Chain sharpening machine – which one to choose?

Evaluation of the saw chain sharpening machine

Basil is used for a wide range of tasks, both in industry and in the private sector. Its main unit is the saw chain, which is a limb connected to the cutting teeth. On its sharpness directly depends the productivity of the tool, speed and quality of work. The greater the load on the saw, the faster the pruning takes place.


Constantly buying a new chain is not economically feasible, and sharpening by hand requires a lot of effort, time. There is a much easier way. A special machine helps sharpen chains quickly. We offer an assessment for sharpening chainsaws, thanks to which you can study the technical features of popular models and decide on the purchase of a quality tool.

How to make the right choice

When choosing a sharpening machine, you need to study the functional features, customer reviews and assess the ease of use. Among the technical parameters the following are important:

  • RPM speed – the speed of rotation of the wheel determines the speed of sharpness. For home use, 3000 revolutions per minute is enough. If you want to use the device for professional purposes, the number of revolutions should approach 7000.
  • Motor power – most models offer a capacity of no more than 250 watts. This will be enough for sharpening two saws a day. For high loads you need higher power.
  • The size of the grinding wheel – the kit always includes a hard disk. Its thickness can be different. Of course, it is easier to work with a thin wheel, but its wear is quite fast.

The equipment can be equipped with additional features: a cooling system that eliminates the overheating of the motor, the removal of the working field and quick access to the carbon brushes.

Basic design features are not overlooked when selecting equipment. The presence of the scale with degrees allows you to adapt the position of the workpiece and grinding wheel with high accuracy. An important element of the tool is the cart. You guarantee a reliable fixation of the chain. They usually consist of high fishing line. So that there is no vibration during work, the machine must be stationary. To meet this condition, manufacturers attach all assemblies to a stable base. Maximum stability and rigidity is provided by fixing the machine to a table, workbench. To ensure safety, an additional screen of durable body material and automatic power off is provided.

The Best Spitzer Machines

Without confident knowledge, it’s quite difficult to make the right choice when buying construction systems. With an evaluation of chainsaw chain sharpening machines, you can quickly navigate between the wide variety of what’s available at the hardware store. The selection is based on customer reviews, online store user ratings, and expert opinions.

P.I.T CSS1001-C

The motor power of this model is only 85 watts. This means that you can use it only for your own needs. To work with a larger volume you need a more powerful unit. The rotation speed is 5500 rpm, which guarantees high performance and quality results.

The tool is attached to the table with a clamping screw, which is located under the base. The design provides for setting the angle of sharpness, for which the manufacturer has equipped the tool with a graduated scale. Thanks to the presence of a protective cover, sparks are excluded during the work of the system. The set includes two grinding wheels.

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  • Low weight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Robust housing.
  • Vise for quick tensioning.
  • No backlight.
  • Can not be used in workshops.
Redverg RD-CS100

The spindle speed of this model, included in the evaluation of chainsaw machines, is 85 watts, the number of revolutions per minute – 5000. The tool is ideal for home use. Its small weight and compact size make it easy to transport when needed. The stability of the device is achieved by a molded bracket, and a transparent screen of polymer material reliably protects against sparks. Thanks to the swiveling device, convenience and comfort in work is achieved.

The ruler located on the frame gives the right to quickly set the distance and size of the limbs. Thanks to the different angle of inclination, the chain can be sharpened in two directions without positioning. Despite its small size, the device perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it.

Redverg RD-CS100.jpg

  • Easy adjustment.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Graduated scale.
  • Short cable.
  • Plenty of plastic.
Hut ECS-100.

A sharpening device with a 100 watt recording power rating, ideal for sharpening chainsaws used in the garden. 5200 rpm guarantees high performance and efficiency of the process. The simple setup allows you to quickly figure out the rules of sharpening, even without experience in this business. The tool is suitable for light saws, called pruners. The speed of the machine allows you to quickly master the task at hand and sharpen the chain along the entire length of the blade.

