Champion BC 9714 engine blocks. Application, video work and reviews

Motoblock’s Champion

The American Mark champion has been pleasing fans with high garden equipment and innovative developments for several years. The units sold are delivered to the CIS and European countries, so they are fully adapted to the characteristics of use even in difficult conditions.

The production itself takes place in Chinese factories, but using the following American technologies. Among the many proposed devices, the champion motoblocks are in particular demand, differing in super jets, a powerful engine, a reliable gearbox and wheels with multiple installation regulations.

Motoblock – Champion BC9713

Motoblock - Champion BC9713

The model belongs to the mid-range units and is designed to work on a site with an area of ​​​​up to 20 acres. The kit includes grinders and pneumatic wheels. The chain transmission in the oil bath guarantees high efficiency.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power – 7 l. With.;
  • weight – 75 kg;
  • The number of cylinders – 1;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters;
  • Fuel consumption 1.7-1.8 l/hour.

The BC 9713 motobo block action champion is set so that the operator can easily adjust the element to suit their size as well as the depth of cutting element immersion (through a snoker). It should be noted a variety of attachments that are easy to assemble and of high quality.

Motoblock – Champion BC1193

Motoblock - Champion BC1193

The unit is known for its productivity as it can easily cope with virgin land and an area of ​​3 hectares. The branded product Champion has a 3-speed gearbox. Anti-vibration handles contribute to more comfortable operating conditions and a reduction in hand level.

Technical characteristics:

  • weight – 132 kg;
  • launch type – manual;
  • The power of the engine is 9 liters. With.;
  • working volume – 270 cubic meters;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 liters.

The start of the engine occurs literally for the first time. The handle can be safely adjusted in height, and quite serious basic equipment begins to use the device immediately after purchase and delivery.

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BC1193 motoblock construction

Motblock-Champion DC1193E

Motblock-Champion DC1193E

The technical development is the most powerful in the line, so it is designed for prolonged work in large areas and in difficult conditions. Equipment includes impressive pneumatic wheels and 8 steel mills.

Motoboblok Design Champion DC1193E

Special wings guarantee protection of the parts of the unit from moisture, grass and land. All elements are made of reliable materials of incredible stability, which allows the champion to work even in conditions of high humidity.

Technical characteristics:

  • processing width – 1100 mm;
  • weight – 177 kg;
  • Power – 9.5 liters. With.;
  • fuel tank capacity – 5.5 l;
  • The number of cylinders is 1.

The model is complemented by a diesel four-stroke engine Champion D420-1HK, forcibly cooled by the air method. The electric steamer allows you to start the mechanism in seconds.

Motoblock – Champion BC9813

Motoblock - Champion BC9813

The budget model has a classic set and work scheme. Special productivity guarantees a drive of the belt of its own production. The engine features top placement of valves and a cast sleeve.

Technical characteristics:

  • weight – 85 kg;
  • cooling – air;
  • Spark Plug – F7RTC;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3.6 liters;
  • The capacity of the oil crankcase is 0.4 liters.

The power of the engine is 7 hp, so you can also work on toning floor. Pneumatic bikes create conditions for maneuverability and mobility. The capacity of the model is 500 kg.

Motblock champion BC 8713

Motblock Champion BC 8713

The petrol unit can be used safely by the owners of large country diagrams. Equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters, which works more than an hour with maximum load and without breakthrough.

Motoblock Belt Champion BC 8713

Technical characteristics:

  • Processing depth – 325 mm;
  • Weight – 70 kg;
  • Power – 6.5 liters. With.;
  • Processing width – 880 mm;
  • The type of coupling is belt.

The Champion G200H engine guarantees a serious performance. Hig h-quality assembly relieves problems with details. As stated in many checks of the owners, the model holds considerable loads and cannot be influenced by different adverse factors.

Type: October 25 - October 31st

Motblock champion VC 9714

Motblock champion VC 9714

If a person selects a champion for work for the work, a person receives a reliable assistant with 3 Gears Forward and 1 before 1. With a dung device you can also use the device in winter and equip it with elements to make snow from Clean the paths.

Technical characteristics:

  • Cup type – belt;
  • weight – 75 kg;
  • Power – 7 l. With.;
  • The work volume is 212 cubic meters. cm;
  • Fuel tank – 3.6 liters.

The positive characteristics of the model include the possibility of regulating the processing width of up to 80 cm, using a reliable casting cylinder sleeve and an impressive weight for working in virgin areas, etc.

Motblock champion BC 5511

Motblock Champion BC 5511

This technical development will address the owners of small gardens and gardens. The weight of 51 kg even enables women to use a motorcycle master. The power of the engine is 5, 5 liters. With. Enough to carry out basic strawworking operations such as plowing, hilling, fertilizer, etc.

BC 5511 motoblock construction

Technical characteristics:

  • The engine is four stroke;
  • Motor volume – 163 cubic meters. cm;
  • Processing depth – 330 mm;
  • Number of speeds – 1;
  • Dimensions – 60x42x74.

