Champion 241-16 chainsaw: technical specifications, description and rules of operation

Champion 241-16 chainsaw. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

Despite the low cost, the Champion 241-16 chainsaw has a high quality of assembly and excellent performance characteristics. The advantages of this model can be attributed to the reliability of components, unpretentiousness and high performance.


Reading the reviews of owners of Champion 241, you will come to the conclusion that the company managed to create a budget chainsaw, which can be of interest to both amateurs and professionals. The tool is useful when building a house or bath, but most chainsaw owners use it for small jobs around the house, gardening, making firewood for home heating.

In their reviews, owners of Champion 241 chain saw note its modern design and ergonomics, as well as compliance of the tool with all the stated characteristics. In addition, it is worth noting the long service life of the chainsaw and a number of other positive qualities.

  1. Anti-vibration system.
  2. High repairability.
  3. Mechanical brake and recoil protection.
  4. Automatic lubrication and cooling system for gears, rods and chain.
  5. Compact size, modern design and light weight.

Champion chainsaw production company

The Russian brand Champion became known to the general public in 2005, when the first chainsaws of this manufacturer appeared on the market. Today the company is known in many countries of the world, and the assembly production is concentrated in factories in China. Champion products are supplemented by Russian, Western European, Indian and American spare parts.

Champion-241 chainsaw

Engines for many chainsaws are supplied by Briggs & Stratton, USA. Another important point is that Champion products are adapted to Russian and Ukrainian markets, in particular, many saws are equipped with carburetor heater.

Basic equipment of Champion gasoline saw

Saw body and engine with fuel and oil tanks;

  1. Set of universal wrenches.
  2. Chisel and saw chain.
  3. Measuring cup for fuel mixture.
  4. Set of universal wrenches.
  5. Metal stop.
  6. Metal file for sharpening.
  7. Manufacturer’s manual, service and operating instructions for Champion 241-16 chainsaw.
  8. Warranty card.
Rolled turf, i.e. lawns for the more impatient


The main technical specifications of the Champion 241-16 chainsaw are given in the manual.

The cost of the Champion 241 chainsaw

Currently, you can buy Champion 241-16 chainsaw on the manufacturer’s website, as well as in other online stores. The company’s stated price for sale in Russia is 5,400 rubles. In Ukraine, such a tool is sold at a price of 2,500 hryvnia.

Pros and cons of the chainsaw

Pros: a good price and characteristics, high performance, easy starting even in cold weather.

Cons: the body is made of mediocre plastic.

assembly and first start

Assemble the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay special attention to the reliability of the brackets and the tightness of all connections. Check the condition of the spark plug. If necessary, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it.

Pay attention to the lubrication of the tire. Some chainsaw owners recommend oiling the end of the tire overnight.

Put the saw on a fuel mixture made in a 1:25 ratio. It is recommended to use AI 92-5 with high octane gasoline. For two-stroke engines, use only high-quality oils.

Champion-241 chainsaw

The manufacturer recommends mineral and semi-synthetic champion oils. When using such fuel, it is necessary to develop the tank at idle speed. In the future, we will use a 1:50 ratio when preparing the fuel mixture.

Important: When developing the first 8-9 fuel tanks, do not overload the saw or overheat it.

Do not forget the automatic chain lubrication system. Here you can use both special and conventional car oils. The only caveat is do not pour recycled oil into the oil tank, this can cause parts of your chainsaw to jam.

Adjusting the carburetor

A proper adjustment is evidenced by a fast rpm series, stable idle speed, no smoke or detonation noise. It includes cleaning the filter, air bursting the engine and heating the cylinder to operating temperature. It is also recommended to check the serviceability of the spark plug viburnum, the absence of water and clogs in the carburetor, in the jets.

If the engine does not start on hot, the cause through the mixture can be eliminated with the case due to air suction in the mating of the carburetor.

Scorched candle indicates a wrong selection of the type and density of engine oil.

Plant pest and disease control, i.e., winter spraying

Basic misalignments and how to fix them

Saw Champion video reviews

There are many video reviews and descriptions online that focus on the selection, unpacking and operation of the Champion chain saw. To get acquainted with them will be interesting and useful to both the beginner and experienced user.

The best Champion chainsaw for the household:

Champion 241-16 chainsaw: Reviews of owners

Roman Fillitov, 32 years old:

“I use the saw for three years. In my opinion, Champion 241-16 is the best choice. Hasn’t had any repairs yet. If you fill up with the usual combustion, lubricate – lasts for many years.

Advantages: light, economical, reliable.

