Chainsaw Champion 240: Description, properties, use and security

Overview of the chainsaw Champion 240: Description, instructions, specifications

The market for garden tools offers a large selection of professional, sem i-professional and household models with which tasks of different complexity can be carried out. The chainsaw Champion 240 is a sem i-professional model. The main purpose of this saw is the sawing of firewood. The device can be useful for mediu m-sized tasks, for example when building small household rooms and maintaining a garden.

Model description

Chainsaws of local manufacturers are characterized by low costs and average technical features. Chainsaw Champion 240-16 refers to medium quality devices that have been developed for smaller work. The Champion 240 is equipped with a 2.3-liter two-clock engine. With. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.41 ml. For complex work, the amount of fuel is sufficient for 40-60 minutes of continuous operation. The length of the tire is 40 cm.

The manufacturer completes the model with modern user protection systems, the design of the chainsaw has an ergonomic design and a good balance. The additional functions and systems of the saw include:

  • Fuel pump system (Primer enables the engine to be started faster when the engine);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Function of the emergency stop of the engine and a chain;

This function is relevant when working, where the likelihood of an impact of the tire is much higher.

  • Setting screw for the chain tension;
  • rubberized handles for a comfortable hold;
  • the presence of a cooling system for the device (air flap).

It is worth noting that the reviews of chainsaw Champion 240 are mostly positive. This is not only due to good technical properties, but also due to the structural differences of the model. Champion 240 has a low weight – 4.3-4.5 kg. and medium dimensions, which means that the model can be used under different conditions.

Appointment of the Champion 240 model

As a rule, the chainsaw Champion 240 is bought for work in a suburban area. The model class suggests the ability to use a saw to perform more complex tasks. At the same time, many owners recommend using the product only for budgetary needs. Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the chainsaw Champion 240 can be used:

  • for cutting material when building wooden buildings on the construction site;
  • When preparing firewood;
  • for gardening;
  • at a wooden company for simple tasks.

Basic equipment

The chainsaw model Champion 240-16 is only presented in a configuration on the domestic market. The standard equipment includes:

  • Chainsaw;
  • Chain;
  • Tires;
  • Metal attack;
  • A key set to assemble and set up the tool;
  • File to sharpen the chain;
  • Operation manual;
  • Tire cover;
  • Guarantee card.
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It is worth noting that before buying the product it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the information about the product on the company’s official website. This is necessary to determine the current data on the technical features and configurations (this data can change). During the purchase of a saw it is recommended to ask the sales assistant about the presence of additional details about the model. Many customer reviews show a quick failure of the tire, chain and spark plugs after they have carried out a long-term working time.

Producer of the fire chief 240

The official manufacturer of this brand is the champion. At the same time, this company’s production capacities are located in China in the Zomax plant. This system has been producing products since 2005. Positive reviews of this product are due to the fact that the manufacturer regularly tests products for quality and compliance with international standards. In addition, some parts of chainsaws were produced in Europe and America, which increases the reliability and durability of devices.

Technical characteristics

Safety measures when working with a champion 240

Before you put the device into operation, the manufacturer recommends familiarizing yourself with the instructions and uses.

General security rules:

  • It is forbidden to work with one hand with one hand, this can lead to injuries.
  • The use of a chainsaw is only permitted with good fountain.

The note! If a person is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is prohibited to work with a saw!

  • When working with a chainsaw, there is a noise that affects the hearing organs and the vestibular apparatus. In order to avoid negative consequences for the body, the manufacturer recommends using protective clothing and glasses.
  • Before starting the engine, it is necessary to ensure that the seed part does not come into contact with other surfaces.
  • Before using repeated use, you must inspect the device, make sure that all details of the goal do not have to be replaced or configured.

Note! Champion 240 Chainsaw is designed exclusively for working with wood. It is necessary to use the saw of this model only for its intended purpose, since it is not suitable for working with foam concrete, plastic and other building materials. The no n-compliance with this rule can lead to injuries, failure of the equipment and the termination of the guarantee kupon.

  • You can only transport the tool in a protective cover for the saw and with the destroyed fuel tank.

The manufacturer pays particular attention to maintenance. These actions are recommended after every work, at the end or at the beginning of the season.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer indicates in the operating instructions that the saws of this model are not intended for lon g-term use, which excludes the possibility of using the tool for companies and service programs. Such devices can be used for logging companies to carry out simple tasks, e.g. B. Knotes and sawmills.

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First start and further maintenance

Champion 240 Chainsaw is already assembled, with the exception of the sawmill it has to be installed independently. If you adhere to the instructions of the assembly, you can carry out this task yourself.

When the engine starts for the first time, the fuel tank must be seasoned in a ratio of 1:25 oil to gasoline. If used further, the saw must be seasoned with a mixture of 1:50.

If it is used in the future, it is necessary to check the voltage of the chain regularly. As a rule, this action is carried out with every refueling and before the start of work. Automatic fuel supply systems and emergencies that stop the chain also require a regular check of the maintenance. The use of a saw when failing one of the systems is prohibited.

The focus is sold with a champion, it must be installed independently. Stop improves the clutch with a tree trunk while cutting.

To do this, it is necessary to unscrew the fastening elements and remove the protective housing, and then place the chain on the saucy tires so that the cutting edges along the circuit are directed. Install the tire, put the chain on the leading star and install a metallic gear. In the end, it is necessary to adapt the voltage of the chain.

The main misalignments and repair methods

Champion 240 is a fairly reliable chainsaw that is popular with gardeners and summer residents. At the same time, this model has several “weaknesses” that can often fail.

