chainsaw forward. Overview of changes, features, reviews

chainsaw forward. Overview of changes, features, reviews

forward chainsaws

Today, there are many manufacturers from different parts of the world on the chainsaw market. Sometimes it is difficult to stop your choice on one option. Every consumer wants devices to be powerful, reliable and comfortable.

Chainsaws from the English manufacturer Forward (Forward) have all the qualities that such a device should have. That is why they are so in demand and popular among users. The range of products is constantly updated, specialists introduce the latest technology based on the needs of the modern world. A distinctive feature of Forward chainsaws is their color: blue – for domestic models, orange – for professional.

The frame of Forward saws is made of high-strength, dielectric, rubberized plastic, which protects internal systems from corrosion. Saws from the manufacturer Forward rarely break down, because the company monitors every stage of production and the quality of all parts. But even if some element suddenly breaks, you can easily make repairs yourself. It is important to carefully study the manual, which will answer all your questions.

About Forward brand

With such a great choice in today’s market of garden equipment, it is difficult not to be confused when choosing a suitable chainsaw. However, the English company Forward reverently maintains its brand as a manufacturer of quality chainsaws for various needs.

Out of concern for their customers, the developers came up with the idea to equip professional chainsaws with orange colors, and household appliances – with blue ones. This step makes it easier for consumers to choose. In addition to chainsaws, the company also produces many other garden tools.

The birthplace of the brand and the country of origin

In 2002, the company was born in England, which produces technical equipment characterized by quality, strength and durability. Until now, reliable home helpers are produced in the UK, especially in demand chainsaws Forward. Also on sale you will find branded chainsaws made in China.

forward England

features of chainsaws

Like all other devices, Forward chainsaws have their own features:

  • they are equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine;
  • mobile in use;
  • equipped with a special system that facilitates starting;
  • Primer – fuel pump to facilitate cold starting;
  • have chrome parts of the engine;
  • are equipped with an inertia system to stop and brake the chain;
  • Handles have vibration-reducing pads;
  • weight class – from 2.5 to 7 kg;
  • Locking system of gas key against accidental pressings;
  • Chain and bar are automatically lubricated;
  • Can perform both longitudinal and transverse cuts.

forward without body

It is also worth noting some features of the engine:

  • Stable operation and no problems with the fuel system;
  • The high-performance engine guarantees all-day operation;
  • The amount of harmful gas emissions is well below the permissible norms.
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Review of “Forward” chainsaws

Forward brand chain saws are used both in domestic needs (cutting down a tree, trimming branches, trimming tree trunks, cutting boards), and in supply organizations, forestry and on the construction site.

The Forward chainsaw is represented by the following models:

  1. Forward d-FGS 45 chain saw.
  2. The chainsaw “Forward” FGS-52.
  3. FGS 2500 chain saw “forward”.
  4. Chainsaw forward FGS 3802.
  5. “Forward” Home FGS 4504.
  6. FGS Home Chain 5204.
  7. Gasoline saw “Forward” FGS-5207 Pro.
  8. Gasoline “Forward” 6204 FGS Home.

Let’s move on to a more complete description of this brand’s chainsaw setup.


FGS 45 forward chain saw

General properties

Type Chain
project Manual
Engine type gasoline
performance 2.9 HP.
Engine displacement 45 cubic meters
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.3 l
Oil Tank Capacity 0.25 l

Features and functions

Chain brake Yes
Busbar length 40 cm
Number of speeds 1

Additional Info

Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner no
Electronic motor protection no
Motor brake no
Weight 5.5 kg
Anti-vibration Yes
Soft start no
Spindle lock no
Backlight no
Scope of delivery Tires, blade guard, Oregon chain, combination wrench
Laser marker no
Vension no

Chainsaw weighs 5.5 kg. A 2.9L two-stroke carburetor unit is housed in a non-removable dielectric housing. С. The starting system is from the hand starter, starting is simplified, a primer for fuel priming is installed. The piston is covered with chrome plating. Ignition system contactless. The color of the chain is instrumental, a chain brake is installed. Lubrication is automatic. Eighteen-inch bar is installed on the side of the chainsaw, the kit includes a protective cover. To reduce the vibration of the sowing area, they are equipped with a special vibration feed.

FGS 45 front chain

Vorwärts FGS-52 chain (3,4 hp)

Manufacturer: Forward
Engine type: gasoline
Power, W): 2500
Power (hp): 3.4
Engine displacement: 52 cm
Number of speeds: 1
Tire length: 50 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Soft start:
Fuel tank capacity: 0.55 l
Oil Tank Capacity: 0.26 l
Chain brake:
Rear light:
Electronic motor protection:
Motor brakes:
Spindle lock:
Vacuum cleaner capability:
Vacuum cleaner:

The chainsaw is ideal for winter use, the built-in primer (fuel pump) is adapted and the easy start system starts the gas tool even in severe frost. The petrol saw has a mass of 7 kg and a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 3.4 hp. C. It is started manually from the inertia starter. The piston and cylinder are chrome plated. Reducto r-Metal maintenance. Provides a vibration system and chain brake. Lubricant is supplied to the chain automatically. Length of fire bars 50.5 cm. Easy access to air filter.