With the tool you can easily restore both the chain itself and the working condition. The tool is adjusted with special screws. For comfortable use, the device is attached to the workbench, the angle of inclination is adjustable. Thanks to ventilation holes the heat is dissipated from the nodes.

  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Good performance.
  • User-friendly mounting and adjustment.
  • Manual chain fastening.
  • Small disadvantages.
Diold Mts-0.13.

In the assessment of machines for sharpening chainsaws includes a model produced by the Russian manufacturer under the brand name Diold. It has a motor power of 130 watts and a rotation speed of 2500 rpm. Such characteristics allow sharpening in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the special design of the sharpening stone, molded sole, the appearance of even minimal crunches is excluded.

One of the main advantages of the tool is the belt transmission, which increases the service life and smoothes shock loads and vibrations. To protect the operator’s eyes the manufacturer has provided a protective shield, for comfortable work – a comfortable ergonomic handle. Chain size, divisions are set by adjusting screws.

10 Best chain sharpening machines

Maxim Neverov

If the chain on your chainsaw is bunched up, you can take it to a repair shop or buy a new one. However, if this process becomes regular, it’s easier to buy a special machine, and then sharpening will be a constant expense item. Well, in our rating we will consider the best models presented in the modern market.

Characteristics in the rating

Today almost every home has a chainsaw. It makes life easier for the owner of the house or homestead and allows you to cut trees and split firewood with a minimum of effort. All chainsaws work by means of a chain, which is a cutting element. Like any cutting element, the chain sooner or later comes into disrepair and requires sharpening. You can take it to a special workshop, but there you will most likely be sent home for a few days and even charge a decent amount of money for it.

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There is an easier way. In fact, to sharpen the chain itself is not difficult, but without a special tool you can not do without. You will need a machine, of which there are many on the market and they cost from one thousand to ten thousand rubles. Let’s say right away that there is a difference between you, but not always a high price is a guarantee of quality and convenience. We have selected for you the 10 best chain sharpening machines, and, according to our assessment, among them there are both professional tools, designed for frequent use, and household. Regardless of the size and performance of the machine, each model can be installed in the garage, and in some cases it can be permanently stowed away in a suitcase after work.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a sharpening machine:

  • Convenience;
  • Motor power;
  • The sluggishness;
  • The overall size of the design.

All parameters are subjective, except for professional equipment, which is designed for serious loads, motor power is a fundamental factor. In the case of a domestic machine, any model will do, even the weakest. The only difference will be the speed of operation.

Top 10 best machines for sharpening machines

10 Ayger ASK110.

If you do not use a chainsaw so often and the sharpness is required very rarely, there is no point in buying an expensive machine with high performance. This option is quite enough. This is the cheapest machine on the market, because it is not known to anyone. But it would not have made it into our evaluation, if it did not have positive feedback from buyers. It turns out that the model is very high quality and reliable. Not without flaws, but for its price they are all insignificant.

The main thing is to get to work with the tool. It has 7,000 revolutions per minute, and this is very fast and without the skill they are sure to flip the chain, that is, the so-called “blue tooth” will appear. But the power of the engine is 110 watts, and if you have a large saw, there will be no problems with sharpening. True, the attitude is rather gloomy. It’s ideal if you sharpen the same chain or with the same configuration. Well and with the installation will have to tinker, but this is a sore point of all models, even the more expensive.

9 Resanta T-100

If your saw is constantly blunt and sharpening has become a frequent event, you need a machine that is highly reliable and not afraid of overcharging. Resanta is known for its high quality products. This option can be a home tool, as well as a professional tool. The machine is not afraid of overcharging and temperature fluctuations. The design is designed so that heat is quickly dissipated from the housing so that the motor does not overheat.

