Champion EM3211 lawn mower. Overview, instructions, properties

Champion EM3211 lawn mower. Overview, instructions, properties

This electric lawn mower is designed to handle medium-sized lawns. It is equipped with an asynchronous motor, is lightweight and easy to operate. The grass catcher box has a capacity of only 25 liters.

Champion EM3211 lawnmower

The folding handle provides maximum compactness for storage and transport. The height of the electric lawnmower can vary between 30 and 70 mm. The lawnmower has a portable handle for easy transport.

Advantages of the Champion EM3211 electric lawnmower
  • Peaceful operation;
  • Low air emissions;
  • High energy;
  • Long-lasting company life.
Disadvantages of the EM3211 electric lawn mower
  • Demanding for fuel.


The Champion mower is not self-propelled and must be pushed to operate. The mowing height can be determined in the range of 30 to 70 mm. The width of the single-headed curb is small, only 32 cm.

Adjusting cutting height

The grass box has a rigid body, but is equipped with a handle that makes it easy to deflect. The body is made of plastic and is not very reliable, and if stones are hit, shavings may form.


Type of strength electric
Power, kW 1,0
Height of spring, mm 30-70
Mowing width, mm 320
Grass box volume, l 70
Mulch no
Weight (kg 8

User manual

If you have lost the paper version of this document, you can find the electronic version of the instruction manual here

Lawn Mushroom Master EM3211 Electric and it requires certain safety precautions to be observed:

  • Do not work on wet soil or ground after rain. Before starting work, be sure to check that the electric cable is working properly and that it is not damaged.
  • When working with the Champion EM3211 Electric Lawnmower, you must wear proper protective clothing: goggles, rubberized gloves, coveralls and closed shoes.

Protective gloves when working with lawn mowers with plastic safety glasses

  • It is not allowed to place the cable in the direction of travel of the lawnmower, it must always be behind it.
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When cleaning the Champion EM3211 electric lawn mower, it is strongly advised not to use water, as this can cause the system to jam. This should be done with a damp cloth and then wiped dry.

Champion electric lawnmower

Before operating the Champion electric lawnmower, be sure to check that all screws, especially those holding the blade, are tightened. All rotating parts should be regularly lubricated with waterproof grease.

Video overview

Lawnmower tuning overview

Owners reviews


“This machine is designed to work on large areas. I have about 6 hectares of lawn, it’s pure dust for this machine. I purposely took a large model to get the job done quickly. Don’t forget to add oil! I didn’t have any, poured in goss 10 W-40 and went to school like kids. Also had difficulties with the grass catcher, which the instructions do not describe how to put, but in fact elementary. Don’t forget to remove the plug before putting it in. Advantages: high speed, all in a row, low noise level. Disadvantages: disgusting Russian language lessons to the engine, will be difficult for little girls. “

Champion EM3211


Before you buy Champion EM3211, look at the features, video ratings, advantages and disadvantages of the model, customer reviews for the lowest price.

Champion EM3211 Video Reviews

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Champion EM3211 Properties

General properties *
Type mower
Grass catcher Stiff belt 25 liters
Special width 32 cm
Mulch no
Mowing height adjustment There is a central
Mowing height 30-70 mm
Grass output back into the grass catcher box
output 1000 watt
Battery operation no
power consumption 1000 watt
Motor type electric
Construction material plastic
Bicycle material plastic
Handle With adjustable height
Number of bikes Four-wheeled
Deck material plastic
Additional Information
transmission Grass catcher, disc/blade
Dimensions *
Weight 8 kg

* For exact specifications, please check with your retailer.

Mower lasted 12 months + 1 week. Like a bad joke. Started choking on two weeks of lawn while mowing. Started to smell of burning. Running stopped. It would have been better if it had broken down two weeks earlier. Maybe it would have been repaired under warranty. But as it was, the repair cost 3,000 rubles. As it turned out, the champ is no champ at all.

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Watch carefully for overheating. It is recommended to buy for qualified users with limited funds.

I read the reviews and decided to buy. Rider immediately clogged TK, the grass is very bad to start twisting it, in general a cheap and low-quality mower.

Conclusions: Perfect for grass less than 40 cm, no grass clippings on the property (unlike a trimmer), gasoline/oil 10 – year old child and retiree will be ready. Protective clothing is not required.

After first impressions (this is the 5th type of deadhead in our 22 years), I recommend it.

A small, yet powerful lawn mower that we bought for a 6 acre cottage. It is convenient that the bag is only 25 liters, it is not difficult to throw the mowed grass, but maybe for someone it will be a minus.

Such a mower is suitable for the care of the plot, where only you will not pull the cord, but everything is solved with the help of an extension cord. Therefore, you need to focus on the length of the extension cord. The grass catcher box is capacious, it does not need to be cleaned often. Regarding the assembly I would like to mention good, solid plastic and reliable parts. And also – the height of mowing is regulated by the oppressive lever, which is convenient. For a woman, you need to buy either an electric trimmer or an electric lawnmower, I chose the latter champion option. It doesn’t take much time or effort.

We use the mower for the first season, but the impressions are definitely positive. There are no stressful moments. It works flawlessly. It maneuvers well. Mows the lawn cleanly and quickly on our property. Leeser, smooth, environmentally friendly operation. Comfortable to wear, no back pain after work. For me, one of the best models in the Champion line. Honestly, I like this manufacturer. Reliable, high quality, durable. I like the prices, large selection of models, etc.

Get ready for spring and choose cordless devices!

It makes sense to sharpen the knives before use – in their pristine form they are blunt. Grate absorbs very well. Not cool, but a working beast! Worth their money.

Electric “mowers” are all low-powered and are designed to handle grass that is already well-groomed. I often try to mow so that the grass doesn’t have time to turn into an impenetrable jungle. But for price and ease of maintenance, these lawn mowers really can match. Especially suitable for women’s hands. For me, Champion is the best choice.

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