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Champion electric saws: Checking the properties of the models

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Technical products of the domestic brand Champion fully correspond to its name: in terms of popularity, consumer demand and ease of maintenance, they have long occupied the Russian market. Since 2005 the “Champion” gasoline and electric garden and hand tools have been getting the highest marks from dozens of manufacturers represented on the Euro-Asian continent.

The “Champion” trade mark is one of the few that not only adopts the best world traditions more precisely, but also actively works with foreign manufacturers. To date, for their needs, several Chinese plants are re-equipped, close cooperation with the U.S. corporation Briggs & Stratton, and spare parts and lubricants for Champion power tools are supplied from around the world.

One of the most popular technologies of this manufacturer were and are electric saws, without which it is difficult to imagine the modern budget or production sector in the economy.

Their functions will be discussed in this article.

Electric saw “Champion” 118-14

One of the most famous electric saws from the domestic power grid. It has proven itself well for cutting firewood and garden trees.

  • Ability to use indoor wood – Champion saw works quietly, does not cause vibration and gas emissions like similar gasoline-powered saws;
  • Compact body, allowing you to work in hard-to-reach places and see at an angle;
  • Easy start-up – all you need to work is a 220-volt mains supply.
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Lubricated care;
  • Wide chain and guide rail;
  • Low weight.
  • Traction – 1.8 kW;
  • Tires – 35 cm;
  • Chain pitch – 0.325;
  • Weight – 4 kg.

Champion chainsaw 318-16

The “Champion” straight-drive electric chainsaw, which can be easily operated by a person without proper experience. This model of electric saw “Champion” will be useful not only in a private house, cottage or mini-farm, but also in the carpentry workshop, construction and repair. Excellent sawing in both horizontal and vertical directions and at an angle does not take much memory and can be used in hard-to-reach places, where more oversized tools are not available.

  • Longitudinal electric motor with high efficiency, good visibility and overheat protection;
  • fuse with random triggering;
  • Devices with a special tire that can be operated for a long time and without load.
  • Inertia brake of the chain, which works automatically due to the control of the tool;
  • Sawdust is proportional to the intensity of the saw’s load;
  • Shock-resistant plastic housing;
  • High speed, reaching up to 13.5 m/s at high rpm;
  • Dual electrical isolation system.
  • Power – 1800 watts;
  • Guide rail – 400 mm;
  • Saws pitch – 3/8″;
  • Sump – 0,25 l;
  • Weight – 4200 g.
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Champion Elecplia 420-16

Champion Electric Tablets 420-16

Productive power tool with a 2KW electric motor of longitudinal composition. Operates both indoors, where it does not produce a strong vibration effect, and outdoors, in warm or cold weather. The working elements, which are directly connected to electricity, have undergone 2-speed insulation to completely safeguard the operator from the possibility of power damage.

  • External location of the technical system that can be accessed without special tools.
  • Large bar, which has a chain of 57 divisions;
  • high maintenance limit – the domestic market is abundant with spare parts for this saw model.
  • Chain screen lubrication function;
  • Well-balanced.
  • Power – 2000 W;
  • Tire – 0,4 m;
  • Chain pitch – 0.325;
  • Capacity – 13,5 m/sec;
  • Weight – 4.7 kg.

Power saw “Champion” 324n-18

Unlike the aforementioned Champion, it has a large capacity, a large manual and a number of useful features that completely take care and maintenance of the tool.

  • Longitudinal sectional arrangement of the electric motor, the execution of which allows it to react less to voltage fluctuations in the network.
  • The voltage drop of the chain mechanism;
  • 45 cm bar with 67 chain elements spaced 3/8″ apart;
  • Capacious grease sump, which is evenly supplied with a kettle section depending on the intensity of work;
  • 35 cm long electric cable.
  • Traction – 2.4 kW;
  • Oil tank – 210 ml;
  • Weight – 6.8 kg.

Champion 422-18 electric saw

Champion electric saw model with high durability potential. It represents the SEM I-professional series of this manufacturer, so it is suitable for a variety of domestic tasks and occasional production in connection with construction and repair.

Champion power saws: Overview

Gasoline-powered chainsaws offer their owners unlimited autonomy of work without implementation on power sources. On the other hand, such equipment requires special maintenance and is expensive in the company. Many users solve these problems by purchasing an electric chainsaw Champion or its equivalent.

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Champion Elecple

The technology of sawing with an electric drive is different from a chainsaw:

  • Lower cost;
  • Compactness;
  • Minimal maintenance and service costs.

Design features

Less torque is compensated for by the consistency of pulling parameters, minimal dependence on ambient temperature influences.

Virtually all electric saws have no problem with cold starts, especially in winter. Absence of vibrations, typical for chainsaws, contributes to the comfort of complex sawing operations.

The manufacturer develops, manufactures and sells its products in a relatively short period of time. However, this time was enough to develop several models that meet the requirements of regulations and consumer demands.

Advantages of the model area

Budget in terms of costs and durable in operation electric saw Champion belongs to the category of high demand.

