tractor in this city company and published a loan from them, they issued a contract, the bank gave a loan. We waited two months and wrote them that we cancel the contract and the complaint. And what in the end? There is nothing to write, wait for a walk.

Good product of the Russian Federation

The most optimal and high-quality motblock of Russia, hardy and high quality, withstood the loads even more than in the passport, which made the first repair after 14 years of operation. This is the engine and gearbox with no problems. Housed now.

Great assistant for a rural resident

Thanks to this equipment, you can cultivate the soil, mow the grass and transport various goods. If you have anywhere from 20 to 200 acres of land, the blanket is what you need. The practicality of the walk tractor is unlimited, and the price does not bite.

Thank you for your website and the Neva for the motoblock

Japanese engine, 11 hp Yamaha. There is no problem with vibration because the motor has a balancer. And the engine also has a large fuel tank 5.5 liters. The fuel is consumed slowly.

Disadvantages – the engine reacts poorly to poor-quality gasoline, so it is better not to chemical, but to fill pure gasoline either 92 or 95.

Good afternoon, thanks to the creators of the site Ozzovik. I’ve been looking for information here for a long time. Before buying a walk tractor, he studied information for a long time, especially in one outlet and forums. I was not aware of such a technique. But with.

And MB 23 Briggs 10

The NEVA MB23-B10 Motoblok is already four years old. Happy with technology. With a tractor for walks I do a lot of work on the site (30 acres). In addition to processing the soil, I also crush the grass with the help of a walk in the summer, in winter I remove the snow.

A really hard worker.

I turned out that I was somehow working on such an aggregate. I’ll say right away, I was very satisfied. Firstly, I really liked that it is equipped with Japanese movers and we are used to trusting Japanese technology. Also 10 hp.

Evaluation of razz lawn mowers. Technical characteristics. Application and operating characteristics

Good for a small garden spot.

Small, imaginative and with cutter on a moderately solid surface works perfectly. You can perfectly connect it with a small trailer with a load of up to 300 kg

Check the diesel engine blocks NEVA MB-23: Modifications of SD23, SD27, SD27-RF. Reviews of the owners

The Neva Diesel Motoblock MB23-SD23 is a universal agricultural machine used in agriculture for processing large plots of land.

Also, this series can be used to clean the territory of the cottage, garden, transportation of goods.


This model works on the Robin Subaru diesel engine.

The engine is also equipped with an oil pump.

The plowing speed of MB23-SD23 is quite low, only 2km/h. Therefore, this walking-behaviour tractor can mainly do agricultural work with high resources.

The main advantages of NEVA MB23-SD23:

  • high torque motor;
  • light start and quick start of work;
  • fuel consumption efficiency;
  • The ability to work with complex soils.

The NEVA diesel engine MB23-SD23 is available in modification with the headlight (model MB23-SD23-F).

The presence of the headlight extends the time of use: the walking tractor can also be used in the evening, for example, to clear snow that has accumulated on the territory of the cottage per day, etc.

MB23 SD23 reviews indicate that the device buys well with complex soil, starts quickly and economically consumes fuel resources.


The brand of the engine Subaru (Japan)
engine Dy23-2d
Power, L.S. (KW) 4.8 (3.5)
mass, kg 115
number of programs (2+1)x2
type of fuel VM_CF_FUEL_TYPE2
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 86-170
The number of revolutions of the shaft 23-42 (1st program) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, CM 20

Motoblock Neva MB 23-SD27

The diesel walking tractor “Neva” MB23-SD27 is a universal, powerful automated device that cultivates soils of the highest complexity.

Distinctive features to other models:

  • Robin Subary diesel engine;
  • traction development up to 190 kgf;
  • high performance even at low plowing speeds;
  • economical engine;
  • oil pump in the engine.


Among the advantages of this walk-behind tractor, according to the owners’ reviews, one can highlight the durability of the equipment and the stability of the walk-behind tractor even on sloping soils. Thanks to the oil pump in the engine, the Neva MB23-SD27 can also work on soils with lateral slopes.

The low speed mode of 2 km/h is perfect for plowing or hilling. Thanks to the MB 23 SD27, all tillage work can be completed quickly and without great effort. With the use of attachments, the machine is capable of clearing a cottage or field of stale, thick snow.

Neva MB23 – SD27 is available in versions with headlight (SD27-F); with starter and headlight (SD27-FS).


The brand of the engine Subaru (Japan)
engine DY27-2D
Power, L.S. (KW) 5.4 (4.0)
mass, kg 115
number of programs (2+1)x2
type of fuel VM_CF_FUEL_TYPE2
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 86-170
The number of revolutions of the shaft 23-42 (1st program) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, CM 20

Motor blocks Neva MB 23-SD27-SF

Motoblock “Neva” MB 23-SD27-SF is a modification of the above model of motoblock Neva MB23 with headlight and starter.

The device copes well with long, intensive loads and can work on difficult soils with a reduction in tillage speed to 2 km / h.

  • Robin-Subary diesel engine;
  • electric starters, headlights;
  • Speed ​​reduction up to 2km/h without reducing work efficiency;
  • easy start;
  • Working on floors under a side slope;
  • a wide range of gears – (2+1)x2.


With the help of the Neva MB 23-SD27-SF diesel engine block, you can work on a small summer cottage or a large plot at any time of the year. The presence of a headlight allows you to effectively clean the snow at night, remove leaves or mowed grass even at dusk.

The trailer equipment for the MB23-SD27-SF makes it a universal transport and transport unit.

