Chainsaw Champion 254-18: technical characteristics, description, rules of use and safety

Champion 254-18 chainsaw – a powerful household tool

Chainsaw Champion 254-18 is positioned by the developers as a fairly powerful and productive household tool, designed to perform a variety of works related to the preparation of firewood, preparation for installation of lumber, maintenance of garden and ornamental trees.

The design of this model combines power and small dimensions, comfortable work level and more than long service life of the component systems and units. The saw has no limitations on weather and climate conditions and the level of operational stress.

Champion 254-18 chainsaw is a household tool with high performance

Photo: Champion 254-18 chainsaw.

features of use

Champion 254-18 saw does not cause problems when working at different levels, which conditions its use in hard-to-reach areas of building structures.

The tool features a tight layout of internal equipment and fuel tanks, but the saw is in no way inferior to larger prototypes in terms of easy access to adjustment nodes.

An anti-vibration device and moderate background noise contribute to minimal fatigue buildup. The low weight of 5 kg, the balance of the saw, the comfortable handles with non-slip coating give the operator a secure grip when working with increased complexity.

Champion 254-18

Technical Data

The tool attracts potential buyers by a combination of performance and affordable cost.

  • The chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke air-cooled engine with a carburetor that runs on a dosed mixture of automobile gasoline and special engine oil.
  • The 54 cm3 internal combustion engine develops 3.4 hp at maximum power. The engine resource is increased due to special treatment of details of the crank mechanism of the piston group and the cylinder mirror.
  • The power unit is characterized by economical fuel consumption, high torque, convenient and inexpensive maintenance. The fuel tank capacity is 520 ml.
  • The saw has a lock against accidental starting. The lack of a quick start system is compensated for by a decompressor.

With a wide range of inexpensive genuine parts and replacement parts, you can restore your worn out tool or machine to operation with minimum time and money.

model Masters 254-18
Manufacturer champion
manufacture (assembly) China
brand homeland Russia
class household
Power, hp (kW) 3.4 (2.5)
Engine displacement, cm3 54
chain pitch, inch 0.325
chain thickness, mm 1,5
Number of links, pcs. 72
fuel capacity, l 0.52
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tire length, cm (in.) 45 (18)
warranty, years 1
weight (kg 5,1
Manual Download
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blade set

The removable assembly consists of a heavy-duty 18-inch guide bar and a 72-link chain with side tensioner.

The chain is lubricated and cooled with oil, which is supplied to the work area under low pressure from an internal reservoir by an on-board pump. The length of the headset allows you to handle wood with a diameter of up to 350 mm or more.

The tool is equipped with an emergency chain setting system. In emergency and injury situations, the chain movement is blocked in a fraction of a second. The brake is actuated on the inside of the shield by applying a small amount of force.

advantages and disadvantages

The numerous testimonials from users and operators give positive feedback on the technical and operational features of the tool as well as practical suggestions for improvement.

The indisputable advantages of this model:

  • the combination of the power of the drive and the low weight of the saw itself, which is a rarity for household chain saws;
  • Reinforced metal sump;
  • Effective work of vibration dampers;
  • The shape of handles and the ergonomic layout of the controls are comfortable to hold firmly;
  • The presence of a ground pump, which simplifies the cold start of the engine.

According to many users, the disadvantages should include the unregulated chain oil supply, which inevitably leads to its overflow. The plastic of the body also does not inspire confidence, some test reports placed justified complaints about the quality of the factory assembly.

The average cost of the chainsaw model 254-18 in different regions varies significantly. The minimum fixed price is 6500 rubles, the maximum limit – more than 9000 rubles.


In the three-man performance zone, models of famous brands compete with the saw-champion with different success – Soyuz PTS-99452T, Huter BS-52, Maxcut MC 146 and Kraton GCS-1800/450.

Reviews of owners

The desire to have a reserve of performance in a chainsaw was realized with the purchase of the Champion model. The machine is anything but perfect, but after careful tuning and coordination of the kit, the device came out to the working level. Failure of chain oil from the storage tank is cured by stating the tool is not working on the page. The engine starts with a few experiments, but there are no problems with cold starts in winter. The power of the device exceeds all other technical cutters. However, we should not forget that the saw is from the budget category. Andreas

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For this price for a powerful tool, there are no disadvantages and can not be. My champion also dragged me on my nerves, then it turned out that the machine is excellent, just lacked driving practice and partly technological culture. From my own experience – only branded engine oil and only in the exact dosage. I pour any oil of the same density into the lubrication system, the chain grinds it all up with no residue. And you have to wean off jerking the starter grip, its mechanics are designed for gentle acceleration. Serviceable and tuned engine should start with the first, maximum with the second attempt. Sewa

Champion 254-18 chainsaw at a glance. Specifications. Engine break-in

The market for garden equipment offers buyers a large selection of manufacturers and models of chainsaws. The line of chainsaws from the domestic manufacturer Champion includes both domestic and semi-professional models. Champion 254-18 belongs to the second class.

