Chainsaws Patriot: review of models, reviews of owners

Electric saw Patriot. Overview of TOP models. Features of service and operation.

Let’s begin the review of the range of chainsaws Patriot and say a few words about the brand Patriot. The company was founded in 1973 by mechanical engineer Andy Johnson and was engaged in the production and repair of gardening equipment. Later, the company expanded its product range, releasing original lubricants and aggregates. Today Patriot offers the world consumer a wide range of products:

  • power and gasoline tools;
  • oils and other consumables;
  • construction equipment and tools;
  • power supplies.

The brand has grown worldwide, opening not only representative offices, but also factories in Korea, Italy, Russia and China.

Model range of chainsaws

Electric chain saws brand Patriot have a purely domestic purpose: short work when sawing all kinds of wood. The manufacturer recommends to saw with a chainsaw not more than 15 minutes at a time, and to take short breaks of 10 minutes between sawing operations. Total time of Patriot electric saws in a month should not exceed 20 hours. The saws themselves are more convenient both in operation and in maintenance. It’s very simple: you set up the Snap, plug it in, press a button and go! Gasoline saws score points and for environmental friendliness, with such a tool it is safe to work in enclosed spaces – there are no exhaust fumes and the noise is reduced. In what the electric saw is inferior to its gasoline counterpart, it is in power, it can not take large logs and logs.

We suggest you get acquainted with the top of electric saws brands Patriot:

  1. Patriot ESP 1814.
  2. Patriot ES 1816.
  3. Patriot ES2216.
  4. Patriot ES2416.

Let’s get acquainted with the features of these power tools:

Patriot ESP 1814 chainsaw

Chainsaw is equipped with a brush motor with a rated power of 1800 watts, which operates from the network (voltage 220-230 V). The weight of the saw is 4.35 kg, the electric motor is placed longitudinally in the plastic housing. The manufacturer recommends the use of 14-inch saw bars. Chain lubrication is carried out by an oil pump, a chain brake is installed. The handles are rubberized for a comfortable grip.

Instructions and technical specifications:

motor type electric
motor power W 1800
bar length, cm 35
chain pitch, inch 3/8″
saw weight, kg 4,2

Patriot ES 1816, electric saw

The mass of the electric saw is 5.6 kg. Brushed electric motor (1800 W) is built into the plastic housing of the saw. The motor is powered from the mains through a cable. The oil tank is equipped with a window that allows you to monitor the amount of oil. Starting is done by pressing a button, there is a brake system, anti-vibration, lubrication is automatic. Origone’s tire size is 16 inches.

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chain pitch: 3/8″
Engine type: electric
max. motor power: 1.8 kW
Busbar length, mm 400
chain lubrication: automatic
Speed, rpm: 13500
Weight: 3,8 kg
Warranty: 12 months

Electric saw Patriot ES 2216

This is a more powerful electric saw, the 2200 watt brush motor is started by pressing the start button, and there is also a lock button. The brushes can be changed quickly and the saw is equipped with a chain brake and an oil pump that supplies lubrication to the chain. The oil tank is equipped with a sight glass, which serves as an indicator: oil – no oil. Oregon chains and tires, tire size 16, are used for sawing work. Sägewicht 4.4 kg.

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performance 2.2 kW
Boom length 16 ″/ 40 cm
Engine location along
Neutral 7600 rpm
Oil tank capacity 0.11 l
Chain division 3/8″
Automatic chain lubrication +
Emergency shut off system +
Weight 4.4 kg

Electric saw Patriot ES 2416

One of the most powerful chainsaws (2400 W), brush motor is built into the plastic housing, driven by electricity from the network 220-230 V. The oil tank is equipped with a sight glass that shows the amount of lubricant. Lubrication is automatic by means of an oil pump. A locking key is included to prevent accidental starting of the saw by pressing the start button. There is an effective brake system and the handles are covered with anti-slip pads. The tire size is 16″.

Type electric
class household
Performance, kW) 2,4
Chain division 3/8 “
Busbar length (cm) 40
Oil tank capacity (l) 0.11
Weight (kg) 5
Type of performance mains
Speed limit (rpm) 13500
color orange

The following Patriot electric chainsaw modifications are less popular:

  1. Patriot CS 152 (pruner).
  2. Patriot ESP 1612 (pruner).
  3. Patriot ESP 1816.
  4. Patriot it
  5. Patriot ESP 2016.

Essschere Patriot CS 152.

