Champion 251-18 chainsaws: description, properties, rules of operation and safety precautions

Champion 251 chainsaw. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

Semi-professional chainsaw Champion 251-18 is designed for household works, maintenance of personal property, making and sawing firewood. Due to its low weight and powerful engine, this tool is popular with construction contractors and utilities.

Champion-251 chainsaws

Champion 251 chainsaw meets all modern safety requirements, has a great design, ergonomic and easy to use.

This model is available in stock:

  • Heated carburetor system;
  • Automatic chain brake;
  • Fuel pump primer, “easy start” function;
  • Automatic chain lubrication;
  • Kickback and vibration protection.

Manufacturer and basic equipment

Champion is known on the market of gardening equipment since 2005. It is a Russian brand, whose production facilities in China are concentrated at Zomax factories, which in itself is a guarantee of quality. However, the company’s specialists independently monitor the quality of products.

Good reviews about Champion 251-18 are also due to the fact that the company buys some parts and components from European, American and Japanese manufacturers. In particular, the Champion 251-18 model is equipped with a Japanese Walbro carburetor.

Champion-251 chainsaws

Buy Champion Champion 251 in basic configuration and get: You get:

  1. The body of the unit with the engine.
  2. Saw bar (45 cm).
  3. Plastic case to protect the saw bar.
  4. Petrol chain saw (72 cc).
  5. A spark plug wrench.
  6. Screwdriver for adjusting carburetor.

Service and instruction manuals

Detailed technical features and a description of the chainsaw can be found in the instruction manual.

Pricing policy

At present, the company has suspended production of the Champion 251-18 chainsaw. However, this product can still be found on the manufacturer’s website and in Russian online stores at a price of 5,900 rubles. In Ukraine Champion 251-18 is not sold at the moment.

Getting ready to work and running-in

The product is delivered in assembled form. You only need to install the tire, install the chain, adapt the voltage and securely fasten all the nodes and parts.

Important: fit the chain so that it moves freely along the bar without stopping and without extraneous noises.

  1. To operate the chainsaw, use a fuel mixture in the ratio of 1/25. The mixture is made on the basis of gasoline AI 92-95 and high-quality oil for two-stroke engines. The manufacturer recommends mineral or semi-synthetic oil.
  2. Place the saw on the floor in front of the saw, press down with one hand and pull gently on the starter grip until resistance is felt. Then pull sharply on the starter rope handle.
  3. Idle the fuel tank, prepare the fuel mixture and keep an eye on the 1/50 ratio.

Important: Remember to fill the automatic transmission and chain lubrication system. Use only high-quality oils, do not use waste fluids.

For the 251-18 saw to enter a new champion, you must run 8 to 10 refills of fuel. Do not overload the chainsaw during this time and do not allow the engine to overheat.

Tools that will allow you to effectively clean the garden before winter

All work with the saw should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and with strict adherence to safety rules.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

  • powerful engine;
  • good ergonomics;
  • availability of spare parts.
  • Requires high quality fuel and lubrication;
  • requires proper driving;
  • At low temperatures there are problems with installation.

Main malfunctions

Engine won’t start, stops:

  • No fuel;
  • Fault in ignition system;
  • Faulty fuel system or air filter;
  • The timing gear is not installed or is dirty.

No dynamism:

  • Fuel or air filter is clogged;
  • Carburetor malfunction.

Champion 251-18 chainsaw video reviews

There are many video reviews and reviews of various chainsaw models on the web.

Review, assembly and installation of a chainsaw:

How to start a Champion 251-18 cold chain saw

And so the carburetor is installed:

Champion 251-18: Reviews of owners

Mikhalych, 65, Kostroma

“Bought for the house, carefully studied the ratings on the network and after consulting with sellers. I can do all the things I have to do with it. The chainsaw is indispensable in the household: powerful, lightweight, economical. The carburetor is excellent: the saw runs quietly, doesn’t stutter, accelerates well. I don’t see the point in buying an expensive branded tool, if there is a champion 251-18.


“Bought it a month ago. Sawed with it for three days, does everything fine. Then I couldn’t start it up. As it turned out, flew the magnet – had to buy a new one. After replacing it, the chainsaw started on the first try. I think it was a factory wedding.

Chainsaw Champion 251 at a glance: description, characteristics, features of operation

Champion chainsaws are popular with buyers due to their relatively low price and good technical characteristics. Champion 251 chainsaw is one of the most popular models among buyers. The reviews about this device are almost all positive, which confirms the demand and high quality of Champion 251.

