Champion LM4627. Review, Instruction, Reviews

Champion LM4627.

Champion LM4627

We have collected 18 positive and negative reviews from customers and experts about the Champion LM4627 lawn mower. The average customer rating was 4.33 points. In their reviews, users have described all of the disadvantages and advantages of the Champion LM4627 over the lawn mower. If you have had an experience with the Champion LM4627 LM4627 LMP, add your review and share it with other customers! Read all reviews about Champion.

Champion LM4627 reviews

Overall, I liked everything about it. But the price is special!

Haven’t found it yet.

Purchased this Champion yesterday. Before it was an electric, very “budget” mower, I chose the gasoline mower because 1. I got tired of pushing the mower with my tail wire 2. I was tired of pushing the mower through the yard. When choosing a side discharge, self-propelled, well, the price – did not want to buy expensive, because this is the first experience with a self-propelled petrol mower, not wanted to overestimate. Compared with the electric, this “self-propelled” is heaven and earth! Without too much effort, I cut 5 acres in 10 times. There is no speed control, but I don’t seem to need this option – I follow the device at a leisurely pace. There’s no problem with extending to the other side either – the mower is pretty light, the long handle works like a lever. I get it without any problem, but the woman has difficulties – apparently, she doesn’t have enough pulling power. But with the fifth, she starts. By the way, even my 7-year-old daughter, who was carried to the mower while mowing. She stumbled on the rocks. What will happen in a few months? If only the mower had a reverse step (are there any in the nature?) – it would be a beauty! A good choice for a low price.

Good price (for 12800), low-noise, excellent quality of mowing. The presence of three modes of mowing.

The claw blade bends even small wood. But it’s better than if it broke.

Before asking for a good electric trimmer and here the difference is huge. Compared to similar homemade mowers, I really like the mulching mode, there is no cat left over the whole area u200bu200bt.

Convenience and quality of operation, price.

Chinese engine with unknown service life.

Took it in August for 12,990. Wanted to make a self-propelled weapon, not ashamed to kill. I have more than 10 years of experience, and MTD SP48HWO is still working on 30 sotka, only Deco is completely rotten and the drive crumbled long ago. Champion LM4627 engine with similar properties starts as instructed the first time, there is enough electricity, when you connect the drive it increases. When it starts, the start without jerking smoothly, the blade is slightly less than 46 cm – the optimal model in general for me. According to the champion, MTD is a clutch above the old man, ergonomic with a soft grip adjustment, they do not have to grasp the starter handle, self-flushing system, etc., people exactly clogged and built in. To flush the washer made a hose on a quick study, made a connection to the pump station, subdued the mower, opened the tap with 30 sec. And the mower is clean. The only question of mowing is how much the engine will take. If seasons at least will take, then I’ll consider the purchase successful, time that will explain the issue of reliability of the engine will recommend it to all, a successful, balanced model, not much and not little, just right.

With the champion price I have decided. I wanted to buy a more expensive model, from which the knife, but could not find it, but the LM4627 was in abundance. In the end I managed to buy it for 14600 at the beginning of the summer. Everything is simple, clear and convenient. After the trimmer, of course, it is heaven and earth. The regular field grass has maintained gorgeous lawns, just like in the movies. It’s easy to kill. I’ve already removed the blade, pulled it and removed the cover with the trigger mechanism when I cut the cable from the handle (the little bundle comes with the factory). There is nothing to set up. After the instructions, got ready for company and off you go!

Compact tractor Rusich T224. Overview, features, equipment

This is my first lawn mower, nothing to compare with, all satisfied. Some people notice that it would be bad if there was a speed control. Of course it would be nice, but it would be a different price and a different class. The speed is fine with me. Not running, but not barely either. It is also difficult to maneuver between bushes. But I do not have such a task. I have a trimmer for that. On the contrary, I do almost all my mowing in a straight line.