This compact Patriot power saw is called a pruner. It is ideal for gardening – pruning branches and trimming crowns is convenient, the small weight (weight of 3.5 kg) does not cause any symptoms when working. The power of the brush motor is 1500 watts, the motor is located transversely, which avoids the loss of productivity and reduces the likelihood of hiccups in sawing. The power tool has no braking system, but the chain is lubricated automatically. Comfortable holding is guaranteed by rubberized pads on the handles. Equipped with 12″ guide bars.

performance 1.5 kW
Boom length 12 inches / 30 cm
Engine location cross
Neutral 7600 rpm
Oil tank capacity 0.13 l
Chain division 3/8″
Number of links 45
Automatic chain lubrication +
Brake no
Weight 3.5 kg
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Intschers Patriot ESP 1612

Another mini chainsaw. The tool weighs 3.3 kg, the transverse electric motor has a power of 1500 watts. 12″ bars are used, the chain is automatic. There is no brake system.

power consumption 1500 W
motor power 0 PS
Recommended boom length 30 cm
Mains voltage 230 V
Oil tank capacity 0.13 l.
Chain division 3/8
Stem slot width 1.3 mm
weight 3,3 kg

Patriot ESP 1816

The electric saw is equipped by the electric brush motor of 1800 watts, arrangement of the motor in the case – crosswise. A brake system and protective shield are installed. The chainsaw is connected to 220-230 V mains. The oil tank is equipped with a sight glass, by means of which it is possible to visually control the oil level in the tank. Lubrication is carried out through the oil pump. Assembled 16-inch tires, the seeder weighs 5.83 kg.

power consumption 1800 W
motor power 2,4 PS
Recommended boom length 40 cm
Mains voltage 230 V
Oil tank capacity 0.11 l.
Chain division 3/8
Stem slot width 1.3 mm
weight 4.4 kg
RPM at idle speed 7600 rpm

Patriot Es 2016

The electric motor of this model is located longitudinally and has a power of 2000 watts. Carbon brushes are replaced with special holes. The start is push-button, there is a lock against accidental start. The oil tank is equipped with a window to control the abundance. Inertia dual brake system. The oil collector is automatic, the drive sprocket is equipped with a special lubricant, the weight of the electric saw is 4,2 kg, the length of the drive sprocket is 16″.

performance 2,000 watts
current voltage 220 в
Boom length 40 cm
Chain division 3/8
Groove width 1.3 mm
Number of links 57
Oil reservoir capacity 200 ml
Engine location along
Circuit closure voltage setting no
Dimensions in package 590x230x390 mm
Soft start no
Weight 6,0 kg
Gross weight 6.62 kg

Patriot ESP 2016

The 2000 watt electric saw weighs 4.2 kg. The electric motor is placed longitudinally, the start is push-button, there is a start button lock. Easy maintenance – there is a special hole in the saw aisle. Double chain brake, oil pump, rubberized grip pad. 1 6-inch leaders are used for operation. The oil tank has an inspection window.

Performance: 2.0 kW.
Bus length: 16′ / 40 cm
Engine location: cross
Maximum speed: 13,500 rpm
Mast tank volume: 0.11 l
chain pitch: 3/8″
Automatic chain lubrication: +
Emergency stop system: +
Weight: 3.9 kg
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Patriot electric chainsaws, features

  • Domestic use;
  • Outdoor as well as indoor use;
  • low effort;
  • Electric motor (longitudinal or transverse);
  • Access to carbon brushes;
  • Oil tank with inspection window;
  • Automatic chain shift;
  • Dual brake system;
  • Key chain;
  • Starting block;
  • Rubber cover on handle;
  • Additional air vents.

Tutorials on how to work the electric circuit had patriot

The main points of the manual are:

  1. Patriot Circuit Design The.
  2. Transmission.
  3. Safety requirements.
  4. Operating principles.
  5. Introducing the Patriot electric chainsaw in operation.
  6. Maintenance of the electric chainsaw.
  7. Typical problems.

Putriot ESP 1612

  • The Patriot electric chainsaw;
  • Cutting equipment;
  • Busbar cover;
  • Controls;
  • Operating key;
  • Accessories.

Other models may be equipped with a chain oil tank.

Safety Requirements for your Patriot Power Saw

  1. Check condition of mains cable, forks and socks;
  2. Installation, cleaning, maintenance and other work must be carried out with the engine switched off.
  3. Protective equipment must be worn.
  4. Do not use the power saw if it is out of order.
  5. Do not operate the power saw in damp conditions.
  6. Do not allow bystanders in the working area.
  7. Do not see the end of the guide bar to learn the sawing technique.

Preparing to operate the Patriot electric saw

  1. Check the condition of the power cord, plug and socket, and the tension in the mains.
  2. Put on the cutting equipment and tension the chain.
  3. Pour chain oil into the oil tank.
  4. Connect the power saw to the mains.
  5. Switch on the power tool by pressing the button.
  6. Check lubrication and braking.

