Champion lawn mower – review, instructions, reviews

Champion Lawn Mower 2022.

An analysis of 35 personal computers. Were in the Champion Legislators in Champion category, our experts compared their features, customer reviews, Legislator by Champion and the pros and cons of each product and the top 10 proved to be the best in value for money. With our evaluation, you can compare Champion brand features and prices yourself before you buy.

Champion legislator – TO P-10 best in 2022

10. G 25127bs Gampion

We recommend to study all the advantages and disadvantages of buyers in reviews of the product Gampion LM5127BS.

Helpful owner reviews

Starts well, great release, eats little. Productivity increased many times over

If the grass is more than 20 cm, the outlet gets clogged. I took off the plastic nozzle right away. I’m thinking of stuffing a second hole on the opposite side for the slings with the cutter. Even if the surface doesn’t go well – but that’s more of a quibble. 92 gasoline does not digest the campaign. It starts to sneeze. Of course, you have to go for the blades. A pebble and here you have a chip.

On the whole, I am satisfied with the device. Before that, I used to mow everything with a manual power tiller, and now with a combine. I used to mow everything with my power harvester – now with combine.

Properties of the G 25127B Gampion

9. Garsmilel Champion MM4026

We offer to consider all the advantages and disadvantages in customer reviews of the Gampion MM4026 lawnmower

Helpful owner reviews

In my opinion, the blades work quickly. Will check it out in the summer, I’ll add if it’s not an ice cream mower.

Not yet recognized.

In my opinion, the handles are flimsy

Properties of the G 24026 Hampion

8. Champion LM5347BS garland

We recommend to study all the advantages and disadvantages of buyers in the reviews of the product Gampion LM5347BS.

Helpful owner reviews

Everything is at its best. The self treatment is very satisfying and the fact that it is on the back wheels. Very nice blade. Makes like a propeller and with only a hit the grass in the hopper. Filling is about 90%. Height. One plus. Also not expensive to maintain.

No, although there is one. If you use the side outlet (without the hopper) and a lot of grass, it can only get clogged. You have to turn it off and clean it.

Craftsman Lawnmower 37705. Rating, instructions, reviews

Everything is fine. There is everything and not expensive.

G 25347B Gampion properties.

7. Champion LM5127 Gyroscooter

We suggest exploring all the pros and cons in customer reviews of the Gampion LM5127

Helpful owner reviews

Updated Champion LM5127, 146cc engine, thicker metal deck (did not measure), stock wheels, only bearings are 12.6 by 28.6, i.e. it will be a problem and it is possible, other bikes. For the axle diameter is 12.6. Though what will take longer, the wheels or the whole mower, time will tell.

The properties of the G 25127 champions are.

6. Gearn Champion EM4218 mower.

We propose to consider all the advantages and disadvantages that customers will find in reviews of the product Gampional EM4218

Helpful owner reviews

The mower has worked well for us all summer, we started mowing it almost as soon as we bought it in early spring. For me the downside is that I can’t handle it myself, it would always be easier to manage. Also no mulching function, but we don’t need it. The bag is for 45 liters, but we could easily put 60 liters. Suitable for a flat lawn, if there are bumps or pits, it will be difficult to press.

Characteristics of the champion G 24218

5. Gearn Champion EM4217 Mower

We recommend to study all the pros and cons of customers in reviews about the product Gampion Lawnmower EM4217.

Helpful owner reviews

A healthy, powerful lawn mower

It’s not embarrassing. It is. If you carry it by the handle, it will fall over. This makes it seem heavier than it really is. So it is not very comfortable to carry it. Previously, the Makita-Ta was chosen with perfect balance.

