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5 best cultivating champion

The champion technology is carried out taking into account the operating conditions in Russia. It is designed for different climate zones and is suitable for household purposes and for operation on a professional level. In the ranking of the best champion cultivists, everyone will find a suitable model for their needs – processing of beds or small areas, a large area next to a private house or commercial buildings. The line of the brand cultivists is optimal – petrol, diesel, electrical models of different capacities. You can find compact inexpensive devices or a hig h-performance unit. In any case, the buyer receives the best combination of price and efficiency.

  • Top 5 of the best cultivating champion
  • 1. Champion BC7714 7 PS
  • 2. Champion BC6612H 5.5 hp
  • 3. Champion BC5602BS 5.51 PS
  • 4. Champion BC5712 5.57 hp
  • 5. Champion EC1400 1.4 kW
  • Which cultivator to choose?

Top 5 of the best cultivating champion

The top 5 best cultivating champion brands are a win-win option of a successful purchase. The choice for these models fell for a certain reason – they were selected by customers and appreciated the quality, reliability and compliance with the declared characteristics. Top cultivists are presented in the ranking of our editorial offices, their technical and constructive features are uncovered. The owners helped to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each deeper and informed their experiences. As a result, only reliable and hig h-quality masters fell into the new evaluation of 2022.

1. Champion BC7714 7 PS

Model Champion BC7714 7 PS.

The most powerful bourgeois cultivator is equipped with a chain drive with 30 centimeters and a multiple speed gear. Its acceptable engine consumes pure gasoline without oil and enables the aggregate to develop a speed of up to 8 km/h. Such a maximum acceleration sometimes reduces the time costs to clean the earth of unwanted weeds or the preparation for plants of plants. According to owners, this is one of the best cultivating champion with a number of important advantages. The most important are reliability, the highest performance and convenience at work.


  • powerful engine;
  • large detection width;
  • Plowing depth 30 cm;
  • High quality production;
  • 4 speeds.


  • great mass;
  • High fuel consumption.

2. Champion BC6612H 5.5 hp

Model Champion BC6612H 5.5 hp

The fire master’s best gasoline manufacturer has been stable for many years. His tim e-tested design, which is based on the unpretentious and powerful Honda GX160 engine, is simple and reliable. And the verified ratio of mass and working properties enables the use of a cultivator not only for rough work for plowing or loosening the location, but also for those where delicacy is required. For example, the cultivation of the earth around the trees to make fertilizers so that they do not damage their roots. This popular model is widespread, so that there are no defects in additional accessories and spare parts, which is an additional advantage.


  • Low fuel consumption;
  • High resource;
  • Simple start;
  • Universality;
  • Large depth of work and working width.


  • No overdrive.

3. Champion BC5602BS 5.51 PS

Model Champion BC5602BS 5.51 PS

According to most owners, an inexpensive and reliable cultivator is ideal in terms of price and quality. His “highlight” was the engine of the Briggs & Stratton 550 series – one of the most popular among manufacturers of professional garden tools. It has improved technical properties, including high torque and high performance with reduced fuel consumption. As well as hig h-performance properties. In addition, the engine is very compact, which has a cheap effect on the mass of the cultivator, and equipped with an electronic magnetron ignition, which is responsible for an easy start.

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  • Reliability and affordable price;
  • Profitability;
  • Small mass;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Floor processing of good quality.


  • cumbersome change of belt.

4. Champion BC5712 5.57 hp

Model Champion BC5712 5.57 PS

One of the most popular brand models, as test reports show, is ideal for a home or a small private household. The torqu e-heavy petrol engine enables you to simply plow, loosen and remove weeds in the country. The framework structure and the chain gears ensure the necessary rigidity of the cupboard. And the reverse gear is useful if the milling cutters get stuck in wet or loose soil. Despite the small dimensions, the mass of the device is sufficient so that it does not jump to thick roots, but cuts it and throws out of the ground. The disadvantages of the owners include deep controls and the lack of a second gear for the forward movement.


  • inexpensive;
  • good traction in the entire speed range;
  • Lon g-lived tailors;
  • moderate fuel consumption.


  • Inadequate height adjustment of the steering wheel;
  • Just a speed to get forward.

5. Champion EC1400 1.4 kW

Model Champion EC1400 1.4 kW

The light electric grubber has great potential and is able to do all garden work. This allows you to prepare beds, also in a greenhouse, weeds and uphill, process potatoes between the ranks. The compact design is very practical and indispensable in densely planted areas in which maneuverability is of the utmost importance. According to the owners’ ratings, the cultivator is without exception of high quality and reliability of all nodes and internal mechanisms. The only essential disadvantage of the mugber was the lack of weight on the basis of which users use weights to plow dense land.


  • high energy;
  • There is a reversal;
  • compact design;
  • high ergonomics;
  • good quality.


  • too little weight.

Which cultivator to choose?

To buy the best cultivator from the Champion brand, you have to choose the most important selection criteria:

  1. Motor type – fuel or electrical. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, uses.
  2. Perfomance . Models with medium performance include models with 5 hp, light – up to 5 hp and powerful over 6 HP. Conditional classification indicates performance – the harder the floor and the larger the area, the more powerful the device should be.
  3. Layout – small and compact or productive and large. This is important to take into account because the operation requires physical strength and the device itself has to be transported frequently.

