Chainsaws, electric saws – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

Chainsaw or electric saw, which is better? Pros and cons, video rating and reviews

Chainsaw or electric saw, which is better? Answering this question is quite difficult, mainly because there is no unambiguous answer. To date, chainsaws (both gasoline and electric) are widely used in the home (at home, in the country house) and in businesses. With the help of this tool you can quickly cut wood of any density with minimal time and consumables. Let’s understand. In what case it is better to opt for the power plant, and in what case it is better to give preference to a gasoline model.

Chainsaw or electric saw

Electric chainsaws

Advantages .

1. they are environmentally safe. They work on electricity, do not emit harmful exhaust gases, can be operated in enclosed spaces.

2. The saws are lighter. They are easier to handle.

3. The performance of an electric saw is the same as that of a domestic gasoline-powered tool.

4. Preparation for work takes no more than 3-5 minutes, for which it is necessary:

  • Tighten and repair the saw equipment;
  • Pour the chain oil into the tank;
  • Check the cord, socket and plug;
  • Check the mains voltage.
  • Start the electric saw by pressing the button.
  • Check the condition of the lubricant on the chain.

Makita UC3550a Oleo-MAC 200 E Patriot ESP 1814 Shtil MSE 160 C Intercker PC-16-2000T

5. electric saws are easy to care for:

  • tool cleaning;
  • Changing (sharpening) the cutting chain;
  • oiling.

6 The electric motor can have one of two powers:

  • Longitudinal saw – this saw is more compact, mobile, simpler, perfectly balanced, but is inferior in power to electric saws with a transverse-motor, kickback when starting the saw;
  • The transversal source is more bulky, but they win over the longitudinal, as these saws are more reliable due to the design features of the power transfer without losses, kickback at startup is excluded.

7. The oil tank is often equipped with an observation window, which allows you to visually monitor the filling.

8. Chain lubrication is automatic with an oil pump. Adjustment can be done by a screw (for more expensive electric chainsaw models) or not at all.

9. Chain tensioning can be in two ways:

  • Key;
  • Without lock.

10. Safety at a high level, there is a triggered chain brake, key lock against accidental start and electronic protection against engine overheating.

11. the power plants in the crowd are equipped with small tires, up to 40 cm. The tire can be mounted on a professional tool.

Bosch Ake 35 S Champion 118-14 DDE CSE1814 HUSQVARNA 420EL HUTER ELS-200000

12. electric saws are very quiet compared to chain saws.

13. The price of electric saws is much lower than gasoline units.

14. Electric chainsaws are divided into two types:

  • Electric – powered by a power cord;
  • Cordless – battery-powered operation, which does not require connection to a permanent power supply.


  1. Less sawing power. The power of the electric motor rarely exceeds 2.5 kW, while some gasoline power plants can produce 6-10 kW.
  2. Tied to the power grid – electric models can only operate with direct access to a power source. Constantly pulling cable interferes with movement, affects the speed of operation.
  3. The duration of sawing without a break is not long, for budget electric saws continuous operation time is 15-20 minutes (and the same amount of rest time), for more powerful electric saws continuous operation time is 40-45 minutes. For cordless saws – about 20 minutes.
  4. It is forbidden to use electric saws in high humidity.

Power saw at work

When it is better to choose a chainsaw?

Having studied the previous section, we can make conclusions and answer the question, when it is better to buy an electric chainsaw:

  1. If short-term construction work in an enclosed area with a connection to the power grid is intended.
  2. If a chainsaw is used for regular pruning of branches and tree tops to remove shrubs (think about power access).
  3. If you intend to cut medium-sized trunks or boards.
  4. If low weight and ease of operation prioritize performance.

We conclude: Electric saws are best suited for gardeners, well proven in construction, but not at all suitable for forestry, agriculture and supply organizations.

We recommend that you check out the chainsaw checklist. Find out which models are currently considered the best and at the same time affordable.


Advantages .

1. Power Gasoline engines have more power and higher output than electric models (2 to 10 kW, depending on the model).

Oleo Mac 956 Partner P340S STIHL MS 880 Interskol PTSB-16-40L Kalibr BP-2600-18U Energy PT-9937B

2. Reliability – chain saws are not afraid of rain or snow, many are perfectly adapted to temperature changes, the gasoline engine is not afraid of voltage fluctuations (because it does not work with electricity).

3. mobility. Gasoline-powered chainsaws work on gasoline and do not require constant access to the power grid. Such a saw is convenient to transport, they can be taken to the woods and other places away from the power grid. Motor saws are also useful on construction sites if electricity is not yet available.

