Chainsaw “Soyuz saw”: description, properties and rules of operation

Benzosaw “Soyuz”: model range at a glance, services

Gasoline saws are a tool that will come in handy not only for sawing wood, cutting firewood, but also for other tasks in everyday life. Choosing the best options for this device, make sure that the experts recommend the brand “Soyuz”. This manufacturer is part of the lineup.

Its main specialization is the production of welding machines, gasoline tools and power tools. Products of this brand are known for good value for money. The company “Soyuz” sees an important direction in the development of chainsaws.

In the range of the manufacturer there are both household appliances and professional devices, with which you can cut wood, firewood, saw brews, tree trunks, etc. Despite the fact that the company is young, it is one of the most popular types of appliances.

Features of the lineup

“Soyuz” – represented by three saws, the most productive nominally produces 3.5 l. С. In the manufacture used a constructive basis, similar high-tech systems. Chainsaw “Soyuz” models compare favorably with other similar ones:

  • Good motoresource indicator (can work up to 10 hours at;)
  • capacious fuel tanks;
  • Suitable for different loads (guaranteed by high torque).

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Each of the modifications differs in weight, engine volume and manufacturing options. The standard configuration consists of a tire, a cutting element, a tank for gasoline, a spark plug, a protective cover, tools necessary for maintenance, adjustment and repair, as well as warranty and instructions.

Russian development in the Chinese version

Home of the brand is Russia, but Soyuus is produced on the basis of production facilities in China.

The manufacturer has introduced advanced technical and technological developments in the design of the tool. Through the use of modern materials and special processing technologies, you can greatly expand the list of cutting processes of varying complexity.

Modernization of the industry has made it possible to raise the quality of products to a higher level. Chinese-made saw is known on the European market as Uniontle 99452T.

Price and origin

An inexperienced person, seeing that the weakest steel with much lower parameters costs three times as much, will be fascinated by a stylish chainsaw in a nice blue body. He will be horrified at how much he has to overpay for the brand. Reality is harsh: demand the laws of marketing: high quality does not come cheap. However, this is not just a marketing sentiment.

People who have had more through their hands than a chainsaw will no longer feel such guilt. You will try to learn more about the products.

Soya-branded equipment is sold by Hermes Holding, whose line also includes the popular Sturm and Energomash saws. Everything is assembled in China and the Russian company purchases only under its own brand. It is not excluded that the Chinese themselves use the same “Soyuz,” only with hieroglyphs on the body instead of Cyrillic.

Chinese does not mean bad. The branded chainsaws are assembled there as well, at least the younger models.

Scope of application

Soyuz chainsaw pts-99520t

Producers CAU PTS-99520T is positioned as a simple in design, easy to maintain and durable enough in domestic operation tool.

The pluses of this model:

  • affordable cost;
  • well-established after-sales service;
  • wide range of spare parts and consumables.

Conformity of the Soyuz chain saw, model PTS-99520T, to the performance characteristics declared by the manufacturers, is confirmed by favorable reviews of ordinary users and specialists of service structures.

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Choice of a Soyuz chainsaw brand depending on the intended scope of work

Reviews about the chainsaw Soyuz

The smallest chainsaws – amateur, they endure only 40 minutes a day of periodic use. Often the power of such devices does not exceed 2 kW. In such units – low-profile chains, which significantly reduce the level of vibration at work. But the productivity of such chains is very low. But you can count on the insignificant weight, as well as ease of operation. The operator does not strain his hands and can prepare firewood, perform minor construction work and trim trees. For a private house or a private home where repair work is done only occasionally, a chainsaw of this class will be the best solution.

The Russian chainsaws described in the article are also available for sale as semi-professional models. They can withstand construction work, have sufficient power and can be used for the forest role. The only disadvantage is the lack of ability to use the devices for a long time. If you watch for 10 hours in a row every day, the tool will not withstand long work. The power of such units varies from 2 to 3 kW.

However, mostly chainsaws of the semi-professional class are on sale, the power of which is 2.5 kW. At the same time, the device is able to handle a trunk, the diameter of which does not exceed 40 cm. You can assess the convenience of working with such a chainsaw, knowing that its weight on average is about 6 kg.

Technical characteristics

The operational possibilities of this model are expanded by equipping the chainsaw 3.5 with a powerful power unit with a working volume of 45 cm3. The compact two-stroke ice works on a standard gasoline-oil fuel mixture.

