Chainsaw Champion 137: Properties, description and rules of use

Champion 137-16 chainsaw is a budget option for home use

A significant share of imported chainsaw equipment is a domestic line. Among other things, this category includes inexpensive, easy to maintain and convenient chainsaws Champion 137-16.

Numerous reviews by users and specialists of service and repair services confirm the compliance of the product with the consumer requirements and norms of the current industrial standards.

Champion 137-16 is a budget option for home use

Photo: Champion 137-16 chainsaw

The tool belongs to the class of household appliances, but in some respects it is as close to semi-professional standards as possible. Thanks to the technical and operational characteristics, it is possible to effectively mechanize most household, sudden and woodworking works of various levels of complexity.

Technical and design features

The operating capabilities of the model are expanded due to the completion of a fairly powerful electric unit, the use of centrifugal adhesive with minimal torque loss and economical diaphragm carburetor.

The advantages of the saw include:

  • Combination of modern industrial design with an ergonomic body and excellent balance;
  • optimal performance for its class;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • With high maintainability it is possible to make simple repairs by your own hands.

Consumables and spare parts, available at cost, are presented in a sufficiently wide range, with which you can restore the performance of a worn device or component system almost 100%.

Champion 137

Business skills

Champion 137 With equal success works with cross and longitudinal diagonal wood saws with a diameter of up to 300 – 350 mm, which determines its suitability for derivation of small trees, cutting firewood, pre-assembly preparation of wood and the use of wooden building materials.

Convenience in work is provided by:

  • relatively low weight of the tool;
  • Convenient shape of the body and configuration of the handle;
  • Effective work of the vibration damper and low noise level.

Safe sawing work is guaranteed by a reliable chain lock, which activates in emergency situations.

Technical engine features

The tool’s own weight of 4.5 kg is partially compensated for by a good weight distribution, convenient recording and the successful location of the controls.

Champion 137-16 is equipped with a high-speed carburetor ice drill, using gasoline as fuel, and a special engine oil in the ratio of 25: 1. The 37.2 cc engine produces 2.1 hp at maximum rpm.

The combustible mixture is fed from the 310 ml petrol tank into the carburettor. To start the power unit uses a manual starter, quick start regardless of external factors, primer pump, properly tuned carburetor and electronic ignition system.

Minitor by NEVA Walkio r-tractor. Check options
model Champion 137-16
Manufacturer champion
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 2.1 (1.55)
Engine capacity, cm3 37.2
Chain pitch, custom 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, PC 56
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.31
Volume of oil tank, L 0.21
Tire length, cm (normal) 40 (16)
Noise level, dB (a) 106
Warranty, years 1
Weight (lbs) 4,5
instructions Download

Carburetor adjustment

The carburetor adjustment indicates the operating mode of the power tool with maximum traction properties and economical fuel consumption.

The need for its adjustment arises when the tool is switched to winter or summer operation and when the saw is filled with a different octane number of fuel.

  • If the engine starts poorly or develops poorly, fuel system operating recommendations come to the rescue.
  • Adjustment of the carburetor to the operating temperature is made after cleaning the air intake and warming up the engine.
  • Confirmation of the correctness of the adaptation is a fast series of revolutions, absence of “slack” at a sharp throttle and stability of idling.
  • The price of unqualified intervention into the carburetor operation is the deterioration of the engine tractive properties and a considerable excess of fuel.

The description also contains the information on the sequence of preparation of the saw to work, current service of units and aggregates, tips on searching and elimination of possible mistakes and malfunctions.


The saw’s cutting assembly consists of a 16-inch steel bar and a 3/8-inch standard pitch proprietary cutting chain, which is distinguished from the same type by its smoothness.

  • Layer tooling can be used in identical or smaller sizes to suit the characteristics of the job to be done.
  • Automatic supply of lubricant to the working area prevents overheating of the chain and its forced wear. Special chain oil is supplied by a 210 ml pump located in the oil tank.
  • The design of the tool provides easy access to the chain tensioning mechanism.

Safety of the operator is provided by the presence of an inertial brake of an emergency stop and the catcher for interlocking of the broken chain. The devices minimize the risk of injury to the operator during tool movement, chain slipping off the bar or other unfortunate situations.

MAZ 5551 - description and properties

Champion 137

benefits of

The tool is characterized by:

  • Affordable cost to a large number of private and small farm owners;
  • Easy maintenance and low power consumption;
  • Meets the requirements of small to medium domestic chain days;
  • The advantages of this model are versatility, sufficient capacity, economy and stability of performance.

In the construction of the product modern design and technical solutions are used, providing a complete elaboration of the assigned resource.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

Even a cursory analysis of consumer feedback shows that the number of documented errors and malfunctions of the SAU Champion 137-16 is minimal. So far, the strength of the pen and hand starter housing has not been improved, there are complaints about the operation of the chain lubrication system.

The minimum fixed cost of this model – 4900 rubles, the maximum – 6450 rubles. Suggestions for the sale of used analogues units, new spare parts, which are sold off the hand, are in demand even today.


Many leading manufacturers specialize in the production of small and medium-sized household nets. On the domestic market there are popular models-Hyundai X 360, Partner P340S-14, Cubcadet CC 1936, Al-Ko BKS 4040 and a number of other developments of the budget class.

Reviews of owners

Champion was bought for a unique moto dust with a 16-inch tire to make a worthy addition to the home tool series. It wasn’t without its childhood ills, but by partial SHOT and tuning the machine came out to a working level. The budget cost of the saw may have affected their durability, but nothing has changed near the chains in two years of use. The starter plastic is really weak, but if you do not pull the cable, and pull with a little acceleration, this mechanism can last a long time. Alexei

The moderate power of the Champion 137 engine is compensated by the correct and timely sharpening of the Stillew or other branded chain. With quality oil the engine does not heat up even in the July heat. Pavel Efremovich

Champion 137-16 chainsaw: What you need to know before buying?