Most of the time, the chain and the tire exchange. These parts can wear out due to the longer use or failure of other chainsaw systems. In addition, the sawing part can occur after a rebound. To avoid information, you can also install metal focus. The sawing part is replaced according to the same scheme as the assembly.

Features of grape pruning

The saw can be heated considerably with longer operation. Depending on which part is heated more, this can indicate that the oil supply tubes clog. The use of a chainsaw in a faulty oil supply system is prohibited. You can fix this breakdown by examining and cleaning the system.

The failure of the emergency stop system is a common problem for Champion 240 chain ships. If this malfunction occurs, you must contact the Service Center.

To recharge your saw, use oil for two Stroke engines. The exchange of parts should only be carried out with original components.

Video evaluation of the Champion 240 model

Installation of equipment stops at Champion 240





Reviews about the Champion 240 Model

Kirill, Kyiv:

I bought my parents 2 years ago for a preliminary station. The cost of the saw was around 4,500,000 Hryvnia. To perform simple tasks: harvest of firewood, rejuvenation of trees – is perfect. It was not useful during the construction of the log house because the chain was quickly dull.

Among the advantages: low weight and price.

As for the shortcomings, this is the scope and the relatively low quality.

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Champion Champion 240. Technical properties and operating rules

The Champion 240 chainsaw is a powerful, functional and at the same time compact saw that belongs to the semi-professional equipment class. It is useful for every homeowner for household chores, harvesting and sawing of firewood, gardening and gardening.

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Builders value the Champion 240 16 for its performance, reliability and light weight (4.3 kg). Thanks to the latter circumstance, the chainsaw is also popular with utility workers. According to their reviews, the Champion 240 16 is one of the most reliable and durable chainsaws on the market.

The manufacturer has taken care of the safety and comfort of the saw users. It is equipped with all modern means of protection, has an anti-vibration system and an easy start system “easy start”.

  1. The saw is well balanced and has excellent ergonomics.
  2. It has comfortable rubberized handles, high quality plastic.
  3. In the presence of a mechanical inertia brake.
  4. Easy to manage and maintain.
  5. There is a system of protection against vibration and recoil.

The Champion 240 16 chainsaw is manufactured at the Chinese plant ZOMAX for the Russian concern Champion. The company entered the chainsaw market in 2005 and immediately gained respect among domestic consumers thanks to the quality of its products.

Champion 240-16

The good reviews of the owners of the Champion 240 16 are due in large part to the fact that the concern closely monitors the quality of its products. Many components are sourced from Japanese, American, and Western European manufacturers. The company also attracts with a wide network of service centers operating in all regions of cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Basic equipment Champion 240 16

When you buy a new chainsaw, the basic equipment includes:

  1. The body of the device with the engine;
  2. Tire – 1 pc.
  3. Chain 3/8, 56 links – 1 pc.
  4. Metal stop.
  5. Screwdriver set.
  6. Universal keys.
  7. Chain sharpening needle file.
  8. Maintenance and Operation Manual.

Technical characteristics of the Champion 240 chainsaw

In the chainsaw manual there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the main technical characteristics and description of the chainsaw Champion 240 16.

model cost

A Russian consumer can order a chainsaw Champion 240 at a price of 6,600 rubles both on the company’s website and in other online stores. For Ukraine, the saw costs about 5,000 hryvnia.

Assembly functions and the first start of the chainsaw

Upon purchase, you will receive the tool in a fully working condition: all you have to do is put the chain on and attach the tire to the gearbox, according to the instruction manual. To do this, loosen the two screws on the side cover, mount the rail with the chain on the bolts, then mount the tooth stop, put the cover on and tighten the nuts.

Important: Make sure that the chain is properly tensioned, it should slide easily on the tire when moved by hand and should not make any extraneous noise.

To break in the saw, we recommend preparing a fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:25 (oil / petrol), in the future this ratio must be changed to 1:50.

Important: Only use high-quality two-stroke engine oils and gasoline with an octane number of at least 92.

Pros and cons of the model

  • reliable powerful engine;
  • Good balance, easy to handle.
  • You need a high-quality, fresh fuel mixture, otherwise it will throw candles and stalls;
  • there are many non-original spare parts on the market;
  • equipped with a weak tire.
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main disturbances

The motor does not start, stops:

  • no fuel;
  • fault in the ignition system;
  • clogged fuel supply system or air filter;
  • The carburetor is not coordinated or contaminated.

Develops no speed:

  • Fuel or air filters are clogged;
  • Caser failure.

Video Review Champion 240-16

Champion 240-16 chainsaw is very popular. It is not surprising that many reviews and repair reviews are devoted to your home.

Reviews of the owners of Champion Chainsaw 240-16

Ivan, 35 years old, Chernihiv region

“The saw was bought for the harvest of firewood and household needs. During the operation (approx. Four years) he looked for 70 firewood meters. Basically birch, grave and oak. No problems were observed. I changed the candle in the second year. Native Zomax started naughty. I had to buy a number of files that went into the package a few times. Despite its size, the chainsaw is in no way inferior brands. If you need a stressful work animal, buy a champion 240. “

Vladimir, 43 years old, Glukhov

“I decided that the relics were taken and it wasn’t too much annoying. I read the reviews of the owners of various models and chose this beauty. I have never regretted it. Of course, I had to make minor repairs several times, but given the fact that I cost a saw, I was never upset. It is quite unpretentious for petrol, although you only need high quality in the manual, but everything happens in the village. The only problem is to warm up quickly. Every hour I take a break and the chainsaw.

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