Its design benefits include

  • High torque adaptation to variable loads;
  • availability of an easy-start system and an assisted start system, which is best suited to the economical carburetor output;
  • low noise level, in the range of 110 dB;
  • longer service life due to wear-resistant coatings on the cylinder face and friction parts.

Fuel and oil for the Soyuz chainsaw

As mentioned above, the Soyuz chainsaw is equipped with a two-speed engine with forced air cooling function. The rubbing parts of such engines contain oil in the fuel mixture, which can be prepared at home. For this purpose the necessary amount of AI92-95 gasoline is poured into a measuring tank and engine oil is added in a certain ratio. The oil/gasoline ratio for the Chinese chainsaw engine is 1/25. It is necessary to work out a tank or two of such a mixture at idling speed with periodic ngazovalka for 20-30 seconds.

Important: Before starting the engine, you must set the sawmill, also it is forbidden to run the engine only at idle speed – this can lead to a decrease in its power and a considerable reduction in its service life.

After running the engine, switch to a 1/50 fuel mixture and make several fillings in a smooth mode, without overheating or overloading the Union.

List of recommended engine oils for the Union chainsaw:

  • Union MSS-0104B;
  • storm om0201b;
  • ZMD-2-M Standard ZMD;
  • Echo Jaso FD with donor;
  • Husqvarna HP.

Your power tiller is equipped with an automatic sawmill lubrication system that requires high quality oil. Don’t skimp and don’t pour different surrogates into the tank and work some more.

Recommended chain oils:

  • ZMP M-Expert Bison;
  • Echo Premium B&C;
  • Husqvarna Chain Oil;
  • Oleo-mac Polar Lubricant;
  • Stihl Forestplus.
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Husqvarna Chain Oil Husqvarna Chain Oils

stake set

A powerful drive unit allows you to take advantage of the performance advantages of the detachable equipment. The 450 mm bar length is long enough to cut large diameter wood. Longevity of the bar and saw chain is ensured by automatic supply of special oil to the working area.

Precise dosage of the working fluid, taking into account the engine speed, is created by the oil pump with adjustable capacity. The complexity of the design is balanced by the availability of 50% oil for the sparking chain, which is an extension of the life of the saw set.

Chainsaw Starter Repair

The chainsaw starter can be repaired yourself by unscrewing the 3 cover screws. For this purpose, the spark plug wrench included in the kit is ideal. The starter is removed, then one screw of the mechanism is unscrewed, the coil of the starter and soft starter is removed. The mechanism is removed, as is the cable winding spool. For repair, prepare a cable of suitable diameter, which length should be 1.3 m. Tie a knot at one end, and then pass the line through the hole in the spool. It is not necessary to wrap the cable.

If the chainsaw starter is repaired, the next step is to install the spool in place, the groove must get into the seam of the spiral spring. It is important to check by turning the coil clockwise that it is restored. In the next step, the soft starter mechanism can be installed, with the edge fitting into the spiral of the coil. A screw with a washer is screwed, and after the second end of the cable is inserted into the outlet hole.

Russian chainsaws

advantages and disadvantages

Despite the budget price, the union of the model PTS-99520T is equipped with modern systems that provide confident, economical consumption of fuel, comfortable and safe working conditions.

In particular, it should be noted:

  • increased autonomy of operation due to increased volume of tank armor;
  • the effectiveness of the vibration damper;
  • full-fledged operation of the emergency stop mechanism;
  • Convenient access to the settings of fuel devices and blanket gas joints.

Users praise the case design. Reliable detection when working from different directions provides a convenient configuration of handles, thoughtful placement of the main and auxiliary controls, additional convenience when selecting modes of operation.

In a small list of design and operational shortcomings:

  • moderate quality of assemblies and circuits;
  • large, relative to similar analogues, weight;
  • There are justified claims to the quality of assembly.

Video: PTS-99520t Union in operation

Some tips for operation and maintenance

With the purchase of the chainsaw comes the instruction manual, which contains tips for the operation and maintenance of the Soyuz chain saw. Also the new owner of the tool is obliged to study well, remember and always observe the safety rules when working with chain saws.

  • Before the first start of the chainsaw, check the reliability of the assembly of assemblies and parts, if necessary, tighten the fasteners and nuts.
  • Assemble the chainsaw according to the recommendations in the instruction manual. Pay special attention to the correct installation and adjustment of the saw chain;
  • Prepare fuel and fill up the engine and add oil to the automatic transmission lubrication system.

