Champion 237-16 chainsaw: characteristics, description, operation and technology

Champion 237-16 chainsaw – a budget option of higher quality level

In the Russian market of chainsaw equipment, along with the respected Huzkerons and Calme, there is still a steady demand for simple design and quite reliable in operation budgetog-level models. The Champion 237-16 chainsaw is on the list of the tools in demand among private citizens.

Champion 237-16 chainsaw is a budget option of increased quality

Photo: Champion 237-16 chainsaw

Features of the saw

The budget status of this model is perfectly combined with modern ergonomics and industrial design, which are close to the functional characteristics inherent in chainsaws of the professional category.

In particular, the operating capabilities of the model are extended due to the presence of:

  • easy start device;
  • pump pump;
  • full automation of the lubrication and cooling system of the saw;
  • use of inertia circuit breaker of emergency brake.

Domestic with a-Champion 237 is designed to meet the needs and wishes of owners of country, suburban and homestead plots.

Champion 237-16

The tool with high performance and efficiency performs the work:

  • on the feeding and sawing of trees with a diameter of up to 30 cm;
  • wood sawing;
  • used for the preparation of logs and sawn timber before the installation of log houses.

Owners give positive feedback about the repairability of this model, interchangeability of many unified repair parts.

The instruction manual attached to the factory set will help prepare the saw for work, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and self-troubleshooting of possible malfunctions.


The Champion Model 237-16 is powered by a standard carburetor power unit that runs on gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 92 with an admixture of one part 50:1 heat-resistant two-stroke ice engine oil.

The 37.2 cc/2 hp engine is characterized by good traction characteristics for its class, inexpensive service and routine maintenance, comfortable vibration and operating noise levels.

The list of advantages of the power unit includes:

  • simple in design and reliable carburetor with easy access to adjustment screws;
  • economical fuel consumption for its class;
  • effective air cooling system;
  • possibility of continuous operation under heavy loads;
  • preservation of operating properties when exposed to external, thermal and loading factors.
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power unit

Champion 237-16

The work unit contains a 16″ line hoop and a standard 3″ saw chain. The clutch design ensures smooth operation of the chain in all modes.

Mineral or bio oil recommended by the manufacturer is automatically supplied for complete chain lubrication and cooling. The metering of the working material, based on the engine speed, is carried out by a variable capacity oil pump.

In addition to the safety mechanism, the saw chain is equipped with a chain catcher, which prevents the operator from damaging the saw chain.

advantages and disadvantages

According to the conclusions of experts and the opinion of ordinary users, the Champion model 237 household saw meets the requirements of regulatory documents in terms of performance and operational safety.

  • Despite the modern technical equipment, the average price of this model has stabilized at an affordable level for a wide group of buyers.
  • The tool is equally well suited for a wide range of sawing jobs of varying complexity.
  • Properly adjusted and prepared for work, the saw is in no way inferior in performance to more powerful models of the same type in the higher price range.

In the reviews there is a large number of complaints about the quality and durability of the standard equipment of the saw, forcing the use of spare branded sets of bars and chains with improved characteristics. The effectiveness of the air intake filter is also controversially perceived.

At retail, the average cost of Champion 237 series saw ranges around 5,000 rubles. It is worth noting that this is one of the lowest values in its power segment.


Champion 237 model mainly competes with the products of Chinese manufacturers, which are similar in characteristics and application. On the Russian market of household chainsaws, there are many proposals for the sale of budget chainsaws Stihl 180, CubCadet CC 1936, Partner P340S-14 and AL-KO BKS 3835.

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owner reviews

Tell anyone else – they won’t believe you. Almost 2 years of regular use of Champion chainsaws without major breakdowns or malfunctions. Personally, I did not count the breakage of the starter cord. When I went to the service, it turned out that it was only necessary to wash and adjust the carburetor. Leonid Ivanovich.

It is rumored that the production of Champion chainsaws at the plant JENN FENG in China is overseen by Husqvarna. It is possible that we will be present at the promotion of the new brand. Perhaps this explains the increased reliability of my 237 model. The work is not frequent and not strenuous, but the warranty service of the tool goes without incident. konstantin

Champion 237-16 chainsaw. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

In addition to products of well-known brands, the Champion 237 chainsaw is very popular in the former Soviet Union. At a reasonable price, this tool has a number of undeniable advantages. The owners of the saw in their reviews note its unpretentiousness, reliability, ease of maintenance and repair.


Champion 237 model is positioned in the market as a household tool, but it perfectly copes with garden cleaning, cutting and sawing firewood. This chainsaw will also help with home repairs, dacha repairs, building a shed or gazebo.

The budget status of the Champion 237-16 chainsaw combines well with modern design and ergonomics. In fact, the chainsaw meets all the requirements for semi-professional models.

Of the features of this saw, it is worth noting:

  1. The presence of a device that facilitates starting the engine.
  2. Feed pump.
  3. Automatic system of blade lubrication and cooling.
  4. Automatic brake for stopping the chain with a moment of inertia.
  5. Heater of carburetor.
  6. Possibility of cutting of logs with diameter up to 35 cm.

