Chainsaw Zubr PBC-M450 40p: description, characteristics and rules of use

Chainsaw Zubr PBC M450 40P. Properties, gasoline and oil for chainsaws. advantages and disadvantages

Chainsaw “Master” Zubr Pbts m450 40p belongs to the domestic class of tools, has a classic layout and is characterized by high performance. The device is equipped with a simple and reliable two-stroke gasoline engine rated at 2.2 hp, which develops up to 11,500 rpm. The saw is equipped with a high-quality 400-millimeter guide bar and a 66-link chain.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer paid attention to the durability of the piston group parts, they are all made of high-quality steel and have a chrome coating.

Gasoline chainsaw Zubr m450 is designed for various types of household works, including the preparation and sawing of firewood. At the same time, please note that this model cannot be used for professional felling.

Features of the Zubr chainsaw:
  • High quality factory assembled;
  • Extended warranty up to 60 months on condition of purchasing the tool from an official dealer, registering it on the website and using it for domestic needs;
  • Information support from the manufacturer and high-quality after-sales service of chain saws.

brand, manufacturer

Zubr is one of Russia’s largest manufacturers of hand-held electric and gasoline-powered tools for private and professional use. The company started its operation quite recently, in 2005, but it has already found its niche on the market in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries. It should be noted that Zubr, like other major manufacturers, locates its production facilities in China. This allows you to optimize the price of the tool without loss of quality.

We also draw your attention to the fact that some of the components for the chainsaw Zubr PBK m450 are supplied from Russia and Japan, which positively affects the quality of the tool.

As we have already found out, the Zubr brand does not overprice its products. This statement applies to the entire line of chainsaws. In particular, the Zubr pbz m450 model is available today on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 6,570 rubles.

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basic configuration

  • original packaging;
  • package of accompanying documents, including warranty card and product passport;
  • saw body and gasoline engine;
  • guide bar (400 mm);
  • plastic guard for the guide bar;
  • saw chain (66 links, .325″);
  • replacement starter reel;
  • universal assembly wrench;
  • transparent measuring cup for fuel preparation.

manual and specifications

The terms and conditions of the extended warranty on the Zubr chainsaw pbz m450 40p, its description and technical specifications can be found on the company’s website:

Gasoline and oil for the Zubr Pbts m450 chainsaw

Modern chainsaws are equipped with air-cooled two-stroke engines. This type of engine is lubricated with oil, which is in the fuel. The vast majority of chainsaw owners prepare the fuel mixture at home. To do this, you will need gasoline AI92-95 with a high octane number, motor oil for two-stroke engines and a measuring cup. First, you pour gasoline into the glass, add the required amount of oil and stir the fuel.

In order to start the engine of the chainsaw Zubr PBK M450 40P “Master”, the fuel mixture is used in the ratio of 1/25. For further operation, it is recommended to prepare fuel in the ratio of 1/50, if the packaging of the other does not indicate the oil manufacturer.

Do not take the choice of oil for the automatic lubrication system of the sawmill lightly. There is a wide choice of high quality chain oils on the market that reliably protect the drive bar and saw chain during operation in all weather conditions. At the same time the manufacturer does not recommend to use diesel or transformer oil as lubricant. It is categorically forbidden to fill the tank with disgusting or used liquid.

advantages and disadvantages

  • Powerful engine at high rpm;
  • Chrome plated piston group parts;
  • Forced-charging oil pump;
  • Effective steel spring vibration system;
  • Availability of primer for easy engine starting at low temperatures;
  • Electronic ignition system.
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  • Relatively high weight (7.1 kg equipped);
  • Poor quality plastic blade and oil lines;
  • Increased oil consumption for the chain.

Video review

Zubr PBC M450 chain saw – unpacking and preparing for use:



Some tips on repairing a bison chainsaw:



Tuning and repairing the carburetor of a bison chainsaw:



Reviews of owners

Sergey Anyutkin, 37 years old, Khabarovsk region:

Ordinary Chinese chainsaw for an affordable price. Bought for myself to work at the cottage: repairs, maintenance of the site, preparation and sawing of wood for the sauna and fireplace. Saw is in its fourth year – no special damages, but after the purchase of gasoline leaked, had to change the hose gasoline line – the native, it seems, corroded with gasoline. Quality sawmill from Oregon, I was satisfied with the tire, but the chain on Shtlevskaya with a square tooth in the workshop was changed. The engine starts well, but I can not call it economical, compared to the same shtil it consumes a lot of fuel. That is why I say it is an ordinary Chinese.

Antov Girin, 51, Smolensk region:

I bought this chainsaw model in 2015, right after I got a big dacha. I planned to use it for the bath and garage, and make repairs in the house on my own. It seemed that the manufacturer is known and the tool is reliable. At first (the first six months) the chainsaw worked as it should. Then the trouble started. At first, the fuel tank leaked, it was replaced well after the warranty, and after another six months the engine started. It turned out that the wear and tear in the cylinder appeared after a year of non-intensive operation. The warranty repair was denied, saying that it was not a mistake. Had to do the repair for my own money.

Advantages: price, appearance, no vibration;

Disadvantages: Fuel tank leaked, parts of piston group wore out very quickly.

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Chainsaw “Zubr” PBC-M450. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

Benzosaw “Zubr” PBC-M450 40p has received a lot of positive feedback from its owners. This gardening tool is made in the domestic expanses, taking into account the climatic conditions, temperature conditions and other features of our country. OVK Zubr was founded in 2005.