Disadvantages: Did not find any. “

“Tatiana Bobrova, 45 years old:

We bought a dacha, where no one has lived for a long time. To say that there was a thicket – nothing to say: just a small jungle. I thought we would never clear the plot. My husband first explained: we need to buy a chainsaw. We read the reviews about Champion 241-16 and decided to take it. So far, not once have we regretted it. The chainsaw has done its job perfectly. Our dacha now looks like a picture from German magazines. “

Igor, 54 years old:

“I would have taken something more expensive. Using it for a year and a half with no problems. The sergeant put wood in it a few times. Then it just stalled. I took it to a mechanic and the piston blew. All in all, wasted my nerves and 400 hryvnia. Next time I will buy something more expensive. “

Champion 241-16 chainsaw – budget model with improved features

In the field of budget household appliances made in China, the Champion 241-16 household chainsaw is characterized by improved processing quality, a combination of moderate cost with modern technical and operational properties.

The advantages of this model are a high degree of performance, reliability of the component systems and nodes. And also the ease of maintenance, long inter-repair period. The agreement of the tool with the declared properties is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of the owners.

Anti-icing reagents. Description of popular agents, classification, devices used

Champion 241-16 chainsaw is a budget model with improved features

Photo: Champion 241-16 chainsaw

Functions of use

Wide-ranging in its capabilities, the tool is focused on use in private housing construction.

The area of application is primarily:

  • Mechanization of the more labor-intensive work of clearing the site of old trees;
  • Collecting and sawing firewood;
  • Construction of wooden building structures.

The Champion 241 saw meets modern standards for functionality, economy, and safety for sawing jobs of varying complexity.

Its design incorporates many technical solutions and modern innovations characteristic of semi-professional tools. Especially:

  • This model takes advantage of the easy start system, winter-summer mode switch, side chain tensioner and automatic chain lubrication;
  • The construction of the tool is characterized by a modern industrial design, good balance, access to the engine air intake and adjustment units.
  • Safety at work is guaranteed with the emergency stop inertia brake and the chain breakage catcher.

Champion 241


The 4.7 kg unit is equipped with an air-cooled carbureted internal combustion engine, 40 cm3 in volume and 2.45 hp output. The engine runs on a mixture of high-purity gasoline and special engine oil.

Engine design features include start assist, combined flap control, and carburetor heater. Fuel enters the swimmer’s chamber from a 310 ml reservoir built into the housing.

model Master 241
Manufacturer champion
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Considered class household
Performance, PS (kW) 2.45 (1.8)
Engine volume, cm3 40
Chain division, customs 3/8
Chain strength, mm 1,3
Number of chain links 56
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.31
Oil tank capacity, L 0.21
Tire length, cm (in.) 40 (16)
Noise level, dB (a) 110
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg) 4,7
Instruction manual Download
Detail Download


The detachable cutting assembly of the Champion Model 241 chainsaw consists of a 16-inch guide bar, a 56-strand chain with a standard 3/8-inch split, a side-mounted tensioner, and a fuse that prevents an emergency situation if the operator is not operating properly.

Huter SGC 6000 Snowmill. Properties, Maintenance

Chain cooling and lubrication is automatic. A separate 210 ml oil reservoir supplies exactly the right amount of oil to the working area. The emergency chain brake is activated by moving the top guard slightly to the side of the rail.

advantages and disadvantages

A review of sales volumes shows that Champion brand chain saw equipment is steadily gaining ratings. Users note the effectiveness of the transfer of products to a new quality level.

The advantages of the model 241-16:

  • optimal ratio of the price level of the tool itself, spare parts and consumables with business skills;
  • high power and torque economy in fuel and oil consumption of the unit;
  • excellent maintenance and spare parts ratio with earlier and similar editions of the past years;
  • High degree of safety when implementing saws of high complexity.

Like any budget model, the saw is not without certain drawbacks. The reviews most often mention the moderate quality of branded wheels, the brittleness of the plastic housing. Also encountered inaccurate carburetor adjustment and little information in the instruction manual.

The cost of a chainsaw in different regions of the country ranges from 4,500-6,000 rubles. In the power category of 2.5-3 hp, this figure is one of the lowest. There are few offers of used devices for sale, but the demand for branded spare parts and consumables, which are sold on hand, is stable.


In the household of a competitor to the powerful and reliable model master 241-16 relatively low figures. They are identical to the price level and performance parameters of the model of famous brands patriot PT 5220, Daewoo DACS4516, Maxcut MC 146 22100146 and Huter BS-52.

Owners reviews

Champion 241 pleased with a powerful engine and economical fuel consumption. Even hardwood sawing doesn’t affect the RPM stability. The native chain is obviously weak, the problem was solved by installing the Stielev analog. On the way has had to eliminate small oil leaks at the loss of the oil tank. Mikhail Fedorovich

Champion 125T 10: properties, description and rules of use

In the 3rd year I became a champion with a 16 inch tire. Occupancy is a little over 150 uteruses. If you don’t need overkill, the machine is perfect for home use. The tire didn’t work for a long time, replaced with an Oregon tire. Plastic body is not elastic, in winter can crack from a light bump. Denis

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