I think everyone, like me, has thought about a lawn mower when the grass is waist-deep, and the big question is “will this grass take?” When a lawn mower goes into the grass, it naturally turns toward the ground. But it cuts. But not all of it. After an hour or so of getting used to it, I developed a technique for mowing tall grass across the aisle (if the glued grass is tilted to the opposite side). For my landscape the optimal height of the net was 4 cm. I have mowed about 40 acres. That’s why the first time I cut the grass I had to struggle with the belt. But the next mowing was a beauty. The first time I mowed, I didn’t even bother to do it. I made a side discharge: I mounted the so-called “mulch nozzle” on the right side. However, this greatly reduces the freedom of maneuver, because you have to mow a circle on the lap, so that the next pass does not select this mowed grass, which is on the right. There is no ejection on the left. The grass collection bag is also configured so that it can be freely ejected from the back. This is something I didn’t find in the manual alone. Learned from the design. The rear ejection does not work without the bag because its lid is tightly closed. I read that people mow 3 times a season. What is there is there! After 2 weeks the grass (I don’t know anything about a special lawn, maybe it is) is 10-20 cm and I have to mow again. But I already use a rear discharge and don’t mess around with a bag, which is much faster. It takes me 3-4 hours for 40 acres. If you collect the grass in the grass box, it’s 3-4 times slower. In general, the mower plows, the place around the house became very beautiful on the envy of the neighbors. To anyone who plans to introduce this grass into the life data, I do not think that this mush eat livestock. For example, I now have a problem that all of this grass from 40 hectares was harvested. Already a mountain when stored in one place. I’m thinking of a silo.

Self-storage. Easy start. Two emission options. Needs an agglomerator connecting the bag. Doesn’t take five minutes and a side publication. Separate plus for resume. Attracted a garden hose for watering on a special nipple, started 30 seconds and ready to slingshot in the shed. Pieces of mulch are knocked down with water. The main advantages are described in other reviews, I am not blessed.

Taiga chainsaw. Review of the model range, characteristics, reviews

The starter cord bulb was immediately changed at the store, as it fell apart. Perhaps for some it is a minus weight. But I didn’t feel it. It is really hard to maneuver. But it is for squares, not for bushes.

The model is great. I use 92. Gasoline with fuel stabilizer. Has started up fine since winter. In terms of appearance with a starchy curb. Appearance. This model was recommended by the business director at the store and I was not wrong in my choice.

The design is terrible. The instructions are useless. No indication of the amount of mowing, only numbers.

I only mow the lawn. The plot is flat. Tried to cut it for 15 minutes, just after I put on the grass box. The grass collector had two hooks sticking out treacherously. We suggested we attach them somehow to the mower. It took a long time to twist them around, look at them, take them apart. I understood that there was no other way. Turned my brain off and figured out what it should be. To cut the long story short, the rear cover was holding the grass catcher. So bad, in fact, that the vibration makes it fall off. The area of the lawn is 4 hectares. When using the grass catcher box once a week, it is enough, but it falls off about 20 times during mowing. Due to the fact that it is very impractical you have to waste a lot of time. We gave up and decided to use mulching mode. As a result, it chops the dry grass, but spits out large pellets after each 5 meters. In other words it does not work as it should. Galim China.

Powerful engine, good wheel drive, you can mow tall grass.

The tabs on the blade to the clutch have sheared off, but the center bolt holds, so the drawback is not very serious.

Good mower worked a little more than a year, no problems so far, only the rock tabs on the coupling have been cut off, which repair the blade. But basically the center bolt holds up well. And so everything works fine, the main thing is to change the oil in time. I recorded a video review about it [link].

Price, ease of operation, engine noise.

Uncomfortable for the spouse, maneuverability.

I was looking for a cheap, self selling gun, 1 5 year old MTD – rotted and engine dropped 14 tomorrow in 1.5-2 hours. (Long? – I don’t have a Golfeld, but it’s really hard to maneuver it, the beauty is not only in the trees, but in several runs from different sides). Only one side discharge is used all summer – not required in my case to remove the grass (often mowed). T.K. Mowed with the minimum level; Given the drought in M.O. The grass burned out in July, which made it possible not to bathe further with the comment – there is nothing to mow, the grass is almost not growing. Ratings praise the self-made feature – I find it hard to wash with Kercher from the body of grass and people who connect the hose. . Well otherwise it’s not a problem (wash 15 minutes and the whole floor is like new) – it’s really hard and takes up a lot of space – it’s not stressful, there’s storage space – but that’s an issue in some reviews. (Watch when buying). I will add to the review in the future as needed and time of use.

Minitor Chuvashpiller-120. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Price. Managed to push out 13,000 rubles. The side discharge is just space. Goes through the field and spits mulch like a harvester. Enough power to grind the grass up to the knee.