Description of the Champion 254-18 model

Champion 254-18 – it is a manual chainsaw for works of medium severity. At the heart of the device is a two-stroke carburetor engine with a volume of 54 cm3 and a capacity of 3.4 hp. C. (2.5 kW). When performing tasks, the maximum chain rotation speed can reach 10,500 rpm per minute. Compared to previous models, the manufacturer has increased the fuel tank capacity to 520 ml, the oil tank is 260 ml. The main characteristics of the model include:

  • presence of primer or “Easy Start” starting system;
  • electronic ignition type;
  • weight of the chainsaw 5.1 kg;
  • ergonomic body and good balancing of the device;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • The length of the saw headset is 45 cm;
  • Walbro carburetor.

Note! Setting the carburetor of the chainsaw is standard in production. If necessary, the user has the opportunity to adjust the saw himself or in the service center.

model assignment

Champion chain saws are not designed for heavy, continuous use in forestry or on construction sites. Champion 254-18 saw is not suitable for long daily work. It is recommended not to use the unit for more than 3-4 hours. The main purpose of use is felling trees, gardening and simple construction work, such as sawing billets.

On a side note! Many buyers disregard the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the Champion 254-18 chainsaw not for its intended purpose. Such actions often lead to rapid wear and frequent breakdowns of the device.

Although Champion is a Russian company, its production facilities are located in China (ZOMAX factory).

Phytophthora of berries, strawberries and other berries

basic equipment

As a rule, Champion 254-18 chainsaw is supplied to the Russian market in a standard package, which consists of:

  • Operation manual;
  • Saw model 254-18;
  • Saw part (guide bar + chain);
  • Protective cover for saw part;
  • toothed stop;
  • file for sharpening the chain;
  • Set for chainsaw assembly and repair (screwdriver + wrench).

The manufacturer recommends using only Champion original spare parts for repairs. For more information about Champion 254-18 chain saw spare parts, please contact your local sales representative.

Technical Data

Engine power, (kW/hp) 2.5/3.4
Weight without guide bar and chain with empty tanks (kg) 5,1
Engine displacement (cm3) 54
Fuel tank capacity, (L) 0.52
Max. fuel consumption, (g/kWh)/(l/h) 510/
Oil tank capacity, (ml) 0.26
Tire length, (inch/cm) 18/45
Saw chain pitch (inch) 0.325
Width of bar groove, (mm) 1,5
Number of chain links (pcs.) 72
Maximum rpm without load, (rpm) 10500
No-load speed (rpm) 2800
Front/rear handle vibration level, (m/s2) 7.01
Sound power level, (dB) 113.61

Features of the Champion chain saw

All operating features and precautions are listed in the owner’s manual. Buyers pay attention to the difficulty of breaking in and tuning the engine. The saw has standard engine and carburetor settings by default. A guide bar and chain must be installed. The chainsaw is also tensioned by the user. All instructions on how to install and start the unit are given in the instruction manual.

Note! The chain must be tensioned before you start your chainsaw and when you refuel it. After tensioning, make sure that all screws are tightened.

The engine is running

The champion 254-18 chainsaw engine run is necessary to extend the life of the chainsaw and lasts about 2 hours. First 20-30 minutes at idle and then on the working surface. For running-in it is recommended to use a special fuel mixture in the ratio 1:25 (oil: gasoline). As oil it is recommended to use the liquid for two-stroke engines of the master manufacturer. Gasoline can be used AI-92 and 95.

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It is best to refuel at an average highway speed. Gasoline should be added at regular intervals. Further operation with the saw for medium loads and power will be recommended. For further operation use fuel fluid at a ratio of 1:50.

Note! When starting the SAW Engine Champion 254-18 for the first time, make sure that all operating systems are adapted and working. These include the automatic quapi oil system and the emergency brake.

The manufacturer recommends installing a metal chainsaw shot to prevent kickback.

Maintenance features

The Champion 254-18 chainsaw also needs to be serviced before each use of the unit. In the instruction manual (page 18), the manufacturer has indicated which work needs to be completed in a certain period of time.

Major Mistakes

Highlighted are the most common mistakes made by Champion 254-18 users:

  • failure of the spark plug;
  • Frequent heating of the chainsaw body;

Malfunctions can be associated with a clogged air filter and failure of the automatic oil supply system. In addition, overheating during prolonged work and difficult tasks is possible.

This malfunction may require sharpening or replacement of the part.

  • Breakage of piston group

In this case, the repair is carried out only in the service centers.

Adjusting the carburetor

It is necessary to adjust the carburetor if you have difficulty passing the idle speed.

  • Take the saw, turn the adjusting screw from high and low to the stop. Screw it halfway in;
  • Warm up the saw for 5-10 minutes. Evaluate one movement of the screw.
  • If the settings are correct, the chain will not move on the bar at idle.
  • Check the operation of the saw for acceleration. The speed should increase quickly when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

Champion Champion 254-18 Saw Video Rating





Champion 254-18 chain saw reviews

Maxim, Boxygorsk:

Bought 2 years ago for garden maintenance. With the pruning of small branches – buys well, sometimes says. In large protocols, I recommend working differently at medium speed. Focus will be indispensable in this case. I had to replace the piston after several years of operation. I do not recommend a complicated repair on your own.

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Advantages: powerful, lightweight;

Disadvantages: Poor starting in the cold, weak piston, often slips the chain.

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