In a short time the company has expanded its product range and gained recognition among people as a manufacturer of hand and power tools, joinery, locksmith and painting tools, equipment and consumables, as well as gardening and landscaping equipment, electrical and gasoline equipment.

The company takes care of its reputation and produces its products according to GOST standards.

Despite all the efforts of the manufacturer to provide consumers with quality tools and devices, on the forums you can also meet dissatisfaction with the device, which, for all its quality, suddenly stopped working, fell apart, etc.

Employs Besman PBC-M450 40P

What is the reason? It’s very simple – the buyer was unlucky and instead of the original device he bought a cheap Chinese fake (the more famous the brand is the more fakes with the company logo can be found). Fake devices can be difficult to distinguish from the original, it is important for the buyer to pay attention to the smallest details:

  • The color and quality of the packaging;
  • the quality of the tool casting;
  • check the bar code;
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and see pictures and specifications of the tool, etc.

Zubr PBC-M450 40p Master gasoline chainsaw review

Chainsaw Zubr PBC-M450 40p is a household device designed for occasional use: sawing logs and boards, trimming branches, felling individual trees.

Employs Besman PBC-M450 40P

The mass of the chainsaw is 6.4 kg, the body houses a two-stroke single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.2 l. С.

Thanks to the built-in primer, which pumps the fuel mixture into the carburetor, the saw (with a manual starter) starts quickly at any temperature.

A decompression valve in the cylinder also makes it easy to start the engine. Electronic ignition system. Brake is used for increased safety during operation. The chain is automatically lubricated, and the manufacturer recommends using a 16-inch (40 cm) bar and a 66-link saw chain.

The cushioning system protects the operator from vibrations, a special coating of the handles makes the grip more comfortable.

Technical specifications and instructions for the chainsaw Zubr PBC-M450 40p:

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visible class domestic
Power, kW / hp. 1.6/2.2
Engine displacement, cm3 45
max. rpm, speed 11500
Stem length, mm/inch 400/16
WALBRO carburettor
decompression valve
winter mode
anti-vibration system +
Response time of chain brake, s 0.12
Tank capacity, ml 560
Oil tank capacity, ml 280
Product weight / in package, kg 6 / 7


Gasoline tool kit includes:

  • guide;
  • chain;
  • screwdriver;
  • safety guard;
  • hex wrench;
  • Starter coil replacement;
  • Compound stop;
  • Fuel mixture tank;
  • Instructions.

Owner’s Manual

The manual is the first assistant to the new chain saw mystery owner. This document contains the following structured information about the chainsaw:

  1. Zubr chainsaw design, assembly.
  2. Technical features of the model.
  3. The device.
  4. Safety requirements.
  5. Preparation of the chainsaw for work.
  6. Getting started.
  7. Methods and techniques of work.
  8. Maintenance of the bison chainsaw.
  9. The problems and their causes.

Preparing for work

We offer a simple algorithm of actions that create a chainsaw for work:

  • The tool is assembled;
  • A mixture of oil and fuel is prepared;
  • The saw is filled with fuel and oil;
  • The fasteners are checked; The fasteners are checked;
  • The chain is tensioned;
  • The chainsaw is started up as described in the manual.
  • The serviceability of the braking system is checked.
  • Check the oil supply to the chain mechanism.
  • If necessary the carburetor is adjusted.

The fuel mixture is prepared from unhealthy gasoline of АI-92 brand and engine oil for doubts in the ratio 50/1 (20 g per 1 liter of gasoline). The manufacturer recommends using motor oils:

  • ZMD-2T-U ZMD (synthetic);
  • ZMD-2T (semi-synthetic).

ZMD-2T-U ZMD bison (synthetic) oil ZMD-2T (semi-synthetic).

For chain lubrication it is recommended to take ZMD PM ZMD. However, if necessary, analogues are also suitable:

  • Sae 10W-SAE 30W (all-season);
  • Sae 40W (summer);
  • Sae 20W (in winter).


Attention should be paid not only to the sharpness of the saw screen, it is necessary to clean filters in time, after each enterprise the tool from impurities, timely change plugs and check the condition of the carburetor, pump, lubrication system, etc.

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Malfunctions of the Zubr “Zubr” PBK-M450 40P

Let’s list the most common malfunctions with an indication of possible causes:

Why the power tiller does not start:

  • The ignition does not turn on;
  • The chain brake is on;
  • Out of fuel;
  • Carburetor not adjusted or dirty.
  • Clogged fuel lines;
  • Problems with spark plugs;
  • Dirty air filter;
  • Primer is not loaded;
  • The air damper is in the wrong position.

Unstable engine operation at idle, excessive power consumption during operation:

  • Fuel mixture quality is poor;
  • Ignition system is unstable;
  • Carburetor is out of adjustment;
  • The carburetor does not adjust; The filter must be changed;
  • Piston group is worn.

Vibration during operation:

  • Worn out crooked mechanism;
  • Loose fasteners.

Video review

We recommend watching a video about the work of the Zubr PBK-M450 40P:

Reviews of owners Zubr “Zubr” PBK-M450 40P

Arkady, 41 years old, Moscow

“I bought the saw a year and a half ago. It showed itself perfectly and in the vegetable garden, and fishing, and in the woods. I also prepare fuel for the winter.

Advantages: powerful, lightweight, handy and even consumables do not require expense.”

Oleg, 33, Kherson

“Chainsaws are excellent, the price is more than affordable, the quality is at a high level, especially thanks to the manufacturer for the chain – strong, blunt for a long time.”

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