Champion Champion Champion 142: Technical description, properties and rules of use

Champion 142-16 chainsaw evaluation of the model of the budget range

A successful addition to the set of household tools in a private or cottage economy can be cost-effective, reliable and quite durable in the Champion 142-16 chainsaw. The tool of the domestic category is identical to its semi-professional counterpart in some parameters.

Its design combines the advantages of classic layout with modern innovations, manufacturing and perfect assembly and installation technologies. Years of experience with previous designs have been incorporated into the design of this model.

Champion 142-16 is a budget series chainsaw rated model

Photo: Champion 142-16 chainsaw

Business qualities

The result was the Champion 142 chainsaw, whose performance, efficiency, reliability and other characteristics meet the requirements of modern standards.

The tool differs from the single-type models:

  • strict body design;
  • Dense layout of internal equipment;
  • Excellent traction parameters of the working body;
  • Convenient for the work of the organs of the legend.

Despite the budget cost, the domestic class can be used in a wide range of saws, including:

  • Firewood mowing;
  • Construction of wooden log cabins;
  • Shaping the crowns of garden and ornamental trees;
  • Creating original architecture and landscape decor.

The instruction, attached to the KIT, contains information on the functions of the tool preparation for the first start-up, peculiarities of care and subsequent work.

Spare parts and consumables are represented by a wide range, with the help of which the owners can perform simple repairs and bring the tool in good technical condition with minimum material expenses.

Technical Characteristics

The tool weighs 4.5 kg and is equipped with a complete vibrating chain, perfectly balanced. No fatigue in the hands, even with prolonged use.

  • Powered by a two-stroke carburetor engine with a displacement of 41.5 and a power of 2.4 hp.
  • The engine runs on gasoline mixture, which enters the carburetor from a 310 ml tank built into the carburetor.
  • The manual starter requires little physical effort to start the engine.
Cultivation of the maiden grape

A number of improvements have been made in the design of the electric unit, aimed at improving the reliability of the crank and piston group, stability of tractive properties, and extending the overall life of parts and components.

model Champion 142-16
Manufacturer champion
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saw usage household
Power, hp (kW) 2.4 (1.8)
Engine capacity, cm3 41.5
Chain pitch 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, PC 56
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.31
Volume of oil tank, L 0.21
Tire length, cm (customs) 40 (16)
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 4,5
instructions Download

Carburetor adjustment

Factory adjustment of the fuel system brings the engine to an optimum feeding mode and economical consumption of fuel and lubricants. The need for adjustment arises when there is a significant change in these characteristics.

There are adjustment screws on the carburetor housing that can be used to adjust the engine operation in the desired direction.


A powerful power source allowed you to take advantage of a productive 16-inch bar that’s suitable for cutting wood up to 350 mm in diameter. The bar works with a standard 3/8″ pitch cutting chain with a worm tensioner.

To prevent overheating and accelerated chain wear, the saw is designed with a lubrication system with intake oil from a built-in 210 ml reservoir.

strengths and weaknesses

In its price category, the Champion model 142-16 compares favorably with similar developments of other manufacturers:

  • significant power and torque reserve of the standard ice drill;
  • higher degree of comfort and safety of sawing operations of various complexity;
  • Easy maintenance and low power consumption;
  • Payback;
  • The ability to independently eliminate errors and malfunctions in the work.

Among the disadvantages, users noted the low quality of the chain material and the tensioner drive wheel.

The average cost of a new tool in different regions ranges from 5000-6000 rubles. The price range of used equipment is determined by its condition and production.

August in the garden


Champion 142-16 is not the only model with increased performance parameters. A number of other well-known manufacturers are represented on the domestic market. These are popular chainsaws of the household group PTS-99452T, Maxcut MC 146, Sturm GC99372B. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with chainsaws in the rating of the best models.

