Chainsaws Interskol. List, characteristics, reviews

Interscol chainsaws. Description, features of operation, maintenance and reviews

Interskol is a Russian company that specializes in the production of various power tools. The first mention of this brand dates back to 1992, and already in 1998, equipment appeared on the market under the logo “Interskol”. The company has several plants in Russia. It also has production facilities in China, Spain and some other countries. In 2010, “Interskol” acquired the Italian company Felisatti, one of the largest manufacturers of woodworking devices. In order to optimize the production of Felisatti products from Italy was transferred to a new factory in Russia, which also produces Interskol chain saws.

It is worth noting that all chainsaws are assembled in Russia, which rules out counterfeiting. Buying the products of this manufacturer, the new owner can be sure that he is buying an original tool. In addition to electric and chainsaws, in the catalog of the manufacturer, we find many other construction, garden and agricultural devices. Particularly in demand on the market are saws, brush cutters, drills, polishing and grinding machines, welding equipment, washing machines and woodworking machines.

Gasoline saw Interskol

All “Interskol” equipment is certified in Europe and meets all modern standards of quality and safety. It is worth noting that the high quality of the company’s products is combined with a moderate cost. Today you can buy chainsaws of this manufacturer at a price of 4,700 rubles.

Switching zone of the Interskol chainsaw

The production of chainsaws is not a priority for the company, but the installation of this type of tool looks very decent. Today, five new models are produced, some other types of chainsaws are removed from production, some of them can continue to be bought in camps or on the second-hand market.

Interskol PTsB-20/52L

The most in demand on the market is the professional class Interskol PTsB-20/52L. This is a universal tool with good ergonomics and high performance. It is used for various works, including non-professional felling. The model Interskol PschB-20/52L is equipped with a powerful engine (3.3 hp) and a bar length of 500 mm. You can buy the Interskol PTsB-20/52L chainsaw for 5 660 rubles.

Interskol PTsB-20/52L

Interskol PTsB-14/45L

The saw is equipped with a fairly powerful engine for 2, 4 hp. It has all the necessary safety systems installed. To facilitate the launch of the engine, the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a primer and a starter with an easy start function. On the model PCB-14/45L is installed 14-inch bar, which allows you to use a chainsaw for repair and construction works, for cutting and sawing firewood. On the manufacturer’s website, this chainsaw model can be ordered at a price of 4,710 rubles.

Interskol PTsB-14/45L

Interskol PTsB-16/45L

The model is equipped with all modern safety systems, in particular a double brake with an instantaneous chain stop: mechanical and inertial. The chainsaw is equipped with a 2.4 hp engine, which allows it to be used for felling small trees, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing of wood, construction and repair work. To facilitate the start of the cold engine, the chainsaw is equipped with an easy start function. Today the saw with a chain saw PCB-16/45L is available at a price of 5,000 rubles.

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Interskol PCB-16/45L

Interskol PTsB-18/45L

The model is designed to perform various types of construction and repair work, cutting and sawing firewood, gardening and hedge maintenance. Owners of the tool note its ergonomics, good balance and excellent quality plastic housing. The chainsaw is equipped with a 453 cc engine and 2.4 hp, which allows you to use a bar length of 400 mm. (18 inches). The model is equipped with an effective safety system and vibration and rebound protection. The manufacturer offers a chain from the PCB-18/45L on its website for 5,190 rubles.

Interskol PMB-18/45L

Interskol PTsB-18/52L

One of the most powerful chainsaws in the manufacturer’s lineup. Equipped with an 18-inch bar and a two-stroke engine rated at 3.0 hp. The performance characteristics of this model allow you to refer it to the semi-professional class of tools. The PCB-18/52L chain saw has a multi-point vibration and rebound protection. Thus, it can be used for a long time without operator fatigue. The disadvantages of this chainsaw include its relatively high weight (7.5 kg). On the company’s website, this unit can be ordered for 5,380 rubles.

Interskol PCB-18/52L

Interskol PHB-14/35L

The chainsaw has a Japanese Walbro carburetor and multi-point vibration and rebound protection. The 14-inch tires and 2 hp engine allow you to use this tool for construction and repair work, mowing gardens and hedges, cross and longitudinal sawing of wood. Currently, this chainsaw can be purchased for 5,270-6,000 rubles.

