Chain Poulan 2150: description, properties and rules of use

Chainsaw Poulan 2150 – a useful tool for home work

Saw brand Poulan 2150 occupies a consistently high and stable position in the market of household tools. The popularity of this manufacturer’s products is based on the combination of high performance with moderate weight, which is optimal for amateur class saws with performance, comfortable maintenance and low maintenance costs.

Characteristic features of this model:

  • Combination of classic design with modern technical and operational solutions;
  • economical and reliable power unit in operation with high torque;
  • Two-circuit air-cleaning system;
  • Automatic lubrication of the cutting wheel;
  • Availability of an inertia device for an emergency stop of the chain and a transmitter that minimizes the consequences of its breakage.

Household mat Powlan 2150 has the status of universal, because it is used with equal success for logging, cross-cutting and longitudinal sawing Business Wood Hard and Weichstein, forming crowns of trees, making wooden elements of landscape design, for logging and longitudinal sawing.

Design Features

Well-compensated tool weighing 4.7 kg features improved ergonomics, an owner-friendly shape and thoughtful arrangement of elements. Convenient entry reduces operator fatigue when carrying out work of increased complexity.

The chainsaw design provides easy access to the air cleaner, chain tensioner and carburetor adjustment screws. The saw owner offers a high level of maintenance to eliminate occasional errors with your own hands.

Informational support

The enclosed instruction manual contains recommendations for routine maintenance to identify and troubleshoot problems yourself, the scope of consumables, and other useful information.

Your sailboat has been designed to a high standard of reliability. If the engine fails to start, the cause should be sought in misfiring or improper adjustment of the fuel system. There is no spark on the spark plug contacts – there is a malfunction in the electronic unit.

Spare parts and consumables are available in quite a wide range, with which you can restore the performance of a worn tool with minimal cost and working time. Major repairs of the saw is recommended to be carried out by armed forces of the service department specialists.

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Technical features and parameters

The self-contained saw is powered by a 36 cc Full Time Tw o-Strok e-Gaser engine that develops 1.8 hp at 13,000 rpm.

  • The electric unit runs on a 25:1 mixture of automotive gasoline and two-stroke ice cream oil. Fueling is from an integrated 350 ml fuel tank.
  • The combination of wear-resistant coating of the inner cylinder diameter and low coefficient of friction of the piston group material allows the engine functionality to be used with minimum power loss.
  • Electronic ignition system provides full triggering and guarantees reliable engine starting at low temperatures, stable operation in individual and working modes.

Operating headset

The saw’s work unit consists of a 16″ removable bar with a 1.3 mm wide slot that houses a 56 link 3/8″ pitch cutting chain.

The length of the bar allows you to cut wood with a diameter of 300 mm or more. Chain oil is supplied automatically from an integrated 200ml oil reservoir.

carburetor adjustment

Never tamper with the fuel system unnecessarily. Improper carburetor adjustment can result in poor performance and engine overheating as well as increased fuel and lubricant consumption.

The procedure for adjusting the mixture quantity and quality is described in the supplied instruction manual. Work should only be carried out with the engine warmed up immediately after the air filter has been cleaned.

strengths and weaknesses

The Poulan Model 2150 saw is fully compliant with operating standards and safety regulations.

The list of undeniable advantages includes:

  • Affordable cost of the material itself, repairs and range of consumables;
  • High quality of construction materials and factory assembly;
  • excellent traction characteristics and economy of the power unit;
  • good balance, ergonomic body design, handle configuration, moderate fatigue during mass sawing operations.

During the entire service life of the Poulan Model 2150 chain saw no significant design or operational shortcomings were identified.

Video: 2150 in action

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The cost of this model has stabilized at the level of 6000 rubles. In the field of used tools, this figure varies from 3 to 4 thousand.


At the same price level, amateur-level chainsaws are also represented by other manufacturers. These models are CHAMPION 237-16, MAXCUT MC 246, HUTER BS-25 and a number of other branded tools that are in demand in the domestic sphere.

owner reviews

Poulan 2150 chainsaw works for three households. It is mainly sawing firewood, trimming thick branches and other small, but useful daily work. The machine has been running fine for 6 years, the condition is excellent as the tire and pinion have been constantly renewed. Chain wear is normal, I change them depending on condition. Maxim

I work as a supply manager at a summer recreation center, so I buy fuel directly for barbecues and cafes. Three years ago I used a Poulan 2150 saw, which successfully cuts wood of different diameters. The daily output is two cubic meters. The machine is unpretentious, it sometimes worked even on low-octane gasoline, but we use only branded engine and chain oils. Dmitry

Poulan 2150 chainsaw. Specifications, maintenance and repair

Universal household chainsaw Poulan 2150 is invariably in great demand among out-of-towners and dacha owners. This is facilitated both by the high quality of assembly, as well as by the good performance of the tool. In the movement of the unit is driven by a two-stroke internal combustion engine rated at 1.7 hp, which develops a speed of up to 12 000 rpm. The chainsaw comes standard with a 405 mm guide bar and a Poulan saw chain with 56 links. The ergonomic body of the tool is made of high-quality plastic and weighs less than five kilograms.

