Champion 420N 16 chainsaw: description, features, and rules of use

Champion 420N 16 chainsaw. Specifications and operating instructions

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The Champion 420N 16 semi-professional chainsaw has been a best-seller in its class for several years. The saw is designed for felling trees and sawing wood. This tool is useful for garden cleanup, hedge maintenance, and homestead maintenance. The powerful, reliable engine makes the Champion 420N 16 suitable for use in building and repairing houses, barns, and other outbuildings.

Champion-420 chainsaw

Thanks to its good balance and ergonomics, as well as its low weight, the electric saw does not require significant physical exertion from the operator. The model is equipped with all safety systems, has double insulation of the motor and electrical wiring.

Features of Champion 420N 16 Electric Saw:

  1. Tool-free chain tensioning.
  2. Automatic chain lubrication.
  3. Automatic, non-adjustable oil pump.
  4. Ergonomic handles made of high-quality plastic.
  5. Anti-vibration system and kickback protection.
  6. Inertia brake to stop the chain.

Company manufacturer, pricing policy and basic model equipment.

The Champion brand is well known to amateur gardeners, as well as forestry and municipal workers. Since 2005, the company’s products are manufactured in Chinese factories ZOMAX. Concern cares about its customers – products are under constant control of foreign experts.

The quality of Champion chainsaws is also helped by the fact that many components (engines, tires, carburetors, lubricants) are imported from Western Europe, Japan and the United States.

The high quality of Champion 420N-16 is combined with a reasonable price policy. Today in Russia, you can buy an electric saw at a price of 5,350 rubles. In Ukraine, this tool will cost the buyer 1,380 – 1,600 hryvnia.

  1. The body of the device with the motor.
  2. Service and operating instructions.
  3. Saw sword (40 cm).
  4. The chain (57 links).
  5. Plastic protective cover.
  6. Set of universal keys.
  7. Warranty card.

Champion-420 chainsaw kit

Technical specifications

420N 16 is described in detail in this manual.

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Preparing for use and starting the Champion chainsaw

  1. After unpacking your saw, carefully read the description, instruction manual and safety precautions for this type of tool.
  2. Visually inspect the insulation and make sure there is no visible damage.
  3. Make sure that all parts are securely fastened.
  4. Attach the bar and put on the chain. Adjust chain tension so that the center links are 5-7 mm slack.
  5. Fill the automatic chain and gear lubrication system with oil.

Important: Do not operate your Champion electric chain saw if the lubrication system is not working. Doing so could cause serious damage to the machine.

Turn on the power (suitable 220 W. outlet ±10% / 50 V/Hz), turn off the brake and start the saw.

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

The most common malfunctions of the Champion electric saw, ways to fix them:

malfunction. because troubleshooting
The saw, which is plugged into the socket, does not work when you press the throttle. Damaged wiring. Check the condition of the wiring. If damaged, replace the wire.
Champion saw does not operate under load. Fault in clutch system. Replace friction system with a new one. Repairs may be made in-house or by your Service Center.
Oil leak while sawing Oil tank or oil pipe leaks Replace the defective parts.

Video overview of the Champion 420n 16 saw

There are many Champion reviews, testimonials, and repair and maintenance tips online

Presentation Champion saw review:

Electrical Repair Tips:

Champion Saw Repair: Stopping Under Charge:

Champion 420n 16: reviews of owners

Nicholas, 53 years old, Kremenchug:

“I have Champion for two months. During this time, sawed a huge pile of boards. No shortcomings yet. Once stopped – I thought that’s it, it broke. It turned out that I just ran out of oil in the tank. Special thanks for the instructions in Russian. “

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Anton, 43, Samara:

“Sturdy, lightweight, reliable electric saw. Worked all spring, summer and fall. So far, no problems. The only note: the lubrication system eats a lot of oil. Or so it seems to me. “

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This model has gained particular popularity among consumers due to its excellent performance, low weight and compact size. Semi-professional electric saw Champion 420N 16 is used in various household works during the construction and repair of various structures, for the care of the garden plot and hedges.

During the operation of Champion electric saw does not require special skills from the operator, even women can easily cope with them. Despite its small size and weight, the Champion 420n 16″ electric saw has modern features and has the following features:

  • An effective anti-vibration system and return protection;
  • Toothed chain tensioner;
  • Automatic lubrication system;
  • Inertia brake;
  • Ergonomic, balanced body;

Champion has a weighted pricing policy that makes its equipment available at a very reasonable price. Today, the manufacturer offers the Champion 420n 16 electric saw at a price of 5,950 rubles.

Champion brand history, manufacturer and basic equipment

Champion was first talked about in 2005, when the equipment of this manufacturer appeared on the market. The brand is of Russian origin, and its production facilities are located in China. The company’s gardening and agricultural equipment is certified in Europe and meets all modern safety standards. The quality of the tools also does not cause complaints, especially since many components are purchased in Germany, Japan, the United States.

The basic set of the champion includes:
  • Instructions in Russian and warranty card;
  • The case of the product with an electric motor;
  • Saw bars;
  • A protective plastic case;
  • saw chain:
  • universal wrench;

Technical specifications of the Champion 420N 16 electric saw

For a detailed description, specifications and details of the Champion 420N 16 electric saw, please visit the manufacturer’s website of this tool directly:

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Unpacking and starting up

  • At the time of purchase, we recommend that you conduct a visual inspection of the electric saw to detect possible malfunctions and damage to the insulation.
  • After unpacking the tool, make sure that the screws and assemblies are secure, if necessary.
  • Assemble the saw headset.

Important: The Champion 420 electric chainsaw is equipped with a persistent chain tensioner. Install the headset and adjust the chain in the following order:

  • Unscrew the inner nut of the tensioner and remove the safety guard;
  • Set the bar on the slots, place the chain on the main sprocket so that the cutting edges of the chain movement face each other.
  • Install the cover, securing the bar with the inside nut.
  • Set the chain tension with the outer mat.
  • Screw the outer mother all the way in. After a few minutes of operation, check that the saw chain is correctly tensioned.

The automatic lubrication system must be primed before you start work. Use special chain oils for this purpose, which considerably reduce friction, the power of the electric saw and the service life of individual assemblies and parts.

Before plugging in, make sure that the electric socket, the motor insulation and the extension cord are in good condition. It is forbidden to repair damaged places with an island – it is necessary to replace the damaged wire or socket.

Before starting the motor, you must engage the circuit stop brake. Thereafter, this procedure should be performed each time the work is completed.

For personal safety, wear protective gloves, goggles or a mask. Do not use your power saw when it is raining or snowing. Doing so may not only destroy the engine but also worsen the operator’s health.

advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the electric saw Champion:

  • The possibility of use in enclosed areas;
  • High maneuverability due to the longitudinal area of the engine;
  • Ergonomic, well-designed body;
  • Affordable price;
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  • Weak liability;
  • Poor quality plastic on the oil tank;

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Video review of the Champion 420n electric saw

Presentation of the electric Saw Champion:

Reviews of owners

Victor Kislov, 32, Vladimir region:

The electric saw Champion has a compact size – it is very convenient to work. If necessary, you can saw with one hand, even if you are not sure. I really like the chain tensioner – no wrenches or screws needed – you can do everything with your hands.

Usman Rajimov, 47, Mordovia:

I am very satisfied with my champion. I clean the garden, cut all the garbage around and finally stack things in the yard. The motor runs well, my arms don’t get tired – the saw is well balanced. It is very easy to disassemble and maintain in terms of oil consumption, minimal vibration, economical.

Advantages: quality engine, ergonomic body, no vibration;

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