Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 45-15: description, properties and rules of use

Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG-45-15 model for demanding users

The Carver Promo PSG-45-15 chainsaw has a precisely defined status of a household tool, which is designed for partial or full mechanization of work with fuel or wood.

Technical and operational skills of the model determine its use for cutting firewood, transverse, longitudinal or diagonal sawing of wood materials, forming fruit and ornamental trees.

Carver Promo PSG-45-15 chainsaw - model for demanding users

Photo: Carver Promo PSG-45-15

In the creation of the project took into account numerous feedback and wishes of users. As a result of the modernization increased strength and durability of the body, increased power unit resource, improved access to the points of adaptation and determination.

The characteristics of this model give grounds for increased confidence in the brand chain cutting equipment and, accordingly, the stability of consumer demands.

Design features

The operating comfort was improved through good balance, improved VBRO GAP design, and significant noise reduction.

Despite the significant improvement in performance, the price of the Carver 45-15 has increased slightly compared to previous developments of the brand.

Chainsaw design includes the advantages of easy start system and automatic chain lubrication with adjustable pump power. The compact layout of the internals is combined with easy access to the air intake filter, fuel system node settings and chain tensioning mechanism.


  • Combination of classic tooling with modern industrial design trends;
  • Weight with rugged properties;
  • Ease of maintenance with increased life between repairs.

Schnitzer Promo PSG 45-15

Technical Specifications

The 45-15 with its 7 kg operating weight is distinguished from its prototypes by its compact size, excellent balance, sturdy and reliable recording for the most demanding sawing jobs.

The working capacity and torque of the standard ice pick is increased by effective air cooling.

An electric unit with a displacement of 45 cc and an output of 2.4 hp. It runs on a mixture of gasoline and semi-synthetic motor oil for the two-stroke ice drill. Fuel is supplied to the carburetor from a separate tank.

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The important elements of the curved mechanism are made of forged steel. A special chrome coating is applied to the cylinder mirror, which significantly increases engine life.

model Carver Promo PSG-45-15
Manufacturer Carver
Manufacture (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saws class household
Power, hp (kW) 2.4 (1.8)
Engine volume, cm3 45
Chain pitch, custom 0.325
Thickness of chain, mm 1,5
Number of chain members 64
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.55
Volume of the oil tank, L 0.26
Tire length, cm (custom) 38 (15)
Noise level, dB (a) 106
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 5,8
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Cutter is a set of 15-inch tire and 64-facet chain of BP-8-1,5-6 brand. The operation of the headset is characterized by smoothness, absence of overheating and full service life.

For chain cooling and lubrication, oil is supplied from the built-in reservoir to the working area. Pump performance is regulated in automatic mode, so the working composition is optimal.

The saw is designed to automatically lock the chain in injury-prone and non-standard situations. The emergency brake is activated by moving the safety guard to the front of the job.

The lack of a broken chain is compensated for by the extended base of the rear carrier.

Saw: Carver 45-15 in action

strengths and weaknesses

According to users and experts, the Carver of this model fully meets the regulatory requirements for chain saw equipment of the domestic category.

The tool does not depend on weather and temperature factors, so it works equally effectively in climatic conditions.

It is positively noted:

  • reliability of implementation of the power unit at low and high ambient temperatures;
  • stability of traction characteristics;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • a wide range of spare parts and components at an affordable price.

Flawless operation, ergonomic housing and handles, convenient location of the main and auxiliary controls simplify the operation of the tool thanks to the vibration and automatic greasing system of the headset.

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A significant part of the consumer complaints are tips. In particular, there are wishes to realize a visual control of fuel and oil level, which would make the enclosed instruction manual more informative, to reduce the working weight of the tool and to improve the chain tensioner chain.

The last fixed cost of a chainsaw is at the level of 3700-4000 rubles. When choosing powerful household chainsaws, this is one of the lowest values.


In the performance segment of 2.5 to 3 hp. Carver Promo PSG-45-15 model will compete with chainsaws Profi MS 350 18″, SD-Master 4518 and Champion 241 16″.

Owners reviews

In more than 4 years of using a Carver chainsaw, I have dramatically changed my opinion of the quality and durability of Chinese chain saws for the better. From my own experience, I was convinced that with competent work and full service, the tool can compete with the branded models of higher price level. Semyon Timofeyevich

Carver 15 inch defines my first saw, so there is no data to compare with other models. First impression – too massive machine, but then you begin to realize that this is your advantage. At first the fuel was going overpowering, but after adjusting the carburetor the consumption stabilized within normal limits. The length of the short tire is sometimes not enough, I plan to put 16 inches. Fortunately, the engine power is enough to spare. Ruslan

Carver PSG-45-15 – the most affordable chainsaw in Russia

Carver PSG-45-15 chainsaw is designed for use as a household tool for working with fuel and lumber or for pruning trees and shrubs. It belongs to the budget models, it is not suitable for intensive loads. This model is designed for infrequent daily use in each case.

Information about the producer

Production is located in the city of Perm, Russia. The company “Uraloptinstrument” imports components from China and assembles its own tools under the brand Carver (since 2009). Razer chain saws are manufactured here in a similar way.

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The saw can definitely be used only as a household tool for chopping firewood, sawing wood and in the garden for decorative design of the crown of fruit trees.

This model is not used in manufacturing plants because of its low performance. Despite the manufacturer’s claimed good performance, the saw does not withstand heavy loads.

Design features

Thanks to the presence of vibration dampers and low noise level (106 dB), it is pleasant to work with the saw. The large weight is 5.8 kg (operating weight is 6.5 kg). However, the balanced focus makes up for this disadvantage. The model has a quick start function and automatic lubrication, but this is not a surprise to anyone today.

The 45 cm³ engine produces 2.5 hp. – This is a good indicator. The saw uses a fuel mix of semi-synthetic two-stroke oil and 89-octane gasoline. The connecting rods are forged steel and nickel plated for long life and corrosion resistance.

The saw is designed to lock automatically in the event of a chain break or injury situation. However, there is no chain break; instead, the rear carrier is oversized.

strengths and weaknesses

The chainsaw has a number of positive aspects that cannot be ignored:

  • Shock absorbers.
  • Low noise level.
  • Has a quick start function.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Balanced ergonomics.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Very low price.

This model has the following disadvantages:

  • Poor workmanship quality.
  • Plastic parts and rubberized parts of low quality.
  • The headset often fails.
  • There is oil leakage.
  • Gausser of low quality.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Poor safety due to lack of chain catchers.
  • Unable to start engine at low temperatures.
  • Can not withstand heavy loads.

The reliability of the model can vary depending on the quality of assembly, that is, one saw can work relatively well, and the other will break in the first month. It’s a matter of poor quality workmanship and parts imported from China. They are made from the cheapest materials, which affects performance. It is noticed that new models last longer, because the rubber and plastic elements lose their properties over time, even if the chainsaw is not used.

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Many of the properties specified by the manufacturer look high on paper, but may vary in practice.

Repair and maintenance

Production of Carver chainsaws began in 2009, so there are no shortcomings in the service centers. Service is generally good, prices are adequate. The warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase. Before buying, you should make sure that there is a service center nearby, because you will have to go to it often.

New chainsaws have false settings of the carburetor winding. It is not clear what this is related to. When buying, it is better to check the tool and ask the seller to adapt it when problems are detected. The carburetor in general prepares the owners of this model, it is terribly unreliable and capricious. Sales can suddenly drop or vice versa. You have to run out and optimize the settings on a regular basis.

The most common problems

You can expect the following malfunctions when working with the saw:

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