Important: Never add fuel or oil to the fuel tank while the engine is running. It is strictly forbidden to prepare fuel mixture in the tank while the engine is running;

  • Check chainsaw bodies for oil or gas debris. If found, find the cause and eliminate it;
  • Turn on ignition with primer and pump fuel into carburetor. Engage the inertia brake, lock the chainsaw with your foot and start the engine.
  • Check the operation of the automatic lubrication system.
  • Make sure that there are no bystanders or animals in the working area or nearby, make sure that the map, wood or log to be cut is securely fastened.
  • If a guide bar is hidden in the kerf, stop the chain immediately and carefully release the chainsaw.
  • Particular care should be taken when cutting old boards and logs where nails, screws, and other metal debris may be present;
  • At the end of the season, clean the chainsaw body and air filter.
  • At the end of the season, drain off fuel and oil residue, clean and lubricate the attachment, and store in a dry, well-stocked area.
Tying grapes


The powerful range of 3 or more L.S. chainsaws will feature equipment from several leading brands. Inexpensive and fairly productive models of the semi-professional class Champion 254-18, Partner P740 Ecobust 16 and Daewoo DACS 4500 are in steady consumer demand.


High demand for this model is due to the endurance of the device and versatility. Scope of use: work with wood in large volumes, felling trees, construction, processing boards.

Reliable saw

Features and characteristics:

  • mechanism for repayment of local vibration;
  • easy engine start mechanism;
  • Inertia brake, protects from kickback;
  • economical consumption of lubricants and fuel fluids;
  • 260 ml oil drum;
  • comfortable operation;
  • Recommended bar size – 40 cm;
  • Saw chain pitch – 0.325;
  • oil output adjustment from the pump;
  • Capacity – 2.7 l. C./2000 W;
  • Fuel tank – 550 ml;
  • The weight of the assembled product – 6 kg;
  • Package includes – saw, instructions, glass, round file, tool kit for repair and maintenance.

Model PTS-99371 is suitable for those who are often engaged in harvesting wood in large volumes.

Owners reviews

I am the only owner of a chainsaw Soyuz PTS-99520T in the whole county, so I had to single-handedly bring the tool to a normal level. Powerful and thought-out machine assembled effortlessly, the carburetor is not set correctly, the quality of the regular saw chain leaves much to be desired. By putting in screw mounts, tuning the fuel system and replacing the headset with a stylus, the saw was 100% ready to go. There were no problems with sawing dense and frozen wood. To the surprise of my neighbors, I cut down a tree with a diameter of about 400 mm in one go. Particularly liked the engine, when working with a low octane number traction is reduced slightly, even at high load detonation noise is virtually absent. Kirill

On closer examination, it turned out that bought with the hands of a second-hand soybean chainsaw is of Chinese origin. On the recommendation of a good acquaintance, I gave the machine, purchased for half price, to be reworked in a service shop. For 600 rubles from a half-finished product made an excellent tool for its value, I still had to pay specifically for the installation of a branded chain. Sergey Petrovich

Product operation

Lubrication of the saw chain is automatic. The pump regulates the dosage depending on the type and intensity of work. To extend the life of the device, it is important to consider the rules of operation:

  • Read the instructions before using it for the first time.
  • To avoid injury, regularly clean the work area of dirt and choose well-lit areas for mowing.
  • Do not use the device in areas with explosive materials.
  • Use protective clothing;
  • Check that the device is working properly before switching it on.
  • It is better to have repairs done in a special repair shop;
  • Release accumulated gasoline fumes when refueling;
  • Do not touch the surface when sawing to avoid a hiccup;
  • Hold the saw securely with both hands;
  • Saw at maximum speed;
  • Do not lift unit above shoulder height.

Self-service includes sharpening the chain mechanism and repairing the saw starter.

The file for sharpening is chosen depending on the division of the chain (4-5.5 mm). Some kits contain a special round file. It should be at right angles to the vertical level of the chain.

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In Internet sources, you can often find mono information that “Soyuz-99371” refers to the category of semi-professional saws. Perhaps this is due to the powerful motor and the medium-length bar, the versatility of which allows it to perform a variety of works. But make no mistake: the Union is just a budget saw, and recordings showing a professional forester turning over a hectare of forest with this tool are most likely a fake.

The division of saws into classes is not at all about size and performance, although these parameters also affect the price segment and application area. It is a question of reliability and protection, which have all the nodes and units. And in this sense we have to say honestly: the Union loses not only against Calm, Husqvarna or Makita, but also against its more reliable Chinese brothers like partners or champion.