Good stuff. Picked it up for 8000 bucks on sale at Good’s. 11/11/20

Features of the G 24217 Hampion

4. Champion LM5346E Gearbox

We suggest exploring all the pros and cons of customers in reviews of the product Gampion LM5346E lawnmower

Helpful owner reviews

This is probably the first real thought about the design, before this model was the LM5130 model (hard use for more than 8 years) especially pleased that the grass catcher box is not clogged, which is now even fully filled, even with high grass. The electric start is just a dream, although with a manual start the engine starts with the first pull. Touching a place for a water bottle) All that’s left is to install a spotlight and you can. Also – good balancing – no vibration on the steering wheel. I hope for long life. I recommend it, 17 years of lawnmower experience.

Individual assistant. What should you pay attention to when choosing garden shears?

The wiring through the cable may not be fully thought out

The manufacturer really managed to surprise.

Features of the G 25346e Gampion

3. Gampion EM3210 lawnmower

We offer to explore all the pros and cons of customers in reviews of the product Gampional EM3210

Helpful owner reviews

Not a bad model, used all summer 2015, no problems. The grass is good, collects in the collector. Very convenient for compost and the area will be beautiful. A good option for a small plot.

7 Best lawn mowers and-Champion

A quality lawn mower is the key to comfortable and easy work on your plot. It’s no wonder that models made under the Champion brand are very popular – thanks to their affordable price, high quality and rich selection. But how to be an ordinary user who buys the first lawn mower in his life, not to get confused in all this abundance and buy a model that will be a successful purchase for him? For such a case, our experts have identified the top 7 best lawn mowers Gampion. Any of the presented in the list gasoline and electric models can become a successful purchase for both the novice and experienced user.

  • Rating of the best lawn mowers Champion
  • 1. Champion LM5347
  • 2. Champion LM5345bs
  • 3. Champion LM4627
  • 4. Champion LM5127bs
  • 5. Champion LM4215
  • 6.Champion EM4216
  • 7. Champion EM3313
  • Which lawn mower is best to choose?

Rating of the best lawn mowers Champion

The modern market offers a rich selection of a wide variety of lawn mowers. First of all, they differ in terms of the engine – some are equipped with a gasoline, and others with an electric. The former are often much more powerful and can work away from home. However, the electric lawn mower is lighter, cheaper and has a simpler device, which reduces the risk of breakdowns. In addition, models equipped with electric motors can be powered or battery-powered. This also gives the buyer the opportunity to choose the equipment that suits him. Of course, the choice of lawn mower, suitable for the home, should be approached very responsibly, taking into account many parameters – from weight and size to power and width of mowing.

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1. Champion LM5347


Users who want to find out which model is suitable for large areas should pay attention to the Champion LM5347 lawn mower. To begin with, the mowing width of up to 53 cm allows you to clean up even a spacious lawn in a short time. In addition, the model is equipped with a roomy soft grass catcher box of 70 liters – a whole heap of grass can fit in here. You can also choose whether to throw the grass into, behind or to the side of the bag. Experienced users appreciate this flexibility, which increases comfort of operation. The mowing height can easily be adjusted from 20 to 80 mm – there are up to eight levels from which it is easy to make the right choice. Finally, the power of the model reaches 6 hp, so this powerful mower is sure not to disappoint even the picky user.


  • high power capacity;
  • large mowing width;
  • reasonable price;
  • good maneuverability;
  • roomy weed collector.


  • Strongly vibrates when working.

2. Champion LM5345bs


Another popular lawn mower model for fans of powerful tools. Thanks to the self-priming function, even a teenager, even a fragile woman can easily cope with it – no need to drag a massive device in front of you. The grass bag has a large capacity of 70 liters. Even if you need to clean up a very extensive area, you do not have to spend time on destroying the grass catcher box often.

Rotary mowers are easy to use and boast a high performance. However, they are not too careful with the lawn – after mowing it needs a lot of time to recover.

And in terms of reliability, the Meister LM5345Bs lawn mower will not disappoint the user – the high-quality motor is made in the USA, not in China, which guarantees a long life.


  • Powerful and reliable engine;
  • Advantages;
  • easy starting;
  • large turning radius;
  • Suitable for neglected areas.


  • Not too reliable control knobs.