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Forward-FGS-52 chain forward

1,5 hp) chain

Type of construction Manual
performance 1100 watt
Chain pitch 3.8 inch
Busbar length 30 cm
Engine displacement 25.4 cm³
Gas tank capacity 0.3 l
Oil tank capacity 0.25 l
Chain brake Yes
Noise 110 dB
weight 3.8 kg


A number of advantages of forward chain saws set them apart from other representatives. Firstly the robust engine. Second is the patented lubrication system, which extends the life of the saw chain. Also, the system allows you to retighten the chainsaw chain less often, as it is less blunt because of the better lubrication.

A number of other advantages are also worth noting:

  1. It doesn’t make loud noises during operation.
  2. Easy access to the spark plug and air filter.
  3. Reliable carburetor that does not fail, unlike the copies used in cheap Chinese chainsaws.
  4. Modern electronic ignition system.
  5. Shock-resistant plastic.

forward saw body

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Turned out there were some polymer deposits in the tank, like after drilling. Then, the gasoline supply started going out of whack. Don’t pull under full load. No adjustments, cleanings, washes should be skipped. The grease disappeared again, the muffler collapsed and the gasoline supply stopped completely. All this on the second day of operation.

Ended up returning it to the seller and getting our money back. Comment: Overall, just a plus. Price. Densea2 October 2. Advantages: the peeling is good! And that’s the main point. So I bought it! Disadvantages: It seemed to use too much gas. Although it should be real, but I do not know and found no information on this subject.

Comment: I recommend it! Pretty powerful, high-quality chainsaw.

For very modest money in these parameters. I would have hesitated whether or not to buy the saw of this not very well-known company, but after my positive experience with a gasoline trimmer of the same company, I did not hesitate to choose this chainsaw!

Tuning the chainsaw carburetor

Tuning the carburetor for a straight-line chainsaw is not different from tuning other saws. To understand the problem, we recommend reading a general article on carburetor tuning for chainsaws.

After purchasing a new chainsaw, an initial carburetor tune-up is not necessary. It should be done only in special cases, such as B. in case of malfunction or replacement of some parts that led to unstable operation of the tool.

Forward is a Chinese chainsaw and is equipped with a proper carburetor. Before you start tuning, it is necessary to get acquainted with the functions of tuning Chinese chainsaws. To do this, we recommend reading an interesting article about tuning the carburetor on the saw.

Chainsaw Carver RSG 262: Description, characteristics and rules of use

Step-by-step instructions for disassembly

The device of the carburetor of models of different brands is almost the same, so as an example, let’s take the chainsaw Partner. Each element is carefully removed and folded one by one, so that later it was easier to assemble.

The carburetors of chainsaws from different manufacturers, if different, do not matter

The top cover is removed by unscrewing three screws. It is followed by the moss rubber, an integral part of the air filter.

The arrows show the screws that must be unscrewed to remove the cover.

Then remove the fuel hose, followed by the drive rod.

The upper arrow points to the fuel hose and the lower arrow points to the drive rod.

Next, remove the cable lug.

The arrow shows the cable lug to be removed.

Pull the gasoline hose to the left of the faucet.

Just remove the gasoline hose, which is shown by the arrow.

Finally separate the carburetor, it is ready for adjustment. Its mechanism is quite complex, so the elements must be removed very carefully if further disassembly of the carburetor is required – they are small and can get lost.

The carburetor consists of many small parts, which should be ordered disassembled.

The chainsaw does not start: causes and solutions

If the chainsaw does not start, it can have one of the following causes:

  • Lack of fuel;
  • Poor quality fuel;
  • Incorrect ignition;
  • Faulty engine, especially the cylinder-piston group;
  • Poor carburetor tuning;
  • Contamination of filters: fuel filter, air filter;
  • Broken spark plug.

To troubleshoot these systems, you’ll need to diagnose the problem area and repair the problem. The materials of our website, published in the corresponding section on repair and maintenance of chainsaws, will help you to do this.

chainsaw forward. Overview of changes, features, reviews

Forward is a manufacturer of garden equipment and tools. The English brand has existed since 2002 and produces tools for professional and private use. The peculiarity of forward equipment in comparison with analogues on the world market is dielectric plastic with impact resistance.

Forward trimmer snow thrower forward forward drainage pump forward

Plastic parts of the body of tools can withstand heavy loads, in addition, they are rubberized, which protects the products from corrosion and many years of operation. The characteristic color of the Forward brand is blue for the household appliances series, orange for the professional series.

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forward chainsaws

In addition to these features, Forward tools and appliances have the following features: All parts are checked, tested, they are distinguished by the high quality of processing and the possibility of obtaining an extended warranty (up to 3 years) from the official manufacturer. Currently, Forward equipment is sold in the GUS, Ukraine, Russia and some European countries.