Its popularity is determined by:

  • Simplicity of design and quality of materials;
  • Undemanding maintenance;
  • Economical maintenance and minimal dependence on services.

A significant disadvantage of electric saw technology is the ability to work on the cable length radius by connecting the tool with an internal combustion engine with a mobile electric generator. This possibility increases the efficiency of electric saws in a wide variety of domestic and construction work.

Champion electric saw – a brief overview of the company’s location

The products of this brand are represented on the domestic market of household appliances by several models that deserve a separate consideration.

Champion 118-14

Champion 118-14

The champion among residential electric scooters of the 118-14 series is oriented toward use in everyday private life. The skills of this model extend to sawing fuel wood and building houses.

The 4.35-kg tool is equipped with a fairly powerful 1800-watt electric drive and a 14-inch guide bar kit. The saw has a built-in soft-start system, overheat and surge protection circuit.

Design advantages of the 118-14 include:

  • Cross-mounted motor;
  • Tool-free adjustment of saw chain tension;
  • Capacity for consumable oil increased to 250 ml.
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Champion 120-14

Champion 120-14

Simple, convenient and efficient in daily household chores, the 120-14 is based on the previous model.

From a technical point of view, the new development differs:

  • more powerful electric drive 2000 watts;
  • reduced to 4.78 kg weight;
  • a number of modifications aimed at improving the operator’s comfort and extending the service life of the components.

In particular, the noise level was reduced to 107 dB, the barrier button was redesigned.

Champion 318-16

Champion 318-16

In the domestic class model of this series a cross – class power of 1800 watts with duplication and thermal protection circle for the whole line is received.

The use of lightweight alloys has reduced the weight of the product to 4.2 kg and takes advantage of the more productive 16″ headset. The Champion features an emergency mechanism with a minimum actuation time of 1/10th of a second.

Champion 324N-18.

Champion 324N-18

The 324N-18 Series tool’s capabilities are enhanced with an increase in motor power to 2,400 watts and an 18-inch saw headset.

With power and traction stability under load, the saw can be used to work with wood up to 400 mm in diameter.

The list of design features includes:

  • Longitudinal positioning of the engine;
  • Small dimensions – body layout;
  • Excellent balance;
  • Setting the voltage of the chain;
  • Visual monitoring of chain oil level in the consumable.

Champion 420n-16

Champion 420n-16

New proprietary design originally focused on the realization of volume saws of varying complexity. A 2000 watt electric motor provides the full drive of the 16″ headset. Automatic system realizes the lubrication and cooling of the chain at work in any position.

The design features of this model include:

  • 4.7 kg weight;
  • Double insulation;
  • Rough coating for the border of metal handles is practical;
  • Ability to work for long periods and intensities, with no loss of drive cooling or refilling the lubrication system.

Champion 422-18.

Champion 422-18

In this model, the 2200 watt motor output compensates for the significant mains voltage loss and power loss in cable extensions of 50 meters or more.

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With the mounting unit, you can quickly replace standard 18-inch Sawtan saw sets with shorter length alternatives.

The tool is characterized by:

  • Longitudinal positioning of the engine;
  • Simplified access to the chain tensioning mechanism;
  • Presence of dual electrical isolation and starter key lock.

Champion 424N-18

Champion 424N-18

The 424N-18 is an improved version of its predecessor, upgraded in terms of reliability, durability and safety.

The new generation was designed with a 2-kilowatt electric motor, high-performance saw, SDS tensioner, and oil combination indicator.

Despite a number of improvements and enhancements, the selling price of this model increased by only a few percent.

advantages and disadvantages

  • The entire list of Champion electric saws is of American origin, which has a positive effect on technical and performance properties.
  • Specialists and ordinary consumers note the perfection of materials and processing technology. There are virtually no complaints and complaints from users about the quality of assembly.
  • Electric SAW brand products in all respects meet the requirements of modern mechanical engineering and operating standards, sections of safety regulations governing the handling of electrical household tools of increased complexity.

Numerous reviews of owners and operators confirm the worthy quality and reliability of the entire electric range of Champion.

There are a number of criticisms of the quality of the full-time tapes and chains, the information in the service manual, and the ineffective dust protection of the stationery collection unit.

Owner Reviews

A Baurian Champion electric saw with a series of hot bars and chains was purchased for temporary work and sawing. After completing the work in the garage and utility room, it turned out that the motor and other kinematics are in good condition, and to restore full performance is enough to replace the drive assistant and sawmill. After self-repair, the saw has been in operation for over two years without any problems. Eric

The choice of electric saws was influenced by the cost of the budget and the breakdown statistics of the designs from consumers. Assembled in China, the American tool with the Russian name showed itself on the best side, but it should be noted that the engine traction is significantly reduced if you connect to a socket 100-meter household extension cord. The same result when working from a network with a voltage of just over two hundred volts. If the work is urgent, it is better to connect to a gasoline generator. Vadim Nikolaevich

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