Almost all reviews of the Neva SD27 are positive, according to the owners, the most useful features of this walk-behind tractor are: a powerful engine, easy starting of the machine, the ability to switch to low speed for tillage and hill work on earth.


The brand of the engine Subaru (Japan)
engine DY27-2D
Power, L.S. (KW) 5.4 (4.0)
mass, kg 125
number of programs (2+1)x2
type of fuel VM_CF_FUEL_TYPE2
transmission Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
The width of cultivation, cm 86-170
The number of revolutions of the shaft 23-42 (1st program) 89-160 (2nd gear)
Processing depth, CM 20

Mounted and towed equipment

Attachments expand the agrotechnical possibilities of walk-behind tractors, so that every farmer has at least the most necessary attachments for a walk-behind tractor in stock.

Towed Units

Single-axle wagon pulled on APM adapter Engine block water pump NMTs rotary mower KR-0.5 “NEVA” Engine block assembly knife NNM Potato planter mounted in one row Potato harvester Harrow BD 850 Snow blower SMB “NEVA” Rotary brush ShchRM-1 Trailer truck (VRMZ) Trailer truck TPM Truck pulled TPM-M

The coupling of trailer equipment with engine blocks is carried out with adapters and fastening elements for different types of excluded parts.

Unmounted equipment

The hip of the two-row of plow-“Mole” installation set of the DAWN mower on the NEVA MB compact set of installing the DAWN Mowers on the NEVA MB1 MB1 Cupcore Cupcore Cupcore Cupcore Cupcore NPD plow-Singl e-Hobby nandm loosators of soil jusis n for plowing plowing ceremonies n for plowing with a long potato tower made of hinges KNM wheels metallic kms for plow bikes Rad Universal Kum 540 Universal Kum 540 with a long cover. General view of the motor unit 16×6. 50-8

Video reviews of Motoblocks Neva MB-23, SD23, SD27

Motoblock NEVA MB 23-SD27. First start

Plow the Motor block NEVA MB 23-SD27

Snow cleaning by motor block NEVA MB 23-SD27

Cleaning potatoes through motor block NEVA MB23-SD27

Service and operating instructions

Oil and fuel

The manufacturer recommends the use of MB23, SD23, SD 27 lubricant for diesel engines of the SS variety or higher according to the API classification for diesel engines.

Recommended fuel type: Car diesel fuel.

SD23 and SD27 are with high diesel engines with high speed engines. The manufacturer therefore recommends using only hig h-quality automotive diesel fuel. Therefore, the tractor of the walk will take longer and its work will be more stable.

It is recommended to clean the oil filter every time the oil is replaced.

Serve the starter of the walk tractor

The rotating parts, friction parts and the spring are lubricated with consistent lubrication or liquid oil during disassembly or at the end of the season.

Motobobo motor maintenance

If the engine often overheats, it is necessary to remove the entire dust, garbage and dirt from the cylinder, the cylinder head, the carburetor and the revolutionary regulator system.

Check whether the fuel is licking to avoid the probability of an ignition of the tractor in the company. If a fake is recognized, a weakened connection must be tightened or replaced by a worn part with a new one.

Check the attraction of screws and nuts regularly because your blasphemy can damage the engine or other devices.

The disadvantage of the oil leads to the malfunctions of the engine – monitors the oil level and adds it as needed.

After the first 25 hours of operation, replace the engine oil.

Every 100 hours of work are required:

  • Clean and//ilment the oil filter;
  • Check the battery electrolyte.
  • Drain the water from the fuel filter.

Every 500 hours of work follows:

  • Clean the fuel nozzle;
  • Check and set valves;
  • Remove the soot from the cylinder head.

Need work every 100 hours:

  • Change piston rings, tubes;
  • Change the fuel filter;
  • Check the recording and the final valves and, if necessary, carry out a valve gang.

Overhaul of the engine is carried out every 1,500 hours – it should be sorted out and repaired. This restores the engine output and extends its lifespan.

Reviews of the owners

Understand how your hiking tractor will work after the purchase. The reviews of real owners who have already bought NEVA MB23 (every change) will help you.

Andrey, Transcarpathia, Ukraine:

“I am the owner of the SD27 diesel. I think it’s a good han d-led tractor in its modification. The headlight really helps to work in the evening. I can’t say anything bad – I mowed the grass with my own and worn loads on the premises and cultivated my 20 acres for sowing. If the relationship between quality and price is important, take it, you will not regret it! “

Nikolay, Moscow region, Russia:

“Father advised against taking a diesel follower, he himself works with petrol. But I bought it and don’t regret it. There are many plus points, the fact that it is difficult, as many say, is not a minus for me, but a virtue. The engine is quiet enough, I hadn’t expected. I’ve been using it for two years, there were no problems with MB23. I took the usual, without headlights, I don’t need it. Powerful han d-held tractor, I recommend!

Alexander, Poltawa Ukraine area:

“I took the NEVA MB23 SD23 on the principle” spare parts are always at hand “.” Yes, and the price is acceptable, but the Belarusian or Chinese colleagues were not impressed. From the first few days the han d-led tractor was satisfied, it started slightly, it ran smoothly on the floor, the vibrations during operation were minimal, which was very gratifying. I have a plot of 150 hectares, you cannot process such a small petrol block, but diesel races like a bull! I advise.”

You can also help other readers of our website with your feedback on this model of a hand-led tractor if you are the owner of the hand-led diesel tractor NEVA MB-23: Modifications SD23, SD27 SF You can leave an assessment about it, or set below A question in the comments that you are interested in this model.

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