Interskol PCB-14/35L

Interskol PTsB-14/37L.

Compact, lightweight (4.8 kg). The model can be used for repairing residential and household buildings, gardening and hedge maintenance, sawing firewood, landscaping work. The saw belongs to the domestic class, has a 1.96 hp engine and 14″ long tires. At the moment this model is out of production.

Interskol PCB-14/37L

Interskol PschB-16/38L

Compact size and ergonomic, well used body, provide a high demand for this power tiller. It should be noted that the device is installed via a non- wedge tensioner, which greatly simplifies the process of adjusting the saw chain. The cylinder and piston walls of this saw have a chrome coating, which greatly reduces their wear and tear. It has an improved ignition system and low weight of 5.2 kg (unladen weight). The model PCB-16/38L is available at a price of 5 500 rubles.

Interskol PCB-16/38L

Unpacking and preparing to work

  • When buying a tool, you need to make sure that it is complete and there is no visible damage or breakage. It is required to check the control points of the chainsaw by checking the engine;
  • If any defects are found, demand that the tool is returned to the seller or that the defects are repaired;
  • You have brought a complex tool with you. Therefore, we recommend that you study the device rules, operating functions and safety regulations.
  • After studying the instructions, assemble the saw headset and check that all components and parts are securely coupled.
  • Prepare the fuel mixture and fill up the chainsaw, pour oil into the automatic lubrication system of the gear mechanism.
  • Check that the chain is clear of foreign objects and start the engine.

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Fuel & Lubricants

Your chainsaw is equipped with a two-speed air-cooled engine. Lubrication of the moving parts of such engines is accomplished by oil added to gasoline. We recommend using high octane gasoline brands A92-95. To prepare fuel for this type of engine, use high quality motor oils. The manufacturer recommends using the following types of oils:

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Champion Jaso Fd Husqvarna HP Huter 2T Oleo-mac Prosinkt Vitals semi-synthetic oil for two-stroke engines Interskol

When working in chainsaws the fuel mixture is used in the proportions oil / gasoline = 1/25. Subsequently, the ratio of components is changed to 1/50 unless otherwise specified by the oil manufacturer. When mixing the fuel, first pour petrol into the measuring tank and then add oil. More accurate dosage is achieved by using a medical syringe.

Important: It is strictly forbidden to prepare the fuel mixture in the tank of a working saw. Doing so can cause fuel ignition, training fees and injury to the operator.

The automatic lubrication system also needs high oil levels. Do not fill the tank with diesel or transformer oil, vial or waste fluid. A list of recommended oils for chain lubrication is shown below:

Husqvarna Chain Oil Huter 80W90 MANNOL Chain Oil Oleo-MAC Polar Chain Oil Mushroom Oil from Interskol

Starting a cold engine

  • Turn on ignition;
  • Pass fuel into carburetor with primer (3 to 5 button presses are sufficient).
  • Pull the air hammer handle to the stop;
  • Grip the crankshaft with the starter, fully select the free throw, and then pull the starter crank sharply.
  • Do not pull the starter handle all the way out, as this may cause the cable to jam.
  • Allow the engine to run for 15-20 seconds, then push the choke knob in and idle the engine.

Important: Do not start cutting wood while the choke knob is in the extended position.

Typical breakdowns of the Interskol chainsaw and how to fix them

malfunction Probable cause Remedy
Engine does not start Ignition does not turn on

No fuel in the tank

Repair of Interskol chainsaw

Main advantages and disadvantages


  • Stylish design, ergonomic housing;
  • Availability of primer on most models, “Easy Start” option available.
  • Advanced multi-point anti-vibration system;
  • Some models have chrome plated piston group cover;
  • Conveniently located control buttons;
  • No fakes on the market;
  • reasonable price;
  • Availability of Russian-language manual and a large number of service centers.


  • Not very successful chain tensioner design;
  • Low-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the oil tank and oil line.
  • High-quality fuel materials are required.

Video review of the Interskol chainsaw

Unpacking and presentation of the Interskol chainsaw

Saws for firewood

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Owners reviews

Nikolay Smolyaninov, 47, Chuvashia

If you have a chainsaw in the house, the garden is in order, and you can make firewood in cans. I bought a 2014 Dry Interker for 5,000 rubles. I use it rarely – trimming trees in the spring and making small firewood. There were no particular defects. First a few minutes after starting the engine stalled. I changed the spark plug – the problem disappeared. I think that in the first tanks with fuel got bad quality gasoline.

