Chainsaw Stihl MS-310: Description, specifications and safety precautions

Overview of the Stihl 310 ms chainsaw. Specifications, description, operating and maintenance instructions

The powerful chainsaw Stihl 310 MS is a tool for sem i-professional and professional purposes and applications. The performance of the chainsaw engine is 4.4 hp, which corresponds to 3200 watts. A similar range of services is characteristic of devices that successfully work under hig h-load conditions, adverse weather conditions and can also work in strong frost.

Chainsaw Stihl 310-MS

The purpose of the chainsaw Calm 310 MS: Working in mediu m-sized forest plantations, wood strike in large quantities, supply work, an auxiliary function during the construction. This chainsaw is universal through its technical parameter: classic design, optimal tire length, carburetor heating, compensator.

The costs for the original chainsaw of this model are 31990 rubles (13127 UAH).

Video of the chainsaw Stihl 310 ms

Basic equipment

The basic equipment of the Stihl 310 ms chainsaw is standard:

  • disassembled tool;
  • Instruction;
  • Warranty;
  • Key to assembly required;
  • Package.

The manufacturer produces further accessories for Stihl chainsaws, including:

  • Lubricant;
  • Equipment, equipment for work;
  • Chains;
  • Spare Parts.

Technical features of the Stihl 310m:

  • Ein lever control;
  • Chain lubrication system ematic from Stihl;
  • Chain tensioner on the outside of the chainsaw;
  • Anti-vibration option;
  • Brake for immediate chain stop (quick stop);
  • Lubrication with a pump;
  • Carburetor heating (option makes the chainsaw the ideal tool for winter use).

Chainsaw Stihl 310-MS

Technical characteristics

The most important technical features of the chainsaw Stihl 310 ms:

  • Chain type – Stihl Oilomatic Rapid Micro with 3/8 division;
  • Chainsaw weight 5.9 kg;
  • Performance 3200 W;
  • Displacement 59 cm³;
  • Noise level 115 dB;
  • Vibration level – from 4.3 to 4.7 m / s².

Use and maintenance instructions

Rules for safe operation:
  • Hold the chainsaw with both hands during operation;
  • Wear protective equipment;
  • Cut only with the long end of the saw, as the sawing with the edge of the bar leads to blocking the saw.
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Technical service:
  • Cleaning dust, oil residues – after each use;
  • Exchange of candles and cleaning of filters – as required;
  • Caser setting – annually.

The main disorders of Calm 310-MS and their removal

  1. The saw doesn’t want to start. Reason: no gasoline, coal deposits on the spark plug, too little oil. Remedy: Replace the spark plug, refill the fuel, check the lubricating agent.
  2. Overheating of the chainsaw during operation.

Video evaluation of the model

Overview of chainsaw operation 310 ms

How the Stihl chainsaw cuts 310 ms

Owner reviews

Vladimir, Moscow:

“High quality, but not a cheap tool. However, the calm has almost all powerful models expensive, this is the price of quality. I am surprised and read reviews that someone has a Stihl chain that doesn’t work well. The reason for such poor quality is most likely that they have come across a Chinese fake. Originals of Stihl work properly, tested by experience personally and experience of friends. Among other things, the maintenance is elementary, everything is described in the instructions.

Advantages: All parameters, design, design as a whole – very comfortable to hold a chainsaw in the hands of a chainsaw, it is pleasant to work with such a saw.

Stihl MS-310 chainsaw. Technical features and operating features

I would like to start a review of the MS-310 STIHL chainsaw, and I would like to find that the saws of Shil chains include the equipment of other companies, among other things. These saws are also considered the calmest of all of the world. The German company Shtil with almost a hundred years of experience (founded in 1921), which has proven the high quality of its goods as well as reliability, security and durability, is involved in the release of motorcycles.

Chainsaw Stihl 310

Owners of the older generation chain saw confirm that the lifespan of the tool can last more than 30 years (with adequate care and proper operation).

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The Stihl MS 310 petrol station is manufactured by factories in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Lately, annoying counterfeits from China have been published, which has been declared on YouTube and published information about your websites that enable you to identify a fake until the chainsaw was bought.

The price of the original Motpi l-MS 310 varies between 31 and 38,000 rubles.

We offer ourselves to familiarize yourself with the following video information:

Description of the chainsaw

The Stihl MS-310 chainsaw is a professional tool, the scope of which applies to the following activities:

  1. Protocol.
  2. Care services.
  3. Gardening.
  4. Landscape design.
  5. Household work.
  6. Under construction.

This is a fairly heavy tool, the mass of the MS 310 – 5.9 kg motopile. Electricity system styles two-stroke 2 mix with a capacity of 4.4 liters. With. To make the start easier, the decompression valve and the elastostart system are made available, there is a heated carburetor for a quick start in the cold season.