Reviews of owners

Despite the Chinese assembly, I have seen a champion with a 16-inch bar gives no reason for replacement, because it has served faithfully for 7 years. The tool’s weak point is the chain tensioner, which needs to be replaced regularly. In all other respects no complaints, the car is worthy in all respects. Valery

My dad received it at work when he retired. The gift is not expensive, but attention, but to my surprise champion 142-16 survived the time of acquiring skills, building a sauna and making fuel for the winter without significant damage and malfunctions. Sergey

Champion 142 16 review “Basic equipment. Features of application and safety measures

High-performance functional Champion 142 will be a reliable helper for both the cottager and the villager. The chainsaw was designed to perform construction and repair work, cutting and sawing firewood, necessary for gardening and home maintenance. Relatively low weight (4.5 kg. without changing the saw) and compact size are combined with a powerful engine and high performance.

  • Quick start system;
  • Ergonomic, balanced body;
  • Comfortable placement of controls;
  • Effective vibration system;
  • Chrome plated cylinder;

The company no longer makes this model. However, there are still such chainsaws left and today you can buy Champion 142 for the price of 9,000 rubles.

Manufacturer’s specifications, basic equipment

Champion Champion Champion was made in China at the factory Zomax. All Champion machinery is made here, although the brand is of Russian origin. The fact that the chainsaws are made in China has in no way affected their quality. All Champion technology is strictly controlled and certified in Europe.

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The excellent quality of the manufactured products is also facilitated by the fact that Champion works closely with a number of German, American and Japanese companies, from which it receives a wide range of components and parts, in particular engines and carburetors.

Basic equipment of Champion 142 16″ model
  • The housing of the device with the motor;
  • Saw blade size 16″ (40 cm);
  • Plastic blade guard for the saw blade;
  • Chain (3/8″ PM / 56E);
  • Metal stop;
  • Key and screwdriver for adjusting carburetor;
  • Manual and warranty card.

Champion 142 16″ chainsaw: Technical Specifications

When you purchase the chainsaw, the manufacturer provides a manual with detailed instructions, an instruction manual, and technical specifications. However, all of these materials can be found online:

Assembly and preparation for work

Before you start work, you need to assemble the saw unit and adjust the chain tension. This is a simple process that does not take much time, but the performance and ease of maintenance of the saw depends largely on it being done correctly.

When putting on the chain pay attention to the position of the cutting edges of the saw teeth – they should be in the direction of the chain movement. It is also important that the tension of the chain is correct – check it regularly and adjust if necessary.

fuel and lubricants

The fuel mixture for the Champion 142 chain saw engine is made on the basis of high-octane gasoline AI92-95 and special engine oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines.

When preparing the mixture, first pour gasoline into a measuring tank, and then add oil. We prepare the fuel in the following proportions:

  • For chainsaw break-in: 1/25;
  • Normal operating mode: 1/50;

To avoid breakdowns and unnecessary repair costs, we recommend filling the automatic lubrication system of Champion chainsaws with special chain oils.

Possible problems and solutions

error because troubleshooting
Engine does not start No fuel mixture

Spark plug does not work

Dry or replace spark plug

Champion 142 chainsaw advantages

  • Convenient location of the control buttons;
  • Balanced, ergonomic body;
  • Powerful, high-speed engine;
  • The “Easy Start” system allows you to quickly start the chainsaw in any weather;

Disadvantages of Champion 142

  • The carburetor settings get knocked down;
  • Picky to the fuel mixture;

Video review

Worked for a year – owner’s evaluation:

I use Champion for firewood:

Reviews of owners

Alexander Bely, 55 years old, Pskov region:

I use Champion for the third year. Sawed a bundle of hardwood. The flight is normal – everything works perfectly, starts up with half a turn. Economical saw, perfect for my household needs.

Vladimir Kukin, 28, Tver:

Champion chainsaw worked for a year and a half, then began to malfunction – then starts, then stalls. Adjusting the carburetor did not help, I had to replace it. Now everything is working fine again.

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