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Champion ST655bs.

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Champion ST655bs reviews

Pros: Cleans snow well enough. shovels far away. Electric start in addition to the main one.

Cons: Poor assembly of some parts

Comments: Snow blower bought in winter 2018, removes just about any snow at about knee height. Even fairly dense drifts (not to the state of crust, of course). If the snowdrift is too high – above the frame, not so much. Crappy rotary handle of the gutter (part number 1739692YP), or rather, semicircular “ears” of the semicircular side clamped with screws (see photo). What prevented these holes from being completely closed so they wouldn’t end up ripping out? After that it is impossible to use the handle – it flies out. And it is just impossible to put into words how uncomfortable it is. It would seem to be such a trifle, but now to remove the snow in general is problematic. And it’s very difficult to find a new handle on sale. Now, a year later, I look at the details on the “Champion” site – the gutter mechanism is completely different, with remote control, probably more reliable and convenient. But it costs at least 30,000 rubles. – It’s easier to buy a new snowman.

Overall I am very disappointed. In general a normal unit, but a little thing categorically spoils the impression.

Advantages: design, reliability of the engine and practically the whole unit, minimum of maintenance, which consists of oil changes and widening of bolts on the pockets of the unit. Many thanks to the manufacturers.

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Cons: The wheels could be wider.

Comments: According to the detailers: Reduced (with grinder) part 0010 diameter by 2mm, because it was expanding and contracting during use, apparently the grease on the plastic without grease lagged behind. Parts 0020 and 0030 were drawn between these parts in addition to the three screws in the previously installed washers. The very weak part 0070 reinforced the titanium plate by putting it on this part. (After another year, he replaced it with a metal one. Road services are responsible for the large stones crumbling with the reagent). While working with the button from 0100, the plastic lever on the back side broke . Four Clopics screws helped. (There are 4 holes in the metal tube that this lever sits on, 2 each on opposite sides – the clopics lugs should go in there). I would be glad if this helps anyone. The device is excellent.

Pros: Light weight. Maneuverability. Build quality. February 2018 snowfall defeated a clear plus.

Cons: No insulation, thin (21mm).

Comment: Handle was insulated (from a simple Chinese, taken faithfully for 3 years).

Good snow blades (from 80 kg). One says his back hurts from that weight, another doesn’t want to start if the snow is less than 10 cm. Everyone was looking at our “hump horse” ST655BS

and wanted their “tractors. After cleaning, the first snow started with a huge plus. Completely satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: easy to clean in dandruff.

Cons: No insulation, thin (21mm).

Comment: Handle was insulated (from a simple Chinese, taken faithfully for 3 years).

Comment: The handle was insulated (from a simple Chinese, taken faithfully for 3 years).

Comment: The handle was insulated (taken from a simple Chinese, which served faithfully for 3 years.) Took after the test report of friends about a healthy (from 80 kg) snowthrower. One said that his back hurts from the weight, the other does not want to start if the snow is less than 10 cm all looked at our “horse-hunchback” ST655BS and wanted to change their “tractor”. After cleaning the first snow got a huge advantage. Totally satisfied with the purchase.

More features

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Snow clearing system

Cleaning system type disposable working width 56 cm working height 32 cm snow throw width 9 m shape snails smooth snow throw shaft material metal setting snow throw shaft position manually


Engine type Petrol, four-stroke Engine manufacturer Briggs and Stratton Engine output 4 kW / 5.50 hp Fuel tank capacity 2.8 l Electric starter yes

Champion St655Bs snow mill. Overview, specifications, instructions, reviews

Champion ST655BS snow blower is designed for cleaning small areas. This means that they can easily cope with the cleaning of farms, sidewalks and driveways from loose and freshly fallen snow. At the same time, it should be noted that this model of snowplow is not self-propelled and is not designed for cleaning old, wet and icy snow.

