Check the Caiman Vario 60h Motoblock. Features, reviews

Caiman Vario 60h engine blocks. Review, characteristics, application features

Kaiman Vario 60H

The petrol-ciman-Vario 60H mot block belongs to the group of technology, with which diagrams are to be processed for 25 to 30 acres. The unit has a force of 5.5 hp, it can manage heavy soil, harvest, transport of goods and other economic work.

The properties of the parameters CAIMAN 60H Motor note and soil processing are similar to the version of Vario 60s. The difference is in the Honda GX160 engine, hence the marking of the walk behavior -(h). The bikes are delivered optionally.

Technical characteristics

Processing area, m² 2500
Plow width, see 90
Plowing depth, mm 320
Type of gearbox Chain
application Specialist
Engine model GX160
Engine type 4-stroke petrol
The brand of the engine Honda
maximum torque 10.3 Nm at 2500 rpm
The volume of the fuel tank, L 3.1
Weight (KG 57
Manufacturer Kaiman
Pto Ribel disk on the motor shaft
Wheels possibility
lever Fold with adjustable position
Turning back There is
Type of transmission Vario automat
coupling Belt
The number of speeds 2 Vario-Forward / before 1 before 1

Features of the use of Caiman Vario 60h

A variety of front and rear fastening equipment is optimally connected to the tractor of the walk behavior. The innovative Vario transmission offers the operator considerable advantages during operation, the high maneuverability and the ability to cross. Speed ​​2 forward and 1 backwards:

  • In reduced front drinks – processing of floors (virgin countries, complex soil) using additional units: plows, cumlen, potato hike, harme. It is possible to carry out household work with hinge tools: brushes, snowmaker, shovel liner, lawn mower. Thanks to the rapidly removable floor mills, the razor blade s-Motblock Kaiman, can vary perfectly 30/60/90 cm.
  • In the increased front wheel – the treatment of previously plowed soil or light floor, transport of freight.
  • Center conversely – available at all times because it is placed between 1 and 2 courses.


Professional Caiman differs by the optimal combination of technical features and ergonomics for work:

  • Thanks to the hig h-quality Japanese Honda engine with a rational combination of the size of the cylinder and the power supply, the economic fuel consumption is guaranteed.
  • The transmission with the variator – during operation, the operator does not have to select the required gear ratio relative to the load of the device.
  • The improved chain gear Fast Gear II is based on the use of the latest technologies: the minimal body thickness + high performance + eternal lubricant.
  • Thanks to the reduced priority and a balanced ergonomic structure with a drive belt, the physical activity of the operator is evenly distributed on Caiman during operation, which offers minimal fatigue.
  • Thanks to an improved frame and an enlarged street release, a motor block Kaiman can work effectively under different conditions.
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Petrol Caiman Vario 60h service

When buying devices, the owner must make sure that an operating instructions for Caiman Vario 60H are available, which contains useful information about the device, the maintenance of the device, safety measures during operation, storage rules and practical repair tips.

Before the start of work, it is imperative to let the han d-led tractor run in order to sand the main components and mechanisms. A proper entry ensures lon g-term operation of the devices under intensive conditions without repairs. The insertion of the Caiman nachstractor begins with idle speed, whereby the load is gradually increased to the maximum and the function of the gears is checked. Change the oil according to the instructions.

When continued operation of the Caiman singl e-axle tractor, it is advisable to note simple rules before the start and at the end of the use:

  1. Before the start of the work: check the oil level and refill if necessary, check the fuel for the presence, tighten the fastening elements.
  2. At the end of the work: Thoroughly clean, rinse, dry, dry with a rag, rubbing rubbing, rubbing components and parts.

Video review

Motoblock Caiman plants potatoes

Owner reviews


“Caiman 60n Motoblock with Honda engine was bought in 2014. Compact, not difficult, I transfer in the trunk to the workplace. I like the fact that it is very economical in terms of fuel. Maintenance is the easiest, at my work I mainly use it to cultivate the country, for mowing. In winter, the snow can be thrown up to 10 m with a snow blower. Satisfied with the device.

Leonid Petrowitsch:

“I’m good in technology. I also have a cultivator in the yard and I used to work on a tractor. Motoblock Caiman 60 bought for plowing a garden, weeds, hilling. I work with a car. Although small in appearance, the unit is powerful and obedient. A little expensive for me, but now I’m calm about the garden.

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Overview of the Caiman Vario 60H TWK+ singl e-axle tractors. Specifications, reviews

The hand-led Tractor Vario 60H TWK+ is the idea of ​​the French Cayman plant. The device showed its best side and became a synonym for reliability, ergonomics and manufacturability. Despite their relatively low weight and compact dimensions, Cayman engine blocks have proven their belonging to professional agricultural machinery.

Engine block Caiman Vario 60H TWK

The main purpose of the Vario 60H TWK+ model is the processing of floors of different structure, including hard floors (urland, clay, etc.). This model of the engine block is intended for the cultivation of the small areas up to 25 hundred parts.


The petrol-and-axis tractor CAIMAN VARIO 60H TWK is equipped with a powerful single-cylinder four-stroke engine Honda GX 160 from Japanese production, which is reliably protected from overheating by forced air cooling.

Honda GX160 engine

The maximum engine output is 5.5 hp. It is recommended to use hig h-quality petrol AI 92 as fuel. The engine is started with a hand starter.