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Model Description

Champion 251-18 chainsaw belongs to the semi-professional class. The performance of the saw engine is 3.13 liters. С. The length of the saw section is 45 cm, when working without load the maximum number of revolutions is 12.5 thousand per minute. The fuel tank volume is 500 ml, which is typical for semi-professional models. Thanks to its technical and design properties, the Champion 251 chainsaw has won popularity not only among gardeners and gardeners, but also among utility workers.

The chainsaw has a modern design and is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. The main advantages of the Champion 251 chainsaw include:

  • availability of an emergency chain stop;
  • “Easy start” primer for fuel priming;
  • Heated carburetor;

This function may be needed when working in winter.

  • Ergonomic design;
  • Vibration suppression system.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has improved the design as much as possible so that the user feels a minimum of vibration during operation. The noise level during operation increases to 118 dB. Such noises can affect the wearer. Wear hearing protection while in use.

Purpose of the Champion 251 chainsaw

Judging by customer reviews, most of them buy Champion 251 to work in the garden or in the suburbs for budget needs. With a low weight (5.6 kg), the device can be used in difficult areas and at low heights. Despite the fact that this is a semi-professional model, it should be used in moderation to avoid premature wear and tear. The main purpose of the chainsaw is to be used in everyday life:

  • for tree maintenance;
  • When building a sauna, a barn, etc.;
  • When cutting firewood and the need for felling trees.

It is undesirable to use the Champion 251 in supply businesses, as the saw is not designed for constant heavy loads.

The owner of Champion 251 is a Russian company. At the same time the production facilities of this company are located in China (Zomax factory). The manufacturer regularly checks their products for compliance with quality standards, which is a guarantee for customers.

How to take care of the lawn?

Basic configuration

As a rule, Champion comes to the market in a standard configuration without additional parts. Service centers of Champio n-Service are located in many cities of the Post-Soviet area. Therefore, buyers have an opportunity to easily repair and replace the necessary components. The basic package includes:

  • DAW des Champion 251-18 models;
  • Subject part: tire and chain;
  • Protective cover for transportation and storage;
  • Candle wrench;
  • Screwdriver and wrench to assemble and complete the chainsaw;
  • User manual;
  • Warranty card.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the package contents. Before buying the 251 chainsaw, it is recommended to visit the manufacturer’s official website and read the information current at the time of purchase.

Technical characteristics

Engine power, (kW / hp) 2.3/3.13
Weight, without tires and chain, with empty tanks (kg) 5,6
Engine displacement (cm3) 50.8
Fuel tank capacity (L) 0.55
Max. fuel consumption (g/kWh)/(l/h) 500/
Oil tank capacity (ml) 0.26
Tire length (customs/cm) 18/45
Chain pitch (customs) 0.325
Sawsaw bar width pitch (mm) 1,5
Number of chain members (pcs.) 72
Maximum rpm without load (rpm) 12500
Idle RPM (speed) 3000
Front/rear handle vibration level (m/s2) 9.47
Sound level (DB) 118

Basic rules for using the Champion 251

After unpacking the new Champion 251 saw, the user should attach the bitter part to the body according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once reassembled, the first start-up and operation of the engine can begin. Before starting, you should familiarize yourself with the safety regulations, including:

  1. The chainsaw can only be operated with two hands. Operating with one hand can cause soft tissue injuries.
  2. Pay attention to the names on the body of the unit.
  3. The working surface must be prepared.
  4. Do not work in high humidity, poor lighting or in poorly ventilated areas.
  5. Protective clothing and earphones must be worn before working with the 251 chainsaw.
  6. No bystanders or animals must be within a few meters of the work area.
  7. The manufacturer draws attention to the fact that it is strictly forbidden to make changes in the design of the product. This can lead to injury, wear and tear of the chainsaw, breakage and termination of the warranty.
When can I remove the winter cover from trees, shrubs and perennials?

You can read more about the 251 saw instruction manual here.

The engine is running

Filling up the engine is a necessary setup step for the chainsaw and takes 5 to 10 operating cycles. A work cycle is the time from refueling to the next chainsaw.

The engine uses a 1:25 fuel mix (oil: gasoline) for the work cycles. After filling the gasoline tank, you must prepare a 1:50 mixture.

The manufacturer recommends the use of Champion products as oils and spare parts. To create the fuel mixture, it is worth buying oil for two-stroke engines and gasoline n-ai 92 or 95. Machine oil can be used to fuel the automatic oil supply system. By no means practice.

Buyers do not highlight any particular “weaknesses” of the model.

Champion 251 model evaluation video



How to buy Champion 251?

Vyacheslav, Minsk:

Before buying Champion 251 I was using the old powermaster. I used it for the second season.

Advantages: I would like to find that Champion’s ergonomics is much better, it feels good in the hand. The powerful model cuts well in frosty weather. I use it for firewood and for the garden (more than 300 trees).

Disadvantages: I did not find.

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