Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw: description, features and rules of use

Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw. Review, characteristics, reviews

Petrol chain saw Carver PSG 52 18 Promo, a versatile tool for high-quality and fast cutting of wooden branches, tree trunks, boards and other wooden objects. The power of this model’s motor chain is 1900 watts, a category of powerful saws for extended use. Carver saws are known as tools with good reputations and testimonials.

Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw

The saw’s engine is a two-stroke, gasoline-powered, 54cc engine and the fuel tank holds 550 ml. Gasoline is mixed with motor oil to run the engine. See the instruction manual of the instrument to the instrument.

Main options for the carver-promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw:
  • Chain tensioning;
  • Anti-vibration mode;
  • Unscheduled start-up lock;
  • Automatic chain lubrication;
  • Comfortable handles do not slip when holding the tool.

As an analogue of this model, the manufacturer recommends only something more powerful, and advises to pay attention to the powerful chainsaw with a gasoline engine: Carver RSG 52-20K.

Carver RSG 52-20k chainsaw

This model has generally identical parameters, but the output is not 1900 watts, but 2000 watts. The Carver RSG 52-20K also has a 50 cm longer bar length. This power saw becomes a big-tree trunk saw, a professional saw that saws steadily to the load.

The official warranty period for the carver is 12 months.

Recommended additional products for the chainsaw:
  • Technical lubricant;
  • Mineral engine oil;
  • Protective gear;
  • Chain free of charge.


engine 1900 t
volume 52 cubic meters
Chain pitch 8.25
bar length 45 cm
Left 72
Weight 5.2 kg

Owner’s Manual

Every chainsaw must be operated correctly. The manual describes the basic maintenance and safety rules, how to turn it on, how to operate the saw and the circuitry.

The Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw is a flammable tool, so the first rule of safety is to stay away from sources of fire.

Basic rules for working through the chainsaw:
  • Check the chain before sawing – it shouldn’t dangle or stretch too much.
  • If you are working in a room without ventilation, open the doors – emissions from gasoline combustion are very toxic.
  • Hold the saw firmly by the handle when you are sawing;
  • Use AI-92 gasoline mixed with oil. This is the ideal fuel for your two-stroke chainsaw.
  • Make sure there is always grease and oil in the gasoline for excellent engine and chain performance;
  • When sharpening the chain, file it or use a sharpening machine.
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Design of a Carver chain saw

The main deformation of the Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw:
  • Faithful sawing with poor quality. The cause of this problem is a blunted chain. The chain, of course, over time even the coolest tool has to be sharpened with a high chain. If the chain is no longer sharpenable, just replace it.
  • Idiots have the tool. The fuel mixture may not be properly formulated – lots of gasoline and not enough oil, or vice versa. If there is too much oil, the exhaust smoke is black.

Video review

Review of the Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw.



An overview of the effects of heavy use on the chainsaw



Owners reviews


“The saw is really powerful and very easy to start! I use it for cutting firewood for the sauna, I don’t do any other work with it.” Pros: The hoop is awesome, the tool is impressive and functional, but with features. Cons: I personally really did not like the native chain of this model. Replaced the chainsaw production Husqvarna.


“Carver chainsaw is a budget but powerful option. I recommend it only to amateurs and not for production, but for dacha. Pros: Cheap, I can recommend it to those who do not follow brands, the saw has never worked acceptably since purchase. Total life span of 2 years. Cons: Chain is weak, haven’t changed it yet, but plan to. “

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Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw. Technical specifications and rules of operation

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Carver Promo PSG 52-18 chainsaw is great for personal use at the cottage, in the garden or in a private home. The power of the saw 2.6 hp (1.9 kW) allows you to easily cope with small branches, wooden poles or windrows up to 40 cm in diameter.

Carver PSG-52-18 chainsaw

The hoop length is 45 cm. It is equipped with a high chain of 72 links. The chainsaw is ideal for long hours of work as it has a vibration system and prevents the operator from getting sick quickly.

Basic equipment and manufacturer

When you buy the PSG 52-18 Carver chainsaw, you also get:

  • a guide bar and a saw chain;
  • Case for guide bar for safe transportation and storage of the saw;
  • measuring cup for fuel preparation;
  • Set of wrenches and screwdrivers for saw assembly, repair, inspection and maintenance;
  • A mounting stop with fasteners;
  • Operation manual and technical documentation.

The chainsaw cutter is manufactured by the Russian company OOO “Uraloptinstroy” from facilities in China. According to reviews, the Chinese assembly significantly reduces the cost of the finished tool and does not affect its quality. Always check the documents attached to the chainsaw to protect yourself from counterfeit and fake devices.

Specifications of the Carverpromo PSG 52-18 chainsaw

Features of use and safety at work

In order to use the Carverpromo PSG 52-18 chainsaw safely, you need to cover your body as much as possible with non-marking clothing, special shoes, gloves, headphones and goggles. Also, completely avoid sparks and flames in the work area and at the fuel and oil fill.

Check oil and fuel tanks before work, making sure there are no malfunctions and avoiding fluids. Pay attention to the chain tension. It must be well tensioned for the operator’s safety.

The PSG 52-18 chain saw may only be used outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Use in an enclosed building is prohibited due to the release of hazardous carbon monoxide in the engine exhaust.

Working with electric chainsaws and chain saws

Expectations and operating instructions for the chainsaw

It is not enough to study customer reviews, forums, etc. before starting to work with the devices. An important step in preparation is also a careful study of the manual, which you can find at the following link.

The power saw is equipped with an automatic lubrication system. For the PSG 52-18 cutter model, you need to use only high-quality engine oil. If you pour used or dirty oil into the tank, you risk damaging the oil pump and reducing the life of the tires, chains and chain wheels.


In order to fill up your chainsaws, you need to prepare a special mixture, clearly observing the proportions. To refuel it is necessary to mix gasoline AI-92 with part of the oil.

If you do not follow the correct and necessary conditions of the components, there is a risk of fouling the cylinder, which negatively affects the service of gasoline-powered saw tools.

After studying the reviews and comments from longtime and new users of the PSG 52-18 chainsaw, we can say that the main frustration is dusting of the air filter. This problem can be solved by adding a rubber ring and smearing half of the filter with sealant.

Advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws

Reviews of experts when working with such devices show the following positive aspects of the gasoline chainsaw model:

  • Light start quick start system;
  • Vibration absorption system;
  • Automatic chain lubrication during operation;
  • Emergency chain brake in case of unexpected chain breakage for operator’s safety;
  • More accurate and precise cutting due to toothed stop;
  • Resistant to sudden temperature changes.

Of the disadvantages, you can highlight only the significant weight of the device (5 kg), which does not allow long and continuous work with the saw. Also, operators have repeatedly pointed out in ratings that the chain eventually wears out and stretches.

To eliminate this problem, you can either check the degree of tension or change it before each use.

Video review

Owners reviews

In general, after reviews, forums and comments, owners are very happy with their purchase. Everyone is very satisfied with the low price of saws, their quality and durability. However, you can not find the most positive reviews, in which the owners note frequent breakdowns, unstable operation in severe frost and the need to make some adjustments before starting work.

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Dmitry, 45 years old, Samara

“I bought the saw only for work in the countryside. Despite some negative reviews, I still decided to buy it. You need to understand that this model is designed for several hours without breaks for constant and active use at low temperatures. If you make the right hike, the chainsaw will not immediately be in its price range. The main thing is to treat the technique correctly and carefully. With its tremendous power, I quickly sawed through old, thick linden trees in a few passes. I highly recommend it!”

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