Champion 125T 10: properties, description and rules of use

Champion 125T 10. Technical features and operating rules

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The Champion 125T 10 chainsaw is the simplest on the company’s list, as it is often referred to as a “bag” for its low weight (about 3.5 kg). This compact, technological tool will help you in the care of the garden and homestead with the repair and construction of bollards, bathhouses and gazebos. According to owners’ reviews, the Champion 125T 10 chainsaw also copes well with cutting and sawing firewood.

Chempion-125T 10

Thanks to the effective air cooling system, the service life of these chainsaws has increased, and their modest cost has not become an obstacle for modern technical devices.

  1. Asymmetric cushioning system.
  2. Metal chain record.
  3. Automatic emergency stop brake.
  4. Modern economical carburetor.
  5. Automatic gear and chain lubrication system.

Manufacturer’s characteristics and basic equipment

The Russian brand Champion is well known to users of garden equipment. The company has been successfully working in this market since 2005. The production facilities of the concern are located in China. Users of Champion tools have repeatedly noted their high quality and excellent performance properties.

This is achieved both due to the high quality of assembly, and the fact that most of the components come to the Chinese plants from Western Europe, the U.S., India and Japan. In particular, Champion chainsaws are fitted with Japanese Walbro carbines and American Briggs & Stratton engines.

Working principle of the model:

  • The chainsaw body with the engine;
  • Saw bar (25 cm);
  • The saw chain;
  • Key and screwdriver;
  • Measuring container for making the fuel mixture;
  • Instruction manual for saw operation and maintenance;
  • Warranty card.

Chempion-125T devices

Technical specifications and performance features

Description of the Champion 125T 10 chainsaw and its technical properties are given in the manual.

Features of maintenance of the model

First, read the Champion 125T 10 chain saw instruction manual carefully and pay attention to the safety precautions when working with chain saws.

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Carry out a visual inspection of the power tiller, make sure that there are no underlying texts, and that all units and parts are securely coupled. Remove the side cover, insert the tire in the standing pencils, put the chain on the gear wheel and tire. Install the metal stop, put the cover on and tighten the screws.

Important: Do not overtighten the chain – it should move freely over the bar without emitting any unusual sounds. The chain voltage should be checked every time you refuel.

The gas station runs on a fuel mix of two-stroke oil and 92-95 octane gasoline at a ratio of 1:25. Elaborate the fuel tank during the initial phase of the run. Engage the emergency chain brake before starting the engine.

Carburetor for the Champion-125t chainsaw

Then prepare a new fuel mixture at a 1:50 ratio. Also take care of the automatic chain lubrication system. For this purpose, the chainsaw manufacturer suggests using Sticky Oil 30.

Now you can start debarking the trunks of shrubs and small trees. Work 8-9 fuel tanks in economy mode. Do not overheat the saw and do not overload the engine.

Important: Properly selected running-in of chainsaws y-champion 125T 10 will significantly extend its service life.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Good combination of quality and price;
  • low weight;
  • Good anti-vibration system.
  • When sawing large protocols quickly overheats;
  • Requires a large amount of fuel mixture;
  • A lot of counterfeit parts on the market.

Main malfunctions

Engine won’t start, stalls:

  • No fuel;
  • Faulty ignition system;
  • Fuel system or air filter clogged;
  • Carburetor not aligned or dirty.

Doesn’t make speed:

  • Fuel or air filter is clogged;
  • Crankcase failure.

Champion 125T 10: video reviews

Full chainsaw review:

First problems and repair with your own hands:

Champion 125T 1 owner reviews

Alexbar, 44, Cherpovets

“The saw leaves a pleasant impression: compact, economical, well constructed. Of course, you can make comments on the plastic, but in general it should be noted that the quality of Champion has increased significantly in recent years. “

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Alexander, 56 years old, Tver

“When we take care of the garden and dacha, Champion 125T 10 is unequivocally suitable. My beauty starts with simple movements. It sings everything in a row, the cut is smooth, does not tear. There’s enough strength for its chain. Listen to anyone, it’s a great saw. “

Champion 125t 10 chainsaw review. Basic equipment. Features of application and safety measures

Domestic master 125 is the smallest in the assembly company. For its size, it received the nickname “bag”, which does not reflect the capabilities of this unit at all. The fact is that this chainsaw is equipped with a powerful enough, highly switchable unit, which allows you to use it in a variety of domestic works.