If the grass gets into the body and touches the blade, the sale and the lawns fall down. It is worth maneuvering by letting go of the drive linkage grip. Otherwise, the drive belt will not hold for a long time – all turns, especially diverting ones, must be done without connecting the drive. That’s why all belts fly. You have to be very careful when mowing stones, bumps, stumps. On lawns, the blade is connected directly to the crankshaft, and if God forbid a stump gets bitten, you’ll get an expensive engine repair. You don’t have to self-propel if the lawn blade rolls like a car without resistance. Even with a self-reinforcing gun, also with a free drive, have resistance when retracting. Build quality is 2 out of 5. On the second mowing, some rattling started when tipping the mower – haven’t figured out the reason yet.

The price is good but the quality is poor. The mower is suitable for flat and straight areas with no bushes or flowers. It is very difficult to maneuver. It was the same with the electric one. If you want to mow an area with many obstacles, don’t take up the idea. The self-made gun is only suitable for large and straight lawns that do not require maneuvering. Believe me, pushing a self-made gun is not that difficult.

An inexpensive model that has a few nice little things. Records width, good height adjustment area. Mows grass finely. Wet on the side and back into the grass box. Relatively uncomplicated. No problem with parts for this brand. Homemade gun.

Rear wheel drive (more conveniently on the front wheel) China. need to handle with care. Weak bikes (but all are almost as weak). Be careful with the blade (it’s blunt and easily out of balance when hitting hard objects)

Read the instructions carefully. Change oil according to the rules, do not fill the tank completely, try less (lift the rear axle when turning)

Low price for its performance. Large basket for collecting grass. Unpretentious about fuel quality.

Challenges. The area around the blade quickly clogs with wet grass. The neighbors complain very loudly.

Use three seasons, 10 ha/week. Conditions are tough. Knife meets protruding tree roots, mounds of earth, rocks come over. Works without a wrench. First year self-moving gear broke down. Disassembled and found unreliable. The snail is made of metal, the plastic toothed wheel just wore out. Knife was sharpened after 10 times, causing imbalance, bought a new knife. I don’t sharpen it at all, no imbalance. Cleaned the float chamber of the carburetor several times. There is nothing complicated about it. I recently found oil leaking under the crank body seal. I disassembled it, threw out the native thin paper oil pan seal, which was done in several places. I put the palette on a native high temperature sealant. It only uses 7 liters of gasoline for the season. I change the oil twice a year.

Good choice for the money.

Tough, needs a lot of storage space.

I took specially with the option of mulching, it’s a great option for beds, but since the beds are not, but only the lawn on the territory, you can take and without mulching, although the grass is stuffed into the bag denser, because it is less, costs about 16 thousand rubles, now saw it in the stock.

Cool mower, especially the mulching function, the woman mows 8 acres in an hour and a half

Case 580T Backhoe-loader - description and characteristics

Mowing, self-propelled, large grass catcher, mulching, side discharge, 7 cutting heights

Heavy, hard to drag into the closet, lots of room. After use, after use, the drive belt came off and it stopped going sad and frustrating. Had to take it to service, took it away for a week, now waiting.

After the electric meat grinder, it’s just an airplane. Fast, smooth, effortless. Would have been a source of happiness, but a breakdown spoiled the whole experience. I think it’s a very good buy for the money, so I have to deal with this belt.

Mowing, self-propelled, large grass tank, mulching, side discharge, 7 levels of cutting height. I’ve been enjoying it in the country for 4 years now. Attached a cup holder to it and it’s a buzz kill with beer.

Dragging it into the pantry is hard, it takes up a lot of space there. After 4 years I would like more productivity, when the grass is high it happens that it chews the grass and shuts down, you have to take your hands out, maybe this is not so with the more powerful version. But the medium grass is great, like a soccer field.

After the electric mower it is an airplane. Quick, smooth, effortless. Had a little hitch with the drive belt, but it was quickly fixed at the service. Been running for 4 years. Mows my lawn nicely. I change the oil every summer, for this money I think it is very good.

After the electric mower, it is just an airplane. It is fast, smooth, effortless. I think it is a very good buy for the money. Here’s the thing to find out with this belt. I will do that with no problem. By the way, my 7 – year old daughter even managed to snag the mower. The mower tripped over rocks, got up several times, but the blade didn’t break. All in all, while I’m happy with the mower, we’ll see what happens in a few months. If only the mower had a reverse function (are there such mowers available?) it would be a beauty! It’s a good choice for the minimum price.

Easy to start, 4-stroke engine, oil separate, gasoline separate. Don’t think about proportions like mixing 2-strokes, cheer up if you connect the drive, even the skids. Just coordinated mowing height, which is 7 choices. Was pleased with the grass outlet and if necessary in the grass box, the grass box fills well.

