Chainsaw Champion 324n 18: description of technical characteristics, rules of use and safety precautions

The Champion 324n electric chainsaw at a glance. Basic equipment, properties. Features of the first start-up and operation

The Champion 324n electric chainsaw is the most powerful model in this manufacturer’s catalogue. The electric saw belongs to the semi-professional class and is intended for landscape, construction and repair work, clearing the area and garden, harvesting and sawing firewood.

The Champion 324n chainsaw has a number of undeniable advantages, thanks to which it has gained popularity among consumers:

  • Powerful, voltage-proof motor;
  • Practical ergonomic housing;
  • double motor insulation;
  • Tool-free chain tensioner;
  • Efficient automatic lubrication system;

With all its advantages, the Champion 324n chainsaw is sold at an affordable price of 6,650 rubles.

Home of the brand, country of manufacture and basic features

The Champion brand is of Russian origin, it appeared on the market at the beginning of the 21st century, more precisely in 2005. From the very beginning, the company aimed to create a high-quality product at an affordable price. To this end, production facilities were relocated to China in ZOMAX factories. Champion chainsaws are manufactured here under the direction and control of foreign designers and engineers. All of the company’s products are certified in Europe and meet modern quality and safety standards.

The basic equipment of the Champion 324n 18″ model includes:

  • Manual and instruction manual in Russian;
  • The body of the device with the engine;
  • Saw bar (18″/450 mm.)
  • Protective plastic case;
  • saw chain (.375″, 62 links);
  • universal key.

Technical characteristics

A detailed description, specifications and operating instructions for the electric saw Champion 324 can be found here:

Unboxing champion 324

Important: When buying an electric saw, make sure that it is in good technical condition, make sure that the housing and insulation do not have any visible damage.

Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the reliability of the fasteners of assemblies and individual parts. If necessary, tighten nuts and bolts.

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The Champion 324 chainsaw is delivered assembled, the owner must assemble the saw set:

  • remove the protective cover;
  • Place the chain on the bar and install it on the wedges;
  • Place the chain on the drive sprocket;

Important: The Champion 324 electric saw has a tool-free chain tensioner, which greatly simplifies the assembly of the headset and the chain adjustment.

  • Fix the tire with the inner nut without tightening it all the way;
  • Set the correct chain tension with the outer nut;
  • Tighten the outer nut fully, check that the chain is properly tensioned;
  • A few minutes after starting work, when the chain has warmed up, stop the engine and check the tension again. Correct it if necessary;

The Champion 324 electric saw is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system that requires high-quality oil. The manufacturer recommends the following oils:

  • CHAMPION С1301;
  • CHAMPION С1304;
  • Husqvarna chain oil;
  • STIHL ForestPlus;

Important: It is not recommended to use ordinary car oil as lubrication. It is forbidden to use diesel and transformer oils, spindles, training and other substitutes.

First launch

Before the network on the network, make sure that the electrical outlet, cable and extension cord are in good condition. If damaged – replace them. It is forbidden to repair faulty wiring with electrical tape.

  • For safety reasons, always turn on the circuit inertia brake after the work is completed.
  • Use protective gloves and a mask or glasses during operation.
  • It is forbidden to work in the open space during the rain or snow.
  • Do not overload your electric saw. If the protection button is triggered, let it cool down.

Advantages of Electric Saw Champion 324

  • Simple in management does not require any special service.
  • It has a modern design, well balanced;
  • Equipped with a powerful, reliable engine;


  • There is no way to remove yourself from the source of the current flow.
  • A bad material was used in the manufacture of a tank and oil pipeline, resulting in oil leakage;
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Video review

Rating, review, first test of Electric Saw Champion 324:

Comparative review of the Chain Electric Saws Champion and Makita

Reviews of the owners

Gleb Chemisov, 28 years old, Leningrad region:

Seven months of use – no complaints. A very powerful tool – saw logs with a diameter of 50 centimeters. I have never overheated my electric tip. It is very easy to maintain and work – there are no problems with the factory and no gasoline is spent.

Victor Baranov, 38 years old, Moscow region:

For six months she worked for me without any problems. Sawed all June and rotted in the yard, with a fathe r-lute they built a bathhouse and did household chores. Then one day it just didn’t start. I had to disassemble – it turned out that the start button melted – the contact was not enough. Basically a trifle, but still unpleasant.

Advantages: convenient in work, acceptable price and weight, easy to maintain;

Cons: The start button broke, sometimes oil from the tank leaks.

