Chainsaw Champion 256 18: Description, specifications and usage rules

Champion 256 chainsaw evaluation: instructions, specifications, reviews

Champion produces a wide range of chainsaws for home use. As a rule, all products of this brand are characterized by average performance and equipment indicators. The chainsaw Champion 256-18 is a semi-professional model with a wide range of operations. However, it is not recommended to use this model for industrial purposes.

Properties saw Champion 256

The chainsaw Champion 256-18 has small dimensions and low weight (up to 5.6 kg). This property enables use at a low height during construction or garden maintenance. The chainsaw Champion is equipped with a 3.4-liter-two-tact carnival engine. With. The length of the saw blade is 45 cm, so that the device can be used for cutting large trees with a diameter of up to 38-40 cm. The capacity of the fuel tank is 550 ml and the oil tank 260 ml, which is sufficient for two operating hours.

User differentiates under the characteristics of the Champion 256 model:

  • the presence of a primer;
  • Automatic chain clamping system;
  • Chain brake;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Automatic chain, tire and edge lubricating system;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Simple troubleshooting and exchange of parts.

When working with a chainsaw, noises occur of up to 116 dB, which is above the maximum permissible level. The same applies to vibrations. In order to reduce the effects of noise and vibrations to the human body, the developers installed an antivibration system and improved the ergonomics of the device, reducing noise.

Model purpose

Despite the fact that Champion is constantly improving its production technologies, chainsaws of this brand are mainly intended for home use. Buyers most frequently buy the chainsaw champion 256-18:

  • To carry out construction work in a suburban area;
  • to carry out repair work;
  • When preparing firewood;
  • for garden maintenance, the cutting of branches and dry trees.

In rare cases, a chainsaw is in demand for supply companies because the daily use of a chainsaw is prohibited from the manufacturer. Longer, uninterrupted use of the chainsaw can lead to overheating the device and accelerated wear of its parts.

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What is included in the Champion 256 saw package?

As a rule, the manufacturer produces the chainsaw Champion 256-18, which includes the following:

  • Chainsaw model champion 256-18;
  • Saw section (chain + tires);
  • Protection cover for the tire (required for transport and storage);
  • Set for assembly and troubleshooting (screwdriver and wrench);
  • Container for the preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • User Guide;
  • Guarantee card;
  • Package.

Technical characteristics

Engine power, (kW/ps) 2.5/3.4
Weight without sword and chain with empty tanks (kg) 5,6
Motor volume, (cm3) 54
Fuel tank volume, (L) 0.55
Maximum fuel consumption, (g/kw • h)/(l/h) 490/
Oil tank volume, (ml) 0.26
Tire length, (customs/cm) 18/45
Saw chain division (customs) 0.325
Nut width of the sawing value, (mm) 1,5
Number of chain members, (pc.) 72
Maximum revolutions without load, (RPM) 12500
Idle Speed ​​(RPM) 3000
Front/rear handle vibration level, (m/s2) 7.93
Sound power level, (dB) 116

Maintenance and Operating Instructions

After buying a chainsaw, it is advisable to read the operating and assembly instructions. The sawing part is always separated from the body of the product. When installing these parts, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. After assembly, attention should be paid to the chain tension.

Running in the engine is also an important phase. Running-in is necessary to prolong engine life. In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the carburetor. This is especially important if the product is bought on the secondary market.

After installing all components, the fuel mixture must be prepared in a ratio of 1:25. After emptying the tank, the ratio of oil and gasoline should be changed to 1:50.

The manufacturer pays special attention to safety. During operation, the saw must be held with both hands. It is recommended to work with a chainsaw in protective clothing, goggles and headphones. The presence of outsiders within a radius of 3-4 meters around the workplace is prohibited. To minimize the occurrence of kickback, a metal stop can be fitted to the saw. This detail is necessary when working with logs of large diameter.

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For longer periods of operation, you should interrupt and switch off the engine. This applies during long-term operation when refueling is required or the product body overheats.

Upon completion of work, it is necessary to turn off the chainsaw engine and wait until the device has completely cooled down before putting it in a storage place.

An important part of the operating rules is the maintenance of the chainsaw. Saw Champion 256 needs to be regularly checked for errors. In the instructions, the manufacturer has compiled a table that indicates the period in which it is necessary to carry out certain types of maintenance.

For example, before commissioning, it is necessary to inspect the Champion saw and ensure that all its parts are intact and ready for use. Also check the quality of the systems: oil supply and chain brake. If these systems fail to function properly during operation, the chainsaw can fail, often resulting in operator injury.

After the end of use, it is recommended to clean the parts of the product and drain the remaining fuel. Changing the air filters regularly with weekly use will extend the life of your chainsaw.

The manufacturer recommends using only high-quality, original and certified products as parts and oils.

A detailed table of the maintenance intervals can be found in the operating instructions (p. 24-25).

Possible malfunctions

The most common mistakes are:

  • Product overheating.

