Champion chainsaws: test reports, specifications, range reviews

Champion chainsaw. Overview of the range

The first mention of the Russian brand “Champion” appeared at the beginning of the 21st century or in 2005. At that time, garden tools were sold on the market with the logo of this manufacturer. The company’s production facilities are located in China, and many models of Champion electric and chain saws are produced in the factories of the famous company Zomax.


Concern Champion carefully monitors the quality of its products, which are checked at all stages of the technological process.

To improve the performance and durability of tools, the company receives components from well-known American, Western European and Japanese manufacturers.

Especially close relations have been formed with the corporation Briggs & Stratton, which supplies engines for various chainsaw models. Many users wonder how much a chainsaw chain costs.

Answering this question, we refer to the relevant pricing policy of the company. The cost of Champion brand chain saws ranges from 3 thousand rubles to 6 thousand rubles (1.5 thousand UAH – 3 thousand UAH).

Champion chain saws at a low price of decent quality and good performance. Satisfied with the range of products. The assortment of the concern has several dozen types of chainsaws, the number of which is constantly increasing due to new, more advanced models.

In addition to chainsaws, in the catalog of products under the brand Champion we find lawnmowers, cultivators, motor pumps, snowthrowers, woodcutters, trimmers, other devices and accessories.

Description of Champion chain saws

The range of Champion chainsaws includes many different models that differ in their properties and are designed for different types of work. There are both professional chainsaws, which will be of interest to workers in the forestry and local economy, and household appliances.

The latter are very popular with cottagers, out-of-towners and fans of active lifestyles. In addition to powerful chainsaws, in the range of the concern there are also quite small mini (or pocket, as they are called by the owners) tools.


For professionals, we recommend the Champion 265-18 chainsaw. This is a powerful and reliable (quite expensive) tool that can solve many problems. Semi-professional and household chainsaws Champion is much more widely represented.

Champion chainsaw: Technical characteristics

Each chainsaw model comes with a service and operating manual, as well as the technical features of the chainsaw. If you’re only buying one tool, visit the manufacturer’s website for all the interesting materials.


    (For domestic purposes, has a small size and light weight). – (Domestic chainsaw, high quality processing and good performance).
  1. Master – 265.
  2. Master – 55.
  3. Master – 138.
  4. Master – 256.
  5. Champion – 250 (budget model with improved characteristics). .
  6. Champion – 265-18 (professional chainsaw at a price of 11,000 rubles).
  7. Master – 38 cc.
  8. Master – 335.
  9. Champion 55 SS (one of the most powerful models, can be used for non-professional rock scaffolding).

Best Models

There are several chainsaws in the Champion line that are particularly popular with users and last for more than one year according to owners’ estimates. They vary in power and purpose, but are highly reliable, productive and performant.

Of particular interest to consumers is the Champion 237-16 model. Despite its moderate cost (in the price catalog – 5,000 rubles), this saw is able to solve a variety of tasks for a long period of time.


Consumers also note the reliability and high maintainability of the Champion 241-16 model.


  1. Champion 55-18 (powerful and durable saw of semi-professional type).
  2. Champion 250-18.
  3. Champion 254-18 (semi-professional chainsaws with high features).
  4. Champion 237-16.
  5. Champion 241-16.
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Service and Operating Instructions

To ensure the long life of your tool, we recommend that you carefully study and always follow the operating and maintenance instructions for your chainsaw.

  1. Use only high-quality fuel and lubricants das will extend the life of the engine and individual components and parts.
  2. Check the quality of the fuel mixture you have prepared. Change it every three to four weeks.
  3. Keep the saw in a dry, ventilated area. Do not drop or throw it on the floor – handle it carefully.
  4. Stop the engine every 50-60 minutes. Allow it to cool to normal temperature.
  5. Maintain the automatic transmission, tire and chain lubrication system. This improves component wear and chain performance.
  6. Keep an eye on the condition of the chain. Regularly check and sharpen the chain and adjust its tension.
  7. Do not operate a defective tool. Pay special attention to the condition of the automatic quapi brake, the tightness of the fuel system, and the condition of the muffler.
  8. Observe safety rules during work. Wear a mask or goggles. Do not start the saw with your weight and hold it with one hand.

Initial startup and running-in

Carefully read the Owner’s Manual of your MotoGP and observe all safety precautions.

  1. Carry out a thorough visual check to make sure all parts are secure.
  2. Install the tire and chain.
  3. Mix fuel at a ratio of 1:25 to drive the saw.
  4. Place the saw on the floor, engage the chain stop brake and start the engine.
  5. Run the mixed fuel tank at idle speed.
  6. Prepare a 1 to 50 fuel mixture and prime the saw.
  7. Fill the automatic chain lubrication system with oil.
  8. Run 8-9 fuel mixes in economy mode: do not cut through thick tree trunks and do not overheat the engine.