These are just the most important factors that guide the selection. An evaluation of our editorial team helps to buy a good champion grubber. The evaluation was created with careful study of reviews as well as the properties and the technical equipment.

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Champion engine blocks: characteristics and properties of models

Champion Motoblocks: Characteristics and properties of models

Champion is one of the largest and best known brands on the domestic gasoline market. Champion devices are designed for all-year operation in all climatic conditions and convince with high-quality workmanship, efficiency and an appropriate price. Among the products of this brand, han d-led tractors of a consistently high demand are enjoying. This powerful, functional and mobile garden unit perfectly copes with the most labo r-intensive work for floor processing and maintaining plantings and makes it easier to work for summer residents and farmers. Look at the popular models of the hand-led champion tractors, your advantages and functional features and provide advice on the selection of these devices.


Under the Champion brand, hand-led diesel and gasoline tractors are manufactured with different capacities that differ in business skills. The line of the benzing devices is represented both by the simplest models with a tw o-stroke engine, which are designed for work on small areas, as well as through heavy professional models for the processing of large areas of agricultural areas.

Design features of garden tools of this brand:

  • In basic modifications, a manual starter, a mult i-stage gear and a chain drive are installed;
  • The engine is controlled via an ergonomic handle with a comfortable handle and height and side adjustment.
  • The aggregates are equipped with a friction or directional clutch, depending on the type of coupling, chain or snail gears are used in the equipment;
  • the presence of protective grids that prevent the penetration of clumps in the earth and stones from the earth during work;
  • Working comfort is guaranteed by the equipment of the units with a system to choose the speed and to insert the reverse gear.

advantages and disadvantages

Champion Motoblocks are a stroke of luck for owners of private side companies who are worried about finding a multifunctional and productive assistant. The advantages are a number of properties.

  • Versatility of the application. With the hand-guided champion tractors, it is possible to carry out a wide variety of work processes, since almost any attachment device can be used.
  • High processing quality. All parts and assemblies of the units are made from high-quality materials using high-tech processing methods, which is a guarantee of their reliability and durability.
  • Good maintainability. Technically speaking, hand-guided tractors are very simple, which makes their maintenance easier and shortened repair and maintenance times.
  • No problems buying spare parts. Parts and accessories for champion engine blocks are sold through an extensive dealer network with representations in all regions of Russia.
  • A wide range of products simplifies the selection of a model for the processing of floors of any complexity.
  • Acceptable costs. Compared to analogue of imported production, the purchase of hand-held champion tractors is cheaper.

But this technique also has disadvantages.

  • Overheating of the transmission in some models through longer use. For this reason, it is necessary to agree 10-15-minute breaks in the operation of the equipment, which automatically extends the time to carry out work processes.
  • The need to purchase wheeled weight workers from low-power models, as they are not sufficiently heavy for working on heavy clay soils.
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field of use

Motobobloks Champion are universal machines designed to perform a full range of operations for soil processing and cultivation of agricultural crops in areas from 0.5 to 3 hectares.

They are equipped with hinged devices for various purposes and are used to perform:

  • Plow;
  • cultivation;
  • washers of the beds;
  • hilling;
  • shake
  • To weigh;
  • planting and cleaning potatoes;
  • hay mows;
  • flower beds and lawns (grass mowing, soil aeration, collecting and grinding dry vegetation, watering);
  • Winter work – snow – appropriate, crushing ice, clearing paths from snow;
  • Cargo transport over short distances.


Champion Motoblocks are classified according to several criteria. Diesel and diesel devices are distinguished according to the type of engine. Units with a gasoline engine are durable, reliable, have high efficiency and economical fuel consumption. Models of gasoline motblocks in comparison with diesel are released in the working process, much less noise, exhaust gases are distinguished in a much smaller volume, and their maintenance is considered less time-consuming.

In accordance with the engine power and the weight of the machine itself, three classes are distinguished.

  • Lung. These are compact machines with limited functionality. They weigh a maximum of 40 kg and have a capacity of up to 4.5 liters. With.
  • Average. Weight 50-90 kg, have power from 5 to 7 liters. With. And they are complemented by various problems, with their functionality increasing.
  • Difficult. This is professional equipment that has increased functionality due to the possibility of a large number of attachments. They are equipped with diesel engines, have a mass of at least 100 kg and a capacity of 9 liters. With.

models and their properties

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular petrol and diesel models of the master engine blocks.


A model with medium equipment weighing 75 kg, on which a single cylinder four gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 liters is installed. p., which allows you to use a machine for processing complex soil. Equipping the unit with high cutters provides the ability to cultivate soil with a loose structure, plow virgin lands, and work with a plow. The presence of a standard coupling mechanism makes the connection of the towbar to perform a variety of economical work. The machine has established itself as reliable equipment for the manufacture of land processing of any complexity.