Manufacturer and standard equipment

Champion is a Russian brand first mentioned in 2005. Today the main production of the company is concentrated in factories in China, but many components are purchased in Western Europe, Japan and the USA. In particular, the company maintains close relations with the American engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton.

Design and ergonomics of 237-16 chainmaster are developed taking into account requests from Ukraine and CIS countries. In particular, the option of carburetor heating is provided.

Basic equipment of Champion 237 chain saw:

  1. Cardboard package and BAG bag.
  2. Russian language service and operation manual.
  3. Filling tank for making fuel mixture.
  4. Saw bar – 1 pc.
  5. Judas – 1 pc.
  6. Nail file for sharpening the chain.
  7. Metal stopper.
  8. Set of screwdrivers and wrenches.
  9. Warranty card.
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Video review dedicated to unpacking SAW Champion 237:

The most important technical features

The main characteristics of the Champion 237-16 chainsaw can be found in the manual.

Champion 237-16 chainsaw

Currently, this model is considered obsolete and is not produced. However, some number of tools remain in the company’s camps. In Ukraine Champion 237-16 can be bought by pre-order at a price of 2 000 to 2 300 hryvnia. For Russian users, the chainsaw will cost 4,900 to 5,300 rubles.

First start-up and operation of Champion Champion

Assemble the saw according to the enclosed instruction manual, read the safety rules and the description, conduct a visual inspection and make sure that all parts and assemblies are reliable.

Prepare a fuel mix of 1 part oil to 25 parts gasoline. The manufacturer recommends the use of mineral or semi-synthetic Champion two-stroke engine oil.

Important: Use only high-quality gasoline with an octane rating of at least 93.

Before starting for the first time, activate the mechanical trail brake and remove the tire guard. Then pump fuel into the carburetor. Place the saw on the floor, retract the intake and turn on the ignition. Once the saw is running, change the engine and return the Thruster to its original position. Then turn on the ignition and start the chainsaw.

Champion-237 Bowsaw

To start the SAW Champion, you must run a tank of fuel mixture at idle. Then prepare a new fuel mixture at a ratio of 1:50.

Important: many users in their reviews of Champion Champion 237-16 chainsaw, advise 1:40. We recommend following the instruction manual.

The next 7 – 9 refills should be worked out at low loads. Do not overheat the engine – let it rest and cool down.

Important: Don’t forget to fill the automatic circuit lubrication system with oil. You can order optimum quality oil on the Champion website.

You can watch a video of the Champion SAU first start test here:

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How to Tune the Carburetor

To tune, first turn the maximum and minimum revolutions screws until they are at their highest resistance. Then turn them back and leave them after one and a half revolutions in this position. Then the engine is warmed up for ten minutes and run at medium revolutions. At the same time, it is important to make sure that the chain does not move. If the engine stalls, you must immediately bring the adjusting screw to the stop position.

Caser master 237

This is also important for proper operation of the Champion power tiller. It can be done by yourself. Poor tension can cause the chain to detach from the tire or damage it. Excessive tension increases the load on the engine, then the saw declines faster.

To adjust the chain: Inspect the tensioning mechanism on the right side of the side cover that mounts the axle, turn the screws responsible for securing the tire. Adapt the tension degree by adjusting the screw, move the axle forward, adjust the chain and tighten the screws.

Troubleshooting and solutions

Trouble The reason of a malfunction How to remedy
Saw won’t start No fuel.

Fill up the fuel mixture.

Dry and clean the spark plug, replace it with a new one if necessary.

Champion 237 Video Review

There are dozens of videos online of Champion 237 SAU owner reviews and maintenance recommendations. Let’s get to know some of you.

Getting Started with the Champion Saw:

A year after buying a Champion:

Champion 237 16 chainsaw: User reviews

“Sasha, 43 years old, Zhitomir: Great household tool.

I have been using it for more than five years. Built a bathhouse, a gazebo, I make firewood, there is always work in the garden. In principle, without much criticism. Pleased with the quality of plastic and tires – the aborigines are still standing. Satisfied – I recommend it to everyone who does not need a professional saw, but a household helper is needed.

Advantages: No problems with spare parts: buy a cheap Chinese one if you want, but buy a quality American one if you want.

Disadvantages: Sometimes the engine starts badly, I changed the plugs for the original champion. No more problems. “

“Vladislav, 56 years old, Zaporozhye: My grandfather now has fuel with a full scale.

Grandfather lives in the countryside, he heats with gasoline, and there is plenty of wood. It was necessary to help. I decided not to buy an expensive brand, but after studying the reviews of the owners of Champion 237 16 chain saw, I stopped at this tool. What can I say? It performs its tasks perfectly. Yes, “Taiga” with your help will not get, but to make firewood for the winter is quite possible. In general, you can congratulate me on a great purchase and my grandfather with burning firewood.

Advantages: economical, reliable.

Disadvantages: did not detect. “

“Anton, 52 years, Chernigov region, but it is worth its money.

Accidentally bought a bathtub, the old Makita broke down. Ran to the market – listened to the sellers and bought a Champion 237 16 Autocolon. In general, a good Chinese. It worked for a long time and will hold out for a while. Not without surprises.

Disadvantages: After about a month it started to stall. Had to change the spark plug and clean the carburetor. The native chain didn’t last long in good condition and other little things. But it was worth its money. “

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