3. Champion LM4627


Users who want the best gasoline lawn mower with good performance will surely like this model. At the same time, it has self-protective paths, so you can easily cope with thickened inserted areas as well. Judging from owner reviews, many like having two separate tanks – for gasoline and oil. No need to calculate what proportion to mix them. The seven mowing heights allow even the most meticulous owner to make the right choice. With all this, the price-quality combination in the lawnmower is just great – you do not have to throw away extra money when buying.

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  • Easy start;
  • Spacious grass catcher box;
  • Build quality;
  • Combined cost performance;


  • Significant weight.

4. Champion LM5127bs


One of the most popular models in the review. And this is despite the fact that it is petrol (and quite powerful – 3 hp) and is equipped with a metal body, which provides a high level of durability. There is an opportunity to install a mulching attachment, which makes the mower an indispensable tool for the care not only of the lawn, but also of the garden.

It is important that the volume of the grass catcher box is not less than 30 liters. Otherwise, you will have to interrupt your work very often to clean up.

The grass is ejected to the side, which makes the work as productive and very comfortable as possible. In addition, the model is characterized by low noise level during operation and almost imperceptible vibrations. Despite the considerable mowing width, the lawnmower has a rather high maneuverability. Thus, it is one of the best Hmpionals in the champion in the review.


  • low weight;
  • reliable engine;
  • Ease of use;
  • Special width of 50 cm;
  • Minimal vibration.


  • Not very reliable plastic wheels.

5. Champion LM4215


If you need a quality gasoline lawn mower that is maneuverable and allows you to mow the grass not only on a vast lawn, but also in narrow places between the beds, then you will definitely like this model. It has a working width of 42 cm, which makes it easy to clean up troublesome areas. The cutting height is easily adjustable in five steps, from 25 to 70 mm. A nice addition is the small weight of the lawnmower – only 22 kg, which greatly facilitates both work and loading and transportation of the device. No wonder that the model mostly receives positive reviews, users do not regret their choice.


  • Mowing speed;
  • Practicality;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • Significant maneuverability;
  • Easy and quick to start.
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  • Small gas tank.

6.Champion EM4216


Unlike other lawnmowers, which are taken into account in the above review, this one is electric. Of course, this affects the weight of the model – it is only 15 kg. In addition, the mower can be maneuverable – it is worth buying those who regularly mow lawns in limited and even narrow areas. The grass catcher box consists of plastic instead of linen sack, which makes it easier to clean. In addition, its volume is 45 liters – not too much, but more than enough for small areas.

When buying an electric lawnmower, it is important to pay attention to the power – it should be at least 1000 watts, otherwise it is quite difficult to mow even an ordinary, slightly stiff grass.

At the same time, thanks to the power of 1600 watts, you can easily finish with old grass or small bushes – an excellent indicator even by today’s standards. Six mowing height standards allow you to choose the best one for your particular area and work.


  • Works almost silently;
  • Handles even old, dried-out grass;
  • Affordable price;
  • good power source;
  • ergonomic design;
  • width record;
  • Handy indicator for a full day’s work.


  • Body and deck are made of plastic.

7. Champion EM3313


Users who are looking for a very light and high-quality CHAMPION lawnmower will like the EM3313 model. Its power is high enough to handle even dry grass – 1300 watts. In this case, the weight of the mower is minimal – less than 9 kg. Mowing width is quite small – only 33 cm, so for large lawns it is obviously not suitable, but for small, but complex forms it is quite enough. The grass can be placed in the grass box or thrown back.


  • high power capacity;
  • not very loud;
  • low vibration level;
  • Ease of use;
  • affordable price;
  • high maneuverability.


  • Suitable only for small areas.

Which lawn mower is best to choose?

Now the reader knows enough about the best CHAMPION brand lawn mowers and can easily choose the most suitable one. If you need to mow a small area, the CHAMPION EM3313 is the right choice. For huge, neglected lawns, the CHAMPION LM5347 is the way to go. If you want a compromise between performance and manoeuvrability, the CHAMPION LM4215 is a good choice.

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