The low weight and high maneuverability of the chainsaw are highly appreciated by builders, cottagers and outdoor enthusiasts. However, according to reviews of the Champion 125, it can be used successfully when cutting and sawing firewood.

Champion 125t 10

Despite its weight and size, Champion 125t 10″ Champion has the features of more powerful and expensive tools:

  • Automatic saw lubrication system;
  • Effective asymmetric vibration system and safety protection;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Simple and reliable air filter;
  • Metal grit;

Chainsaws with all these features can be purchased at a budget price. The manufacturer offers the tool at a price of 5,750 rubles. However, the cost can be reduced during various promotions and sales.

Manufacturer and basic equipment

The history of the brand began in 2005, when the first garden tools under the Champion logo appeared on the market. Nowadays, the company’s products are known in many countries in Europe and Asia. Markets are constantly growing. Champion technology takes place in factory conditions in China. In the production process not only Russian and Chinese parts are used, but also parts from USA, Japan, Germany, Italy and India. All tools have European certificates and correspond to the latest quality and safety standards.

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Basic Equipment Champion Champion 125

The basic complete set of chain saws includes:

  • Instructions in Russian, company manual and warranty card;
  • The device device with the engine;
  • Saw chain (3/8 ″, 40 members);
  • Metal toothed stop;
  • Saw bar (10 in., 250 mm);
  • Protective plastic sawdust cover;
  • Tool kit;
  • Measuring jug for mixing fuel;
  • Belt for hanging the chainsaw;

Champion 125T 10″: technical specifications

The description and specifications for this model are available online directly from the manufacturer’s website:

Unpacking, refueling, first startup

The tool is delivered assembled, the user has only to check the saw headset, season the engine and the automatic chain lubrication system.

Important: Particular attention should be paid to a visual inspection of the chainsaw for visible external defects and malfunctions.

Begin installing the saw on the Champion 125:
  • Remove the safety guard;
  • Slide the chain onto the guide bar;
  • Slide the bar into the grooves and slide the chain onto the main sprocket.
  • Install sprocket stop;
  • Install the guard and fasten it with the nuts, do not clamp it as far as it will go.
  • Set chain tension with a screwdriver.
  • Tighten the fasteners on the splines as far as they will go;
  • Make sure the chain tension is correct;

Important: Make sure the cutting edges of the teeth point toward the chain with the chain moving slightly along the bar under a light hand.

Gasoline and oil for Champion chain saws

Keep in mind that the Champion chainsaw is equipped with an undeveloped engine. This means that the oil needed to lubricate the sprockets must be added to the gasoline.

When preparing the fuel mixture for the chainsaw, it should come out at a ratio of 1/25. For subsequent operation, the oil/gasoline ratio is changed to 1/50.

It is recommended to use Benzu der Ai 90 – 95 gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture. It is not recommended to use gasoline with an octane number higher than 95 for this purpose.

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The manufacturer emphasizes the use of air-cooled two-stroke engine oil of the champion brand Jaso FD or other high quality oils of well-known brands.

Important: Do not use automotive or diesel engine oils – this will invariably cause your chainsaw’s engine to fail.

The same principles should guide you when selecting an oil for your Champion automatic lubrication system. Only use chain oils if you’ve never filled your tank with Force, Practice, or another maternal surrogate.

Advantages of the Champion 125 model

  • Ergonomic body, comfortable handles;
  • High-quality plastic;
  • Low weight with good engine power;


  • Requires a lot of fuel and lubrication;
  • Can be counterfeited with original parts;

Video review

The little champion:

Reviews of owners

Stepan Artemyev, 32 years old – Kaluga region:

I read the reviews, turned it in my hands and bought it to go fishing and excursions with my family out of town. Starts up great, in 20 minutes made firewood for two days. Dried wood drains 20-25 cm. as a knife butter. Good tools.

Artem Ivantsev, 25, Leningrad region:

Took for hiking and for dacha, so that it did not take up much space in the trunk. Champion 125 works, but can do it. In the local area network is quickly dull and already stupidly threw out of the store. They also say that there is a tight supply of original parts, but so far I have not encountered such a problem.

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