The power of the device is 100 watts. This is optimal for these devices. The model also has 5,000 rpm. This is, therefore, quite a lot, the chain can be repaired without skill. However, it is a matter of habit, and it is better to sharpen the machine quickly than very slowly, but without bluing. There are also some disadvantages to consider. For example, the loud operation. The noise level is very high, and there is nothing you can do about it. In addition, the bed has no universal brackets, you will have to look for something to install in the workbench. The best option is to find a place for stationary installation right away.

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8 Bison SC-200.

Target shooting is a pretty dull process. If you have several chainsaws and each chain has a different configuration, you will have to readjust the machine every time, which takes even more time and effort. But not with the Bison SC-200. It’s the best option in terms of versatility. It has good ergonomics. It works quickly and does not require much time.

In general, convenience is the main advantage of this model. There are such handy things as a removable protective screen and backlight. The manufacturer has also provided a bed, now it will not be difficult to repair the machine on the surface. Even the workbench will not have to drill or pick up brackets. In terms of performance everything is also on par. With 90 Watt power is 5000 rpm. Very fast. Yes, the chain closes almost instantly, but in order to avoid overheating, you have to put up with these parameters so that after a few sessions it works normally and does not blunt.

7 Huter ECS-100.

The best and most effective way to determine the quality of a product is to read reviews from real customers. And now in front of us is the most popular machine, under which buyers have left a large number of comments, and the overall rating turned out to be very high. However, there is nothing surprising about this. It is enough to wonder about the brand. This is a well-known German company, which produces equipment of the highest quality, and no matter what segment. According to buyers, the machine is of very high quality. It has no flaws or gaps.

Sharpening passes without blueness, that is, the tool does not overheat the metal. Such advantages were made possible by the balance of characteristics. But there are also disadvantages. For example, the machine needs to be attached somehow to the base, it has only through holes. You have to choose a long workbench or clamps. And you have to choose the settings. They are screwed here, and the first use can be confusing.

6 Champion C2000

Safes Country of Origin: Russia (made in China) Average price: 3,150 rbl. Rating (2022): 4.6

A chainsaw itself is a dangerous tool, when working with which it is necessary to strictly comply with safety regulations. The chain sharpening machine is no less dangerous, in particular it is striking in some designs. However, if you look at this model, you will not even realize where it has the sharpening wheel, because in this case it is safely hidden and only the cutting part is visible. This is the best safe machine. It is not scary to work with, even if you have no experience, and this is very important, because we have exactly household tools.

It is domestic for several reasons: First, the bracket at the base is made with clamps rather than bolts, which is very convenient. Second, the power of the motor mounted on board is only 85 watts, with a rotation speed of over 4,000 revolutions per minute. Professional devices have higher values, but are rarely equipped with a rotary bed. Here, the operator can rotate the head of the tool, more precisely sharpen it and set the pitch of the chain, coordinated by two screws.

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5 DIOLD MZ-0.13

★ Compact machine for garage or home: Russia (made in China) Average price: 3,850 rbl. Rating (2022): 4.7

Chainsaw sharpening is often required in everyday life, and not always in the garage or in the basement there is room for stationary installation of special devices. In this case, this model is the best choice. The most compact device that does not require installation in a few minutes is brought into working condition. A light motor is installed here, thanks to which the total weight of the machine does not exceed 6 kilograms. Of course, such a motor can not boast of high performance, but this is not required. The power is 130 watts, and it rotates at a speed of 2.5 thousand revolutions. This is enough for sharpening a standard chain.

The bed has holes for screws, which means the tool can be repaired if necessary, but the bed itself is made of metal and is the heaviest part of the equipment. Even if it is not attached to the workbench, the machine will not move because the metal rose simply holds it in place. The pitch and size of the chain is set with two adjusting screws. This is very convenient and fast, which can not be said about the main handle, which is not not convenient. However, the saw is not required so often, and do not work on this machine for hours to be able to put up with such a shade, especially given the other positive points.