Important: Remember to fill the lubrication tank with oil in good time; this will increase the performance of the saw and protect it from flare-ups.

Fuel and oil

Use a 1/25 ratio of fuel and oil to run the champ. Change the oil to gasoline ratio to 1/50 after the fueling period has expired. When preparing the fuel mixture, use only high quality oils for two-stroke engines.

According to the instructions, it is best to prepare a mixture of semi-synthetic Champion Jaso FD and Champion TSC-3 mineral oil. The best fuel for Champion is AI92-95 gasoline.

Champion TSC-3 champion Jaso FD

Champion: carburetor adjustment

  1. Start the engine and let it run for 2 to 3 minutes. Turn the adjusting screws all the way in, then unscrew them by one and a half turns.
  2. Allow the engine to warm up well and set the idle speed. Set the idle speed screw to a rpm where the chain will not move on the tire, with the gas cylinder released.
  3. Check engine for acceleration. Push on the gas tube – the RPM should increase greatly. If it doesn’t, the L screw that you don’t turn more than 1/8 will indicate that the engine is running properly.
  4. If all actions did not bring the expected result – contact the service center.

Chain Saw Chain Adjustment

The performance and longevity of your chainsaw depends on correct chain adjustment.

  1. Remove the side cover, put the bar in the standing pencils and set it on the chain.
  2. Insert the cover and secure it with the nuts.
  3. Set the chain tension where the middle links sag by 5-7 mm.
  4. Tighten the nuts on the studs, check the tension – the chain should move easily by hand without making a strange sound.

Important: Check the chain lubrication, otherwise the performance is reduced, individual components appear and parts fail.

Possible malfunctions in Champion chain saws and how to fix them

Faults Cause of occurrence How to remedy
During work strong vibration is felt, extraneous noises are heard No parts of chain saw can be repaired. Carry out visual and tactile inspection of the tool. Tighten nuts and bolts securely.
The engine will not start. No fuel mixture. Spark plug is not working. Check that the fuel mixture is present. Clean and dry the spark plug and replace it with a new one if necessary.
Chainsaw starts but runs irregularly and lets stand. The carburetor is out of balance. Adjust the carburetor yourself or contact your Service Center.
The engine will pick up on its own when idling. The air supply is obstructed or missing. Clean or replace the air filter if necessary.
The engine does not rev up when the accelerator pedal is depressed. The carburetor is dirty. Clean and adjust the carburetor.
Fuel leaks Fuel mixture may be leaking due to improperly sealed tank, carburetor, or fuel supply. Replace the fuel tank. Repair any damage to the fuel system.
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Champion Champion Champion: advantages and disadvantages

Based on our own experience and having analyzed numerous reviews of Champion chain saw owners, we came to the conclusion that the tools of this manufacturer have a number of undeniable advantages and some disadvantages.

  1. A reasonable combination of price and quality.
  2. The saw is perfectly balanced, ergonomic and has a modern design.
  3. Relatively low weight.
  4. High-quality vibration-removal system.
  5. Reliable motors.
  6. Motor saws are adapted to different climatic conditions.
  1. Not all models start equally well in cold weather.
  2. There are problems with the carburetor – it is necessary to adjust the idle speed from time to time.
  3. The starter is badly lapped on some models.
  4. Motors need a fresh, high quality fuel mixture.

Champion Champion Champion: Video Reviews

Champion lineup overview:

Partial chainsaw disassembly

The Tune-Up Wizard

Champion Champion Champion: Owner Owner

Daniel Arkadyevich, 56, Moscow

“Let me tell you a little about my favorite. It works in any weather, once sawed at minus 20° C – such a need arose. After cold nights or long downtime it starts without problems, especially if you pour a quality fuel mixture. In configuration and appearance it is in no way inferior to more expensive competitors. I have been using it for about two years now; I have not had any damage yet, and I bought another chain.

Anton, 32 years old, Kharkov

“When buying a tool, think about what you buy it for, read reviews, consult with real owners of champions. Here is my household chainsaw. Accordingly, I do not set it any professional tasks, and there are no problems. It cuts almost everything, but remember to give it a break and cool down. It is possible to saw 20 cubic meters of firewood, but only with a rest. I often take it in the car – it is convenient to transport, winds up after the first or second time. It is enough for my needs.

Alexey Altukhov, 28, Samara

“I took it for my household needs. Gets me going right away. Worked great for a year, sawed up all the bushes and stuff – boards, old fence, made firewood for the winter. The second year, it started malfunctioning. At first I thought it was the carburetor. Then it turned out that the gasket burned out – it started sucking air. Service said it was overheating. Changed the gasket and at the same time the starter – the native was uncomfortable. so far works.