The range of Forward equipment:
  • Garden equipment (electric choppers, chain saws, gasoline and electric trimmers, outboard motors, gasoline auger, wheel mower, pumps, snow blower, cultivator);
  • Power tools (cordless tools, electric drilling machines, drilling hammers, compressed air hammers, sanders, polishers, electric knife saws, circular saws, hot air guns, crosscut saws, paint sprayers);
  • Power equipment (welding machines, compressors, hot air guns, motors, generators);
  • Grinding machines;
  • Drilling machines;
  • Carburetor;
  • Piston groups;
  • Magnetic Insurer;
  • Appetizers;
  • Consumables.
The best models of Forward chainsaws

The featured chainsaw models are particularly popular:

  • Forward 5204 FGS;
  • Forward 4504 FGS.

Forward FGS 4504 chain saw Forward FGS 5204 chain saw

These representatives of the model range are particularly popular due to their high performance, good build and quality performance of the stated functions.

All chainsaws have gained an excellent reputation among their owners.

Series of chainsaws

Forward’s range of chainsaws includes the following models:

  • Forward FGS 2500, 1.5 horsepower;
  • Forward FGS 3802, power of 2.1 hp;
  • Forward FGS 4504, power of 2.9 hp;

Forward FGS 3802 chainsaw

  • Forward FGS 5204, power of 3.8 hp;
  • Forward FGS 6204, power of 4.6 hp;
  • Forward 5204 FGS Home, 3.8 hp;

Forward FGS 6204 chainsaw

  • Forward 4504 FGS Home, 2.9 hp;
  • Forward 6204 FGS Home, 4.6 PS

The price of a Forward chainsaw is on average 3-5 thousand rubles, or 2-4 thousand hryvnias. In Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries there is an official network of Forward dealers, therefore it is recommended to purchase the equipment through this network from an official dealer with a guarantee on the equipment purchased.

Advantages of Forward chain saws:
  • simple starting system;
  • high engine power;
  • effective antivibration system;
  • Shock-resistant body made of high-quality rubberized plastic;
  • If necessary, you can choose a chainsaw model with a minimum weight (the weight of the tool varies from 2.5 to 7 kg);
  • chain limiter;
  • automatic oil supply to the bar and chain;
  • Length of the bar from 30.5 to 55 cm.
Disadvantages of Forward chain saws:
  • Frequent use requires constant chain tightening;
  • On some models, the starter cord tensioning.

User’s Manual

Let’s consider the basic points of operation of a Forward chainsaw and the rules of safe operation on the example of the Forward FGS 4504 chainsaw.

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The Forward chainsaw kit includes the following components:

  • Chainsaw;
  • guide bar, chain;
  • A cover for the guide bar;
  • A universal wrench;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Fuel mixing tanks;
  • Rod and screw for fixing the support tines;
  • Cardboard box.

Chainsaw delivery set forward

Instructions for use of the Forward FGS 4504 chain saw:

  • Do not use the Forward chainsaw indoors or near flammable objects, gas or fire sources;
  • Do not allow precipitation (snow, rain) to fall on the chainsaw during operation.
  • Store the tool indoors under a waterproof cover.
  • Observe sawing techniques and avoid jamming the equipment when operating the chainsaw.


Maintain the Forward FGS 4504 chain saw:

  • Watch the degree of chain tension during use. If the chain needs tensioning, wear gloves and do not handle until the bar and chain have cooled.
  • Clean the air filter every two weeks;
  • Have the carburetor adjusted by a service shop or after the warranty has expired on your Forward chain saw, only if you do it yourself;
  • Always check the lubrication of the chain, sprockets and tires (special oil for chain lubrication);
  • Always release the emergency brake before moving.

chainsaw body

Fundamentals of safe use of your Forward chain saw:

  • Do not lift the Forward chainsaw above your shoulders while sawing.
  • Do not cut with the top of the blade to avoid kickback;
  • If the chain is blunt, replace or deburr it.
  • Saw wood at high speeds only;
  • Recommended cutting time is 10:10 (10 minutes work, 10 minutes break).

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

  • Quality of the cut is reduced.

Cause: The chain is blunt. Remedy: Replace the chain.

  • The chain saw will not start.

Cause: clogged air filter, bad fuel with too little oil, soot on the spark plug. Remedy: Remove soot deposits on the spark plug; fill the tool with quality fuel, clean the air filter.

  • The chain saw is overheating.

Cause: used too intensively. Remedy: Use only as recommended and do not overload the saw.

Video review

Review of Forward FGS-52 1 chainsaw

Review of Forward FGS 45004 chainsaw

owners reviews

Fedor, Moscow region:

“Forward are good chainsaws, very decent, but only if you don’t come across a Chinese knockoff. The crafty Chinese have learned to make such good copies that an uninitiated person would have a hard time distinguishing them from the original. Simply, the original is chosen by these signs: the saw is heavier, all the parts are of good quality, the plastic on the body is slightly springy – from shockproof and rubberized. Buy from official dealers, so as not to regret the money spent.

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