Chain Electric Saw Caliber EPC 1500 14. Review of technical characteristics. Operating instructions, maintenance functions

Overview of the EPC caliber EPC 1500 14. Employment, operating instructions, owner reviews

The EPC 1500 14 caliber chain is produced by the Russian-Chinese company caliber, which opened in Russia in 2001. The assembly of the Kaliber electric saw is carried out on the territory of China, in Russia. Such a tandem made it possible to reduce the cost of goods, making the caliber equipment available to ordinary consumers.


This electric saw is in the line of household power tools, mainly used for home necessities: sawing small logs in the country, rolling trees, pruning branches and shrubs, and small construction work. Due to the lack of exhaust gases, the EPC 1500 14 14 14 14 is used effectively in closed rooms. The tool is not intended for prolonged use and large loads, but for regular unprocessed work.

The mass of the electric chain saw “Caliber” EPC 1500 14 only 3.1 kg. In the plastic case, a 1500-watt electric motor is translated, which drives from the electrical network with a voltage of 220-230 V. Back shots, balance better.

A connection to the network is carried out with a cable. In the handle there is a special hook for the cord, which will not allow it to slip during operation. Starting with the button to strengthen security, the chainsaw is equipped with a keyboard key. There’s also a chain brake that engages for a split second when restarting or cutting a chain.

The chain Electric Saw “Caliber” EPC 1500 14 is equipped with a sawmill: a 14 inch bus (35 cm) and a chain consisting of 52 links. The installation of the circuit is the tool with the tools included. The automatic oil pump provides a continuous supply of lubrication to a rotating chain. The oil tank is located in the upper part of the power tool. To get a more accurate cut for the electric saw, a serrated center of gravity is put on.

Features of the chain performance “Caliber” EPC 1500 14:
force, w) 1500 watts
The length of the guide hoop (cm) 35cm (14″)
chain step (mm) 9.3mm (3/8 inch)
The number of chain links 52
Oil tank capacity (ML) 110ml
The position of the engine across
food of the device Network 220V
The maximum speed of switching (m/s) 13.1m/s
The chain tension mechanism benster
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Features of the EPC caliber EPTS EPC 1500 14

  • 1500 watt electric motor with transverse placement;
  • power supply from the electrical network;
  • environmental friendliness, lack of exhaust gases;
  • regular work;
  • automatic chain lubricant;
  • The presence of equipment stops;
  • blocking of the switch-on button;
  • small weight;
  • Simple button control;
  • tool section of the chain.

Among the tool’s shortcomings, users highlight:

  • small force;
  • lack of anti-vibration system;
  • Oil tank leakage.

Electric Saw “Caliber” EPC 1500 14 14 14

Delivery content:

  1. “Caliber” electric chain EPC 1500 14.
  2. 14 inch saw tire.
  3. A saw chain for 52 links in steps ⅜.
  4. Combined Key Confirmation;
  5. operational management.
  6. Package.

User Guide

The operator’s manual is attached to each electric saw and is introductory. For the convenience of the user, the information is divided into the following sections:

  1. Electric sawing device, detailing.
  2. Specifications of the EPC caliber EPC 1500 14.
  3. safety at work.
  4. Warfements.
  5. Preparation for operation, start-up procedures.
  6. Maintenance of a chainsaw.
  7. Characteristic malfunctions and their causes.

security requirements

  1. Specify the necessary conditions for the workplace.
  2. Work in overalls, use goggles, gloves and headphones.
  3. Check the condition of the cable, forks and sockets.
  4. Check the network voltage.
  5. Make sure the tool is in good condition, do not work with a faulty electric saw.
  6. Regularly check the chain of the chain.
  7. Follow the fullness of the oil tank to add oil in time.
  8. When conducting repair or debt operation, unplug the Caliber power switch.

Preparing the EPC caliber EPC 1500 14 for work

  • Check the network cable, fork, outlet and voltage in the network.
  • Season the electric saw with lubricating oil;
  • Tighten and pull gear (tires, chain);
  • Connect the power tool to the network.
  • Pass the chainsaw by pressing the button.
  • Check the condition of lubrication on the chain;
  • Check the functionality of the braking system.

Electric Saw chain “Caliber” EPC 1500 14, maintenance

  1. Cleaning an electric chainsaw from sawdust, oil stains and other contaminants (casing, asterisks, ventilation holes, oil-conducting tubules).
  2. chain sharpening.
  3. replace devices.
  4. Field work (brake, oil supply, etc.).
  5. Replace brushes.
  6. A topic of oil for a chain.
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Typical malfunctions of electric chainsaws “Caliber” EPC 1500 14

  1. The “Kaliber” electric chainsaw does not start:
    • There is no power in the network.
    • The tool is not connected to the mains;
    • The circuit of the electric saw is pulled;
    • The chain brake is on;
    • The chain is jammed;
    • button does not work;
    • The motor was out of order (wear of brushes, a break in the rotor winding, etc.)
  2. During the sawing, the smell of Gary appears:
    • The lubricant is not supplied to the chain (the oil ended up in the tank, the channels are clogged);
    • The chain is pulled.

