Chainsaw Energy BP-52: technical specifications, description and rules of operation

Energy BP-52 chainsaw. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

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Energy chainsaws are in great demand in the domestic market of garden tools. Energy BP-52 chainsaw is a model that is designed for long-term use in various conditions. Compared to previous models of the BP series (37, 45), the BP-52 chainsaw has more power and a working surface that allows you to handle tree trunks of various diameters.


The Energy BP-52 has a powerful engine with a working volume of 52 cm3. It is based on a two-stroke engine with a carburetor, this should be taken into account when choosing oil and accessories. The length of the guide bar is 50 cm.

The tested line was created for heavy volume and complexity of work, so it belongs to the semi-professional universal chainsaw.

Energomash 52

If you pay attention to the previous models BP-37 and 45, many users complain about frequent malfunctions of the emergency saw chain cutoff system. In the Energy BP-52, the quick stop system was improved, as well as the effectiveness of the vibration damping system and some design flaws were eliminated.

A side note! When comparing the BP-45 and BP-52 models, you should pay attention to the size of the body and the convenient location of the mounting handles. In the Energy BP-52 handle curves smoothly around the body, the body is smoother in the place of the intended fixation.

All these changes were due not only to the wishes of users, but also for technical reasons, as the performance of this model was significantly increased.

Basic configuration

The basic configuration from Energomash BP-52 includes:

  • The chainsaw Energomash BP-52;
  • Tires;
  • Working blade;
  • A plastic protective cover for the tire;
  • A set of tools for assembly and adjustment of the saw;
  • A container for oil and mixing fluid;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Product pass.

Country of manufacture: China, Russia.

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How to distinguish the original from the fake?

Although Energia is a Russian manufacturer, many of the company’s devices are made in China. This significantly reduces the cost of production, but also worsens the quality. Most Energy devices made in China are certified, but they break down faster and require more resources to repair.

In order to distinguish between the Chinese assembly and the Russian one, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The bar code (indicated on the packaging of the goods);
  • The availability of a passport for the goods with information about the company’s facilities;
  • The indication in the passport of the quality certificates and their numbers;
  • The cost;
  • The place of purchase.

The best place to buy energy chainsaws is from a company or certified dealer.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Energy
Manufacturer BP-52
primer Check out
Automatic oil supply for the chain Да
Busbar length (cm) 50
Number of chain members 76
horsepower) 3.5
Power rating (kW) 2.6
Working volume (cm³) 52
Oil tank capacity (l) 0.26
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.55
Chain brake Да
Noise level (dB) 114
Chain division (customs) 0.325
Package size (mm) 525 x 270 x 315
Tool assembly weight without packaging and accessories 5.7
Weight 6,9 kg

Maintenance of chainsaws Energomash BP-52

In order to keep the chainsaw in working order, maintenance must be timely and rational. In this series, it is almost no different from the maintenance of other models.

This Energomash BP-52 maintenance includes:

  • external inspection of the saw before and after operation;
  • inspection of serviceability and integrity of parts;
  • timely debugging and exchange of parts;
  • carrying out cleaning work after use.

A side note! When inspecting the saw, it is worth paying attention to the amount of soot from the spark plug. If necessary, it can be replaced by yourself.

Chainsaws require a special fuel mixture (5 liters of gasoline, 0,1 liters of oil per 2 strokes). The counter complaint recommends increasing the amount of oil. After the saw is assembled, the bar is tensioned, the chain is stretched and the fuel mixture is filled. The oil reservoir is filled. The chainsaw is developed, the idle speed is checked and lubricated.

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Energomash Benzotools

Based on the fact that the company “Energomash” works closely with the German manufacturer of garden equipment Sturm to buy components for the right chainsaws of this brand. Many users also prefer fuel and lubricants of the union of manufacturers.

Main malfunctions

Failure because Solution
Chain emergency braking does not work. Clear away any adhesive tape or dirt. Clean off dirt or replace brake tape.
Saw does not start. Spark plug is faulty or there is a problem with the fuel supply. Remove and inspect spark plug, replace if necessary. Drain combustion chamber of fuel fluid.

It is recommended to run at idle to check operation.