One of the leading positions Champion products take in the gardening equipment. This manufacturer produces a wide range of garden tools, including chainsaws. Champion 137-16 – one of the budget models in the line. It is impossible to buy a chainsaw on the official site, as it is installed and does not come to the markets of the CIS countries.

Getting your lawn ready for winter


Champion 137-16 chainsaw is a manual, domestic model designed for use. In 2015, it was one of the best champions that were sold under this model. This is an average power, technical and design features of the saw. The power of the motor is 1.55 kW. The weight of the device is 4.6 kg, which allows you to do work in small areas or hard-to-reach places. The length of the bar is 40 cm. At idle speed, the chainsaw makes 3,000 revolutions per minute, which is close to the standards of Western manufacturers. The main features can be highlighted:

  1. The presence of an “easy start” system.
  2. Ergonomic design and vibration damping system.
  3. Chrome coating of the piston system.

Under the merits, users also highlight the good working properties. At high loads, chainsaws do not lose speed, the quality of sawing does not change. Despite the great increase in popularity, the model is already obsolete. The market of garden tools offers a large selection of more powerful and modern models. The saw has been withdrawn from production.

For this reason, you can buy a Champion 137-16 chainsaw only in store towns, where this product is stale, or on the secondary market.

Planned purpose

The main purpose of the Champion 137-16 chainsaw is for domestic and construction purposes. The chainsaw is designed to work exclusively with wood. It is forbidden by the manufacturer to use foam and gas blocks on the saw. It is recommended to buy special saws for these purposes. Basically Champion 137 SAW is used for:

  • Cutting firewood;
  • Construction of wooden walls;
  • Work in the workshop;
  • Garden maintenance.

The use of the chainsaw on an industrial scale is strictly forbidden and impractical. Constructive elements and parts break down faster during daily use.

This model is made in China.

Basic configuration

The standard equipment includes:

  • Operation manual;
  • Warranty card;
  • 137-16 saw;
  • Saw (guide bar and chain);
  • Key for unscrewing the spark plug;
  • Key for voices and assembly of saw;
  • Protective cover for the saw section;
  • A container for mixing gasoline and oil.
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Due to the fact that Champion 137 Champion does not enter the CIS markets, the basic configuration may differ from that regulated by the manufacturer. Before purchasing the product, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the basic equipment and technical characteristics of the model offered by the seller.

Technical specifications

Type: chainsaw chainsaw
Manufacturer: champion
Performance: 1550W
Engine displacement: indicated
Tire length: 40 cm
Chain pitch: 3/8
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.31 l
Oil Tank Capacity: 0.21 l
Anti-vibration: no
Chain brake: available
Weight: 4.5 kg
Noise level: indicated

Rules of use and maintenance

After purchasing a chainsaw, the manufacturer recommends reading the instruction manual. In addition, some models require adjustment of the carburetor, many user evaluations are discussed. Before working with the chainsaw, it is recommended to view several videos on how to properly adjust the carburetor. And contact a service center if there is no factory setting or it has not been done correctly.

Champion 137-16 chainsaw is designed for regular use. The main purpose of the saw is domestic use. It is forbidden to operate the saw, as it can cause damage to the device and injury to the operator.

Basic safety rules:

It is recommended that you wear tight protective clothing, headphones and gloves when using the saw.

Note! It is recommended that you keep your fingers warm during extended periods of work with the chainsaw. Vibration can cause “white finger” syndrome. Gloves reduce the strain from vibration.

  1. Do not fill the fuel tank, place the saw on the floor or service the engine.
  2. Before starting work, make sure that the chainsaw is working properly and that it is well adjusted.
  3. Use the machine only in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.
  4. Make sure that the fuel has been removed from the vehicle. Make sure all systems are locked out. The chainsaw should be transported in a protective cover.

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Champion 137-16 chainsaw needs regular maintenance. The characteristics and service intervals of the model are specified in the instruction manual.

Adjusting the carburetor



The main misalignments and how to fix them

Most often, malfunctions of the Champion 137 chainsaw are associated with improper adjustment of the carburetor. In this case, the unit does not start well or stands often. As for other malfunctions, they apply to the whole area of standard SAWS models:

  • Failure of the spark plug.
MAZ-6303 - description and specifications

For its replacement it is recommended to use spark plugs of type: L7T. If other components are used, engine failure is possible due to the impossibility of warranty repair. It is also worth paying attention to how well the spark plug is screwed in. A unscrewed spark plug can cause the engine to overheat quickly and stop.

  • Tire heating during operation. This can be caused by a clog in the automatic oil system.
  • Deterioration of saw quality. Cause: chain is bored or has failed.

The saw may become hot with prolonged use. In some cases there is increased vibration. This may indicate poor fastening of parts.

Video reviews






Victor, Kharkov:

I bought the saw in 2014. At that time it was a good model, now the champion 137 is obsolete. It lasted 3 years with no major malfunctions. Then I had to take it to the service center to reconcile the carburetor and replace the saw’s mount. With the proper amount of time it will take a long time. For uncomplicated jobs – I recommend it.

Advantages: comfortable and light;

Disadvantages: weak fastening.

Konstantin, Saint-Petersburg:

Bought Champion 137-16 several years ago. Works well, with no significant comments. When trimming trees and drilling thin branches, there are often bounces or the saw sprouts into the wood. For a suburban site, it’s a great option.

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