There are times when the grass clippings get stuck with the side discharge, but it’s not critical, you just have to keep an eye on them.

Compared to trimmers or lawnmowers without a drive, this is a miracle. It mows quickly and smoothly, now it’s a pleasure to mow. The main thing is to make all the turns and changes in the tractor without turning on the drive.

Inexpensive, easy to mow, self-made

no quick start

The first lawn mower we bought was the Trimmer. Despite weighing about 32, bought for my parents at the cottage, it was easy to mow and didn’t feel like it. Hands and back don’t hurt. We mow about once every 1.5-2 weeks – that’s enough. We chose this model because there is a mulch and it is rehearsed. We don’t have to push it in front of us.

Champion LM4627 prices

Champion LM4627 Properties

Type self-propelled lawn mower, 46 cm rear drive, recommended mowing area 1500 m² soft, volume 60 l


mulching mowing height of 25 to 75 mm, which is higher adjustment, central, number of levels – 5 speeds 1.00 growth Protvine, stem, mounting base

How to choose a lawn mower for a small garden?


Engine gasoline, four-stroke, 3,50 hp. Working volume of 139 cc. fuel tank for 1 liter of oil 0.6 liters.

Champion LM4627. Review, Instruction, Reviews

Gasoline lawnmower champion LM4627 can handle a total area of up to 16 acres. In the development of this machine, modern technology has been used, which makes the operation and maintenance of the device as easy as possible.

Gampion LM4627

The lawnmower is equipped with a 3.5 HP Master T475 engine, a manual starter and air cooling. The Hampion LM4627 can perform work in three modes: collecting grass into a container, lateral publication and mulching.

Advantages of the Hampion LM4627 LMP harvester
  • High energy;
  • Low price;
  • Excellent productivity;
  • Voluminous grass catcher box.
Disadvantages of the Hampion LM4627 LMP
  • Heavy weight;
  • Difficult to maneuver;
  • Direct connection of the blade and the crankshaft.


It is a self-propelled model, in order to control it, it is enough to direct the machine in the desired direction. The grass cutting height can be set in 7 positions from 25 to 75 mm, the level is determined by the central lever.

Setting the cutting height

With a weight of almost 32 kg, it is relatively easy to transport, yet at the same time, the Champion Lawnmower is stable in all conditions. Thanks to the wide rear wheels, your feet are not stepped on and the lawn remains clean and level.

Easy operation of the Gampion lawnmower

The petrol lawnmower Champion LM4627 conveniently folds away and saves space for storage and transport.


Type of power petrol
Power, kW / hp. 2.6/3.5
Engine capacity, cm3 139
Fuel tank capacity, L 1,0
Spring height, mm 25-75
Mowing width, mm 460
Grass box, l 60
Mulch да
Weight (kg 31.6

Owner’s Manual

When working, every new operator should first study the operator’s manual to understand safe operation and maintenance. An electronic version of the owner’s manual can be found here. Your browser does not support frames downloading the Gampion LM4627, LM5131 Lawnmower Operation Manual

Wear a suit, goggles, gloves and closed-toe shoes when operating the Champion LM4627 lawnmower.

Protective gloves when working with plastic Protective goggles when working with a lawn mower

If you have a new Champion Law lawn mower, you must first run it in. To do this, fill up with gasoline, oil and leave the unit for the first 4 hours with minimal load.

Proper fuel mixture preparation


In order to extend the life of your Champion Law self-propelled lawn mower, you should have regular maintenance performed on the 4627. Be sure to look for dirt, dust, and leaves after you are finished. This can be done with a damp cloth.

The master LM4627 gasoline lawn mower runs on high-octane fuel, either Ai-92 or Ai-95. The Carter LM4627 is provided with 0.6 liters of oil. The owner’s manual recommends a lubricant with SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 classification.

Sae Sae 30 engine oil Sae 10W30 engine oil

Video review

Checking the operation of the self-made LM4627 master lawnmower

Owners reviews


“The price is great, but of course the quality suffers. This model is ideal for large and flat areas, but if there are bumps, flowers or bushes, it is better to look at another model, because it is very difficult to maneuver. Side publication works great, but if you’re working with tall grass, it sticks to the blade and falls off quickly. You have to be careful on the stump because the blade is directly connected to the crankshaft. If you hit it, the engine will go flying, and the repair will be a dime a dozen. Advantages: high output, high speed, quality blade. Disadvantages: low weight and difficulty in maneuvering “

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