Video review

We recommend watching a short video showing the Electric Saw “Kaliber” EPC 1500 14 chain:

Reviews of the owners

Vadim, 46 years old:

I bought a power plant for a summer residence =- If you just remove the old tree, cut the branch, prepare fuel for barbecue or bath. Their quality is not very, the power is very small, one log is 25-30 cm-it with a load. For bushes – the most. I haven’t worked for a long time, burned the engine after 1.5 months (I saw it 5 times and not for long). I handed over to the service, I’m waiting for what will come.

Pros: Good price, I drank light, easy management.

Cons: Very weak, the engine quickly burned out.

Eugene, 24 years old:

The parent was taken to a summer residence in case. For 1.5 years he worked only twice: he cut a few branches on the apple tree and saw them on firewood – that’s it! I will not say anything bad, there is nothing to compare. Saw Sawing, still in working order, does not require much attention.

Pros: inexpensive, easy to manage, unpretentious.

Cons: I have not found yet.

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Chain Electric Saw Caliber EPC 1500 14. Review of technical characteristics. Operating instructions, maintenance functions

Recommend: 100%


Chain Electric Saw Caliber EPC 1500 14

EPC 1500 14 Electric Saw Chain Caliber – a good assistant with a trees and sawing dry branches. It is perfect for residents of the private sector, owner of country houses, huts and garden plots. The capacity of a saw of 1500 watts enables you to see wood quickly and quickly. A sawdrew of 35 cm is easy to control and maneuver.

Electric chainsaw caliber EPTs-1500/14

Basic equipment

All electrical and petrol saws of this company gather in China in Russian projects. Thanks to this, the tools are affordable for everyone. For this reason, the caliber does not produce any counterfeits. The average costs of EPC 1500 14 vary depending on the discounts and advertising offers of a certain business in the range of 2500-3200 rubles.

By buying Electric Saw you will receive the kit:

  • Universal key for the collection and maintenance of the saw;
  • 14 inch bus;
  • Saw chain;
  • Detailed instructions.

Technical characteristics

Stress (b): 230
Power, w): 1500
Product type: Electric chainsaw
Ant i-vibration system: no
The voltage method of the chain: Use the tool
Chain step: 3/8 “
Guarantee (years): 1
Color palette: Green
Main material: Not defined
Land of origin: China
Frequency of use: Irregular
The length of the tour (cm): 35

Characteristics of use and safety precautions

Before starting work with a chainsaw, make your assembly, repair and maintenance that it is separated from the power supply. When working with a chain and your pointed teeth, protective gloves must be used to avoid the operator injuries. Pulling the chain is not very recommended. This can cause the quick wear of the EPC tire, its chains and stars.

Do not use the waste oil because it can damage the oil tank, a chain and a pipe tire.

Use your own protective products during work with the caliber without failure – a mask, gloves, a helmet, glasses, dense overalls and closed shoes. Before you work with the EPC, read the operating manual under the following link:

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Maintenance of a chain Electric Saw Caliber EPC 1500 14 14 14

Maintenance implies:

  • Check the condition of the cable and the fork;
  • Evaluation of the sharpness of the circuit;
  • Inspection of tires and stars;
  • Control over stretch attachment elements;
  • Oil stand control in the oil tank;

At the end of the work, it is necessary to solve the chain and clean the tool from the pollution.

The design of the chainsaw is arranged so that the chain is automatically lubricated when used. For this reason, it is very important to check the presence of lubrication before work so that the members and the tires of an electric tool for chains do not damage. The use of machine oil is prohibited. It is recommended to use technical oil with medium viscosity for these purposes.

Pros and cons of EPC Caliber

  • light weight (3.9 kg), which makes the saw easy to use;
  • small tire size
  • automatic chain lubrication process;
  • can be used indoors as there are no exhaust fumes;
  • the ability to work at low temperatures, up t o-40 degrees;
  • low and affordable price.
  • noisy engine operation;
  • oil tank is leaking;
  • there is no anti-vibration system, so the EPC chain often has to be tensioned to the desired tension.

Caliber chainsaw malfunctions

  1. The chainsaw does not turn on:
    • no network connection;
    • there is no electricity;
    • the chain brake has been activated;
    • the chain jams;
    • The chain is pulled.
  2. Burnt smell at work:
    • improper sharpening of the saw;
    • The chain is lubricated little.

Video review of the Caliber chainsaw

customer reviews

In general, the reviews indicate that the owners of the EPC Caliber electric saw are satisfied with the performance of the tool. Operators note that the low cost played a big role in the purchase, for which they received decent quality. Among the shortcomings, users often note increased noise and vibration from the saw.

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“I bought it almost for nothing, sawing off an old log house with logs up to 30 cm in diameter. When two-thirds of the work was done, the engine died, but most likely it was just overheating. In the morning I took the saw to the service, but there it started quietly, so nothing bad happened. Compact, powerful and light, which is necessary for long work. Only with breaks so as not to overheat the engine.


“I have been an active user of the EPC Caliber electric model for a few months. There is nothing to complain about, for so much money – everything you could wish for. The only thing he did during that time was change the chain and add oil. Cuts very quickly, easily and evenly. I am very satisfied, I recommend it to everyone.”

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