Champion LM4622 lawn mower. Review, instructions, reviews

Champion LM4622 lawn mower. Review, instructions, reviews

Champion LM 4622 gasoline lawn mower is used to care for the lawn in a medium-sized garden plot. It supports mulching mode, in which the vegetation is shredded into small particles and thrown back on the lawn for further fertilization. The height of the chamber is adjustable with a single lever from 25-75 mm.

Champion LM4622 lawn mower

Advantages of the Champion LM4622 self-propelled lawnmower
  • Reliable, durable engine;
  • Easy start system;
  • Uterrive;
  • Large basket for collecting grass.
Disadvantages of the Champion LM4622 ride-on mower
  • High noise level;
  • Noticeable vibrations during operation.


Large-diameter rear wheels give the Champion gasoline lawnmower excellent maneuverability and control on any surface. Another advantage is that the grass is not trampled and the lawn remains.

Easy to operate champion lawnmower

Thanks to the large 60-liter grass catcher box and the sophisticated air system that compresses the grass in the tank, you can work offline for a long time.

Champion grass catcher box

The Champion LM4622 lawnmower engine is a 3 hp gasoline engine. The engine is powered by a hand starter. The control handle conveniently folds up and saves a lot of space for storage and transportation. Best fuel consumption is 0.8 liter per hour.


Type of output petrol
Output, kW / PS 2.2/3
Engine volume, cm3 123
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,8
Cutting height, mm 25-75
Mowing width, mm 460
Grass box volume, l 60
Mulch да
Weight (kg 32.6

Owner’s Manual

This document contains detailed information on all aspects of operating the Champion self-propelled lawnmower. An electronic version of the owner’s manual is available here. Your browser does not support frames. Download the owner’s manual for Champion LM4622, LM4840 lawn mowers. LM5345

When working on a sloped area, you must work from the bottom up. If you work from the top down, there is a good chance that you will decide the handle and lose control of the movement of the device because of the increase in speed.

When operating the Champion LM4622 gasoline lawnmower, you must wear the prescribed protective clothing: safety glasses, coveralls, closed shoes, and gloves.

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Protective coverall gloves when operating the mower Protective goggles made of plastic

If you are the first owner of a Champion LM4622 gasoline lawn mower, you need to use the device properly. Pour fuel and oil into the appropriate compartments and carefully insert it. To do this, run it for the first 4 hours with minimal loads.


The Champion LM4622 self-propelled lawnmower blade consists of hardened steel and is very sharp on the cut side. Therefore, wrap it up during repair work so that you do not endanger your health.

Champion petrol lawnmower

After you have stopped using the Champion LM4622 gasoline lawnmower, be sure to clean it of dirt, dust, grass and leaf debris. This can be done with a damp cloth or by attaching a fitting.

Sae 30-oil SAE 10W30 engine oil

The Champion gasoline lawnmower runs on high-performance AI 92 or AI 95 fuel. 0.6 liters of oil can be placed in the crankcase. The owner’s manual recommends SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 lubricants.

Video review

Overview of the more advanced Champion LM4627 lawnmower model

Owners reviews

Below is one of the reviews of the owner of Champion LM4622 gasoline lawnmower, which he left on thematic forums:


“I have a country house in my backyard, there is a big meadow around it, when you mow it, it looks very beautiful, but there is an if. With a scythe or trimmer it is almost impossible to do it, you get very tired. But a lawn mower is a different matter. The Champion is easy to start, cuts perfectly, the fuel consumption is not insignificant, but it is not its strong point to work in the air. The handle can be folded, and then the machine takes up very little space. “

Champion LM4622

Champion LM4622 Properties Yandex.Market Data

General properties
Type Lawn mower with wheels
Mowing width 46 cm
Trash can soft, capacity 60 l
Noise 93 dB
Mulching nozzle Yes
Cutting height 25-75 mm
Cutting height adjustment Yes, central, number of levels – 7
Grass In the basket, on the side, behind
Installation option Mulching nozzle
engine Gasoline, four-stroke
performance 3 PS
displacement 123 cm3
Engine speed 2800
Fuel tank 0.8 l
Oil volume 0.6 l
Handle foldable height-adjustable
Cover material steel
Body material steel
Number of bikes four-wheeled
Front wheel diameter 17.8 cm
Rear wheel diameter 25.4 cm
Wheel material plastic
Weight 32.6 kg
lifespan 1 year
Warranty period 1 year
Dimensions and weights including packing
Dimensions of transport package 57 x 93 x 43 cm
Shipping weight 10 kg
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Reviews on Champion LM4622 All reviews on Yandex.Marketer

Comment: The trimmer is certainly good, but with a lawn mower is even more convenient. I like it better. No need to carry on my own, a perfectly even lawn and a basket for collecting grass – you can collect the grass that is matched. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Valentin Drobyshev October 7, 2021, Moscow and Moscow region Experience: a few months

Comment: Overall, the device is great for its money. Mows everything within its reach. Speaking of the body: with today’s plastic quality, you can do without metal. Plastic is more durable and lighter. Fills the large container well. The container is semi-rigid, but not inferior to the rigid one. Not very convenient principle of the tax, I would like a clutch, so as not to turn off the engine every time you have to let go of the handle (so that the engine works, and the knife can be stopped). Starts easily. Makes probably less noise than a two-stroke trimmer. The mower is complicated, children and women can’t get along together.

Kristina.asmolova.1992 August 3, 2021, Moscow and Moscow region Experience: Less than a month

Comment: Reliable mower, copes with the task, fully assembled in the box, only need to attach the rod

Comments: Great machine for the money. Bought as a replacement for a similar trench mower. Noise level is fine. The predecessor was louder. Someone wrote that it starts with 3 or 4 times, which is strange. It probably is if you don’t use the intake on the front of the engine. If pressed 4-5 times, it starts the first time. Other than the engine, there’s not much to break. But you have to make an effort to turn off the engine in time for the 12 acres of mowing. The previous cheap passport 8 years without problems. But the construction was flimsy from the very beginning. It got loose and some functions were lost. Productivity enough if not to drive construction and not to mow the grass below 30cm. For this there are trimmers.

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