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Champion chainsaw: a review of popular models and their main parameters + owner reviews


Champion chainsaws combine reliability and high performance.

The brand range includes domestic and semi-professional models.

Thus, each of the saws is suitable for construction and gardening.

Thoughtful design and simple operation make the device easy to use even for beginners.

In order to choose the most suitable chainsaw, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main parameters of the device and compare several models.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

In order to buy a suitable chainsaw Champion, you need to pay attention to a number of parameters:

  • Power – for household saws up to 2 kW, for semi-professional – 2-3 kW;
  • Bus length – for work in the garden and in the yard, a bus of 30-40 cm is suitable, for construction you need a longer bus;
  • chain – on most saws, the chain length does not exceed 40 cm, for sawing thick logs, the value should be from 50 cm;
  • Weight – the average weight is 3-6 kg;
  • Additional options – soft start prevents kickback when turning on, air filter prevents damage to the engine from dust, the carburetor heating is necessary for working in winter, anti-vibration prevents hand fatigue during prolonged work.


Rating of top 10 best models

location Family name Price
Top 10 best chainsaws Champion
1 CHAMPIONS 362-18 8 000₽
2 CHAMPIONS 241-16 6 000₽
3 CHAMPIONS 237-16 7 000₽
4 MASTER 125T-10 6 000₽
5 CHAMPIONS 254-18 9 000₽
6 CHAMPIONS 251-18 7 000₽
7 CHAMPIONS 240-16 7 000₽
8 CHAMPIONS 256-18 7 000₽
9 CHAMPIONS 350-18 8 000₽
10 CHAMPIONS 137-16 7 000₽

The best Champion chainsaws

Champion chainsaws are made in China. They feature quality construction and high efficiency in handling wood and other materials. The devices can be used for a long time, as they are equipped with durable and powerful engines. An overview of popular models will facilitate the choice of the most suitable.



The chainsaw is suitable for non-precision work in the garden and for cutting firewood. It can be used in construction to cut thin wood.

Equipped with a 3.54 hp engine. C. and a 45 cm long bar for high performance.

No special tools are required to tension the chain. The saw starts smoothly, which eliminates kickback.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and has a non-slip grip, and the anti-vibration system reduces shock loads on the hands.

Features :

  • power – 2600 W;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inch;
  • bar length – 45 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 61.5 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,55 l;
  • oil tank – 0,26 l;
  • Weight – 5,2 kg.


  • powerful engine;
  • high quality of assembly;
  • Quickly dries logs;
  • Suitable for long-term work.


  • Thin T-handle;
  • No stop.



The chainsaw will be a great buy for owners of cottage plots. It can also be used at the construction site for woodworking.

The noise level does not exceed 116 dB.

The model is equipped with a 1.8 kW engine, which allows it to be cut in a short period of time.

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A speed limiter is provided. When you press the brake, the chain stops instantly, which prevents injury. The body of the device is made of durable plastic that can withstand sub-zero temperatures.

Features :

  • power – 1800 watts;
  • Chain pitch is 3/8 inch;
  • Length of the bar – 40 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 40 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,31 l;
  • oil tank – 0.21 l;
  • Weight – 4,7 kg.


  • Powerfulness;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • high quality of assembly;
  • Does not get hot when working for a long time.


  • High gasoline consumption;
  • Oil leakage during storage.



The power of this chainsaw is enough not only for cutting firewood, but also trees. The model is equipped with a 2 hp engine. At the same time, it works in high-speed mode.

Ergonomic design and anti-vibration system ensure comfortable operation.

Vibration from the engine and chain is absorbed by springs and rubber inserts. This reduces the strain on your hands during prolonged work.

Brake locks chain instantly, reducing risk of injury.

There is an accidental start lock and a serrated center of gravity for safe sawing of trees and large logs.

Features :

  • Power – 1500 watts;
  • Chain pitch is 3/8 inch;
  • Length of the bar – 40 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 37.2 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,31 l;
  • oil tank – 0.21 l;
  • Weight – 4,7 kg.


  • soft start;
  • well-conceived design;
  • anti-vibration;
  • high speed.


  • Tanger caps twist inside;
  • Small fuel tank.

MASTER 125T-10


Compact and lightweight model with a 0.95 hp two-speed motor. Equipped with a 230 ml fuel tank. Uses a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and engine oil in the proportion 50 to 1.

Starts from a manual starter with electronic ignition.

Air cooling prevents overheating of the working parts.

Chain guard system guarantees safe operation. Thanks to the optimal balancing, the unit can be handled with one hand.

Features :

  • power – 700 W;
  • Chain pitch is 3/8 inch;
  • Length of the bar – 25 cm;
  • Engine capacity 25.4 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0.23 l;
  • oil tank – 0.16 l;
  • Weight – 3.2 kg.


