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Champion Ste1650

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Advantages: powerful, inexpensive, gets along with its work, works for its money, what it does for the money.

Disadvantages: noisy, louder than a vacuum cleaner. Bikes small and unusable. Heavy, hard to push, snow numbers are not much easier than a regular shovel. Practical to clear snow only on a flat surface, when there are bumps and holes, it gets stuck. Thinking of replacing the bikes with at least twice as big and wider, as they fall through the snow and don’t help, not backwards.

Comment: Wrote this review last year, will now add a new one. Bought this unit yesterday, was told it was the best of the inexpensive ones. I really liked the look of it, the snails are made of metal, the snails on top screw on nuts, if anything, can be changed. I immediately decided to try it out. It ran for about an hour and died. Apparently something was wrong with the motor. Or maybe it was just a defective unit. Today I sent it back to the store under warranty. It was repaired (I don’t know what it was) and it worked regularly all winter, no more failures. But one day while working at the yard it caught a rock that got caught in a hole in the fuselage. We had to change the design. A year later, after the first heavy snowfall, I got this device out of the garage and after half an hour of work got a rock that punched through the hull and, as a miracle, did not hit the engine, which was now clearly visible. . I had to redo the design. This time I took a larger iron sheet. It is important to fasten with a clamp with short self-tapping screws so the screws don’t touch the iron panel when it rotates. Now the stones are not creeping. P.S. It remains to replace the socket bell that came out through the snow, or the rock damaged it. After all, China is China. The plastic case cannot withstand the blows of stones even in the cold, and the screws rotate so fast that even a small pebble gets an acceleration capable of breaking through the case.

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Advantages: Little wear and tear from place to place. The track size is just right for it.

Disadvantages: The wire has to be attached to the handle somehow, otherwise it flies off the snow blower plug. The air intake for cooling the engine is cooled from below, so snow gets through the air. The snow melts on the engine because it’s hot and causes the engine to fail. Had to replace the motor and make the air intake from the top again. poorly thought out.

Comment: blows well, better than a shovel.

Disadvantages: air blows from motor onto wheel, ice forms, bike gets stuck. Wheel plug doesn’t work, treats with drill and regular hair needle.


Mentarium: I’ve been using it for the third year, not big posts are fixed. Good quality electric shovel.

Pros: Killed comfort, powerful enough for its class.

Disadvantages: Screwed a few times.

Advantages: powerful. inexpensive. ergonomic – comfortable to use

Disadvantages: noisy, louder than a vacuum cleaner. The bikes are small, useless. Push it hard, snow removal is not much easier than a regular shovel.

Comment: Bought this unit yesterday, was told that of the cheapest, the best. I liked the look of it, the metal screws, the screws are fixed with hard rubber nuts, if anything can be changed. Immediately decided to give it a try in this case. Worked for about an hour and died. Apparently something with the motor. Or maybe I just got a defective copy. I returned it today under warranty.

Strengths: Not too loud and not too expensive.

Disadvantages: The only thing is that if there is a lot of snow, it is difficult, so we try to clean it and not to wait for the snow to melt.

Comments: The easiest and most economical model snowman, which came out to about 10,000 rubles. Our tile is only around the house as a blind area and a few garden paths. We also remove the entrance, but there is a small area. You can adjust the direction in which the snow is thrown. The model is extremely simple.

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Advantages: Metal auger with an attached rubber band, electricity, the snow is thrown more than 7 meters, sometimes you have to wait for people in the distance. Women do that.

Disadvantages: Assembly is terrible, or rather, I had to pull everything by hand, the scraper was undercut by 3 screws and the threads of these screws stuck and prevented movement – I had to twist in the opposite direction. The handle is squishy, but holds up well. The switch is a little bad. The knob for turning the snow lug is a little tight.

Comment: My mom works as a security guard at the “Pioneer House”, as fits these buildings, almost a soccer field on her doorstep. Management decided not to hire or solve the problem any other way, and just assigned the snow removal to women of retirement age, transferring them to a paycheck, or they did what they added on their own. My mom’s health is more important to me, I got this snow blower because of the metal screw. And the extension cord for our climate costs 30 m. and + extension cord 25 meters inside 600r. Theoretically for that amount of money you could buy a gasoline snow blower, they will do everything the same, and this thing is very easy. They take care. Sure there are inconveniences, but it’s not a shovel to sharpen the field.