4 curty szts-200

The best combination of price and quality Country: Russia (made in China) Average price: 3 000 rub. Rating (2022): 4,7

WHRRO has long been known in the market as a manufacturer with excellent product performance and reasonable prices. Chainsaw chain sharpening machines are no exception and in front of us is a simple but very handy tool with which you can sharpen any chain regardless of the size and inclination of the extremities. Adjustment is done by two guide screws, and the whole process takes no more than a minute. There is a very comfortable handle that can be handled with either hand, and also affects overall convenience.

The technical specifications are at a high level. There is a 200 watt motor installed here that has a rotation speed of 6,000 rpm. This is very fast and allows for sharpening in the shortest possible time. There are almost no complaints about the quality of assembly, as well as the durability of the devices. By the way, durability is ensured by the presence of special channels in the body for hot air exhaust. It is thanks to them that the machine does not overheat, and as you know, this has a negative effect on all the internal parts of the tool.


Practical Formal Manufacturer: Russia (made in China) Average price: 3,750 rbl. Rating (2022): 4.8

Usability is one of the most important criteria when choosing a tool, and a sander is no exception. During operation, the chain tends to slip off the frame, and you often have to bend over to the machine to see what is happening under the window. This is a disadvantage of many machines, and this model lacks it almost completely. Thus, sharpening becomes as comfortable as possible, and all thanks to the mobility of all structural elements.

Let’s start with the technical parameters. The rotational speed is 4.8 thousand rpm with a power consumption of only 85 watts. Despite this not the highest parameter, the machine needs to be attached to the base, but here this is done with the help of a clamp, which simply presses the tool to the construction site. The machine is ready to go and very handy in a few simple steps. It also has a flexible cutting part that has a sturdy feather underneath. Thanks to it, the machine does not prevail and returns to its original position when the work is finished. Everything is simple and easy, although many users have complaints about the quality of processing. In principle, this can be seen even in the photo. All elements look weak, but if your saw is not sharpened that often, it is the best choice. In addition, at the most attractive price.

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2 gauge EZS-220.

★ Fastest machine: Russia (made in China) average price: 5 200 rubles. Rating (2022): 4.9

One of the main parameters when choosing a rotary machine is the number of revolutions per minute. But to say that the faster the better, it is impossible, especially in the case of sharpening tools. The fact is that at high speed the element to be sharpened overheats and the disc grain size must be carefully selected. We have the fastest machine on the market. It rotates at 7,500 rpm and sharpen the chain in no time thanks to its own disc.

Buyers will also be pleased with the product price this brand is known for. However, it is impossible not to mention the disadvantages, and there are several. For example, the need to attach the machine to the base. There are 4 fixing holes in its frame, and if this is not done, the tool rides on the surface and interferes with the work. There is also poor balance. The engine is quite heavy and prevails in a tilted position, which again shows us the need for a stationary bracket. In the garage or in the basement of your own house it may not be very practical, as chainsaw is not often blunt, and sharpening is needed only from time to time, and it is a pity to allocate a certain place for the machine. And it just doesn’t make sense.

1oreGon 220 590181

One of the most expensive machines in our rating, the price of which is determined by professional orientation. The machine is equipped with a half-kilowatt motor and two sanding slices at the same time, which can not be changed. Also, this device has a function of saving the angle of inclination. Each saw and its chain is sharpened at its own angle, and so you don’t have to make constant adjustments, you can simply memorize your parameter.

This feature is most useful when working in a workshop where several people can operate the machine at the same time. In addition to other advantages, better balancing stands out. The cutting element not only tilts to any angle, but also holds its weight without causing stress in the hands. But of the disadvantages is the price, and this is a really expensive machine, the purchase of which is unlikely to be useful in the home if the chainsaw is rarely sharpened. On the market and in our assessment there are many models that cost many times cheaper and are not inferior in terms of equipment and overall quality.

Warning. The above information does not constitute buying advice. Please consult an expert for advice!

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