  • bright;
  • fuel is economically consumed;
  • high efficiency;
  • Easy to grasp with one hand;
  • quality assembly.


  • Difficult first start;
  • No indication of fuel content.



The model is characterized by high performance when working with trees and sawing wood. The ergonomic design and the multi-point anti-vibration system ensure comfortable and safe operation.

Vibrations from the chain and the motor are absorbed at the handle thanks to springs and rubber inserts.

This reduces the strain on your hands.

The chain continues to work as soon as the brake is pressed without injury.

3.4 HP engine. C. provides high performance. The level of noise during work does not exceed 113 dB.

Features :

  • Power – 2500 W;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inch;
  • bar length – 45 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 54 cc;
  • Fuel tank – 0.52 l;
  • oil tank – 0,26 l;
  • Weight – 5,1 kg.


  • high quality of assembly;
  • Powerful as advertised;
  • Easy starting;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Suitable for solid wood saws.




Powerful professional-grade chainsaw. Equipped with a 3.13 hp motor and a 45 cm saw. The chain is pulled on the side.

Fuel is fed through the Walbro dwarf. The saw is equipped with a manual starter with soft starter system. Chain pitch is 0.325 inch.

Thanks to the heated carburetor, you can work with the equipment in sub-zero temperatures.

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The accent of steel dare teeth makes it easy to cut barrels with a large diameter. Oil is automatically supplied to the chain and bars. Vibration system reduces the load on your hands.

Noise level does not exceed 118 dB.

Features :

  • Power – 2300 W;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inch;
  • bar length – 45 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 50.8 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,55 l;
  • oil tank – 0,26 l;
  • Weight – 5,6 kg.


  • Powerfulness;
  • long tire;
  • professional grade;
  • medium weight.


  • High gasoline consumption;
  • Small manufacturer’s warranty.



Effective device in the maintenance of the garden plot, cutting firewood and felling trees. Equipped with a 2.3 hp engine and works in high-speed mode.

Ergonomic design, anti-vibration system and rubber grip stop make it comfortable to handle.

Thanks to the minimal vibration, your hands do not get tired.

The model is equipped with a chain with a 4/ 8-inch chain height. Safe trees include the presence of a metal wheel stop.

Features :

  • Power – 1700 watts;
  • Chain pitch is 3/8 inch;
  • Length of the bar – 40 cm;
  • Engine capacity 39.6 cc;
  • Fuel tank – 0.41 l;
  • Oil tank – 0.24 l;
  • Weight – 4.3 kg.


  • low-noise;
  • bright;
  • compact;
  • soft start.


  • High fuel consumption;
  • Oil leakage during storage.



Gasoline chainsaw with a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 3.4 hp. Designed for repair, construction work, work in the garden and in the garden.

Weighs only 5.6 kg and has compact dimensions.

Thanks to the lateral positioning of the cutting element and the brake, which works immediately after printing the front part.

Oil is automatically supplied to the chain and tires.

Shock-absorbing springs in the starter ensure a smooth and quick start.

With the winter mode you can work with the saw in temperatures down to minus 10 degrees.

Features :

  • Power – 2500 W;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inch;
  • bar length – 45 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 54 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,55 l;
  • oil tank – 0,26 l;
  • Weight – 5,6 kg.


  • powerful;
  • cozy;
  • Comes with several tools;
  • The tanks do not lick.


  • Noisy;
  • High fuel consumption.



Lightweight utility class for garden and yard work, as well as repair and small construction jobs. Equipped with a rugged 2.85 HP dual lift engine with a 49.3 cc displacement for high performance.

The saw starts quickly and smoothly thanks to the steel spring in the starter.

The tank holds 550 ml of fuel, consisting of gasoline AI-92 and engine oil. The possibility of heating the carburetor allows you to work with the machines in the winter at temperatures down to minus 10 degrees.

Features :

  • power – 2100 W;
  • chain pitch 0.325 inch;
  • bar length – 45 cm;
  • Engine capacity – 49.3 cc;
  • fuel tank – 0,55 l;
  • oil tank – 0,26 l;
  • Weight – 5,2 kg.


  • reasonable price;
  • soft start;
  • gear adjustment on the side;
  • oil does not leak.


  • complicated;
  • weak vibration.



Compact house class home is designed to work on the garden plot, cutting firewood and small construction jobs. It is equipped with a two-row 1.55 kW motor and a 40 cm chain pitch of 3/8 inch, as it provides high power.

The model is equipped with a soft and quick start system.

Ergonomic handle with rubber pads reduces vibration and strain on the hands. A heated carburetor allows you to work with the chainsaw in sub-zero temperatures.

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