Victor Orlov, 37, Voronezh region

I bought a chainsaw when I was planning to build a new shed and a sauna. With the set tasks “Interskol” coped with no problems. Starts in any weather, holds the revolutions, economical enough engine. There is also not much noise from it. The saw is suitable for domestic use. This is not a professional tool, although I sawed with it trees with a diameter of 35-40 centimeters and cut the ends of the jet. It needs high-quality oil, which for some reason is poured: the oil tube immediately clogged.

Mikhail Kuzminsky, 51, Novgorod region

Running in the Interskol chainsaw PCB-16/38L for the fourth season. I found out at once that the tool is suitable only for home use – it gets hot quickly under intensive loads. I use the saw for sawing medium-sized trees into chunks and gardening. Above all, it came in handy when repairing the shed. Of the problems, I would note an unfortunate design of the chain tensioner – it constantly loosens.

Advantages: a reliable engine, high-quality tires, price, modern design.

Weaknesses: Unfortunate tensioner design, the engine heats up under load, requires a lot of oil and gasoline.

Episcol chainsaw: List review

In the market of household and professional chainsaw equipment, there is a wide range of quality and productive products of leading brands and models of less well-known, realizing their activity in the production of similar budget devices.

The branded line of chainsaws Interskol has a number of proprietary designs of different power and purpose. A relatively small range allowed the designers to focus on improving and technically equipping each model individually.

Gasoline saw Interskol

Design advantages

Despite the budget selling price, the characteristics of Interskol chainsaws are largely identical to analogues of the semi-professional class.

You should pay attention to the list of design differences:

  • The model is made of lightweight alloy;
  • Easy-removable filter element of the air intake device;
  • Placement of a mechanism for adjusting the chain tension;
  • Completion of all models with sawtooth settings from Oregon and the best in its category carburetor Valbro.

A number of technical and technical solutions are implemented for budget models as well. This is the system of easy start with a feather starter, adjustable capacity of oil pump of standard headsets. Thanks to the shape of the stop it is possible to reliably repair the tool when sawing wood of large diameter.

The stable demand for the brand chain saws is based on:

  • on the conformity of the features of the work to the operational requirements;
  • the use of modern production and assembly technologies;
  • The full provision of the repair stock with spare parts and brand-name consumables.

Business skills

In the standard version the Interskol chainsaw is a light, powerful, practical and durable tool, suitable for full or partial mechanization of labor-intensive sawing jobs.

In the u200bu200bt of the saw’s working possibilities:

  • Mechanization of labor-intensive firewood harvesting operations;
  • Tree crowning in plots and wooded areas;
  • Application in classical wood construction technologies.

Self-selection of a chainsaw Interskol, optimal for agricultural or construction business, will help to make a regularly updated catalog and prices, practically not beyond the budget price range.

Design and technical features of the basic series

This review shows the characteristics of the most popular in-house developments.


Interskol PCB-14/35L

The tool with its own weight of about 5 kg is equipped with a 32 cm3 carbureted 2-stroke drive. Compact 350 mm guide bar chainsaw of this series is equally suitable for sawing wood up to 300 mm and for work in buildings with limited space.

Stability of operation and idle speed is provided by the use of economical and easy to service Japanese carburetor Valbro. The list of design features includes the presence of durable chrome-nickel coating on the mirror of the cylinder motor, convenient and time-saving saw chain tension adjustment without tools.


Interskol PCB-14/37L

In terms of versatility and possible uses, the 14/37L series saw is identical to the previous model. The tool is powered by an internal combustion engine of the same design and equipment with a volume of 37.2 cm3 and a power of 1.6 hp.

  • Lubrication and cooling of the Oregon 14-inch saw headset is provided by chain oil, which is supplied to the bar by an automatically controlled oil pump.
  • The weight of the model has been reduced to 4.5 kg by using lightweight metals. The fuel and oil tanks have a capacity of 390 and 210 ml, which is enough to run the tool for 60-80 minutes.
  • Positive feedback from owners and certificates of conformity are undeniable proof of the quality of materials used and factory assembly of this model.