Model advantages and disadvantages

  • high power capacity;
  • possibility of working with wood up to 50 cm in diameter
  • versatility (can be used both at home and in industry).
  • Quick wear of chain and bars;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • Leaky fuel tank.

Video review of the model Energomash BP-52

Reviews of chain saws Energomash BP-52

Nicholai, 24, Omsk

“I bought BP-52 2 years ago. I work in a logging company. This model is great for sawing different types of trees, saws alder, aspen, birch and maple well. Of the faults: chain eats up quickly, replace within 3 months. “

Chainsaw BP-52 Energomash: A prime example of import substitution

This model of manual chainsaw is one of the most successful domestic developments of this class. And the logo of the German company Sturm, which appeared relatively recently, only confirms the high quality characteristics.

Features of chainsaws Energomash BP-52

In particular, the following nuances were provided:

  • Autonomous quick start system in the temperature range of +30 … -50.
  • Protective guards for hands and feet.
  • Special anti-vibration inserts and composite inserts, making it easier to work with quite complex tools.

BP-52 is designed so that the working cloth (circuit) is lubricated automatically.


Thanks to its high performance in a fairly small size chainsaw BP-52 can be used for a wide range of tasks:

  • Cleaning a personal plot.
  • Creation of a unique landscape design.
  • Cultivation and landscaping of garden and park areas.
  • Harvesting and wood processing.

The large working length of the beam combined with the relatively heavy weight allows you to easily cut heavy wood up to 500 mm thick.

Pros and cons of the BP-52

The main advantages of the BP-52 are the following technological solutions and technical characteristics:

  • Relatively low weight and compact size with high power and performance.
  • Increased bar length.
  • Increased frequency of teeth of cutting disc.
  • Excellent chain brake.
  • Easy-to-use and low-maintenance.
  • Affordable price.

It is possible to note the disadvantages, although insignificant. In particular, these include a rather modest capacity of the fuel tank at a rather high fuel consumption. In addition, despite the ergonomic brackets and special damping pads, when working with heavy materials the vibrations are clearly felt.

comparison with competitors

In its competitive niche of heavy, high-performance budget chainsaws, the BP-52 competes with such popular models as:

Huter BS-52.

Kalibr BP-2600

Vityaz BP-52-3.9

And many other examples of this class. But in terms of efficiency, productivity and combination of parameters “price/quality” the Energomash BP-52 hand chainsaw outperforms most of its competitors.

What chainsaw would you recommend?

Video review of the Energomash BP-52 chainsaw

General features:

  • Design: manual
  • Power: 2600 W / 3.5 liters. С.
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Chain pitch: 0.325″
  • Busbar length: 50 cm
  • Engine displacement: 52 cc


  • Tank Capacity: 0.55 L
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 0.26 l
  • Features and equipment: chain brake
  • Noise level: 114dB

Please check with your local dealer before buying.

We have been using this particular model in the construction of country houses for more than 4 years. Of course, we considered the combination of price, performance and durability. Yes, no question – during this time we had to change some parts, but it has never caused absolutely no problems. Spare parts are always available.rnAnd this despite the fact that we use these units almost every day. Now it’s time to change gears (during the seasonal recession). Even my boys say they are most comfortable using these devices.rnIn terms of noise, there are headphones. As for weight, there’s muscle. As for vibration, there’s habit.

I will not praise this particular model. But there is absolutely nothing to reproach it. On the one hand, it is powerful enough to solve almost any task. On the other hand it is a bit upsetting because of high fuel consumption and the need to regularly fill up not only the gasoline tank but also the oil tank.

Even in our frosty weather it starts up with a jerk. We bought it to replace the more expensive Husqvarna model. It sometimes played in the cold. This one cuts a half-meter pine like a butter knife. rn

Does having enough weight affect performance?

Yes, either way. If you add up the weight of the BP-52 chainsaw (a little less than 7 kg), the weight of the worker’s body and his qualification, the efficiency can be increased many times over.

Is it true that the device wobbles a lot?

Even experienced professionals often complain about a very noticeable vibration when working with the BP-52. But at the same time it should be understood that a compact unit with such power is simply capable of creating quite significant physical vibrations.

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