Advantages: it is not noisy, for a home at all will pull

Disadvantages: Plastic, chips out of nowhere and punched a hole near the augers to the engine on the first day of work, this at a price of 4t.

Detailed specifications

Snow clearing system

Cleaning system type clearing level 50 cm height of grip 33 cm material rubber material skilling material skilling material skidding lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing lashing snow a-grinding mechanical

Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower. Review, features, instructions, reviews

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The compact, economical Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower is one of the cheapest and tiniest models in this manufacturer’s lineup. The device is used to clean small areas from freshly fallen snow.

The machine is very environmentally friendly, since it is powered by an electric motor and does not produce harmful exhaust gases. The engine of the snowmobile is designed to work at subzero temperatures and is equipped with a suspension.

The good performance of the Champions Ste1650 Snow Challenge snow blower is combined with a budget price. Today you can buy the device for the price of 9,950 rubles.


Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower

Buying an electric snow blower Champions Ste1650, you are buying an environmentally friendly tool, with which you can cope with the tasks of cleaning walkways near the house and small yards. Note that this model is not designed for professional purposes.
  • Advantages of the Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower:
  • 1600-watt synchronous electric motor;
  • Compact size and low weight (16 kg);
  • Large bucket with a grip of 50 cm;
  • Simplified control system;
  • Dual motor insulation;

Impressive choice of snowplows (5-7 meters).

Impressive choice of snowplows (5-7 meters). Features
Ste1650 Type of motor
Electric 230
Voltage, C 50
Power frequency, Hz 1600
Power, W Start switch
button 50
Stage width, cm 33
Singing height, cm Type of chute drive
lever 180
Chute rotation angle 16

Weight (kg)

User manual

Champion Ste1650 snow blower

A detailed description, safety rules, technical features and details of the snow blower can be found here: Your browser does not support frames downloading the Champion ST1650 Snowblower User Manual.
  • Preparation for use and operation of the snow blower:
  • When you purchase your snow blower, make sure it is complete and free of any visible faults or damage to the insulation.
  • Carefully examine the construction of the Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower for compliance with operating and safety regulations;
  • Install the exhaust grille and control buttons on the machine;

Plug the extension cord into an electrical outlet.

  • Important: Observe electrical wiring practices and use an extension cord designed for outdoor use.
  • Place the snow blower on a level surface and tilt it slightly toward you.
  • Hold down the start button.
  • Press and hold the safety lever to the right and wait for the engine to start and the auger to start rotating.
  • Release the start button;
  • Keep a moderate speed while operating;
  • Follow the extension cord when maneuvering the Ste1650 Snowpipe champion snow blower.
  • Release the safety lever to stop the snow blower. The engine will stop after a short time;
Purpose of the KAMAZ 65111: model changes, sphere of application

Champion Ste1650 snow blower device

When you have finished working, clean the snowblower and wipe it down with a dry cloth.
  • Safety Precautions for Working with the Snowblower:
  • Do not allow persons under 18 years of age or users who do not know the safety rules for working with an electric snow blower.
  • Do not modify the design of the Champion Ste1650 snowmobile or repair electrical cables with electrical tape.

Starting the electric snow blower

  • Do not direct the final electrical power at people, cars, driveways or residential windows.
  • Do not touch moving parts or components of the machine while it is operating.
  • If stones or other foreign objects hit the propeller, stop the engine and check the unit for collisions.
  • Use extreme caution when working on slopes; it is not recommended to clear snow on steep slopes.

Do not leave the presence of bystanders or animals at work.

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Checking out the Champion Ste1650 electric snow blower

Champion Ste1650 snow blower owner’s evaluation and opinion

Champion Ste1650 Discharge Review

Owner reviews

Galina Sagandakova, 35, Syktyvkar:

“The light requires no special maintenance, even a frail woman can handle it. It removes fresh snow well, it can’t be finished off with a couch and icy pavement. Of course, it is not an expensive gasoline unit, but for my purposes it is enough. During operation, no shortcomings have not been revealed. “

Fedor Lomakin, 52 years old, Pskov region:

“I use Champion Ste1650 snow blower for the fourth season. There were no special breakdowns. It’s very economical and easy to operate and maintain. I don’t need to spend money on gas and oil. Yes, it does not have the same power as the gasoline monsters, but it costs ten times cheaper. I am used to shoveling snow in the morning, and here the noise is important: so as not to wake up my relatives and not to disturb the neighbors. Normal “shovel” for that kind of money. “

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Anton Savushkin, 27 years old, Volgograd region:

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