In the set there are tailors made of har d-wearing metal that are covered with patronage substances. Thanks to the extensive neck, the tank of refueling takes place easily and quickly. You can quickly transport the device to the desired location with transport wheels.

Motblock champion BC 6712

Motblock Champion BC 6712

The model is characterized by the presence of special rubberized handles that reduce the negative influence of the vibration on the hands of the user. The wings guarantee the safety of the operator from the entry of the earth while working with the machine.

Technical characteristics:

  • Processing depth – 320 mm;
  • Weight – 52 kg;
  • Tank capacity with fuel – 3.6 liters;
  • Gear chain;
  • The diameter of the milling system is 350 mm.
Autumn flowers in the garden

The device is supplemented by a spacious fuel tank, an electronic ignition system, support wheels and air cooling. Thanks to the tour presented in our portal, you can familiarize yourself with other functions of the company.

All Motoblocks champion can be referred to as worthy assistants in both gardens and gardens. With the selection, the main thing is to place accents and build on the volume of the upcoming work.

Motoblock champion 9714. Description of the model. Operating characteristics, maintenance

The motblock champion 9714 (also known as a champion BC-9714) is a medium-sized class and power technology, the main purpose of which is the processing of summer huts, gardens, gardens and a small country of small areas. The model is intended for household operations, has many technical advantages and works with a large list of ramparts.

Motblock Champion BC 9714

Block Champion 9714 engine – four-stroke single cylinder, brand G210-1HK. The engine power is 7 hp. The engine is cooled by blowing out, injectors are on top. Ignition is via the TCI system. The Champion 9714 walk behind tractor is started with a manual starter. The displacement is 212 cm3.

Recommended fuel: gasoline brand AI92. Tank capacity 3.6 hp

Oil SAE 80W-90 Oil SAE5W-30

Motoblock Champion 9714 consumes an average of 395 g of fuel per hour. The maximum flow rate is 1.8 liters per hour. Engine oil: SAE5W-30, for gearbox – 80W-90. The capacity of the oil pan is 0.6 l, that of the gearbox is 1.6 l. Spark plug type – F7RTC.

Purpose of the Champion 9714 engine block:

  • hilling, tillage, tillage, the ability to plow virgin soil;
  • work with mower and harrow;
  • dig up root crops (potatoes, beets);
  • planting potatoes;
  • community function (collection of garbage, snow, leaves);
  • transport operations;
  • watering the open ground, watering the land in greenhouses.

The optimal combination of the technical possibilities of the walk-behind tractor and its performance allows the farmer to use this device with maximum efficiency. The performance of the device is evidenced by the good reviews of farmers on thematic forums.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the video about the process of Champion 9714 in the greenhouse:

Specifications Champion 9714

The main technical characteristics of the Champion 9714 walk-behind tractor: The weight of the machine is 75 kg with dimensions of 1390 mm in length, 800 mm in width and 1070 mm in height. Maximum attachment width 80 cm. Coupling type: belt. Plowing depth – 30 cm, cultivation – from 15 cm. The walk-behind tractor works with four speeds, one of which is rear. There is a reversal. The product is guaranteed for 12 months.

The average cost of the new model Champion 9714 starts from 28 thousand rubles.

The Champion Motoblock VC 9714

application features

Basic equipment Champion 9714

  • Wheels;
  • collapsible cutters (sizes 4.00-8);
  • Documentation for the owner of the engine and the walk-behind tractor (user manual);
  • Wheel bolts, assembly tools.

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In terms of performance, how does this device differ from more expensive analogues?

Application features and design features:

  • very compact dimensions, therefore convenient transport;
  • the presence of a power take-off;
  • weight sufficient to plow dense soils, virgin soil;
  • the cylinder liner is made of cast iron;
  • the maximum level of fuel combustion in the engine compartment due to the upper location of the valves;
  • steering wheel with height adjustment for the height of the owner;
  • powerful, durable cutters for every floor;
  • carrying capacity up to 500 kg, it is possible to work with a trolley, a small trailer;
  • simple instructions for use, simple assembly of the device.

Champion 9714 retractable engine block

Break-in time: 20 hours.

During break-in, plowing on unpaved ground, overloading the two-wheel tractor or leaving the engine running continuously for a long time is prohibited.

maintenance conditions

  • scheduled – at least once a month – once per season (once every three months);
  • Capital – annually before the spring plant;
  • daily (visual inspection) – to detect faults, damage.
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Video review of the Champion 9714 walk behind tractor

Video about the operation of a walk behind tractor with a mower

owner reviews


“I bought one a few years ago, I was satisfied, so I decided to write a review for those who are thinking about buying it. I can not say that these outstanding parameters of this walk-in wing are not at all. There are both more powerful and abrupt. BUT! During his work he never failed me. I have used with a set of grinders that it came with, there is also a digger for potatoes, a plough. In the future I plan to buy a basic rotary mower.

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