Champion is of Russian origin and has been known on the gardening equipment market since 2005. Today, the production facilities of the concern are located in China, where Champion St655Bs snow blower is installed.

Brand products combine high quality and affordable prices. Now you can buy this model of snow blower in Russia for 35 – 37 thousand rubles.

 Anton Grigoriev, 27 years, Moscow region:


This model of snow blower has a small weight (42 kg) and compact dimensions. Champion ST655BS is equipped with a gasoline engine Briggs & Stratton Snow Series, which is designed to work at low temperatures.
  • The unit is driven by the rotation of the rubberized auger and the force of the operator. The unit has two starts: electric and manual. The deflector and the current collector rotation are controlled remotely or manually (depending on the equipment set).
  • Champion St655B snow blower advantage:
  • Reliable engine, 5.5 hp;
  • Compact size and balanced body;
  • Convenient location of the control lever;
  • 190° rotation of output shaft;
  • Low fuel consumption;

Funken ignition system;

Funken ignition system; Presence of LED lamps.
Features ST655BS
Snow clearing system Cleaning system type disposable working width 56 cm working height 32 cm snow throw width 9 m shape snails smooth snow throw shaft material metal setting snow throw shaft position manually
engine 2,8
B&S Snow series 9,0
Fuel tank capacity, l 205
horsepower Engine displacement, cc
Starting system 56
Manual/electric 32
Snail width, cm Screw height, cm
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Champion St655bs snow blower

Owner’s Manual

Detailed description and specifications of Champion ST655BS Snowblower can be found here: Champion ST655BS Snowblower User Manual
  • The owner of a Champion ST655BS gasoline-powered snow blower should understand that he or she has purchased a complex piece of equipment, the operation of which requires certain knowledge and skills.
  • Maintenance and operation of the Champion ST655BS Snowblower:
  • When purchasing the unit, make sure it is complete and free of any visible ties or damage.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully, inspect the ST655BS Snowblower for ST65B and pay special attention to the safety section.
  • Install the machine according to the instructions;
  • Fill the snow blower with fuel;

Pour oil into the engine crankcase

Start the engine

As a fuel, the manufacturer recommends filling the master snow blower ST6555BS with pure high-octane oil-ai-92, 95 to lubricate the engine. .
  • Sae30 oil Sae5w30 oil Sae10W40 oil
  • Instructions for starting a cold engine with a hand starter:
  • Check the oil level in the engine crankcase, topping it up if necessary.
  • Make sure that the crank lever is in the “away” position.

Briggs & Stratton 750 Snow series

  • Insert the ignition key and turn it to the “integral” position.
  • Move the choke lever to the far right position;
  • Let the fuel flow into the carburetor (2-3 presses of the Primer button is sufficient).
  • Take a manual starter with a cable crank for resistance, leave it a little and crank it. If the engine won’t start, go through this process again.
  • Allow the engine to warm up for 2-3 minutes;
  • Set the area and direction of the snow discharge;
  • Press the lever that turns the auger.
  • Clean the selected area;
  • At the end of the job, stop the auger, let the motor run for 1-2 minutes without load, and pull it out.

Clean off snow, ice and debris and wipe with a dry cloth.

At the end of the winter season, let the unit drain the grease, gasoline and oil.

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Video review

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Owners reviews

Igor Knyazev, 39, Leningrad region:

“My site is small, so it does not make sense to buy an expensive snowman. In half an hour all the snow is already outside the yard, the path to the street is cleaned. Champion ST655BS is quite light and maneuverable, and the power and reliability of the engine are impressive. During this time there were no special defects – written out only for consumables. “

Mikhail Mitrushkin, 44 years old, Tambov region:

“I purchased Champion ST655BS in 2014. I have the snow blower in operation every season. No special complaints: Budget model with limited features – that’s enough for me. Several times I changed the rubber bands on the auger, I had to adjust the carburetor – but it’s the little things. In general, a good unit. “

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