A heavy unit weighing 177 kg has the highest capacity of 9.5 liters. With. And he is able to work continuously in large areas and complex soil in any weather. It installed a single cylinder diesel engine with a mandatory air cooling system. The machine is equipped with 12-inch pneumatic wheel, high-strength cutter cultivator. The design is complemented by a current selection shaft, which ensures the convenience of control.

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The agile gasoline model with hand starter and a total of 10-inch frames is designed for work on areas of 2-3 hectares. It easily processes the processing of both loose floors and undeveloped areas. The device is equipped with a gearbox with three gears. 9-hp engine. With. Controlled by antivibration handles, which means that the operator’s hands can tire less and he can work for a long time without slowing down. The model has an increased of f-road capacity due to the equipment of air wheels with hig h-strength tires with a reinforced structure that are breakdow n-safe and have good sel f-cleaning.

8713 v. Born

An inexpensive option for benzing devices with low power consumption and a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. With a strap that is suitable for those who have large properties. This is a model with a weight of 70 kg and a classic layout that is equipped with pneumatic bikes, which means that it can be used for goods transport. The design is equipped with the Champion G 200H engine from its own production, which is designed for operation under elevated loads.


One of the compact models of the middle class with an economical single-cylinder petrol engine that is designed for work on areas of 10 to 20 hectares. Their scope is limited to soil processing. It is completed with high-strength cutting tools and small 8-inch frames. The presence of a chain reducer guarantees high efficiency. The characteristics of the unit are good noise properties and the presence of a universal clutch device for connecting a trailer coupling. Compared to the previous model, this device has an improved 7-horsepower engine. With.


One of the lightest models in the champion series handled tractors. Despite its modest size and the low weight of 49 kg, this device offers a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. With a tw o-stage gearbox, it solves a variety of economic tasks from cultivation to goods transport. The compactness of the machine in combination with the removable handles offers the owner additional comfort and saves space for storage. It is not surprising that the han d-led tractor, which has a “comfortable” compact size, combined with excellent technical properties that were interested in the owner of small gardening stations and became a bestseller.

operation and maintenance

Be sure to ensure that the screw connections are securely fixed at the attachment points before the first commissioning of the device. The petrol tank must be filled with motor oil up to the upper marking. During operation, when the equipment adapts to the load, the processing of new territory is prohibited. Permissible load stages are 2/3 of the device performance for 18-20 hours. Another company in full capacity is possible.

Timely maintenance is the key to long and troubl e-free operation of the han d-led tractor. The oil should be changed every three months. The sel f-repair of a han d-led tractor is possible if you have the skills to assemble and disassemble devices of this kind and have the required tools. The diagnosis and the restoration of the operation of the engine or gearbox should only be carried out by specialists from the service center. More than 700 dealers and 300 service centers in every federal district of the Russian Federation deal with the sale of spare parts for champion engine blocks.

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Optional equipment

By using attachments, you can increase the functionality and production capacity of mechanization on a small scale.

The most common types of Hitch are:

  • The braid is rotary, frontal, planned and it is to mow the tops, to supply lawn, hay her;
  • Adapter – equipment of different sizes for freight transport;
  • Mass rooms improve the adhesion of the soil unit, increase the continuousness of the moist soil;
  • Plug and loosen the soil with the addition of fertilizers, weeds are removed.
  • Potato cake helps with the collection of potatoes without an apron.
  • Snow attacks – with a rotor brush or a bulldozer knife, it is comfortable to sweep the snow and remove small snow blocks.
  • The plow lifts the sewn layers of the soil;
  • Ventators make punctures in the soil and open access to moisture and oxygen into the deep layers of the soil;
  • The cigns are cut with furrow, hidden, weeds remove in the corridors.

Chips to choose

When selecting a tractor for a walk, you must first calculate the optimal performance of the unit in accordance with the area to be processed:

  • S location up to 20 ACRES-3-3.5 liters. With.;
  • 20-50 ACRES-3.5-4 liters. With.;
  • Over 50 acres up to 1 ha-4.5-5 liters. With.;
  • 1-3 ha-6-7 l. With.;
  • 3-4 ha-7-9 liters. With.

Another important criterion for the selection of motoblock is the floor processing width, which is also selected based on the area of ​​the processed area:

  • S the place 15-20 morning-the width of the cultivation up to 600 mm;
  • 25-50 ACRES-800 mm;
  • More than 50 tomorrow up to 1 ha – 900 mm;
  • 1-3 ha-1 meter.

The selected cultivation width affects the performance of the tractor of the walk behavior.


The analysis of the reviews of the owners of the Champion technology showed that most users are satisfied with their tools.

Of the advantages of motoblocks of this brand that was most frequently found:

  • Compact dimensions of structures that ensure the convenience of their use, storage and transportation;
  • thoughtful, ergonomic design;
  • Excellent quality and speed of engines;
  • the ability to select a car taking into account specific needs;
  • An attractive combination of moderate value and a powerful motorcycl e-line tour.

Reviews of a negative nature are usually of those who have problems with the tractor for the walk behavior due to improper use without a detailed examination of the instructions. Regardless of the extended recommendations of manufacturers of the technology, there are always users who neglect them through their studies and prefer to rely on intuition.

Watch how to use the Champion Motoblock in the next video to use the champion correctly.

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