Champion ST1170E snow blower. Review, features, reviews

Champion ST1170E Snowman

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg 135
engine Champion G340he OHV
Fuel tank capacity, l 6
Maximum output area, M 14
Engine type 4 tacts
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.8
Starter Manual/electric
Battery-powered electric starter on board no
Headlamp availability да
Unlocking bikes да
Self-closing да
Swift system Two-stage
Type of movement radet
Power, w) 8203
Power (hp) 11
Bucket, cm 54.5
Bucket width, cm 70
Pencil heating no
Engine model G340he OHV
spark plug F7TC
speed 6 forward/2 front
Engine displacement, cm? 337
Screw metal
Angle of rotation of the snow discharge chute, deg. 190
Brush included no

Model Features

The Champion ST1170E gasoline snow blower is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke 11 hp engine. Designed for clearing snow from medium-sized areas, such as parking lots or entrances to stores and shopping malls. Thanks to the electric stripper, there is no difficulty even in high sub-zero temperatures. The river auger, thanks to which the device easily finishes cleaning heavy snow. For comfortable work in bad weather, the snow blower is equipped with a headlamp. 7 movements are provided: 5 forward and 2 forward 2. At low speed snow is cleaned perfectly, the average speed is suitable for loose snow, and high – for the movement of the machine.

The efficiency of the metal gear auger allows even snow to be shredded evenly around the neck. The runner protection protects the bucket of the Champion ST1170E gasoline snow blower from possible damage during operation. Robust grip tire profile ensures reliable responsibility on the surface and in icy areas. Working longer, the snow blower is equipped with a headlamp – for working in the dark and in bad weather. Control of the snow blower is convenient by means of handles and levers on the control panel.

  • Engine power of 11 hp;
  • Maneuverability;
  • The throw distance reaches 14 m;
  • Includes a special spatula for cleaning the bell of the Snowplow machine.
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Standard equipment

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the features, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without notice to representatives. Be careful when buying!

  • Tools for certification.



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Good model of the snowman. Picked the snowmobile for snow removal in the yard near the house and outdoors. It cleans snow well, no problems in 2 seasons. The main thing is to understand his skills properly.

Champion ST1170E snow blower. Review, characteristics, reviews of owners

For most of our fellow citizens, the existence of household snowplows is not news, but a necessity, caused by the constant care of the areas adjacent to an apartment building, an organization or a supermarket. The larger the organization, the more parking, the wider and longer entrances and exits, driveways…

In constant snowfalls this machine is indispensable, but what snow blower to choose, because there are many manufacturers, whose equipment deserves attention? Let’s focus on Champion ST1170E snowblower from an American manufacturer, but made in China.


According to its characteristics, this device is as close to the professional devices, but belongs to the household appliances. Its weight is not 50-70 kg, as in previous models, but 135 kg.

Champion G390HK engine

Power (engine power) is not 5,5-6,5 hp, but 11 hp. Increased handle of the shovel, increased throw distance (up to 15 m), powerful wheel drive with deep treads – all this and much more makes this machine indispensable in our households.

With the help of the snow blower you can remove the snow cover:

  • freshly fallen;
  • stale;
  • hoarfrost;
  • thick crust, etc.

The Champion ST1170E snow thrower’s four-cylinder single-cylinder engine is equipped with an air cooling function, which significantly increases the snow thrower’s operating time. The recommended fuel is 92 octane gasoline.

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The engine can be started in two ways:
  • From 220 V mains (there is a special plug).
  • Manually, thanks to a special handle.

Such alternative starting makes it possible to work with the snow thrower in various conditions: in the presence or absence of access to the electric network.


Power (hp) 8.1/11
model weight 121 kg
snow working width, cm 70
working height, cm 54.5
Wheels (diameter/thickness) inches 14/6
wheel lock machine
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 6/2
Engine capacity (cc) 337
Fuel tank capacity, l 6.5
crankcase volume, l 1.1
engine run 230 V/Manual
snow discharge 2 speed
headlamp Yes
screw material metal
Fuel Consumption gasoline
Snow throwing angle control remote control, cable

User manual

Do not start clearing snow without first becoming familiar with the main components of the Champion ST1170E Snowblower and how to use them. This manual contains typical malfunctions of the Champion snow thrower, as well as their causes and remedies.

Diagram of Champion ST1170E snowblower

Proper maintenance of the machine’s systems and components is the key to a long service life.

Important: Before starting work, carefully read the following instructions, including the safety precautions for operating the machine.

Champion ST1170E manual contains a detailed description of how to store the machine at the end of the winter period, which will ensure easy start-up of the snow blower in the new season.

Before starting snow clearing work, you should inspect the snow thrower, its main assemblies, systems, hazardous elements and units, fasteners, etc. Only after that can you begin to assemble the machine.

Main components of Champion ST1170E snowblower

Why you need to know the structure of the snow thrower:
  • To protect yourself and your loved ones from injury.
  • To be able to carry out repair work (in case you urgently need to completely disassemble Champion ST1170E snowblower or its part).
  • To identify malfunctions.
  • For care (maintenance) of the technique, etc.

Video review

Overview of Champion ST1170E snow thrower

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owner reviews

If you are still undecided on the Champion snow blower model, we recommend visiting the forums where you can read reviews about Champion ST1170E and other modifications from different people. You also have a great opportunity to chat directly with Champion owners, which will help you with your final decision on your snow blower model.

We suggest you read the reviews of our readers, who wanted to write their comments about this snowblower:

Oleg, 32:

“I bought the Champion ST1170E four years ago. The machine is strong, goes well in the snow, starts up with a twist. Had some problems with the headlights, I had to replace the wiring and properly sealcoat the mounting points on the dash. Well, what else – over the season on the shaft can fly out protective spokes (I have a gravel driveway, dirt rocks often fall). In order not to suffer a long time in search of tunnels, I make them myself, aluminum axle fits perfectly. After resting the snow blower jumped well, with no surprises. At the end of the third season something went wrong and the engine stalled, it turned out that the spark plug failed. I checked it – it worked, set the gap and the snow blower worked again. I’m used to doing everything myself – it’s more reliable and some parts can be finished. “”

Vitali, 41:

“I went to this step for a long time, I could not choose a model of snow blower. I wanted something more powerful and more productive, but some areas to be cleared did not allow me to fully turn around, so in the end I decided to settle on the “Champion” ST1170E, which is more compact, but more vigorous. We have to clear not only our farm, but also the road to the highway, because the streets are very neat, and still have to wait for supplies (sometimes we wait for 3 days). And everyone has to work in the city. Now this problem is solved. There have been breakdowns, when the blade ran over a stone – they bent, they were paved as best they could. Scissor bolts often fly out, but in our village we have a master on a master – and then we got out of the situation. When I rebuilt it, ran out of gas, had to move it home, the good thing it was not far. But in principle, without my snowblower – as without hands, not only I but also all the inhabitants of the village is satisfied with the purchase.

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