Stihl 310 chainsaw in use

In order to use the engine speed and optimize the work of the motorcycle in every position in the carburetor, there is a compensator. Its second function is the best fuel burning, a clean exhaust. A hand starter is used to start the engine.

The manufacturer of the equipment paid special attention to increasing the security of the STIHL-MS-310 chainsaw operator.

For this purpose they found:

  • Side chain chain chain in the case;
  • closed star;
  • Hand protection;
  • Tsepopetor;
  • Quickstop brake of the chain.

The STIHL-MS-310 chainsaws are equipped with 18-inch tires and a chain with a climb of ⅜ inch. consisting of 66 left. With the ematic chain lubricant system, you can increase the tire and the chain resource and save up to 50 % / lubricant. The ant i-vibration system of rubber shock absorbers that are installed on the handles of the chainsaws protect against vibrations. The unit management is a unique.

Chainsaw 310 ms can work in two modes:

  • Summer;
  • Winter – Heat the handles of M carbas.
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Technical features of the model

Weight (KG 5.9
Tire length, customs/cm 18/45
Number of links, PCs 66
The voltage of the chain laterally
Chain thickness, mm 1,6
Oil tank capacity, cm³ 330
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.69
Oil pump Adjustable metal
Power L.S. 4,4
Power, KWT 3.24
Displacement of the cylinder, cm³ 59
Type of the engine 2-stroke
Vibration level on the left/right, m/s² 4.3/4.7
Sound pressure level, DB (A) 102
Sound performance level, DB (A) 115
Chain division 3/8 “

advantages and disadvantages

According to the owners, the disadvantage of the chainsaws Shtil 310 is only one – the high price, let us talk about their advantages:

  • High power data;
  • The quality of all components;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • Security;
  • Chain lubrication;
  • Vibration protection;
  • Quality filter;
  • Simple start;
  • two operating modes;
  • Untranceism and simplicity in work.

Operating characteristics

You can read the instructions for the chainsaw by clicking on the link.

Prepare the device for work

The preparation begins with the assembly of the chainsaw, connecting the sawdust and tensioning the saw chain. The oil and fuel tanks are then filled with their respective liquids.

But before that, the fuel mixture must be prepared correctly (ratio 1/50):

  1. Motor oil for 2-stroke engines 0.1 ml. (During the inlet time, the amount may be increased to 0.2 ml).
  2. High quality lea d-free petrol of the AI ​​-92 – 58 l.

Run in a chainsaw

This period requires the implementation of some rules:

  • When preparing the mixture, take into account that the oil concentration in gasoline is 2/50.
  • Inlet time – the time to burn 4-8 tanks of the fuel mixture.
  • All work is carried out with reduced load.

Maintenance of the chainsaw Stihl MS-310

  1. Inspection before operation, performance test.
  2. Inspection after operation, cleaning, sharpening the chain.
  3. Planned inspections – attitude, sharpening the chain, exchange of worn elements.
  4. Service – troubleshooting.
  5. The main disorders of chainsaws rest at work
  6. Ignition problems.
  7. Candle problems.
  8. Broken hig h-voltage cable.
  9. The engine speed has dropped.
  10. Motor is set up and does not start.
  11. The stuffing socket is defective, etc.
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Video review

Owner reviews

Jaroslaw, 40 years old

“The saw is excellent, I bought it 4 years ago for the construction of a bath house and so that there is a good helper in the household. All the considerable costs justified! Smooth cuts, the trunk cuts like clockwork, starts the first time. It is very comfortable to work in winter – heated handles.

Advantages: powerful, comfortable, safe, with many useful articles.

Disadvantages: expensive Shtilew oil, the filter is often clogged.

Ivan, 28 years old

“I came across a fake out of inexperience, actually wanted to buy a cash register, but here the price is correct … The thought of a fake did not arise at the time. It works, cuts what I suggest that the starter held 7 months, then he was replaced. The carburetor has bothered 3 times – corrected, the flight is normal. Of course, it is much inferior to the original in performance (the godfather has a real calm), but at least we saw firewood, with frequent stops, a smoky and characteristic roar. It starts pretty quickly, so you can say that I was lucky with a fake.

Advantages: sawing, starting, fuel and lubricant for the chain are used sparingly.

Disadvantages: fake, China, low performance, frequent stops, exhaust flies directly into the face, I work in a respiratory mask.

Juri, 47 years old

“I took a saw with me for any case – sometimes a helper is called into the forest, there is always something to saw at home, and the neighbors need help. By the way, satisfied with the calm, very comfortable, heated handles saves in cold weathe r-35 is no problem – it starts and works.

Advantages: power, grip heating, works at low temperatures.

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