Electric Tell Champion 324n 18. Technical characteristics and rules of use

Recommend: 0%


Suffering, reliable in use, unpretentious, semi-professional Electric Saw Saw Champion 324n 18 allows most of the business work. It will become a reliable assistant in the care of personal territory, with its help you can work and see firewood for a bath or fireplace. This tool is of particular interest to builders who often use the Champion 324n-18 in building and repairing sheds, houses and utility rooms.

The manufacturer of the electric saw took care of the comfort and safety of the operator. Model Champion 324n is perfectly balanced and ergonomic. It does not take care of all modern systems and functions, including the non-adjustment of the gearshift.

Features of this electric saw model

  1. Electronic motor protection.
  2. Automatic lubrication system of cutting surfaces.
  3. Inertia braking of a chain emergency.
  4. Anti-vibration system.
  5. Ergonomic handles.
  6. Effective protection against dust and sawdust.
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Manufacturer, price guidelines, description and technical characteristics

The Russian Brand Champion has been known on the garden technology market since 2005. The company’s factories are located in China, the Champion 324N-18 Electric Saw is also manufactured there. The quality manufactured is carefully checked by foreign experts. Note that many components are bought by Japanese, American and Western European companies, which also increases the properties of chainsaws from Champion.

The 324N 18 Champion model was recently discontinued. However, on the manufacturer’s website and in some other Russian online shops, this tool can continue to be ordered at a price of 5,990 rubles.

If you buy a champion 324N 18 Electric Saw, you will receive the basic configuration:

  • Body and engine of the device;
  • Maintenance instructions and company manuals;
  • Saw chain (step 3/8 ″);
  • Tires (45 cm);
  • protective plastic coffee;
  • universal key from keys;
  • Guarantee voucher.

Chempion-324 equipment

You can find a detailed technical description in the instructions.

Tire length (see): 45
The number of chain members (stations): 62
Perfomance: 2400
Availability no
Tenten class: gun
The volume of the tank of the chain lubricant (left): 0.25
Manufacturer: Champion (Champion)
Homeland of the brand: United States of America
Chain step: 3/8 “
Guarantee period: 1 year
Meeting country: China
The thickness of the chain: 1.3 mm.
Weight (kg.): 4.7

Preparation for the company and the first start

Perform a thorough visual examination of the saw, check the reliability of the attachment of all nodes and divide and make sure that the insulation is not damaged.

We start to build the saw together. A feature of the Model Champion 324N-18 is the fact that it is equipped with a system of an aphistal chain. The process of installing the tire and adapting the voltage of the chain has its own properties:

  1. Place the tire on the hair needle and put the chain.
  2. Press the tire, pull the inner nut of the bracket without pulling it up until it stops.
  3. Set the voltage of the chain and turn the outer ring ring.
  4. Pull the inner nut at the stop.

Important: A chain with an appropriate voltage should move slightly along the bus. At the same time, it shouldn’t make any foreign noises.

After the motorcycle master 324N-18 has been put together, season the automatic lubrication system. Note that the oil tank consists of translucent plastic of high quality. You can always visually control the presence of lubrication in the system.

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Electric Picine Champion-324N-18-7 at work

Remove the saw from the brake and you can start working. Don’t forget that your chain Electric Saw is equipped with protection against overload and overheating of the engine.

Important: To avoid injuries from the operator and others after the end of the work, put the chain motoropes on the brake.

advantages and disadvantages

  • low weight;
  • good ergonomics;
  • An effective vibration system.
  • Fear of overheating and leap in tension in the network;
  • Oil leaks.

Model disorders

The electrical tip does not switch on:

  • No connection to the network;
  • There is no electricity;
  • The brake worked;
  • The chain was littered or being pulled.

The smell of burning at work:

  • incorrect sawing of a saw;
  • The chain is delivered little lubrication.

Video overview of the Electric Pilas Champion 324

Full review, tests and reviews about Chain Saw Champion:

Electric Saw Champion 324N-18: Reviews of the owners

Kramareno Andrey, 56 years old, Kramatork

“I’ve been using a saw for 18 months. There were about a hundred trees and two saws on the premises (we have a big one): a benzo and a champion 324. They worked together. As a result, about 70 trees were cut off with an electric saw, and about 30 ruper were hacked, then the gas was thrown, then the candle was thrown. And I only have a chain. Yes, and the electrical saw looks much more economical at the current prices for petrol. “

Alexander, 42 years old, Kremenchug:

“I didn’t change anything – everything is fine. I bought a year ago. He built a bath, disassembled and sawed everything that was possible. The capacity of the champion with a reserve, the price of the divine. : I poured oil, I underbete the chain. “

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