With very moderate use, “straight” hands and a certain amount of luck the saw can work in the village for two or three years. More – this is a rarity.

Overview of the range of electric saws Union. Technical characteristics, service and the opinion of experienced users

The union is produced by the brand “Chainsaws”, which is part of the group of Russian companies “Storm”. In addition to electric tools, the company produces a wide range of other products: power equipment, welding and air conditioning equipment, sharpening and grinding, construction and pumping equipment, as well as a variety of hand tools.


Description of the Electric Chain Saw Union

Despite the dependence of electric saws on the availability of electricity, many buyers prefer to buy an electric version than a gasoline one. Operational limitations are successfully offset by the many advantages and benefits of electric saws:

  • simplicity of the device;
  • no problems with starting the electric saw;
  • high maintainability; economy of easy maintenance;
  • eco-friendliness of electric tools;
  • compact size and low weight.

The range of electric saws is not large and is represented by two modifications: PCS 9922 for domestic use and PCS 9926 with extended operating capabilities. Both models have been in steady demand for many years.

PCS 9922 electric chainsaw

Soyuz chain saw ps 9922

Features of this modification:

  • 2.2 kW electric motor power, 30.5 cm bar length;
  • transverse arrangement of the electric motor;
  • Automatic lubrication of saw equipment;
  • ability to work with the saw in hard-to-reach places.
Technical characteristics

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Electric chainsaw Soyuz PC 9926

Soyuz chainsaw pts 9926

The device and principle of operation of this version of the saw is identical to the previous model. The differences lie in a powerful motor of 2.6 kW and a large bar of 40 cm. The PCS 9926 works effectively on the forest floor, cutting hardwood.

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Technical characteristics

instruction for use and maintenance

Soyuz electric saw at work

When operating the saw, the safety instructions for the power tool must be strictly followed:

  • The saw can only cut wood and wooden objects.
  • It is strictly forbidden to work with the saw in wet and rainy weather.
  • Since sawing wood is dangerous work, it is necessary to strictly follow the special recommendations, to master certain skills.
  • The saw can be removed from the tree only with the help of a moving chain.
  • It is necessary to use the center of gravity of the saw when sawing workpieces.
  • I have never sawed the end of the bar to avoid rebounding.
  • For optimum chain tensioning, use a cross bar and turn the tensioning screw clockwise. Keep in mind that the chain will increase in size as it heats up and may slip off the drive link.
  • Because the chainsaw is highly stressed, check the oil level in the oil tank before each use – the oil level window must be completely closed.
  • Check the sharpness of the saw systematically.
  • For even wear of the bar, flip it over after each time you tension the saw chain.

Main malfunctions, repair methods

To avoid malfunctions and breaks the manufacturer recommends timely maintenance of the saw and use of high-quality oil. If the breakdown could not be avoided, you can try to fix the arisen small problems. In the case of serious breakdowns, you should contact the professionals.


  • If the saw does not work, check the condition of the cables, plugs, sockets and the presence of voltage in the network. The carbon brushes may have worn out or the brake may be on.
  • The chain will not move when the motor is running – the chain brake is loose.
  • Chain overheating may be caused by insufficient lubrication.
  • Poor saw quality – Check chain sharpening, tensioning, and proper saw system installation.
  • If the saw works hard, adjust the tension.

Owners identify some disadvantages of “Soyuz” electric saws: poor quality plastic housing, fairly short life of the saw system, unreliable pulling of the string strength.

From the manual, owners of the tool can learn more information on the operation and maintenance of the chainsaw Soyuz PTS 9922.

Video review of the chainsaw

Soyuz chainsaw in action

Electric chainsaw Soyuz PTS 9922

Owners reviews


“We have always had a lot of different devices in our family. They used to be mostly domestic, but recently with the expansion of the market began to appear and imported. We decided to buy a Soyuz PCS 9926 saw to work on the garden and in the household. The power of 2.6 kW is quite enough for minor work on the cleaning of the garden. There is always electricity, you do not depend on gasoline, if you need something quickly saw or cut firewood. “


“Got acquainted with the reviews of buyers about chain saws Soyuz 9922 and decided to buy myself. The price is affordable, the assembly is generally normal, despite the Chineseness. It is a good option for my country house and my workshop. The bars are 30 cm, weight only 4 kg, easy to use.

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