Characteristics of the singl e-axle tractor Caiman Vario 60H TWK+:
  • Thanks to the integrated vario automatic transmission, the driver of the hand-led tractor can choose the best option for the speed of the device taking into account the type of soil and the appropriate attachment. The VARIO 60H TWK+ has three driving speeds, a slow forward trip, a high forward trip and a backward journey. The gears are arranged linearly, whereby the reverse gear is positioned in the middle between 1st and 2nd forward gear. This arrangement enables you to force the device to move in the opposite direction every second.
  • The kit contains pneumatic bikes with powerful tractor protection.
  • There is a fron t-wheel drive thanks to which the front folding units such as a hay, snowball players, etc. are available in use.
  • Thanks to the chain gear, electricity losses are minimized. The main units are reliably hidden with fat in the body, dense seals protect the entire interior of pollution and thereby significantly increase the lifespan of the engine unit.
  • Thanks to the adjustable folding handles, the operator offers maximum comfort during operation. The mobile handles will adapt to any growth, since the operator can control the device in parallel to it and do not step for a fresh farmland after it.
  • Thanks to the reduced focus, the mobility of the tractor of walking increases.
  • Drum brakes can stop the car immediately, even if it moves under the slope.
  • A special design of the steering columns enables the hiking loss tractor to maneuver and to avert a curve from a place of 180 degrees.
A garden without weeds

With a motorized device, floors are supplied in the amount of 6 parts. They are placed on the shaft instead of the bikes and do double work:

  • Cultivate the soil.
  • Transport the hiking loss tractor forward in the direction of movement.

The cultivation of the soil can be generated in two ways: use of a plow or milling cutter. In this case, the plowing depth can vary up to 32 cm.

cultivator cutter

Razor blade floors are made of special steel that harden. With the special design of the milling systems, you can cultivate even ultr a-skinned areas (virgin countries), as the knife penetrates into the ground at a certain angle, which makes processing easier.

For greater convenience, the model offers a third transport bike that facilitates the delivery of the device to the processing point.


Perfomance: 5.5 L.S.
The weight: 70 kg
The width of processing 30/60/90 cm
coupling Belt
Drive unit Chain
Turning back There is
Dimensions 80/60/80
engine Honda GX160
Engine type 4 tact
Adjustable steering column In 2 positions
Speed 2 forward/1 before 1
The depth of processing Up to 32 cm
The diameter of the grinding cutter 32 cm
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L

Unmounted equipment

In order to increase the skills of the device, the manufacturer created a hinge and trailer equipment in a large range.

Panel brush cultivating cutter shovel fasting rotor mower snowmaker potato chapter it plug bummer adapter lawnmow

User Guide

After buying an engine block Kayman Vario, you must first familiarize yourself with the operating instructions, in which the following information is described in detail:

  • The device of the Walk behavior.
  • Safety requirements when working with him.
  • Technical characteristics.
  • Service.
  • Operation.
  • Frequent breakthroughs, possibilities to eliminate them and causes.

Working with a walk tractor begins with the run in idle, then the performance gradually increases and is brought to the highest value. The procedure itself can take several hours to several days. In the end, the tractor of the walk behavior is completely ready to work. You can actively bring it into the business.

Special attention should be paid to exactly by the ru n-In, since this process can be carried all parts of the device (including the engine).

The instructions for maintenance should also be observed. The chapter describes when and how the oil is replaced (the stamps are specified), it is described in detail how the engine starts, petrol pours into the fuel tank and one or the other hanging devices attached.

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Oil filling and limit level

Any owner wishing to prolong the life of their two-wheel tractor is only required to do the following before and after working with any powered equipment:

  1. Make sure the fuel tank is filled with gasoline.
  2. Check the presence and amount of oil in the crankcase.
  3. Tighten fasteners.
  4. Clean and lubricate with oil all rubbing parts of the two-wheel tractor (after finishing work with the machine).

Video review

Overview of planting potatoes with a Caiman Vario 60H TWK two-wheel tractor

Owner reviews

On the forums you can read reviews about the operation of this device. Owners note its maneuverability, high functionality and high-quality engine.

Victor, 41 years old:

“I bought a caiman last year. I bought it for my personal plot which is quite difficult to work on manually (20 hectares). The kit included attachments that I immediately began testing. I have not used the plow yet, the quality of processing with milling cutters is quite satisfactory. I liked the Cayman, it perfectly obeys the controls, I was pleasantly pleased with the Cayman’s capabilities – I do all the gardening on it. In winter I didn’t preserve it, I used it as a snow blower. Popervah was concerned that the engine would start in the cold, but again the Cayman didn’t let me down – the Japanese Honda engine started like clockwork.

Anton, 46 years old:

“I’ve been plowing this machine for four years – no complaints! At first it slipped a little in some places, but now the problem is solved, all the lands have been cultivated carefully and more than once. At the moment I only use it for field work (I plow, plow, plant and dig). The walk-behind tractor came out of “hibernation” without a loss, it started on the first try.”

Alexander, 54 years old:

“I just bought a Cayman Vario two-wheel tractor this year. I immediately appreciated the benefits of working with him. I forgot about back pain, the walk-behind tractor obeys the controls perfectly, is very manoeuvrable. I am happy with the purchase.”

Do you need a motorcycle license?

We are grateful for new reviews that will help future owners make purchasing decisions.

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