As a rule, it is provoked by long-term operation, clogged air filters or lack of oil on the work surface.

  • Failure of the sawing part, the fuel supply system or the spark plug.

When a sawing system breaks down, it is necessary to stop work and diagnose the malfunction. Further steps are described in the instructions.

Video review of chainsaws Champion 256





Reviews about saws Champion 256

Maxim, Kyiv :

I ordered online two years ago.

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Pros: In terms of performance and technical characteristics, the saw exceeds expectations for a budget model.

I can find the main disadvantage that the champion of 256 was unexplored to me (carburetor). After the start, I had to replace the candle and set up myself.

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Champion 256-18 chainsaws. Technical features and operating rules

Champion 256 18 Chainsaw is one of the best in the company’s list. With very low weight it has a high performance, can deal with small housework and more complex tasks. This saw will help an indispensable assistant with cleaning the garden or for harvesting and sawing the sawnwood with the construction of arbor, bathrooms, repairs of houses and dandruff.


On the Internet you will find many reviews of the Champion 256-18 chainsaw. Most users rate this chain motoropy positively. The saw has all the modern means to protect the operator. This is a comfortable and unpretentious tool that is to be used in different climate zones.

  1. Successful layout and light weight.
  2. The presence of the “Easy Start” function.
  3. The presence of a centrifugal brake of the Quapi and the grain.
  4. The automatic lubrication system of tire and cutting edges.
  5. Easy access to an air filter.

Champion 256 18: Basic equipment

The champion is a Russian brand that has been known to the broad masses since 2005. The company’s products are manufactured in Chinese Zomax factories. The quality of the tools manufactured is controlled by the concerns of managers. We find that many components from the countries of Western Europe and the USA are delivered. In particular, the champion worries engines for some professional chainsaws from the American Company Briggs & Stratton.

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On the territory of the CIS champion, the champion is sold in the following configuration:

  1. Chainsaw with the engine.
  2. Protection cover for the tire.
  3. Tool set.
  4. Saw tires.
  5. The chain (step 0.325, the number of teeth is 72).
  6. Capacity for mixing petrol and oil.
  7. Motopila operating and maintenance manual.

Technical features of the champion champion 256-18

With a detailed description and technical properties of the chainsaw champion 256-18 you can get to know each other in the instructions.

Characteristics of the Champion Champion

After you have unpacked the saw, you will be carefully familiar with the description and the operating manual. Collect the chainsaw according to the instructions and check the reliability of all connections and fastening elements. Pay particular attention to the correct voltage of the chain.

Take a look at the safety regulations:

  1. Do not start the saw and hold it with one hand in the weight.
  2. Never work with one hand, it can lead to serious injuries.
  3. Work in protective clothing and do not forget to wear glasses.
  4. A work motor is a source of increased danger and observes special caution.
  5. Before starting the saw, the champion 256-18 switch on the brake of the immediate stop of the chain, sure that the cutting edges do not come into contact with foreign bodies.
  6. At the end of the work before the chainsaw put on the floor, the engine drowned.

A new saw needs to come in. To do this, prepare the mixture: oil for two stroke engines + gasoline in a ratio of 1:25. After an idle tank echo, change the Mix Ratio to 1:50. The next 8-10 tanks work in a gentle mode. Don’t let the engine overheat.

IMPORTANT: Use 2-stroke fuel mixture and gasoline AI 92-95 champion oil.

Oil Champion

The main structure of the chainsaw

The chainsaw does not start:

  • There is no fuel;
  • There is no contact on the spark plug or it is flooded.
  • The fuel pump has become clogged;
  • The ignition is not adjusted.
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Babble doesn’t develop the correct number of revolutions, stalls:

  • feet on the spark plug;
  • The candle has worn out;
  • The carburetor requires cleaning.
  • The fuel or air filter has become clogged.

Video review of Champion Chainsaw 256-18

Basil is very popular, so there are a lot of video reviews, descriptions and reviews about this tool on the network.

Unboxing and Assembly of Saw Champion:

The chain played champion 256-18

Detailed review of the owner of the champion 256-18

Champion 256-18: User Reviews

Max Zholobkov, 23 years old, Moscow:

“The champion is a good tool. Hell, I clean the garden – he cuts everything. It starts the second or third time, whatever the weather. I recommend to anyone who needs an inexpensive chainsaw. “

Roman Ivanitsky, 36 years old, Samara:

“Very good for such a price. A decent supply of engine power with the head is enough for soft stone and single-grave oak. The presence of a large number of service centers is particularly pleasing. “

Romazan Shironkaev, 67 years old, Vladivostok

“Dusties: I used the champion for the third year. I bought a chainsaw in the store on the recommendation of the seller. Not very expensive. They don’t fall during the cut, it doesn’t wedge in the propylene.

Disadvantages: This is the peculiarity: an oil tank flows. If it is on the side – normal, just tuck it into the working position – a stain immediately. Yes, there is still a post – there was no sharpener in my kit. “

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