Interskol PCB-16/38L

Improved performance characteristics of the chainsaw series 16/38L allowed the manufacturers to increase the warranty repair period up to 2 years. The tool’s performance is enhanced by a powerful 2.2-liter carburetor drive and a productive 16-inch guide bar with a wear-resistant saw chain.

Advantages of this model:

  • short starter;
  • Additional compression ring on the piston;
  • Availability of a primer and automatic setting of the optimum speed;
  • From the point of view of safety the blocking of the starter button is improved.


Interscol PCB-16/40L

The chainsaw is positioned by the manufacturer as a universal tool, adapted to the cold climatic conditions with increased comfort of operation.

  • The power of the 40 cm3 gasoline engine unit is 2 hp. Additional exhaust ducts allow the tool to operate on fuel with a lower octane rating.
  • In addition to the emergency brake and chain catcher, safety during demanding sawing jobs is also assured by the Oregon Double Guard bar design, which eliminates the effects of kickback if the 16″ headset fails to penetrate the kerf.


Interskol PTsB-14/45L

The 14/45L series chain saw is a transitional model between domestic and semi-professional class products. The tool differs from the single-type branded counterpart with 2.5 hp with 4 5-cubic-inch engine. and standard m-1 6-inch productivity set.

The weight of the saw of 6,9 kg is compensated by the ergonomic shape of the body, excellent balancing and convenient handholding when sawing wood in non-standard positions.

Interskol PTsB-16/45L

Interscol PCB-16/45L

Domestic chains of this series are among the most powerful in their category. The more reliable in operation and economical 45cc carburetor engine with up to 2.4 hp is used to power the 16-inch sitter.

Thanks to the primer and quick-start system, the tool does not have a winter start, which is typical for chainsaws.

Advantages of this model:

  • full vibration protection;
  • Clip-type centrifugal clutch;
  • Presence of a combined mechanical and inertial stray chain switch.

Interskol PTsB-18/45L

Interskol PCB-18/45L

Comfortable and productive in the work of the semi-professional category saw is equipped with a powerful 45cc and 3 strong carbureted engine. Traction pads are the high performance of the 18-inch saw head.

Advantages of this model include:

  • Continuous high-speed operation capability;
  • 2 air cleaners;
  • Simplified access to the setting nodes of the standard equipment;
  • Increased autonomy of operation by increasing the volume of consumption up to 550 and 260 ml.

Interskol PCB-18/52L

Interskol PCB-18/52L

Stability of pulling parameters of the chainsaw 18/52L series provides increased to 52 cm3 3-power carburetor inc3. The degree of technical and operational device is identical to the previous model.

Interskol PTsB-20/52L

Interskol PCB-20/52L

Ends the review of the chainsaw series 20/52L. The tool of the semi-professional class was developed taking into account the experience of multi-purpose operation of the models of the previous series and the wishes of potential buyers.

  • Effective measures have been taken to increase the actual performance of the sawing work and the tool’s resistance to increased loads.
  • The presence of a 20-inch high-performance headset allows the chainsaw to be used for efficient and low-maintenance forestry and construction work.

advantages and disadvantages

The combination of affordable cost and business qualities of devices from the company “Interskol” is one of the most optimal to date.

  • Users note the compliance of the design of the entire model area with the recommendations of engineering and operational standards, the requirements of safety regulations.
  • Power units of chain saws in terms of reliability and service life are identical to similar developments of leading European brands.
  • Consumable materials and spare parts of the brand are supplied on time and in necessary quantities, which greatly reduces the dependence of the owners of chain saws Interskol on the service and repair structures.

During the entire supply period, no defects in the design, which are important for full performance, have been identified during the installation of chainsaws. There are a number of complaints about the moderate density of the plastic liner, under which wood dust accumulates intensively, and the design of the chain tension mechanism.

Owners reviews

It was not possible to test the saw “Interskol” in the store. At home it turned out that it is necessary to adjust the carburetor, but a special key was not included, I had to lock the equipment myself. The build quality is 4+, the engine starting is also pretty good on the second or third try. The chain life is at a budget level, which is to be expected. In principle, I recommend it. Valera

The chain saw Interskol has pleased with the quality of Czech build, at least there are no hieroglyphs on the package and the tool. With a long hoop can safely cut wood up to half a meter in diameter. In warm weather the engine starts without any problems even without pumping. We will wait until the cold weather, and then we will see. Igor Pavlovic

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