Servicing your Patriot electric chainsaw

  1. Clean the body and headset after each use.
  2. Replace graphite brushes as they wear;
  3. Sharpen chain if necessary;
  4. Check the oil stand, the saw.

Characteristics of faults in patriot electric saws

Electric saw does not start:

  • The chain brake is engaged;
  • Saw is not connected to a power source;
  • Broken wire;
  • Worn graphite brushes.

Quality of the saw has decreased:

Sword and chain are hot:

  • Channels through which the chain lubricant flows are clogged;
  • The oil tank is empty.

Video review

The following video shows the Patriot electric chainsaw in action:





Owners reviews

Vasily, 32 years old:

Took the Patriot 2000W electric chainsaw for dacha. Power enough for everything (firewood, clearing the garden, trimming boards), but the quality of the chain is not very, says Oregon – everything went differently.

Advantages: practical, cheap.

Disadvantages: The chain stretches a lot and quickly stupidly falls off.

Oleg, 54 years old:

I have had pruning shears in the household for almost a year – small, lightweight, perfect for the garden. The price is more than affordable, processing quality is not bad, though from China. I use them seldom, but well.

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The advantages: convenient, lightweight, inexpensive, lasted almost a year.

The downside: no brakes.

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Reviews on patriot chainsaws

From the bottom of my heart I want to share this wonderful miracle saw with my brothers dacha owners and woodcutters. Reply Vasya small, worthy in every way and in every way! Saws practically by itself, lies in the hands like a glove. Eats little oil, rpm is high, and makes 5 times less noise than my old lady. In short, take it, brothers, you won’t regret it, and you’ll be glad.

I bought the chainsaw for my country house. It is easy to saw, plug it in, push the button and go. Chain oil is all the necessary consumables. You can cut any wood, the strength is enough for that. There is an automatic brake, if suddenly such a situation happens, the bar gets jammed or something else – it turns off immediately.

The chainsaw works without any problems, it easily copes with tasks, it saws a lot. The chainsaw is simple, it has everything for the job, and the chain works this way – I work this way, I have not changed it. The motor seems to be for the lazy who do not want to put up with gasoline.

After you still think about electric saw, it should be convenient and simple in the first place, but for the country house the best option, and in construction and the garden area it helps to saw wood and trees. For consumables it is not expensive, only the oil, so I am very satisfied with my purchase.

The lighter the saw, the better, from my own experience, I bought it and work without any problems. The bar is not long, but it is enough for everything, give oil for the bar and that’s it. The electric is easier to use, plug and play, no need to mess with the gasoline. I take breaks for 15-20 minutes.

The electric saw is powerful, I like using it, it is practical, cuts any old and new wood, everything, it is a great option for chopping firewood, for cutting down unwanted trees, I am glad I bought it. I don’t like gasoline, it’s pretty noisy and stirs everything up – then turn it on and boom. Also, you can work inside the garage, which is impossible with a gasoline model.

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ProS: Saw for the cottage and country house – that’s what you need! The price corresponds to the quality. I have been using it for 4 years, a new chain was bought. The way of working rustic (tree trunks, boards with nails))),) In its segment is cheap and high quality. Electric = environmentally friendly.

There’s a big, powerful gasoline-powered saw in the country. But to cut small branches and trees, I needed a light saw. Decided to go electric. After numerous tests, I chose an inexpensive model from Patriot, at a very reasonable price, the processing is very nice. The plastic is high quality. Saw came in a box with the bars unscrewed. Assembly in working order is not difficult. The package includes: the bar, chain, protective cover, a set of wrenches, a small amount of oil to lubricate the chain. With this tool you can work easily and effortlessly. Very lightweight, especially compared to a gasoline-powered one. Cutting down old trees was not a problem. The power of the saw and the length of the boom are sufficient for land work. There is a chain brake for work safety – after you let go of the trigger, the chain stops immediately, and the engine continues to run for a while longer. During the time of use, the saw is run-in, with trees and tree trunks copes with no problems. The chain is good and sharp. The tire in the first shipments was Oregon, but I took the native Patriot. In principle, the tire is of good quality. I bought a special winter chain oil for winter work. It is better to drain the oil when storing, so as not to form stains on the storage area. As for the electric trimmers, the wire is very short for safety reasons. The only thing that needs careful handling is the chain tensioning mechanism. However, with careful use, I think it will last a long time.

I took an electric saw, otherwise I think to buy gasoline, mix oil, and here it is easier, and more, I rarely drink, but sometimes the need arises. Saws excellent, makes a little wood, the bar during work does not run, there is a chain brake. I saw for 15 minutes, then I take a break to cool down the engine. The saw is quality, I can not say anything bad.

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