4. High performance. Depending on the performance and purpose, chainsaws are divided into classes:

  • Domestic gasoline saw – the capacity of 2-3 hp. С.;
  • Semi-professional chainsaw – productivity 3-6 hp. С.;
  • Professional chainsaws – productivity 6-13 hp. С..

5. Two-stroke engine. Runs on a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil, has a long service life, high performance. The enlarged combustion engines installed in gasoline units are air-cooled and little susceptible to overheating, depending on the class, Sägentauer can run from 45 minutes to several hours without interruption. Running time per day can range from 2 to 12 to 14 hours (depending on class and model).

6. Chainsaws are prepared for temperature changes, many are equipped with special winter-summer switches, when you press the rotary switch in winter mode, the handles and carburetor are heated.

Champion 237-16 Echo CS-260TES-10 EFCO MT 8200 BCP-64S Forward FGS-4504 Husqvarna 372 XP Makita EA4301F38C

7. Most gasoline units are equipped with a primer, a manual fuel pump that helps when starting the chainsaw by pumping the fuel mixture into the carburetor.

8. The presence of an inertial chain brake and protective shield, as well as a zipper reliably protects the operator of the unit during recoil, providing the necessary safety for the operator during work.

9. Anti-vibration system. Special dampers and rubberized pads successfully absorb vibrations that occur during sawing.

10. Chain lubrication. Oil is supplied by an automatic oil pump and can be regulated or not.

11. the pliers are located on the side of the chain saw and can be instrumental or not.

A chainsaw at work


1. The presence of harmful exhaust fumes prohibits working indoors.

2. High price of the chainsaw.

3. More complicated preparation for work and maintenance:

  • installation of the equipment, chain tinkering;
  • Preparation of the fuel mixture in appropriate proportions from engine oil 2T and unhealthy gasoline AI-92;
  • Gas stations with technical fluids (chain oil and fuel);
  • difficult starting (description in the manual);
  • Check condition and performance of idle, lubricant supply, brake system.

4. Vibration. Anti-vibration system does not fully perform its tasks, so fatigue during prolonged work is affected.

5. The weight of chainsaws (especially class and semi-professional) is quite large, and it requires additional effort and perseverance from the operator.

6. Noise. Chainsaws are very noisy, in order to reduce the noise level, some manufacturers equip the device with a muffler, but these measures are not always effective.

A chainsaw at work

Where and for what purposes it is better to use chainsaws

  1. Professional chainsaws are best suited for logging, agricultural and utility companies, where high power, speed, endurance and prolonged increased loads are required.
  2. Chainsaws are also indispensable in the household, where you prepare fuel for the season, make a log cabin, build a bath, take out the barns, carry out the dismantling of an old building, put in order in the garden and in the surrounding area.
  3. Construction is another area of application for chainsaws. Electric saws are ideal indoors, chainsaws are perfect for outdoor work – for sawing logs and boards of great solid thickness.

Using a chainsaw in construction

We offer you a prepared review of the rating of the best chainsaws. How to choose a device depending on the method and frequency of use.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is important to decide for what purposes it will be used and in what conditions of operation. High-performance models are available in both gasoline and electric versions. The ideal, but expensive option is chainsaws from the world’s famous manufacturers.

If finances do not allow – do not despair, less well-known companies have good inexpensive models. It would be a good idea to go to the forum and read reviews about this or that model you like, communicate directly with the owners of the equipment and clarify the characteristics of the chainsaw.

Video review

What’s better to buy an electric saw or a chainsaw?

Electric and chainsaw test

Comparison of chainsaws and electric saws

Reviews owners

Oleg, 43

I have a Stihl MS 180 chain saw for the fourth year in my household. It’s powerful, resourceful, can cut absolutely anything, even thick acacia trees, and is very docile. Not once have I regretted that I bought it. It costs a pretty penny, though. I did not like the original chain, I replaced it almost immediately, I bought it with the profit. Very good saw. I recommend it to everyone.

Andrew, 24 years old.

Bought three months ago from the hands of Sturm GC 9937 – not really satisfied! Weak on power, the starter is small and uncomfortable in the hands, there is a primer, but little use of it, the saw barely starts, wanted to give the service – could not find someone who would take, all shrugged. But the grease works well. In short, we are waiting for it to finally break down, I mean, you can not save money on Husqvarna gasoline, you would rather pay once and use it for a long time.

Chainsaws, electric saws – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

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