According to owners’ reviews, the Poulan saw is excellent for various repair and construction work, and can be used for cutting and sawing small amounts of firewood, maintaining garden trees and other household needs.

Features of the Poulan 2150 chainsaw:
  • Quality assembly and component parts and assemblies;
  • Long overhaul period and high maintainability;
  • Use of high-quality materials and modern technologies in saw production.
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Brand, manufacturer and basic equipment

The American company Poulan was founded in the 1940s, when the demand for power tools, gardening and agricultural equipment increased dramatically after World War II. As time has shown, it was the right decision. Soon the chainsaws of this brand, as well as other Poulan devices, gained popularity not only in the United States, but also outside the country.

At the beginning of the XXI century, some of the production facilities were moved from Nashville to China, where gas-powered tools are also produced. The Poulan 2150 chainsaw is manufactured in plants in the United States and China. In order to understand where this or that unit was manufactured, it is necessary to carefully study the accompanying documents and markings of individual units and parts. On the domestic market you can buy a chainsaw Poulan 2150 of Chinese manufacture at a price of 100-120 dollars.

The Poulan chainsaw comes with instructions:

  • Instructions in Russian, product passport and warranty card;
  • Branded carrying case for storing and transporting the device;
  • The product case with the engine;
  • Saw bar 405 mm;
  • Protective cover for guide bar;
  • Metal stopper;
  • saw chain (56 links);
  • Set of universal assembly wrenches.

Instruction manual and description

At the purchase of the tool each new owner receives a package of documents, including instructions, warranty card, passport and a list of service centers to service equipment Poulan. Here it is also possible to familiarize with technical and operational characteristics of a chainsaw Poulan 2150 t:

Maintenance and repair of a chainsaw Poulan 2150

As practice shows, the majority of claims of owners of the equipment Poulan in the warranty period are connected with inappropriate service and operation of the tool by new owners. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully study the operating and maintenance instructions before you start assembling your chainsaw. However, this Poulan model has a number of drawbacks associated with unstable engine operation when idling or under load, in addition, the engine may not start or may start and immediately shut down. In this case, the first thing we recommend is to pay attention to the quality of the fuel. It is possible that the fuel mixture was stored for a long time or was made on the basis of low-quality gasoline. In any case, the fuel should be replaced with a fresh one.

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Another reason of uneven engine operation may be a clogged air filter. We recommend cleaning the filter at the end of each working day, this will not only help increase the performance of the Poulan 2150 chainsaw, but also greatly reduce fuel and lubricant consumption.

However, engine malfunctions are most often due to improper carburetor tuning. The carburetor is tuned by the manufacturer at the factory, but they need adjustments after a while. The unit can be repaired, cleaned and adjusted either at a service center or at home.

The carburetor is set with three screws: L (responsible for idling), H (responsible for running the engine at high RPM) and the T screw, which is responsible for the air supply. You can find more detailed instructions on disassembling, assembling and adjusting the Poulan 2150 chainsaw carburetor here:



The most important advantages and disadvantages


  • Reliable high-speed engine;
  • Piston group parts are made of high-strength materials and chrome-plated;
  • Two-stage air cleaning system;
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced housing;
  • Effective anti-vibration dampening spring system;
  • Quality Poulan saw set.


  • Some tools only come with instructions in English;
  • The carburetor settings are often thrown off;
  • The engine needs a quality and fresh fuel mixture;
  • There are many knockoffs of this brand of tools on the market.

Poulan 2150 chainsaw: video review

Poulan 2150 chainsaw in action – the test of frost:



Assembly and disassembly of a chainsaw Poulan 2150:



Why the chainsaw Poulan 2150 does not start:



owner reviews

Fedor Sosnitsky, 42, Altai Territory:

Poulan saw was inherited, I found a plate on the body with the year of manufacture – 2008. It turns out that it worked for about 10 years (a little lie), I used it for three years. During that time I had to change the tires, chain, and buy a new air filter (the old felt one was in total disrepair). Nothing to complain about the engine: it starts on the first or second time in any weather. According to Pass, the Poulan saw seems to be low-productivity, but you can’t tell it from the work – it cuts quickly. It doesn’t overheat or lock up. It’s a great tool.

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Mikhail Prokhorov, 52 years old, Murmansk region:

On the advice of a friend I bought a chainsaw Poulan 2150. He has such a tool, but still American-made. I have a Chinese one. In general, it is a good saw: lightweight, fairly powerful, quality vibration damping system, nice location of the control buttons, fairly economical. From the disadvantages I will allocate not very successful carburetor. I often lose the settings, I often have to readjust it. Another problem with this chainsaw is that it is difficult to find original parts. I wanted to change the guide star and was looking for an analogue for three months.

Advantages: price, quality assembly, reliable engine, economical;

Disadvantages: It is difficult to find original parts for Poulan, unfortunate design of the carburetor.

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